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Posts by Messaline71

RF Corner » Post #1024

Thu Oct 20, 2016 19:49 in Hindi

mateswar wrote: Someone in the official forum
i did arround 80ish hits since cutoff last night, only 2 downsides:
1.- Didn't make it to 100 hits before the cutoff that was arround 2 hours ago
2.- Only slept like 3 hours and my eyes are killing me
I think i will stay up this night too and recover my sleep schedule during the weekend since we get way less hits on those days, i hope all of you did well and took lots of hits.

Does any one feel inspired? :o :roll:

dear , he is front of his computer at least 16 or 18h/day , he can reach 100 in 24h , but in my country it's not worth it .

two days ago i closed a 50 stepper ILAB ( i hate Ilab ) because i couldn't keep my eyes open lol and the recent QC cut , it's just not inspiring to make some effort

RF Corner » Post #1022

Thu Oct 20, 2016 19:44 in Hindi

pinal007 wrote: @Messaline71

My day just started with 1 naturebox and one 2 stepper
yesterday i tried too hard to reach 3rd page of history but no luck

it's because your timing is bad these days , i get most of hits when india is sleeping :lol: ( belgium too ) right now it's 4.43 am .

RF Corner » Post #1019

Thu Oct 20, 2016 19:30 in Hindi

from 00: 00 to 01.00 RF time 10 hits
from 01:00 to 02.30 RF time 5 hits
total 15

most of them very short hits :roll: 3 or 4 steps

end of the daily report ! :oops:

RF Corner » Post #997

Thu Oct 20, 2016 04:57 in Hindi

pinal007 wrote:
Messaline71 wrote: i reported 3 or 4 , account locked 5 mn instead of 1 mn , and right now done button is spinning and nothing happen , i'm just waiting

just reported the same

rkv12 wrote: Kod*** hits comes with bugs, if reported them not counted.
mine also not counting

reported more , it's clearly report day for all sites .

RF Corner » Post #994

Thu Oct 20, 2016 03:25 in Hindi

i reported 3 or 4 , account locked 5 mn instead of 1 mn , and right now done button is spinning and nothing happen , i'm just waiting

RF Corner » Post #992

Thu Oct 20, 2016 02:26 in Hindi

pinal007 wrote: Koding 29 stepper
"Site can not be reached " on step4 :oops:
even the bug count is no +

because of account locked ?

RF Corner » Post #984

Thu Oct 20, 2016 00:30 in Hindi

imab99 wrote: So much concern about the vanishing QC....I don't get it...
I prefer to be paid 4 cents to fill up a first name, last name, address, state and zip code than to add up 679 and 287 :roll:
4 or my 5 rejections since I started were because of those bloody miscalculations :shock:
And I spend more time deciding whether 679 and 287 are actually 966 than adjusting some subclusters to reflect the invested amount of public and private companies :roll: (beloved quid hits)
So if there would be enough hits for everybody, I couldn't be but happy that I am steadily being remembered how bad I am at maths :silent:

i get it !
like a tester said , it's 2$ less to earn for 50 hits done .

plus 1$ they remove last year for the 1 st step where we have to copy/past the link

plus since may , with the new rules we have to report much more hits for imroper instructions instead of reporting bugs .

all of these features means less money in the pocket :D

and i really use a calcuator for QC , so in love this steps .

RF Corner » Post #974

Wed Oct 19, 2016 22:30 in Hindi

pinal007 wrote: Check this

Rainforest Tester Portal

:o need pop corn !

RF Corner » Post #855

Sun Oct 16, 2016 23:51 in Hindi

pinal007 wrote: Thanks for the wishes dear

I have to buy new cloths and toys for the kids of the family for new year day
and Something for every member of the family(12 members)
Sweets and chocolates too

Something new for my house, To make my life easy I was planning to buy a food predecessor from my income 8-)
but RF doesn't like the idea so i may have to wait for one more month

good luck ! :lol: god how i hate shopping these days ! i need a coat but when i see the prices ... it's like in horror movie !

what kind of food processor you need ? wait for black friday you will have big discounts

RF Corner » Post #853

Sun Oct 16, 2016 23:02 in Hindi

@pinal :D happy dilawiiiiiiiiiiiiii

what will you shop ? :roll: send me agarwood

i found some other things as source of income , but it's boring to do , subscriptions , games ....the pay is good but it's stupid work not funny at all

but i really need a break too , at least i slept well this night :D

RF Corner » Post #851

Sun Oct 16, 2016 22:07 in Hindi

mateswar wrote: @Messaline
comment allez-vous? Quel est votre taux de RF-frappé ces jours-ci? :)


como você está fazendo? qual é a sua taxa de hit-RF nos dias de hoje? :)

lol funny , google translation give somthing like :messaline how are you are ? how much you beated RF these days lol

well , 11 hits saturday , 2 sunday , 1 today , but i will do the minimum for the next weeks ,i'm tired and started doing stupid mistakes , i need something regular , fed up of waiting for hits and even i get hits it's not worth it for the time spent , they release hits at 3 or 4 am so i don't sleep enough .

don't know , i will think seriously about it RF is more an addiction than source of income for me lol

RF Corner » Post #761

Fri Oct 14, 2016 21:24 in Hindi

mateswar wrote: Do Super testers get more pay?

no they have the same pay like us , i read i in RF forum that they don't have special sites or somthing like this

RF Corner » Post #759

Fri Oct 14, 2016 21:11 in Hindi

regarding the stats you read in main forum , for indian117 it's normal , he started last year , and during that time there was only the 5 principles of testing , no improper instructions to report , no NDA jobs no confusing scenario or rarely , when we had blank screen or api maintenance we were asked to wait and refresh the terminal , so the percent of bugs was low , even if he started reporting more let's say for the last 1000 hits , his percent will be diluted , just like you now , if they remove all this rules , your percent will be very low .

Task » Post #561

Fri Oct 14, 2016 18:19 in French

@dedos , si le survey t'as mené à une page externe , alors tu mets le code sur la page du task ,

Réclamation » Post #1544

Fri Oct 14, 2016 17:44 in French

@franco , tu leur réponds que tu n'est pas la seule dans ce cas , que beaucoup n"osent plus faire les offres de peur de devoir réclamer , que tu fais leurs offres car tu as confiance en eux , qu'ils devraient améliorer leur systéme de traçage ou celui de leurs partenaires , et que tu es prête à rassembler des témoignages

RF Corner » Post #719

Thu Oct 13, 2016 23:18 in Hindi

yeah :lol: twice ! but i had sore arm all the week ! 0.85 is not enough for a paquet of chewing gum :evil: i hate them !

see you later dear :ugeek:

RF Corner » Post #717

Thu Oct 13, 2016 22:59 in Hindi

@pinal the probleme is they are always lying in invitations , they say 5 mn , when you click it become 15 mn and when you start 45 mn ! most of time they say survey but in real we complete studies , in this case they have to pay 10$+
a real trap !

i did some with 20 subjects in the same survey : religion , politics , pollution , cars , children , holidays , kitchen etc etc , a real real nightmare ! never again ! it took me 2 hours for 0.85$

RF Corner » Post #715

Thu Oct 13, 2016 22:38 in Hindi

pinal007 wrote: Thanks to some very supportive people on this forum
I was happy doing some random CF task for which i cleared quiz n never went in work mode (lazy me :lol:)
MK encouraged me to do the "web app..." CF task which was in my task list for 2 days
Krishna also motivated a lot
Tej the Expel expert was always there

RF happened at right time for me as offers decreased, survey routers were removed and hence not many opportunities were left.

i'm too lazy with quizz mode , i hate surveys , i never do them first because i don't want to encourage them with stupid rewards like 0.37 for 30 mn , the worst is that they are european or usa instituts , they know the minimum wage , they are really taking advantage from people , i can understand a low reward from RF as it's a star up but not the big instuts that are existing for years they earn enough to reward people correctly ! shame on them .

RF Corner » Post #713

Thu Oct 13, 2016 22:08 in Hindi

@pinal , i told you are doing very good , nice :thumbup:

RF Corner » Post #711

Thu Oct 13, 2016 21:41 in Hindi

pinal007 wrote: :thumbup:
got something to motivate me :)

you are doing good , my first month the extention was not working at all , 3 months after i was earning 2 or 3 $ then ext start working correctly in april and may , then they come with the new rules , so we played tennis reporting very early , so earning were :thumbdown: , now we have websocket released and the algorithm :lol: the nightmare , so wait and see
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