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Posts by jeff120

Clicks from another device » Post #3

Wed Jan 04, 2012 23:35 in General Talk

unesasmita wrote: My connection to the internet to use traditional USB, then connected to google chrome. Can my direct referrals using the same connection with different computer? Thanks to members who kindly to answer my question

It is not allowed to make it from the same household (the same router !)

feedback on new update » Post #6

Wed Jan 04, 2012 23:11 in General Talk

DFA123 wrote: actually one thing that i find i dont like, a 3 second ad can take as long as 8 seconds because the website is slow at loading.

i think the timer should start either when the website is loaded OR 1 second after clicking on the cat.

That's not ClixSense's problem, but advertiser's ! Because of their slow server, hosting, etc. Sometimes they don't work, but it is their fault!

Clicks from another device » Post #1

Wed Jan 04, 2012 23:10 in General Talk

Wondering if you can click your ads on iPad (or Android tablet : why not?:)), because in those ToS I didn't see this restriction as in many other sites. Thanks and "Happy clicking!"

Valerie's balance! » Post #12

Wed Jan 04, 2012 22:48 in General Talk

rheydickson wrote: If you don't mind, Can you post your downline size valerie..? I want to see it,. I'm just curious, does anyone agree with me?

Actually, I agree with you :) We have it, anyway :)

--Castiguri la Clixgrid-- » Post #58

Wed Jan 04, 2012 14:04 in Romanian

ptc4money wrote: dar daca ati apropia 10 000 clickuri si de castigat in total ati fi aproape de 7$ ? asta este situatia mea si tot sunt multumit :D alte siteuri nu iti ofera posibilitatea asta, asa ca amblele parti au de castigat.


Btw, tu esti "iubiricamica", doar ca ti-ai schimbat numele ? Adica, acelasi numar de posturi, acelasi avatar, etc...Nu stiu daca m-am uitat la "member since"...Just wondering...

Valerie's balance! » Post #3

Wed Jan 04, 2012 14:02 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Yes I add those cents to my balance consistently because my cash out has not gone thru yet.
I chose check for payout this time and it takes a bit longer than Monday for them to send out checks.

You have to keep focusing on referring others. That is it in a nutshell. Eventually you will refer
some members that can refer a lot of members, and it just keeps growing from there. But you
always need to keep working towards sponsoring new members. That's why it is good to have
some auto-pilot systems in place.

There will always be members that are not active or become inactive and you can't rely on what
your downline does. Focus on gaining referrals....always.

Not really quoting you. I should stop talking to you. I mean, how in this world can you explain that ? This topic has 0 views and 1 reply (from valerie). Are you sure you are ok ? Kidding :)

P.S: I know it is just a ClixSense error.

Edit: Now everything is ok. Wish I got a printscreen, but didn't :thumbdown:

Valerie's balance! » Post #1

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:56 in General Talk

Valerie, you first said haunted mouse. I just said "ok, another american apple fan" (kidding!). But right now your balance is getting from 0.03$ to 0.01$ in minutes ? wowowow, just clear me.

Cats have invaded » Post #12

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:53 in General Talk

mutchy126 wrote:


Man, you are still getting teasing me. I have to sleep and you gimme a tasty coffee to say "LOL". Yeah it is LOL for me right now. Anyway, we found a good source of getting funny images on ClixSense Forum. Good job, mutchy126. You will get a +1 :thumbup:

Cats have invaded » Post #7

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:47 in General Talk

mutchy126 wrote:

This really scared me ! Because I am tired and I have to go to sleep (if my mom says again "go to sleep!" I have to, believe me! ugh)

Cats have invaded » Post #3

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:45 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Cat could cappen. Cho Cnows.

Cill chts cn cd.

Co chat? Cig Ceal!

Cee Ca Cater!


Funny post, I still don't figure what you wanted to point. I mean, I got what you said, but what you wanted to point ? Ca-nguage ?:)

CAPTCHA ad. Old school times ! » Post #6

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:42 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I'd never guess it.

See it at the avatar!

No one played GTA:SA here ? Uhh, u mad, bros ? Here is Mary Beth Maybell with her harmonica in her paants! Epic!

CAPTCHA ad. Old school times ! » Post #4

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:38 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Rocky The Squirrel ?

The Flying Nun ?

Superman ?

Nah, it's from a game...Oh just another answer and I put my avatar on !

ClixSense Toolbar! » Post #2

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:35 in General Talk

mutchy126 wrote: Do you?

Yes I do. I am extremely happy with it! Congratz for the team who made it!

Congratz Valerie !!! » Post #1

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:30 in General Talk

I don't wanna wait for valerie to make a new post : so I wanna be the first who says : congratz valerie to your 1,000 post (wow 1,001 posts 'till I finish to write this topic! awesome) :cs:heers!

CAPTCHA ad. Old school times ! » Post #2

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:26 in General Talk

After we get the correct answer I will put an avatar (with an avatar I look more serious, get more confidence) :twisted:

CAPTCHA ad. Old school times ! » Post #1

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:22 in General Talk

It's not a car, it's not a horse, with some drinking problems : it's K-ROSEa cat. (wondering if anyone knows the correct answer to put in those dots "..........")

The real commercial (yeah, they sound identically) : It's not a car, it's an iron horse with some drinking problems : K-ROSE (I mean, really, who knows, just gimme the answer : brings me back to getting nostalgic)


--Castiguri la Clixgrid-- » Post #56

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:17 in Romanian

TheWoRd wrote: eu am dat 434 click-uri si nu am luat nimic...

Ma repet, primul meu castig dupa ce am clickuit TOATE sansele in fiecare zi de cand m-am inscris, primul castig mi-a venit pe la al 620-lea click. Just keep "happy clicking!"

Payment Processors » Post #29

Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:58 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Well let me tell ya a little story and I am sure a lot of people would remember it if I could think of the name.

There was a payment processor that came online some years ago...maybe around 7 years ago.
It was real nice. Very professional. The site was bright greens and whites and was excellent inside and out.
It had a very great layout too.
Inside the member area, you could see those you referred to it, and that was a very cool set up
could mouse over their name and see their country and it was sort of in a big circle type fashion. I mean
that processor had some really truly great features and some I have never seen again.

Millions of people joined it. I couldn't tell you how many people I referred to it but it was a whole lot.

They were very professional. They sent emails on a regular basis.

Then one day they added another option of their users. Members could pay $100 and receive some
additional benefits. I don't remember what those benefits were, I did not pay it.

Time went by. Members kept waiting for the actual send and receive money to be implemented.
It was all there, but not everything was functioning yet in regards to the 'money'.

One day it went POOF! Ok, say they up and ran off. Of course everyone was upset and everyone
was having a jaw dropping experience. I truly could not believe it. If anything was going to go POOF,
it would not have been that. At first everyone thought it was an error, they would be back...of course
they never came back.

Many months passed.

A year passed.

More months passed.

One day, I took a really good look at my bank statement.
Hmmmm I thought, what is this? I looked at some past bank statements....there again, hmmmm
what is this? I was seeing $49.95, $75.00, $120.00, and so on taken out of my bank account by
something with a funny name I could not even pronounce. I called my bank right away and they
told me to come into the bank so that they could research it, etc.

In the mean time, I went online and began to search that funny name. I found loads and loads
and loads of information. Turns out, it was that highly professional payment processor that had
been automatically withdrawing funds from gazillions of bank accounts....from the information we
so gladly handed them!

I never got my money back. I had to close my checking account. I of course reopened a new
checking account but it was all a big headache.

I learned a very good lesson that day, IF you are going to do business online, keep TWO checking
accounts. I have had two checking accounts ever since. I keep one for online biz only and that
is the only one I relay to the payment processors. If something happens, I close it, no big deal,
it does not interrupt my main checking account. I also transfer from that second checking account
on a very regular basis, to my main checking account. So my balance in the second checking
account, is almost always at a $0 balance. As soon as funds hit that second account, I transfer
it out.

With all that said, I think it was known as the 'Mazuma Scam'. I'll have to research it to see as
I don't remember.

You'll not believe me if I am telling you that even TODAY we have in Romania a scam "payment processor" that still runs under the name 'dotcommerce' (they were kinda the first romanian payment processor online). Well, it doesn't scam people right now but there are hundreds of people judging with them even TODAY.

Every time they say "our owner is in Germany" or something like that. They don't have those money to pay the scam they made. Uff how many compatriots fell in this SCAM ! If you get a search with google translate you will get scared !

Petition to lower International Checks! » Post #4

Tue Jan 03, 2012 09:16 in General Talk

mutchy126 wrote:
jeff120 wrote: It is not my case but I think if you really want to get those money, and you can't reach that minimum amount for Check, then you choose to make a card and get PayPal. Just wondering, anyway.

It may be a good change and you should make a poll : Yes or No. And just those outside USA, Canada or Mexico, to vote it!

I use PayPal, I never use a Check. I just think that $100 is a bad choice!

Yes it is! You wanted firstly to try check and when you saw that huge amount of minimum you chose PayPal ? Was what I said upper your case ?

Petition to lower International Checks! » Post #2

Tue Jan 03, 2012 09:15 in General Talk

It is not my case but I think if you really want to get those money, and you can't reach that minimum amount for Check, then you choose to make a card and get PayPal. Just wondering, anyway.

It may be a good change and you should make a poll : Yes or No. And just those outside USA, Canada or Mexico, to vote it!
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