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Warning: Please Read » Post #9

Sun May 26, 2013 07:03 in General Talk

The info on the LR owner was out for some time, actually. He operated another payment processor without a license from within the US that was taken out in I believe 2005 or 2006, but only for operating without a license rather than money laundering and other felony activities.

It was still a felony conviction but he only had that site shut down and was given probation, the New York State prosecutors were tied up with investigating Wall Street at the time and he was too small to pursue aggressively with limited resources. LR was not affected, as it is a separate business from the one he was previously convicted of running in a criminal manner. But it was only a matter of time. The guy was infamous in certain circles as a purveyor of kiddie smut and other dubious underworld delights. I'm actually surprised human trafficking wasn't mentioned.

I'm not familiar with Spanish laws on the matter, but do NOT fall for any scams offering bogus LR refunds! Under US law those funds will be seized, and LR account holders may or may not be given an opportunity down the road and after a full investigation by all three countries involved to file for partial refunds....and then only with strict guidelines for documentation supplied to a receiver. The whole point of taking out the payment processor used to launder the funds is to disrupt the cartel, so any individuals or businesses who are victims of this guy and have an opportunity to claim a refund will have to provide thorough documentation of their identity and other information. No third party, individual or business not appointed by the court will be able to have access to these funds, never, none, not under any circumstances. Don't get fooled!

Warning: Please Read » Post #7

Sun May 26, 2013 04:18 in General Talk

It's a shame. Not that they nailed the guy, kiddie stuff is as low as it gets. But for those who had money in LR. How long did it take e-Gold account holders to be able to file for refunds? Close to 3 years?

How much do you earn each day??? » Post #4

Sun Apr 14, 2013 09:00 in General Talk

It depends on the day and how much time I have. My lowest day was about 25 cents. My highest was about $23. Wish I could do that every day! :D

Usually it's somewhere between $4 - $6 per day.

What do you think about clixsense!!! » Post #4

Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:52 in General Talk

I do other PTC/GPT sites, but I earned more on ClixSense in my first month than I've been able to on some of the others in six months. The offers and tasks are comparatively plentiful and pay well across the board, so there's a lot of value here. It's convenient, easy to maneuver and saves time to spend the majority of my time on one site and do what's here knowing I'll be paid and not in a month, or two, or more while they float my earnings and look for ways to deny me but in a few days and with no hassles and no pressure, pressure, pressure to invest in addition to what the site earns from my efforts. (Although I probably will, they've proven it's a good investment to make.)


Can't beat it.

Why did you make a clixsense acound? » Post #8

Sun Mar 31, 2013 09:04 in General Talk

Like a lot of people I lost a good job and had a lot of trouble finding another one. I'm now self employed (not in marketing or MLM), not fully established yet so I'm currently working for less then 1/4 of what I had been making, but at least it's work! Those of you who have been on unemployment with a family to support know how that feels I'm sure.

I was looking for ways to supplement my income and stumbled across a blog post with a lot of positive comments talking about this site as trustworthy and a good one for tasks and surveys. I had already done other microtasking on other sites and enjoy it but sometimes those sites are slow, so I figured I'd see what was available here as a fallback.

I've been impressed so far, and the extra money really, REALLY helps when it's the "famine" part of feast and famine!

Hi everybody! » Post #7

Mon Mar 25, 2013 19:49 in Member Introduction

Thanks everybody! :D

And hi sandeep! I really like it here. Happy earning!

Hi everybody! » Post #1

Fri Mar 22, 2013 17:57 in Member Introduction

I joined ClixSense about 3 weeks ago but this is my first time in the forums. Looking around and reading posts everybody seems so friendly!

Looking forward to stopping in more often and making some money. :thumbup:
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