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Do you believe in ghost? » Post #2

Wed Jun 08, 2016 01:57 in General Talk

I don't believe in ghost, but ghosts do exist. I believe that. :lol: Did you see any :?:

What's on your mind? » Post #27

Thu May 26, 2016 10:48 in General Talk

Sarah_Hill wrote: Thanks for enlightening me with your wisdom, you do realise that your opinion is also just an opinion and not a fact, don't you?
:lol: :clap: :xthumbup: Very true

Oh my Fone! » Post #4

Mon May 23, 2016 21:46 in General Talk

@ Val... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Global Love no Hate » Post #37

Sun May 22, 2016 18:46 in General Talk

There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason & has a purpose behind it. Most of us just don't know what it is... Each one of us were sent to earth for a purpose and the day we realize our purpose of life, there will be love everywhere. Unfortunately, that won't happen. :(

Global Love no Hate » Post #30

Sat May 21, 2016 21:52 in General Talk

Hello, How are you? :xsmile:

What are you doing this time . » Post #73

Fri May 20, 2016 21:09 in General Talk

Right now, I'm breathing and smiling and typing. :xsmile: :lol:

Your Stats » Post #4

Wed May 18, 2016 21:29 in Your Stats

Thank U :xthumbup: :xcs:

Global Love no Hate » Post #5

Tue May 17, 2016 21:59 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Well I don't know. I just don't know. I really really really don't know.

I do my best to not judge because.....I just don't know. I leave that
up to God.

I think maybe the problem is not with love. I just don't see love as
the issue.

I think the problem is with sex. There are people that are not really
one way or another way. They are a pretend way. A way that they
either desire the sex, not the love OR they desire the attention or some
other something or other, not love.

I also think its about respect, decency, and morality.

Many many years ago, a young man came to our house and knocked
on the door. My grandfather went to the door and the man ask where
so and so lived. My grandfather told him to get off our property and
not come back unless he had a shirt on next time.

You see THAT is the real problem. Disrespect and lack of morality and
lack of decency.

Very beautifully put, Val. :xsmile: I need to quote this. Each & Every word is very true. :clap:

What are you doing this time . » Post #60

Fri May 13, 2016 09:05 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: thankyou tigerdil so sweet of you,yes 2morro when i get her cleaned up,maybe put a cheeky little bandana around her neck,then i will take a pic and upload it.

i am sure you will love her,shes reallllly cute, fat ,black and fluffy :D

Awww! That's so cute. Your description of her makes me impatient. I want to see her right now. :D JK

What to do when you are 80 » Post #33

Fri May 13, 2016 09:00 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote:
Everyone wants to go to heaven,yet no one wants to die :(

Who said no one wants to die? I want to die, I'd love to die everyday. That's a beautiful experience to die everyday & be born again each day. :D :D I'm not talking about sleep.

WooHoo...I Won :) » Post #8

Fri May 13, 2016 08:11 in Success Stories

Thank you very much all of you. I wish You all good luck too. May you all win prizes. :xthumbup:

What are you doing this time . » Post #56

Fri May 13, 2016 08:10 in General Talk

Wow, You're so kind & generous. Your words almost melted my heart. I can't wait to see the puppy. Upload it picture asap. :xthumbup:

WooHoo...I Won :) » Post #2

Thu May 12, 2016 22:03 in Success Stories

Congratulations Rose. I won too. I wish You more prizes in the coming future :xthumbup:

WooHoo...I Won :) » Post #1

Thu May 12, 2016 22:02 in Success Stories

Thank you very much :clixsense: :D :D

Using animals for test products » Post #6

Mon May 09, 2016 23:15 in General Talk

I'm not going to watch the video. Because if I do, I know I wouldn't be able to stop my tears! :cry:

I'm not an activist, but I'm an animal lover (that includes human beings. )

3 Prizes In a Day!!! Wow!!! » Post #1

Sat May 07, 2016 22:28 in Your Stats

Thank you :clixsense: :xcs:

Quote of the day » Post #2686

Sat May 07, 2016 08:48 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: my heart rules mine more,what can do? :shock:
If your heart rules you, then always listen to it; The heart may be on your left, but it is always Right. :xrazz: :xwink:

~ TigerHeart

The first Muslim elected in mayor in London uk » Post #4

Sat May 07, 2016 00:52 in General Talk

Well-spoken Pindokhan. You stole my thought, you know? :xwink: :clap:

Quote of the day » Post #2683

Fri May 06, 2016 22:14 in General Talk

"Rule your mind or it will rule You."

Happy Birth Day to you adinkle » Post #91

Thu May 05, 2016 23:15 in General Talk

charez wrote: I have my own Mastercard now and i can go in night club :xthumbup:
Hey Charez, Did u steal my smiley? :xwink: Where'd you get that? :xlol:
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