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Received my 11th Payment » Post #1

Fri Oct 04, 2019 10:01 in Payment Proofs

Received my 11th Payment

Thank you ySense

My Twelfth Payment » Post #1

Wed Oct 03, 2018 02:38 in Payment Proofs

Thank you :clixsense: for the twelfth payment. Here is the payment proof:

:D :D :D

My 11th Payment, 1st through Skrill, Thank you CS » Post #1

Tue Apr 24, 2018 17:07 in Payment Proofs

Thank you Clixsense <3
Here is the payment proof:

How to verify Skrill in Pakistan » Post #3

Sat Apr 21, 2018 16:04 in Urdu

suny5586 wrote: Watch this video it will explain everything.

How to verify Skrill account in Pakistan 2018 | Zeeshan Mehar | - YouTube

Thank you suny5586! Very helpful

How to verify Skrill in Pakistan » Post #1

Mon Apr 16, 2018 08:23 in Urdu

For verification Skrill needed to deposit some money into their wallet. But it is very difficult (next to impossible) to transfer from a Pakistani bank account to a Polish bank account. (Skrill provided me with a polish account to transfer funds).

How do you verified your Skrill account in Pakistan? Please guide.

my 10th payment » Post #1

Tue Aug 15, 2017 01:41 in Payment Proofs

here is the payment proof of my 10th payment:

thank you :clixsense: :D

Removal of ClixAd and Clixgrid » Post #94

Sun Jul 02, 2017 03:10 in General Talk

With the invention of Electronic Calculator, thousands of workers were laid off, as employers do not needed them for those long mathematical additions, substractions, etc. anymore. Those workers were adjusted anyhow in other employments after few times. This is a story of 1960s and 70s. Things change with the time. Workers have to be smart enough to create opportunities for themselves.

As per the admin's post, removal of PTC is a good decision for CS. The CS has successfully run for 10 years, and it has to run for may be another decade or even more. In a business, sometimes harsh decisions have to be made in order to make the business sound and continue successfully in the future. Because, if CS drowns, we all will drown. So I strongly support Jim and the CS's administration. I think they have taken this decision best for CS's interest.

Talking of PTC, I never relied on referrals and the ads for clicking. 95% of my earnings come from CS and another prestigious site like this, came from Tasks and Surveys. So folks, do some intelligible work, instead of doing ads with no use of brain.

Many best wishes for CS in the future.

Long live :clixsense: Long Live Earning through Internet

Won $0.25 in ClixGrid » Post #1

Sat Apr 22, 2017 00:07 in Success Stories

Thank you :clixsense: :D

My 9th Payment (through Payza) » Post #1

Mon Dec 26, 2016 13:29 in Payment Proofs

Here is the Payment Proof of 9th Payment from :clixsense:

Thank you :clixsense:

Tasks Bonus $5 » Post #1

Wed Dec 07, 2016 04:04 in Success Stories

Today after a long time I started to do tasks on Clixsense, and got $5 bonus on completing $50 tasks (all time):

Thanks :clixsense: You're the best!

My Eight Payment - Payza » Post #1

Tue Dec 06, 2016 01:38 in Payment Proofs

Here is my 8th Payment Proof (Payza) dated December 5, 2016:

Thanks :clixsense: God bless ya!

Perfect Money Payment Process kesa Rahey Ga..? » Post #3

Tue Nov 08, 2016 00:35 in Urdu

Skrill & Payoneer are the best. They are easy to sign up and verify. Personally I don't like Perfect Money

Prepaid Payza Card » Post #17

Tue Nov 01, 2016 14:01 in Urdu

ibadnan wrote: Further there are so many charges to use it, kindly share your experience after using it. and reload is $1 instead of $0.50
Yeah you're right, it's $1 not $0.50, the TOS said $0.50. Anyway, reasonable for me.

Prepaid Payza Card » Post #16

Tue Nov 01, 2016 13:56 in Urdu

suny5586 wrote:
ibadnan wrote:
plutonics wrote: Dear Members,


Abhi tak app nay use nahe kya :ugeek: :roll: :?:

cash out ka intzaar kr rhy hoon gy Clixsense cash out late kr rhi hy payza pr.

Mein ney yeh Payza Card receive karnay kay baad kayi dafa use kya, but I haven't cashed out yet, as it bears a lot of charges. But made so much purchases on Daraz, Mycart, etc. for purchasing a smartphone and groceries. Thanks to Payza, Clixsense and many other PTC sites that I can't mention here. :D

Sorry bros, I haven't replied to this post since ages.

$1 won for the first time in GlixGrid » Post #1

Fri Sep 30, 2016 04:31 in Success Stories

Won $1 for the first time in ClixGrid

Prepaid Payza Card » Post #7

Fri Sep 09, 2016 00:26 in Urdu

ibadnan wrote: Further there are so many charges to use it, kindly share your experience after using it. and reload is $1 instead of $0.50

Yes, it's true, they heavily charge, esp., when you're cashing out via ATM. The service charge for cashing out via ATM is $4. But it is fixed irrespective of the amount you cash out. I haven't cashed out yet as I received the card yesterday evening, but I will share my experience when I will cash out.

Prepaid Payza Card » Post #6

Fri Sep 09, 2016 00:23 in Urdu

ibadnan wrote: ohhh its master card, i believe visa is more popular and master card is not acceptable everywhere!!

Payza does not support VISA. MasterCards are accepted at MCB ATMs that support MasterCards

Prepaid Payza Card » Post #5

Fri Sep 09, 2016 00:19 in Urdu

FORMANITEE wrote: Thanks for the information.
How does it work? I mean can we cash out in Pak rupees using this card?
Yes, we can cashout at any ATM that supports MasterCard in Pakistan. MCB has ATMs with this facility.

Payza Prepaid Card ! » Post #3

Thu Sep 08, 2016 05:31 in Urdu

Check my previous post

My balance has been vanished » Post #9

Thu Sep 08, 2016 05:27 in Urdu

Did you send Support Ticket? They will resolve your issue.
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