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My 2nd Payment....... » Post #1

Thu Dec 03, 2015 08:44 in Payment Proofs

Received my 2nd Payment today from :clixsense: . Thank you guys.
Well this everybody knows, but I still gotta say....
If ya smellllllllllaaaaaaallalalala ooo :clixsense: Paaaaaayss.
Though, in a way that is 30% WEIRD. :lol:

Cashout Status » Post #17

Thu Dec 03, 2015 08:25 in General Talk

got paid.

Cashout Status » Post #11

Thu Dec 03, 2015 00:19 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
asha_gupta wrote: Thanks ProADCo

can you tell me, in how much time i can get payment so can be confident on CS for next cashout

This system that Admin is trying to do is have daily payouts and everyone gets paid within 3 days from
the time one submits their cashout.

Now it's just a matter of getting some distance in the 3 rolling groups. Meaning, based on Admins statement
of paying out 30% daily.

Everyone been working the same cash out time table which makes a hugh number of payouts in one day and a major headache trying to get the payouts completed.

I think once the numbers get in place, spaced out, it may go back in the normal mode and we all start being paid again the same day or the next day.

Just going to take a couple weeks for things to fall in place.

Now was it THAT hard to say this nicely in the first place in my posts? thanks anyways...
Mine also shows approved and pending. I have received payments on my PayPal before this so I know that that aint the problem. Just looking forward to get paid since PayPal also takes an awful amount of time to process stuff. Peace out fellow traveler.

Cashout Status » Post #6

Wed Dec 02, 2015 23:08 in General Talk

asha_gupta wrote: Clixsesen Statusis approved but not credited in my paypal account?

Same here Sister. And every time I send a ticket they say are "implementing" their new policy. And whenever I post about it in the forum some know-it-alls start acting that I have no right asking about my money. Kinda strange.

Almost a week. still no payment. » Post #12

Wed Dec 02, 2015 09:10 in General Talk

Foreverrr wrote:
LuckyEddy wrote: People are such idiots when they are behind a keyboard.

I agree with you, finally you realize your problems, keep on going :lol:

what ? you ran out of jokes in that ugly bar you work in on the Russian side? or did they kick you out?

Almost a week. still no payment. » Post #10

Wed Dec 02, 2015 09:02 in General Talk

People are such idiots when they are behind a keyboard.

Almost a week. still no payment. » Post #8

Wed Dec 02, 2015 08:53 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote: @ LuckyEddy

:D I been thinking about setting up a Time Out Corner by starting a new thread for you and vbusiness. :lol:

And I've been thinking of going medieval on your a** ever since you poked that meatloaf of yours on my posts you idiot. Man dont act like your money is important than mine. or I'll turn your butt to such a bad shape you ain't gonna be able to tell it apart from your ugly mug.
And yes we all haven't been doing Clix since the stone age like you cave man, and the next time you poke your butt on my post I'll whupp you so bad you're gonna turn off that computer in your mama's basement and cry like a two year old girl on keyboard. IDIOT.

Almost a week. still no payment. » Post #4

Wed Dec 02, 2015 07:33 in General Talk

sonymatta wrote: yes same problem here LuckyEddy

I had cashed out on friday of 27th November still not received any payment nor any transaction entry from my payment processor

The old system was nice by next day i used to get the payment transaction entry

Exactly, there was a sense of dependency, that I could really predict the exact time the money would actually show up at my account via PayPal. PayPal is one cheeky vendor. Last time they gave me a $ to INR exchange rate at Almost Rs. 3 lower per dollar, than the market rate. And they said it was the CURRENT rate..... :/ :?

Almost a week. still no payment. » Post #1

Wed Dec 02, 2015 01:53 in General Talk

Almost a week now, since I had posted my cashout request. Still not received.
This new 30% system is a total wreck. Anybody out there having similar problems?
Clixsense is giving me generic replies, almost copy paste from their policy boards. This is really frustrating. PS: It now shows approved!

Wow. 50 Videos Back to Back. Ching Ching $$$ » Post #7

Mon Nov 30, 2015 23:44 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
The Daily Checklists Video Is Rolling Out The Loose Change This Morning

Get it your share while you can

Watch Videos and Earn ClixCents

The videos still rolling For me - hopefully the roll out the loose change for you too.

Note: Don't know if makes any difference. When I close the video, I don't refresh the page. I click the banner again.

Edit: update

What checklist video?

Crowdflower: Entrance Exam for Level 1 Badge » Post #10

Mon Nov 30, 2015 00:49 in Filipino

@Artanis dude your pro pic disgusting... yuckkk :P

My 7th payment ! » Post #2

Fri Nov 27, 2015 23:43 in Payment Proofs

hey how much time did you have to wait for it?

Pay-Outs are Rolling » Post #12

Fri Nov 27, 2015 23:20 in General Talk

I sent my payment request Wed 10:36 EST 25 Nov 2015. I haven't been paid yet. And with PayPal and their ridiculous rules I won't be seeing the cash at least till next Sat. :/
Shouldn't I be irked? Or be the Sadhu of Harmony and PEace?

New Clixsense Payout Policy. A Step Backwards? » Post #9

Fri Nov 27, 2015 09:54 in General Talk

Hey man look, before this goes in some other ugly direction, I'm just gonna turn in for the night. There's no need for you to sound as a know-it-all vet, when the only reason I am irked right now is that I haven't been paid. Dude that's important. I don't know what ups and downs you've seen in Clixsense, I respect that experience, but you simply don't need to show that to me. I can see it on your impressive profile already. And since I'm a little burned out right now, and you're seemingly high on khat or whatever they sell in Amsterdam, Somalia, let's just bygones be bygones and say good night like nice folks. No love lost dude.
Peace out.

New Clixsense Payout Policy. A Step Backwards? » Post #8

Fri Nov 27, 2015 09:39 in General Talk

Twat? Is that a dutch/Afrikaans slang or something? LOL.

New Clixsense Payout Policy. A Step Backwards? » Post #6

Fri Nov 27, 2015 09:21 in General Talk

Are you done trying to haze me kid? Coz its sounding really lame Mr. Veteran of the Biz.

New Payment Policy Fraud! » Post #34

Fri Nov 27, 2015 08:52 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: I assume you mean me, (since I'm the only person with any calculation in this thread)?

I based my calculation on elementary mathematics.

Let's say there are 100 payout requests a day.

They pay 30% of all requests each day.

On day one, you have 100 requests, and you pay 30.

On day two, you have 170 requests, and you pay 51.

On day three, you have 219 requests, and you pay 65.

On day four, you have 254 requests, and you pay 76.

On day five, you have 278 requests, and you pay 83.

Assuming you clear the queue completely, say, once a month or two, nobody waits more than three working days.

Well elementary math is good back in elementary, not when you have real money at stake with a cheeky vendor as PayPal India! Anyways, appreciated.

New Payment Policy Fraud! » Post #33

Fri Nov 27, 2015 08:50 in General Talk

desertflower17 wrote: I've been here on this site for almost two years and Clixsense has always been the most correct and most reliable PTC

So I'm pretty sure that when they make a change it is only to our benefit

There have been many changes since I'm on the site and they have always been for the better

Sorry to say but it makes me mad when I read all these things from people who signed up like a month ago

Why ?? Why do you feel mad? Why don't feel the basic courtesy to tell your fellow newcomer that everything is all right? Newbies have a right to be concerned! they haven't been Clixsensing like you for the last hundred years!

New Clixsense Payout Policy. A Step Backwards? » Post #4

Fri Nov 27, 2015 08:36 in General Talk

Ow!!! The ELders have spoken!! My GOd! They know how to speak?
What you jealous a newbie getting some attention? People!

Pay-Outs are Rolling » Post #3

Fri Nov 27, 2015 08:35 in General Talk

Ya how long bro? I am three days running.
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