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best day in few months » Post #1

Thu Nov 18, 2021 09:31 in Success Stories

Encuestas 2 surveys $3.75
Ofertas 1 offer $0.06
Total earned: $3.81

A featured 3$ survey finally worked for me :) So happy to be able to earn again on Ysence!
Last 3-4 months as you know none of the surveys qualified for me and I almost gave up...but as some say never close doors :D

$ 8" WoW !"what a day is 13 th October » Post #4

Thu Oct 14, 2021 13:45 in Success Stories

Awesome! Congratulations!!

Biggest earning of my account history » Post #11

Sun Oct 10, 2021 18:20 in Your Stats

This month so far I made 1,21$ that's bad, even worse.... I think it's getting worse by the month but I am not closing the door here I get what I can.
Thank god that my place of work is back on business and I have a normal 8hrs a day work once again.

Biggest earning of my account history » Post #3

Tue Oct 05, 2021 17:47 in Your Stats

That's a lot of surveys and offers available, too bad they are so low paid.

In my case since the 1st of August I get 0 surveys that pay and on lucky days one or two 1 cent offers... This is why I couldn't make more than 5$a month and I stopped being around the forum.

Month $89.05 Last Month $79.82....tasman1 » Post #8

Mon Oct 04, 2021 11:31 in Success Stories

My September was 4,51$. Yeah it's really bad.

Congratulations to those who did get double or triple digits !

Year $998.83 Last Year $995.31...tasman1 » Post #4

Tue Sep 28, 2021 18:28 in Your Stats

Wow, that's inspiring!

9.30 on 08/09 [ Not so bad ]....tasman1 » Post #3

Thu Sep 09, 2021 14:40 in Success Stories

Congratulations to both of you!
Yesterday 1 cent, today I got 2 cents... It's getting ridiculous. I'm thinking of making a pause for a few days as there's nothing here for more than a month for me.

$ 4 Saturday » Post #7

Mon Sep 06, 2021 01:30 in Success Stories

Still no surveys here ( I click them every day but they're all full quota or sth). Just one sad peanut lab of 14 cents and those 1cent from revenue universe. This month so far I have 0.68$. Ridiculous and bad.

4.62 on 30/08 [ slow ] ......tasman1 » Post #5

Wed Sep 01, 2021 09:53 in Success Stories

Yes, I've noticed that this month was pretty bad compared to other months in your case.

My normal is 20 to 30 dollars per month, but less than 5$ it's ridiculous, I ended August with 4,66$

I am disappointed. » Post #4

Tue Aug 31, 2021 17:48 in Your Stats

Normally I get 18 to 28$ per month but August was really bad, I only could make 4,62$...worst month ever this year
No surveys, just few 1 cent offers... And without surveys that pay it's getting frustrating to keep answering questions just to be kicked out as 99% of surveys are overquota and don't pay.

4.62 on 30/08 [ slow ] ......tasman1 » Post #3

Tue Aug 31, 2021 17:43 in Success Stories

Tasman1, What you earned on 30 August (4.62$) is what I earned the whole month of August.

I was banned from dashboard surveys for a few days last week but all in all it's been a no paid surveys, only some few cents from offers this month.
This was the worst month ever, but hey companies are on holidays during August so maybe this is why there are no surveys that are not overquota/already completed. I'm crossing fingers that September will be better, back to normal as how it was before summertime.

Introduction » Post #5

Wed Aug 25, 2021 02:27 in Member Introduction

Welcome all!
It takes a bit of patience to get surveys. Meanwhile try the offers, some of them are nice.

Never Expected This » Post #2

Wed Aug 25, 2021 02:24 in Success Stories


Today $2.67 yesterday $2.63 stable » Post #5

Sun Aug 22, 2021 09:55 in Success Stories

Today I got a peanut lab survey offer for 0.20 . Now I'm on the hunt to try to get anything to meet the daily bonus
Found a 1 cent revenue universe just now!
My month so far is 3,32$...that is really really bad, even January I got 10$

6.58 on 17/07 [Thanks to PL ] ....tasman1 » Post #9

Thu Aug 19, 2021 13:48 in Success Stories

Errr... No congrats needed as the amount of $ is so ridiculously low.
Please send me 1 cent instead if you have a spare one, today ysense is completely dry, has nothing.

6.58 on 17/07 [Thanks to PL ] ....tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Aug 18, 2021 10:28 in Success Stories

today was the best in the last 20 days that i had
3 offers with a total of 0,26 cents. I finally reached the 3$ LOL this month

lucky day » Post #6

Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:52 in Success Stories

My month so far is still lower than 3$...i am at 2,87 as of today... And the whole weekend I only got 2 cents from hideout tv... Even revenue universe is 0 cents for me :( All the surveys are screen outs!

Today 3.79 Yesterday 3.48 SLOW....tasman1 » Post #11

Fri Aug 13, 2021 12:52 in Success Stories

Today so far nothing, not even revenue universe

Today 3.79 Yesterday 3.48 SLOW....tasman1 » Post #4

Thu Aug 12, 2021 00:32 in Success Stories

It's not slow on my part, it's extra slow with only off quota and absolutely no surveys that give anything on my part from the 5 surveys that keep popping up again and again and of course they don't work. The only thing that gives me 1 cent or two per day is hideout tv and revenue universe... But those are always last resource for the end of the day.
This month I haven't reached 3$ yet... And I think that it's gonna be an awfully bad month, worse than January!

My Kingdom for 1 cent .....tasman1 » Post #3

Sun Aug 08, 2021 09:28 in General Talk

Welcome to my daily struggle... How do I get at least 2 cents per day?
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