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Posts by Armand2REP

Premium membership » Post #11

Sat Oct 20, 2012 07:46 in Your Stats

kkrsharma wrote: h! i am from India. he makes fool second time. i lost my 17 dollars(911 indian rs)

Lets see, you have already made enough to pay for membership and you have only been here a few months. Get to work and maximize your earnings!

Hi to all clixsense members.. » Post #24

Sat Oct 20, 2012 07:20 in Member Introduction

@jason4k... you earned $12 from the time I went to bed and woke up this morning. Do you ever sleep? :lol:

answering my forum queries » Post #7

Fri Oct 19, 2012 22:18 in General Talk

mfoy43 wrote: I still haven't got any resolution to these problems even after contacting both ClixSense and the suppliers, so what the hell am I supposed to do now? :x

What problems? You still keep getting booted from login? You aren't getting paid for offers? You can't get the 1 survey to clear from your toolbar?

If you aren't getting paid for completed offers, submit a support ticket. If you can't clear a survey, clear your cache. If you still have problems staying logged in, refresh the page. You might have to wait a minute while the system clears.

just upgraded and got a question » Post #8

Fri Oct 19, 2012 21:41 in General Talk

SathishMagleena wrote:

did you mean the sign-up commission ? if yes then its okay

but you even get this sign-up commission for every referral you have referred even before your upgrade :)

The OP was talking about commissions, so yes that is what I was talking about.

just upgraded and got a question » Post #4

Fri Oct 19, 2012 20:47 in General Talk

It only counts after your upgrade.

just upgraded and got a question » Post #2

Fri Oct 19, 2012 20:43 in General Talk

It means you get $0.50 for every referral. You get $2 when they upgrade and $1 for every other level upgrade. it only counts after your upgrade.

offers » Post #2

Fri Oct 19, 2012 19:58 in Success Stories

graziellac wrote: wow just completed 5 surveys today and could have been 8 if the other 3 paid :clap:

Good Job! :clap:

If you have the completion screenshot you should submit a support ticket to get paid. They don't like doing more than one per day so pick the highest paying survey.

Post Your Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #328

Fri Oct 19, 2012 19:38 in Your Stats

Peanut Labs was on fire today! Toluna isn't producing much. Add $4 from :clixsense: Research! :thumbup:

What if you were made admin of clixsense forum? » Post #11

Fri Oct 19, 2012 07:11 in General Talk

If I was admin for one day, I would add to the account summary total earnings and daily total earnings in the history spreadsheet.

800+ Referrals? No Way! » Post #2

Thu Oct 18, 2012 22:48 in Success Stories

How much advertising did you spend into getting those referrals?

clixgrid win » Post #4

Wed Oct 17, 2012 22:06 in Your Stats

TasMail wrote:

he won 5 extra chances to play the game ;)

He? Looks like a she to me! :lol:

I don't consider that a win unless there is money. ;)

clixgrid win » Post #2

Wed Oct 17, 2012 21:45 in Your Stats

What did you win? :?

How many years have you been with clixsense? » Post #48

Wed Oct 17, 2012 21:25 in Hindi

I have been active 32 days.

A warm hello from India » Post #11

Wed Oct 17, 2012 21:17 in Member Introduction

Hindi :clixsense:i bhai bhai! Welcome to the forums. :mrgreen:

Post Your Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #321

Wed Oct 17, 2012 20:48 in Your Stats

I was scrambling at the last minute on tasks to break $1 DB, the pickings were slim. :lol:


Tue Oct 16, 2012 21:22 in Urdu

Sohailkp wrote:

Yeah, it's true but it's useful when you complete the daily checklist to receive your bonus and unfortunately we don't have any offers or surveys for our country except tasks which you have to do more than 100 a day to receive some good bonus and doing that much tasks require lot of time which many guys don't have and this guy earnings shows that he barely completes the daily checklist.

There is no better time for him to start doing tasks. A couple hours a day can make $60 a month. That can pay some bills in Pakistan.


Tue Oct 16, 2012 20:00 in Urdu

Sohailkp wrote: What's the purpose of upgrading to premium when you don't have referrals, I mean it seems useless to me.

It's called 12% Daily Bonus. ;)

Post Your Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #313

Tue Oct 16, 2012 19:48 in Your Stats

TasMail wrote: dianejoy8... Nice Job!! ;)

Armand2REP.. you always do great even if no teeth are pulled :lol:

Thanks, but I normally break $10 in offers with the amount of time I put in today. :shock:

Post Your Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #310

Tue Oct 16, 2012 19:13 in Your Stats

Sheesh! It was extremely hard to break $1 DB today. Surveys just weren't forthcoming. It was like pulling teeth trying to find them.

Post Your Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #307

Mon Oct 15, 2012 22:38 in Your Stats

TasMail wrote:

Nice again................. ;)

Yeah, I saw a couple retweet tasks at the last minute. :mrgreen:
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