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Posts by gizmo42

Buying Active Refferrals » Post #1

Tue May 23, 2017 18:21 in General Talk

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get referrals buying them with your money you have in your account. Is there way

Clixgrid » Post #2

Mon May 15, 2017 07:02 in Success Stories

I got 5 Chances extra Yesterday bit nothing today. 3 days ago I won .10 cents

Refferals » Post #8

Sat May 13, 2017 15:09 in Your Stats

I tried Traffic Exchanges but they rarely work either. My best bet is to try and going on your social media sites and advertise there. Thats where u might get your referrals. But your going to have to sell it meaning getting them to believe what u are talking about. I am trying Google Plus right now and waiting for people to come aboard, but nothing yet.

Southern Intro » Post #3

Wed Mar 22, 2017 07:13 in Member Introduction

There are many online money making sites out there. I use this one cause I love all the things u can do here. I also use another one but cant list it here its against TOS to list other sites. So welcome aboard and hope you make alot of money with this. Try to get those referrals your money would add up faster that way. I have only 1 referral and she is not active. I tried to get in touch with her but no dice. Good luck and if you want to know more hit me up.


Understanding How the CheckList Bonus Works » Post #584

Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:24 in Success Stories

I love how this works too badI cant do the Crowdflower cause I dont haqve face book so I cant get the full bonus

My Stats » Post #328

Tue Dec 15, 2015 23:26 in Your Stats

mclloyd86 wrote: My PTC Clicks today 10 total 9,337 earned $25.2470
My ClixGrid Clicks today 20 total 16,016 earned $9.05
My Completed Tasks today 13 total 13,731 earned $484.85 bonus $45.00
My Completed Offers today 0 total 143 earned $16.60
Earnings today $1.1663 yesterday $5.8243 month $55.7524 year $141.1332
last month $56.5207 last year $514.9146 total $663.6312
Movements payouts $507.47 fundings $18.00 purchases $61.80
Balance $112.3612 Cashout

Thanks so much :clixsense: & CF. A big help for me financially and able to buy some stuff for myself. :thumbup:

Hey obviously your an upgraded member, but how did u earn so much on here and can u give me a good pitch to promote this site to my colleagues and friends. I have asked the person who got me on this sit but is never around. Thought I would get some help in other spots on here.

Chris marin

New At ClixSense » Post #439

Sat Dec 12, 2015 23:04 in Member Introduction

Hi everyone Chris here from the United States NJ.

Hi! » Post #4

Sat Dec 12, 2015 07:18 in Member Introduction

Hey all from nj. Cashed out this week for the first time.

Practice Posting Here » Post #658

Wed Dec 02, 2015 05:36 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
gizmo42 wrote: Hey all how is everyone today

Hey, there is my new referral. You rocking ClixSense :clap:

Thanks a bunch I cant believe I was able to cash out yesterday. Ya me

Practice Posting Here » Post #657

Wed Dec 02, 2015 05:35 in General Talk

Hey there is my mentor how are you doing. Can u believe I cashed out yesterday, I am so excited

Practice Posting Here » Post #653

Tue Dec 01, 2015 05:06 in General Talk

Hey all how is everyone today

Last day of the Month...... » Post #4

Mon Nov 30, 2015 05:07 in Your Stats

Nice Job

ClixGrid » Post #360

Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:43 in Your Stats

My ClixGrid Stats
Chances (Left/Total) 0 30
Clicks (Today/Total) 30 215
Winnings (Today/Total) $2.50 $2.50

Nov 26, 2015 » Post #2

Fri Nov 27, 2015 13:14 in Your Stats

View PTC Ads 31 clicks $0.074
ClixGrid Game 30 clicks $0.00
Complete Tasks 10 tasks required $0.00
Complete Offers 2 offers required $0.00
Visit the Forum 3 views
Total earned: $0.074
EXTRA BONUSES (Complete the checklist to unlock)
ClixAddon Bonus 35 minutes more
Activity Bonus 1 day more

ClixGrid » Post #8

Thu Nov 26, 2015 13:14 in Your Stats

The most I have made on the grid is .10 and 8 extra chances
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