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Posts by parimal9933

Payment proof - confusing!!!! » Post #1

Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:44 in Payment Proofs

Below is the message of my payment proof:

Date: August 20, 2012 5:29:00 PM
Amount Sent: $12.38 USD
Sender Name: ClixSense
Sender Email:
Reference Number: B9933-1B155-D05A6
Message: Thanks for your business

But for your kind information no money has come to my Indian bank a/c. Kindly look into it.


My 1st Payment details » Post #1

Thu Sep 06, 2012 07:40 in Payment Proofs

Below mentione is a screenshot of my 1st Pzyment details:

Dear ,

You've got cash!

Payment Details

Payment From: ClixSense (
Amount: $7.93 USD
Reference Number: [removed]
Message: Thanks for your business

Thanks for choosing AlertPay,
The AlertPay Team


How to post payment proof? » Post #1

Tue Sep 04, 2012 22:20 in Payment Proofs

I would request Clixsense Admin to let me know how to post the payment proof that I have received in my emails (two payment proof) which it seems to me is mandatory before I receive my actual payment through bank transfer.


My first payment » Post #1

Fri Jul 27, 2012 22:21 in Payment Proofs


I have AlertPay (now Payza) email a/c. and hope I have entered every information as per their requirement. But I am not getting the payment of US$7.93 as advised by Clixsense to AlertPay on 16/17.04.2012. I may be wrong in some input information and that is why I am writing to you repeatedly what are the exact procedures so that I get the commission. I will appreciate your reply.



Clixgrid - play the game » Post #1

Wed Jun 20, 2012 06:02 in Success Stories

This morning after quite a long pause I was successful in getting :D :D :D US$1.00 reward. Thanks to Clixsense Admin.


ReL- 'Sorry you are not signed in' » Post #1

Thu May 17, 2012 09:48 in General Talk

Dear Clixsense Admin,

Thank you for the prompt action taken on the above mentioned subject. Otherwise, I was thinking that I will lose my today's earnings whatever few cents I usually earn daily and also on the point of losing my interest since this sort of problem I never encountered earlier. Thank you once again.

Regds. & best wishes.


PayOut Time Frame » Post #10

Tue May 15, 2012 04:08 in Payment Proofs

valerie wrote: You can request cash out any time but payout time frame is stated as above.

@valerie I have sill not received my payment although I have complied with all paraphernalias. Please let me know where have I made the mistake that my payout is still in pending mode. For your information since 17th April 2012 my payment is in pending mode.


My 1st payment in Alertpay » Post #4

Mon May 07, 2012 07:16 in Payment Proofs

Dear Nayeem,

First of all let me congrat you for the payout as you received from AlertPay.

Since 17th of April 2012 I was due to get my first payout from AlertPay but till today I haven't got the same. Probably the procedure I followed was wrong. Please let me know a bit in detail what I have to do after I successfully opened an a/c. with AlertPay. For your infornation I chose 'Personal Starter' option. From here on which button should I choose for the transfer of the cashout payment to my Indian bank a/c.?

Congrat once again.


Read First - Guideline for Posting Payouts » Post #32

Mon May 07, 2012 06:57 in Payment Proofs

@valerie I havn't got my payment as yet although I have done the following almost immediately after receipt of an email from AlertPay on 17th of April 2012:

1. Following your payout advise (ref. no.A5B10-9F291-DDB42) to AlertPay I got an email from AlertPay on 17th April 2012 wherein I was asked to create an a/c. by filling out a requisition form which I did and chose Personal Starter option. The a/c. was successfully created since I was asked to confirm it via an email from AlertPay.

2, Then I logged in into my AlertPay gmail a/c. to ask for payment and chose the 'withdraw' button to transfer the money to my bank a/c. through transfer mode. I don't know whether I made any mistake there. So far I have not received any payment.

Please let me know the exact procedure so that I get my first payment posthaste.

Rgds. & Best wishes,


60th payout received - $330.00 - Thanks again! » Post #19

Mon Apr 16, 2012 06:18 in Payment Proofs

valerie wrote: Amount is $330.00 in the form of check.

Thanks again for the 60th time! :P


:) Valerrie Great job indeed!!!! Congratulationsssssssss!!!!

I am yet to receive my 1st payment although I have given my nod for the cashout of $8.39 day
before yesterday.

Congrats. once again.


My Success Story » Post #1

Sat Apr 14, 2012 04:55 in Success Stories

I have just become successful after putting in very very hard labor and crossed and reached $8.0450 after almost three serious months. I think this is a great achievement and my message to every member that anything is possible if you are serious and sincere enough and who doesn't like this windfall money without investing a single dime except of course hard labor? Good luck to those who are yet reach this level.

My heartfelt thanks to Clixsense Team.


Got prize » Post #4

Fri Apr 13, 2012 05:50 in Success Stories

biashara wrote: Congrats :thumbup: i got $0.25 too today

I got such prizes thrice ( $1 twice and $0.10) over and above additional chances to click on the clixgrid. I also should convey my gratitude to Clixsense Admin for such prizes only.

Thks. and best wishes.


Making Money with ClixSense Surveys » Post #124

Fri Apr 13, 2012 05:40 in Success Stories

lol_ wrote: no. all surveys and extended ads for USA :lol:

Congrats for your CSR Survey success.

This is amazing no doubt. But I am unfortunate so far to sign in and sign out just to see 'you are not invited for the survey at the moment' and also to see the $0.00 balance after becoming a standard member for last more than months. However,I will give a try to your suggestion but what is gpt site I really cannot make out. If you be a little more clearer on this we will probably benefit.

Congrats and thks. once again.


Cannot open my Account Site through Opera browser » Post #1

Sat Mar 10, 2012 23:22 in General Talk

I am experiencing some difficulty in opening my site thru. Opera browser.

Kindly see that while I am going to open my URL site through Opera browser for smooth functioning of Task job suddenly an error pops up saying Error #L0002. Kindly help me and get rid of this error so that I can continue as usual.

Rgds. & best wishes.


about my current balance. » Post #2

Fri Mar 09, 2012 04:12 in Your Stats

sydul_alam wrote: Hi ! I have earned $2.46 within a short time. It's a very interesting game like earning source. Any one can do this like me. I believe that within a few day, I will withdraw my minimum pay out money.

That's great. Wish U keep earning very very fast and very many dollars. I am also happy to have earned some dollars. Buy I have a complaint against the Clixsense 'Task Complete' (probably managed by Crowdflower Team) - the complaint is if my answers do not match with their set down answers I can expect another set of tasks if I opt for like clicking on 'Give Up' icon on the menu bar which I am not getting and as a result I am stuck and the management keep on focussing the same thing again and again that my answers do not match with theirs. I think it would be o.k if another set of tasks is available so that we can carry on with the task. Otherwise, it is all waste of energy, time and of course few cents. Trust the Crowdflower Management Team will look into the matter.

Proof of Payment #01 » Post #4

Wed Mar 07, 2012 09:17 in Payment Proofs

mutchy126 wrote: Congratulations on your Payment! :thumbup:


My first $2 mark on Clixsense » Post #8

Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:42 in Success Stories

Congrats!!! Me too going to make $2 tomorrow or dayafter. It's a great feeling .

I Just Wonder! » Post #13

Thu Feb 16, 2012 05:41 in General Talk

I feel I am lucky enough to join ClixcSense. This is visibly a good online system to me so far since I find very clearly the job done by me and the $/cents earned so far though very very minimal. I joined almost a month ago and so far I have earned $1.5890 just by clicking PTC Adverts and also lucky enough to get a Dollar from Clixgrid. This is much more transparent than other online system which are absolutely confusing & misleading. I am really happy to work with ClixsENSE SO FAR. But one typical problem I am facing with 'Tasks' which, seems to me is not functioning properly. If the Management looks into it I will be grateful to them.

Rgds. & Thks.

Parimal Chandra Sarcar
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