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The end of ClixSense? » Post #117

Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:42 in General Talk

crblindis wrote: Clixsense should be renamed SurveySense, I am disappointed..

I'm dissapointed I just got an e-mail invite to do Survey
Length: 4 minutes
Reward: $0.85
at the end of which I was told this was not going to be paid, but bring me better Surveys in the future :LMAO:

Engagetv is good alternative to replace ptc » Post #20

Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:03 in General Talk

Seriously, all these people posting this or that as 'alternative' to ad clicking..
seems like these good-meaning folks kinda forget that since geo tracking we're no longer all equal on the internet HEH

Not really a forum. Sad about changes. » Post #6

Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:55 in General Talk

Yeah we can all see you are from United States, hlrive.
Thank you for all your wisdom LOL

Farewell Goodbye our Cats in Clixsense » Post #6

Mon Jul 03, 2017 09:58 in General Talk

Oh yeah, right, Jim didn't infom us what's gonna happen to the cats! PetFinder! LOL

The end of ClixSense? » Post #74

Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:10 in General Talk

helloworld111 wrote: This change will affect third world users the most. They don't really have surveys or offers, and unless they already have Crowdflower badges their only method of earning is the ads.

Yeah. The one thing Admin failed to mention is that the PTC Ads give the chance to earn to everyone (that's why they were once revolutionary). That really cannot be said about Offers or Surveys or Tasks. Seems pointles to have ClixSense just to do some GPT. Where's the clix? Where's the sense? Without 8-level referral clicking, you don't really need to use this site to do just Surveys, Tasks or Offers. There are just intermediated here anyways. You may as well go to Crowdflower/similar or some survey sites directly .

sweetpie3000 wrote: Ptc is no longer profitable. I expect Ptc will die a few years from now. Making money on smartphone is the future. More reward sites will compete with clixsense?

I'm afraid this is true. Afraid, as personally I'm not fond of smartfones, social media etc;) But can see the truth of it nontheless. Still, again, ClixSense would be redundant in the future competition.

Paypal is coming back ?! » Post #37

Sun Jul 02, 2017 08:18 in General Talk

Well if PayPal's not coming back, could you at least add OKPay?

Payza's fees scare me, places I plan doing online shoping don't support Skrill, Paytoo or Payoneer or that card.....

Life is difficult without PayPal.

Removal of ClixAd and Clixgrid » Post #99

Sun Jul 02, 2017 07:17 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: If we're losing PTC, can we at least have auto-playing audio embedded randomly into various pages that says "Hi, I'm Mike, remember me?"


Removal of ClixAd and Clixgrid » Post #85

Sun Jul 02, 2017 02:05 in General Talk

We'we certainly heard loads of reasonings and comments. Let's face it:

Seeing the 'leading PTC site' without any PTC ads will definitely feel a bit weird L:OL.

Admin says this has nothing to do with PayPal, and I'm afraid it's true. Therefore, I'm afraid it won't come back. And I want it back: even if I shall not earn with PTC any more, I should like to withdraw my current balance comfortably.

The real reason for this probably is what Admin prevously mentoned: the PTC are actually not profitable for the site's owner. Which is also a bit weird to think of it:) Like, were they ever profitable, or else why did they create the PTC site in the first place?

Alright, then. We shall no longer click Ads. What else can we do?

Surveys. It has been pointed out painfully enough times by Valery how profitable they are for the site owner. But for us? The specialized Survey sites usually have more surveys available and pay us better. We usually only do Survey here on ClixSense just because, once we're already here.. Why not try click it. It has been subtly advertised to us through the shiny green button for some time already, that we ClixSense members should focus on this. Very well then, let's try to do that. While PCT clicks are available to us every time, for the Survey we must qualify first: and not always is our poor-employee-from-the-poor-country-opinion what they are most looking for. Let's be honest, surveys are not about voicing opinions, they're about money too: in other words, it depends on how much your opinion is worth. That dictates how many surveys and how highly paid ones will be availble to you. Just to over-symplify: If you are from rich western country, and you are CEO in your company, then you most probably have good chance to qualify for the 2 dollar Survey. Then again, in that case you probably do not have such need for the 2 dollars. See the main dilemma of the Survey industry?:)

Tasks. The first thing is, you need Facebook. If you are against using Facebook, you can't do Tasks at all. Before Crowdflower had this requirement, many of you probably tried do to Tasks and did not qualify for them anyway. Why, they won't tell you. Tasks are not easy and require very different amount of effort and time than clicking Ads.

Offers. You need to buy something - therefore pay- first. You need to give up sensitive information. You need to download something (possibly) shady. You can just as well argument the Ads were often shady too, and tried to lead you on some automatic download. You could do Ads every day, though. I can't imagine you could do Offers every day except Radio Loayalty.

The other changes are losing the upgrade, 8-levely referral earnings etc.. Admin says instead of upgraded 8-level system you get 20% (possibly 15%, 16%.. etc.) commission from your referral activity. First you must have some referrals. Second, what activity, if not clicking ads? Doing Tasks and Surveys? Well then, good luck with recruiting many western CEO's.

The so-called Daily Checklist bonus is something that is least bothering me. It was never about checking daily. I did! For years! I clicked all ads, even if i didn't have to (in any sense of the word). Completed ClixGrid. But then, you had to go to the Forum daily, too. Not everyone is in the mood for that. Still, all right. Then you had to also not only do the Offers, but also Tasks. It was never clear to me how 1 person is able to do all that. Sometimes you are the Tasks person. Sometimes you do couple of Offers in one day. Not everyone can do Tasks. The 'daily checklist' was never for them, then. No matter that they've checked daily. Maybe it was quite big bonus, I don't know. Personally I would prefer much more modest bonus for checking in, for every single day loggin in, daily activity, but for daily activity of my choosing.

All in all, if you decided to do the PTC site without PTC ads, let's at least put PayPal back, so us loyal old members can cashout smoothly.
Thank you.

Paypal is coming back ?! » Post #12

Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:33 in General Talk

leftclick wrote: So clixsense team has decided to move on without PTC services .

Does that mean PayPal is coming back ??

Exactly the same question on my mind.

If what Admin says here
Moving forward with change | ClixSense Forum

is true, then you should - with no PTC ads tying you with the PTC industry - no longer have a problem setting up an account with PayPal. If that was truly the problem.

Then, kindly put PayPal cashout option back.

My 7th payment (plus my 6th payment:) » Post #1

Tue Jun 28, 2016 09:20 in Payment Proofs

Hiya, here's my lucky 7th ClixSense payment:)

Also, here's my 6th payment (waz lazy to post previously:))

Thank you, ClixSense!:)

survey annoyance » Post #6

Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:46 in General Talk

I just did a Survey.. I even got an invite via e-mail.. So rare.
Usually, I have to click and try it X-times a day, only to see No survey available again and again.
Sometimes I get the e-mail notification, but mostly not, I don't know
Sometimes I can see them popped above, and paid more. But it's always only if I am CEO of my company (do you think any ClixSense member is CEO in their day-job company? I don't know!)
But, back to it.. I have done the Survey, I imagine, almost to the end.. It was very long Survey and suddenly a screen appeared that the Survey got filled.
So I did give a lot of my time and didn't get paid..
It's not so often in my country that Survey is available, and that I qualify for it.. So, it blows.

My 5th Payment » Post #1

Wed Sep 23, 2015 14:00 in Payment Proofs

Here is my 5th payment on my favourite Wednesday;)

Thank you, ClixSense.

My 4th Payment » Post #3

Thu Aug 06, 2015 08:34 in Payment Proofs


My 4th Payment » Post #1

Wed Aug 05, 2015 21:17 in Payment Proofs

I just got paid the fourth time. Thank you, ClixSense:)

Wednesday is my new favourite day.


My 2nd Payment » Post #4

Tue May 19, 2015 08:28 in Payment Proofs

Thanks, guys:)

My 2nd Payment » Post #1

Mon May 18, 2015 19:56 in Payment Proofs

Thank you, ClixSense:)
Also, I appreciate the Surveys earning availability, even if they are scarce in my country;)


My 1st Payment » Post #5

Sun Mar 22, 2015 13:08 in Payment Proofs


My 1st Payment » Post #3

Fri Mar 20, 2015 22:51 in Payment Proofs


My 1st Payment » Post #1

Fri Mar 20, 2015 20:20 in Payment Proofs

Hi guys,
I just got my 1st payment at ClixSense:)
Thank you! I'm very happy I found this site.

Survey button turned green » Post #13

Wed Nov 19, 2014 04:34 in General Talk

I'd love doing more surveys, they pay really well:)
But you should just consider not everyone lives in the US like you do, is all.
Reality is making the button green or all the colors of the rainbow, doens't change the fact that in my country surveys are available once in a blue moon, and I'm not very interesting respondent for them. My dayjob pays very low, I live alone, I own nothing, I buy nothing. Just how many surveys would you think I qualify for LOL
So far, I did 3 of them and I consider myself very lucky.
I say, I have fair chance winning on Clixgrid, not a bit less than scoring a survey.

So, while I personally think the shiny Survey button bit ridiculous, I can understand other point of view, and mainly all in all, i think ClixSense is fantastic site, and I'm blessed I am here:)
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