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Oh My, Dawn Wells dies of Covid » Post #14

Thu Dec 31, 2020 13:35 in General Talk

valerie wrote: But I would have to say that a sore arm and or a brief headache is nothing like getting
a full blown covid 19 virus. When it becomes available for me, I will take it. With all
these new strains they say are coming out, I think it would be wise to take it as it may
help in preventing additional strains or at least not be so severe if you do catch it.

Same here, Valerie, with all the risks involved. Well, at least when it becomes available over here - they say it may take over six months until it becomes available to our general population.

It's just a responsible thing to do. Good to hear it's going well in the US.

Oh My, Dawn Wells dies of Covid » Post #11

Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:44 in General Talk

Darkstar2, I do believe the ventilators are a last resort and that they are mostly used when the disease has progressed significantly enough that it is impossible to save the person otherwise. Some people just can't breathe on their own at some point. There may have been excess deaths at the beginning that can be attributed to mechanical ventilation, but they were probably still figuring out what works.

The news here also covered the couple you mentioned. Indeed the severity varies wildly, lots of factors involved. They say time of exposure can play a big role, I think it was mentioned in the article, too. The worrying thing about it is that the daughter tested negatively just before reuniting with the parents? Terrible, you can't trust anything 100%.

As for the flu, well I was getting it year after year until deciding to get vaccinated regularly. I agree that it is a dangerous disease, but I'd rather take another flu than whatever COVID-19 is because even with all the measures it just seems impossible to contain. The vaccine is yet to be tested in the field, there is no previous immunity, it's very virulent, lots of asymptomatic cases and some people refuse to believe it exists. Worst thing of all - possible permanent damage. I am however more optimistic about the vaccine - usually where there is a will there is a way, medical science made significant advances over the past decade, but I guess we'll know for sure in a month or two.

I don't think there is any conspiracy behind the virus itself. Several improbable events probably coincided in a bad way to allow the virus to jump species in a location that could propagate effortless spread. Happened before and will happen again. I've actually read somewhere that this already happened so many times but the virus was either quickly contained naturally or it became a victim of its own lethal success.

The location seems to point towards China, and the CCP did play its role in hiding the fact. WHO's response was disappointingly anemic. Yes, there should be a thorough investigation when this is all over and all parties responsible should be held liable for massive damages. Honestly, even without the CCP in the picture - all governments that had a failed response deserve to be held responsible. You can't control what happens in the world but at the very least you can take care of your own.

EDIT: Forgot to touch on the stock market. The way it went down as it did was because no one really expected an end to one of the longest bull runs in history. Most investors simply got lulled into expecting consistent returns that we forgot black swan events and bear markets are a thing. Honestly, I barely had 6 months experience when it happened. But witnessing a sea of red, with some positions crumbling even up to 50% and still not selling - better yet, buying more - really built investing character. It's all well in the green now, hopefully it will stay that way for everyone's sake.

Oh My, Dawn Wells dies of Covid » Post #7

Thu Dec 31, 2020 04:44 in General Talk

Seriously, all the people I know here either know someone who got COVID or got it themselves. Two whole families that have someone working in medicine got it. Killed one of our work clients - guy was 57, reasonably healthy and active for his age, he was put on a ventilator and died a week after that.

I openly admit I was in the "it sounds like the flu" camp this time last year. First time I started having a bad feeling about it was when the Chinese started building new hospitals for the sole purpose of treating the disease.

Man, March was stressful as f***. They slapped a quarantine on us, the earthquake hit, and my US stock positions were in a meltdown - I remember buying more in a numb shock, which turned out to be the best idea.

There seems to be a lot of people that think this is some kind of a grand conspiracy of politicians, scientists and doctors to some kind of an ominous end. Well, if that is true - please tell me who is responsible so I can send them my CV, because they seem to be the most organized operation that ever existed, hiding the truth like that from billions of people. Damn, we can't even get organized on our office level.

Massive Earthquake In Croatia » Post #6

Tue Dec 29, 2020 13:34 in General Talk

I was driving towards Sljeme (mountain north of Zagreb, the capital) when it happened. Felt like a flat tire at first but the alarms of parked cars that suddenly started sounding off nearby gave away that it was an earthquake.

Very little damage in Zagreb, especially when compared to that other earthquake that hit the capital in March. People said it felt worse but this is probably subjective as they were fully awake and aware of it this time (March quake happened in very early morning).

Based on the news and talks I've had with people that knew someone from Petrinja or that general area - parts of the city were completely razed. Many houses in that county, too. 90% of buildings or more have some kind of structural damage.

Currently they count 7 dead and several dozen injured. This might not look much to someone foreign but take into account that it is a small, sparsely populated city - with only around 15k people in the urban area.

Really feeling sorry for those people. It was otherwise an idyllic little town, really nice to visit.

Aftershocks are still going, and probably will continue for some time.

Bye » Post #5

Tue Dec 29, 2020 10:32 in General Talk

Best of wishes in your endeavors, Valerie.

Your posts were full of useful information and I feel you were doing a great job as a moderator.

Thanks for everything.

5G Blow Up Literally ? » Post #3

Mon Dec 28, 2020 09:20 in General Talk

The motive and how the guy looks like reminded me of They Live (1988). Might rewatch that movie again :D

But yeah, new technologies always seem to bring out aberrant behavior in unstable people. I remember reading that during the Russian flu, telegraph technology was thought to have been the pandemic spreader, mostly due to the high incidence among telegraph operators. Same with telephones during the Spanish flu.

Mass hysteria is a thing. It's easier to believe a conspiracy theory than accept that these are stressful times most people have absolutely no control over.

Chinese economy to overtake US by 2028 » Post #3

Sat Dec 26, 2020 14:15 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Croats are not good in learning that language

Can confirm. But mostly because it is not necessary in itself as Croatia will overtake China in that same time period. There used to be a saying here "There's a billion of us and the Chinese.", though that number should probably be updated to a more recent one.

On a more serious note, this was a long time coming and is a great opportunity for some passive investing down the line. Lots of big funds are targeting China and chipping into an ETF invested in Chinese companies should be a good idea.

Italics on should because there is always a political risk.

20,00 Total » Post #1

Fri Dec 18, 2020 17:18 in Payment Proofs

The Rewards Store
+ 10,00 USD
16 Dec
Payment received
"Just thought you'd like to know ySense sent you Paypal Cash."

The Rewards Store
+ 10,00 USD
8 Dec
Payment received
"Just thought you'd like to know ySense sent you Paypal Cash."

Probably the last payment I'll be picking up here, given that tasks are going away. Will be migrating to other platforms. Damn, I just got here 8-)

Take care everyone!

Today $4.22 Yesterday $6.53 » Post #3

Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:01 in Success Stories

You're on a roll lately. Is this all from surveys and offers?

Two payments and Level 3 on Appen » Post #1

Sat Nov 28, 2020 10:27 in Success Stories

Crawled from the hole of beginner mistakes and reached Appen Level 3 with 100 different jobs and solid accuracy. There aren't that many surveys for my country so solving tasks is the way to go. Gains are about 3% offers, 12% bonuses, 15% surveys and the rest are tasks.

Appen Dashboard:

Jobs completed: 100
Test questions: 617/ 683
Accuracy: 90.3%


The Rewards Store
+ 10,00 USD
23 Nov
Payment received
"Just thought you'd like to know ySense sent you Paypal Cash."

The Rewards Store
+ 10,00 USD
6 Nov
Payment received
"Just thought you'd like to know ySense sent you Paypal Cash."

Very close to 3rd payment. Thanks to all who are contributing information to this forum.
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