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Posts by zafnath

1000th Tasks Completed » Post #20

Mon Feb 27, 2012 19:27 in Your Stats

nvs83 wrote: Gratz for that mass of tasks...

but at all... If you spent 1 minute per task you invested 1.000 minutes for $45... That's $2,70 per hour.... and I don't think you complete a task in a minute... Would you go work for that?

How much do you - or anyone for that matter - get paid to be on FB, Hi5, MySpace, etc? And how many hours are spent there? Or gaming? Or just watching tv?

Would you go to work for that amount? ;) If you have the time, why not spend it where you can earn? :D Man, $45 is A LOT! lol have you heard about the crisis? :P I'd love to get an extra $25/month! :D

CONGRATS marcho21 from Singapore and LONG LIVE :clixsense: xD

I Did 16 Task » Post #5

Sat Feb 25, 2012 19:29 in Success Stories

rhey_gun wrote: hey guys i'm from philippines... what task is it? can i do the task you are saying? how? pls teach me to do that..

Well click on the tasks tab and select a task. The training mode will teach you how to do it. Take your time to read ALL the instructions and pay attention to them.

250 tasks 10$+ » Post #14

Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:21 in Success Stories

Awesome job! Mine are...

My Completed Tasks today 3 total 165 earned $9.99

I'm soooo tired... Opening wide my mouth as I write this lol can't do anymore or I bet I'll get flagged!

What Are You Listening To? » Post #3

Thu Feb 23, 2012 09:11 in General Talk

valerie wrote: ZZ Top - Sharp Dress Man

Nice! :D

What Are You Listening To? » Post #1

Thu Feb 23, 2012 09:05 in General Talk

Well I'm listening to 'Lover, You Should've Come Over' by Jeff Buckley. :) You?

I would like to introduce myself. » Post #7

Fri Feb 17, 2012 13:09 in Member Introduction

Welcome! And WOW 14 refs in a week! :o I have one... lol Congrats on the stats btw! :thumbup:

Motivação - Poste a sua também! » Post #53

Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:36 in Portuguese

hancok17 wrote:

Alguns aqui deve me conheçer, essa semana a sorte me escolheu no ramo do PTC :)

1º Prêmio = 0.50

eu somente ganho mais 5 chances lol ainda hoje ganhei! Parabéns! :D

Longa vida a :clixsense:

Making Money with ClixSense Surveys » Post #105

Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:16 in Success Stories

zero luck in surveys lol but I guess no one cares for Portugal lol :P

:cs: ongrats to Valerie! :D

I finally reached 100 tasks today » Post #10

Wed Feb 15, 2012 05:48 in Your Stats

Just gonna congratulate you to get a reply thanking me for congratulating you! lol

Keep it up Heather! :D And :cs: ongratulations! hehe :D

My First Payout! » Post #6

Tue Feb 14, 2012 05:14 in Your Stats

Thank you people! It's not much, I know, but with no referrals it's a lot! :D And in just a couple of weeks! :D

My First Payout! » Post #1

Mon Feb 13, 2012 20:44 in Your Stats

Got payed today!! :D After 5 years in and out of this kind of sites, :clixsense: payed me! :D
Long live :clixsense:

Name/Username [Portugal] (zafnath)
Primary Email Edit
Member Since January 27, 2012
Account Type STANDARD Upgrade to PREMIUM and multiply your earnings!
My PTC Clicks today 24 total 416 earned $0.7560
My ClixGrid Clicks today 1 total 441 earned $0.00
My Completed Tasks today 12 total 125 earned $8.62
My Balance $0.5360 How will I get Paid?
Movements payouts $8.84 fundings $0.00 purchases $0.00

What great movies have you seen recently? » Post #9

Mon Feb 13, 2012 05:39 in General Talk

Never watched and never will watch The Notebook. Relate way too much! But I've watched Alice In Wonderland and it was really nice. :) Reminded me of the childhood book I used to read. :)

Have you watched Inception? For me it's an awesome movie! Also Source Code, Limitless, Donnie Darko (a bit much more dark movie lol), Vanilla Sky, Bicentennial Man... I've mentioned some a bit old but always good movies... at least for me lol

Over 400 tasks completed! » Post #17

Mon Feb 13, 2012 05:33 in Your Stats

envy is a bad thing lol

Congrats!! :D

My Stats, Need Advice or Pep Talking » Post #13

Sun Feb 12, 2012 18:21 in Your Stats

bhinit wrote: hi , i just joined clixsence recently. and i already have over 87 direct referals everday am getting 5-12 new sign ups.

wow!! I only have one and it's a personal very dear friend lol way to go :D

My Stats, Need Advice or Pep Talking » Post #11

Sun Feb 12, 2012 18:15 in Your Stats

When I registered was $14.95 for premium not $10.

Everyone gets paid for DIRECT referrals.
Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) Adverts not only do they get paid but you get paid too! With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless. There are 4 different ad types, each offering a different commission - learn more here.
PTC Ad Clicks STANDARD Sponsors PREMIUM Sponsors
Micro $0.0002 $0.0004
Mini $0.0010 $0.0020
Standard $0.0020 $0.0040
Extended $0.0040 $0.0080

Only premium get paid for referral upgrades
Level #1 $2.00 $2.00
Level #2 - $1.00
Level #3 - $1.00
Level #4 - $1.00
Level #5 - $1.00
Level #6 - $1.00
Level #7 - $1.00
Level #8 - $1.00

ClixSense Affiliate Program - Refer Others And Multiply Your Earnings!

Everyone is able to earn with the tasks.

Again, try harder to get referrals. :) Try as if your life depended on it. ;)

PS aren't you premium already??

Finished a task » Post #4

Sun Feb 12, 2012 16:10 in Success Stories

Well I sometimes click "give up" and refresh the page to try and "beat the system" lol sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Here I can't see any tasks available. You know, it's not FOR :clixsense: we're working but to an outsider, thus :clixsense: cannot control it perfectly which allows for these "bugs" to happen a bit too often.

If not today, you'll get your chance to do lots of tasks. ;) No worries.

Paga-se 2 vezes fee??? » Post #4

Sun Feb 12, 2012 16:04 in Portuguese

o PayPal não cobra por pagamentos recebidos. Mas o fee do ClixSense é maior.

Olá. Sejam bem-vindos! » Post #6

Sun Feb 12, 2012 15:58 in Portuguese

Hei! A Valerie fala português?? xD

Falam todos português excepto os portugueses e brasileiros! lol

Finished a task » Post #2

Sun Feb 12, 2012 15:47 in Success Stories

First of all congrats!! :D Hope it's the first of many!

When you're flagged it says exactly this
Quote:Sorry - you cannot work on this task

The author of this task has flagged your work as being unsatisfactory. If you believe your work was wrongly flagged please contact us using the "Send Feedback" link in the upper right hand corner.

What you got was only because either there was no more tasks to do, a bug, or there were no more tasks available. Try refreshing in a few minutes. :) I'm not an expert though lol

Today I'm going to be a PREMIUM menber » Post #18

Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:30 in Success Stories

mutchy126 wrote:
zafnath wrote:
mutchy126 wrote:
zafnath wrote: Hey! I wanna be premium as well!! Gonna report this out of envy! lol

Congrats Premium Member!! :D

Why don't you upgrade?

Oh I will. As soon as I have enough balance. My PayPal has only zeros lol

Do you not have a Source for money on PayPal? e.g. Credit Card

lool I almost accidentally reported instead of quoting lol

No, I don't. And that wouldn't be a source of money but a source of debts for me. And I've got way too many of those lol damn ex lol
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