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Considerig it all , not bad ......tasman1 » Post #6

13 minutes ago in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote:
Darkstar2 wrote: So you really are sick ? I thought you were joking in another thread - Given where you live, covid is unlikely, even flu, and unlikely monkeypox for reasons it's best not to get into :lol: Probably just a bad cold, I've had one of those 2 months ago, tested 3 times at 48h interval, and it was not COVID19. Just get tested to rule out COVID19. IF by any chance it is monkeypox, it'll heal on its own....but I would be so surprised if it were MP unless.............................................................. let'javascript:;s leave it at that :mrgreen:

Yeah real sick but much better today , maybe just with half leg in grave now :mrgreen:
Think it was some nasty cold

So it's not monkeypox we can rule that out sine you did not develop the skin lesions.

Did you test for COVID ? As far as your last comment, we have half our leg in the grave the minute we are born :mrgreen:

Texas shooter - Where are the parents ???? » Post #5

Today, 10:04 in General Talk

apollonia84 wrote: Looks like some people just don't care of others. This woman has now all cameras on her, and I bet she will try to use it the most she can.

Not sure that everything goes "round" with this woman !!

How insensitive and evil can a person really be ? Her son is dead, rightfully so, police ARE allowed to shoot if a person represents a threat to others or to them after being asked to drop the weapon - so police followed proper procedure in this case - but when a shooter literally advertises all over social media of the crime ahead of time, it's begging to be caught.......... Cases like that should be considered as terrorism, law makers rejected that - the fact the shooter is dead is getting away easy - and for the mother's first words to be "Please forgive my son, he had his reasons, do not judge him" yeah don't judge him, he just killed 21 people, innocent people, don't judge him - if I didn't know better I'd say maybe the mom knew something - for the mom to say these words it means she justified the murder, so much for parenting - so my challenge to her is to go door to door to each of the 21 victim's family and friends and utter these words - forgiving is one thing, but you don't forget. I mean the shooter was bullied in school for his stuttering, is that a reason to buy guns and kill random people ????

and now Trump suggests that EVERYONE gets armed - sure let's give a gun to everyone, even the kids in school for their protection - nice idea genius :D Though I can see where Trump is coming from - I think ALL teachers and school faculty should be armed - BUT here is the problem when you actually want people to hold guns - what happens when you have teachers or school faculty who have bad days, hate their job and want to vent their frustration ? What are they gonna do with these guns - shoot each other - so the whole gun to protect oneself is a double-edged sword - YES in an ideal world we should all have weapons to protect ourselves - BUT that creates more problems - and gun control is another joke, because removing guns or making it harder for people to legally own guns will create even more problems, because it won't get any harder for people to get guns from the underground market which is unregulated ...... so the criminals will still be able to get guns, but the good people will get a harder time getting guns to protect themselves.

I can say that I fully support a law that would consider these crimes as terrorism - I think all kids should be tried as ADULTS and get ADULT sentencing when a murder is involved.

As far as suggesting everyone should be armed, that's debatable , OBVIOUSLY students should not be armed, but what about former students who become adults and decide to come back for revenge ? It's a tough situation because arming everyone will make things far worse, and not protecting people will also make things worse.

ALSO the social media where this was posted should be considered an alleged accomplice to murder - when social media do nothing about this, or the friends that were notified about this do nothing to warn authorities, that should be a crime as well - Hopefully the families of the victims get together and sue the social media and the people on the other end of the chat that were aware something would happen - all these threats should be taken seriously - someone should have contacted law enforcement right away, not the stupid social media, you contact the police, the FBI, etc, FIRST......someone / some people should definitely be held accountable for this, especially since the shooter made it publicly known of what would happen, and in more than one place.

It's disgusting - it's to a point where parents do not know if their kids will come back home from school anymore, it's not safe to send your kids to school, it's time to adapt to a new world and allow for online schooling.

Once upon a time people settled their scores with their hands and fists - Today you wrong someone, and you are either stabbed or shot - and in the future, it will be lasers and light sabres - lovely future, so who's still up for eternal life on earth ? :P

COVID19 & China - When Reality sets in! » Post #10

Today, 09:18 in General Talk

Omicron is a different ball game, it is extremely transmissible - China and other zero-covid countries will go through the same faith - prevention and lock-down just buys time, but the virus will catch up to the population - It's almost as if Omicron was meant to infect mass population - Now they can use whatever prevention, but what about travel, China has not closed its inbound travel - how do you think these variants are spreading globally ? Travel - Are airport and testing measures enough, no it is a big sham - these rules were never fully enforced, some people find ways to get through, falsify tests, rig tests with simple methods posted online, to get negative results, etc. Don't assume everyone gets their data from fake news, I get my data from official sources - I work with science, not quackery - at the time some "experts" on YouTube made claims that the pandemic would be over by end of 2021 and become endemic, I had my choice words with that, and had predicted a new variant will come (Omicron) and will change things, as no condition is met to suggest an endemic stage or even close - it's not a hard prediction to make if you understand how viruses work - so it's an amazing coincidence that now we have a new variant that is less severe, but more transmissible, viruses do not want to kill people they want to spread - Omicron is the perfect condition for a virus to spread and infect mass populations, and at the same time create herd immunity - the problem is with an increase in sheer volume, you will get more deaths and more hospitalisations EVEN if the variant itself is less severe, it's math. This herd immunity comes with a price, unfortunately there is the problem of people getting re-infected multiple times in a few months - in theory if you get infected with Omicron you should be protected to a great level against re-infections - in practice it is not always the case.
The problem with the vaccine is that they targeted only ONE component of the virus, the spike protein and yet this is the component that got the most mutations - Fortunately we have different type of protection mechanisms, but this just delays tings - I guess Pfizer and Moderna, anticipated that their vaccine would be given globally and that herd immunity would be reached - they didn't take into account the risk of variants, and yet all this time has passed and they have not released an optimised vaccine for Omicron and future variants by also targetting other components, instead it is more profitable for them to give us booster shots of the original vaccine - which still offers good protection against complications but not infection itself - now they are relying on Omicron and future variants to do most of the work. They don't give a shit that 30% or possibly more of people infected with COVID19 develop long term or permanent complications from the virus that was once believed to only attack the lungs, and now peer reviewed data shows it is more than just a respiratory virus - LONG COVID is no joke, and data suggests that it can happen with with mild cases of infections that were comparable to a cold.........long covid is no longer limited to people who were in the hospital......and even worse, whilst the vaccine does give you some good protection against severity, long term, it does not give you protection against long covid. and yes I have personally known people who have been infected, most of which compared it to a very mild cold, and some to a more severe cold, but more than half the people I know who were infected developed long covid, and all people I know were fully vaccinated - this would not happen in the first place had an Omicron specific vaccine been out as we were led to believe, because then the population would have had very strong protection against infection in the first place.

Now we have Omicron BA5, BA12.x.x, and it's not over, the only good news is if new variants are less severe, we are heading down that path, but they will be more transmissible in a way that everyone will get it sooner or later, vaccinated or not - and a % of those who will get it will get to keep long term or permanent damage.

We need less QUACKS of doctors here and more people who rely on science and proven. I work with science not quackery - and we have too many QUACKS on this part of the earth, one of them had a syndicated TV show that recently got cancelled, because the Dr. wants to run for politics - good riddance of this QUACK and his bullshit that went against science and into propaganda and quackery with his weight loss and miracle pills. How can we end this pandemic when we have corrupt politicians on one side, corrupt pharmaceuticals, fake news, and campaigns of misinformation and propaganda.

Trump said the virus was a joke and made up by the far left........... Biden said he would "crush" the virus and get America out of this mess - did he ?????? he got them in a bigger mess. Then you have the likes of Dr. Faucci saying one thing, and the next day saying another.............The REAL good doctors and epidemiologists are quiet........

COVID19 & China - When Reality sets in! » Post #8

Yesterday, 22:12 in General Talk

Madison91 wrote: Trusted sources? :?
How do you verify?In this world of mutually selective reporting, this world of mutually deceptive reporting.

Vaccines have never been a panacea, just an aid to reduce mortality.
I hope that the special medicine will appear soon, that is the best solution.
But for China's current economic situation, current medical conditions, can you find a better vaccination policy now, other than a zero-clearance policy?

I disagree with you about the vaccines - The initial vaccine based on the original virus was effective at over 95% to prevent both infections and hospitalisations, as far as the mRNA is concerned, even at 90% efficacy it is still quite amazing. Had 75% of the world population gotten fully vaccinated, we would not be having this discussion - the vaccine was good - the management of the pandemic and deployment was piss poor - you can't get herd immunity unless efforts are made on a GLOBAL scale - SO, people started with their conspiracy about vaccines and covid bullshit, low vaccination rates caused virus to continue spreading - what viruses do is mutate, so it did mutate rendering the vaccines weaker each time - even if it retained protection against severity, its protection against infections weakened - BUT then came Omicron - and what we see with Omicron is the variants are of the same lineage - Both Moderna and Pfizer had all the time they needed to make a NEW vaccine based on Omicron, which would have restored that protection against infections back to 90%+ and even offered cross immunity against future variants around Omicron and perhaps even newer variants - but they didn't - because big pharmas don't give a shit, they want to do what's best for their pocket book and not what's best for people, that's how any publicly run company work sin case you are still not aware.

Initially the vaccine was the key out of this - now herd immunity is not possible through a vaccine - because even 100% vaccination will NOT give herd immunity, because of the weak efficacy against infections - SADLY, the only way there is through natural infection - it's almost as if the virus has mutated in a way to make sure most people get infected, in other words Omicron and its variants is the vaccine we should have had - BUT it is causing a lot of collateral damage along the way all because people did not want to take the f*cking vaccine in the first place - People would rather get COVID instead - through their ignorance - not knowing that 30% or more of the cases, even mild ones, lead to long COVID19 and possibly long term / permanent damage.

China has done what needed to be done and the right thing - BUT the mistake they made is not realising that for a pandemic to end, it has to end on a global scale -you can lock down your entire population and get zero covid, but as long as you keep your borders open to travel, as soon as you end the lockdowns, infections will go through the roof - because the mass poopulation has no immunity, neither from the vaccine nor natural infections, so what is happening in China is no surprise - of course for China, tourism and travel is more important than the well being of its population, like everything else - though one cannot entirely point fingers at China because things are much the same in any country, this is how the game works - the population is fed bullshit - then goes to vote for a shit for brain politician who is supposed to look out for our best interests, but in the end he/she looks out for his/her own interest. Nothing new there.

This pandemic will eventually become endemic through mass population infections through new more transmissible variants - sad reality, it won't be through the f*cking vaccines, nor will it be through the COVID19 antivirals, which is total hype - more ways for pharmas to scam us out of our $$$ and trust.

Why do you think governments around the world have loosened all restrictions - they know the reality that the virus is here to stay, and they know the reality that the mass infection of the population will lead to heard immunity - vaccines are still important to keep the hospitalisation and dead body count as low as possible, even though through sheer volume of infections, it will automatically drive death and hospitalisations up significantly, it's simple math. There is no other way.

People should stop listening to the QUACKS online and so-called experts, people should stop listening to Bill Gate$. The big pharmaceuticals KNEW that it was very unlikely 75% of the world would be fully vaccinated, they knew that herd immunity through vaccines was a long shot - SO the new "NORMAL" post COVID19 is that people resume their daily lives, whilst dozens of people die on a daily basis of this damned virus, and whilst hospitals are scrambling to save covid patients whilst neglecting other patients who need important tests and treatment.

Welcome to the new world.

Texas shooter - Where are the parents ???? » Post #1

Yesterday, 07:08 in General Talk

Here's a topic for you, a serious one - the epidemic of school shootings across America, the latest one is one of the worst in many years - it's almost normal to read about this every other day in the news, shootings everywhere, BUT something caught my attention this morning as I was watching the news, for the first time since the shooting, the mother of the shooter reacts - now you would expect any responsible parent to be shocked and condemn actions of the shooter, INSTEAD the mother of the shooter tried finding excuses to justify this - I was LIVID when I watched this, no bloody wonder.

For context, the shooter, an 18 year old was killed by law enforcement - rightfully so and good bloody riddance - BUT another way of looking at it is that he got off easy - he is dead, but he victims parents are still alive and will forever live with that scar. The husband of one of the teachers who was killed, also died of a heart attack, heart broken from what had happened - some people will live with this forever, whilst the shooter is dead.

Instead, the mother just pleads with people to forgive her son, she said, in her exact words "He had his reason"...... Wow wait a minute there, first of all the weirdo kid had no mental problems, no priors, not on drugs, etc, he was just one of the many of his generation of losers and good for nothing waste of DNA cells who get pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering, those sadistic evil pricks. How can anybody justify such a horrible event ? We all go through difficult times, so do you see people settle their scores by shooting ? It would be total chaos - NOTHING justifies going in a school and randomly shooting innocent people. Was he bullied ? I guess because of his stuttering, yeah kids are cruel in school, bullying is a problem, still not a reason to do what he did, we all get wronged in life at some point and hurt.

SO the mother is asking all the parents who lost their kids to this moron to forgive his now dead son, as he had his reasons and she asked, in her own exact words, for people not to judge his now dead son............

I'd like to see her go door to door to every parent, friends and loved ones of a victim and tell them face to face.....

Some parents are better off buying shag dolls or wearing a couple of layers of rubber before their quick shags, they would be better off without kids. You don't ever justify mass murder, even your own........

It's a shame that the Republicans turned down a law on internal terrorism, because this was clearly an act of terrorism, they should detain the mother and all other family members to investigate - in my books, anybody that condones even indirectly, or tries to find justification for such act, is an accomplice to terrorism and should be watched closely.

It's one thing to ask for forgiveness if you condemn what has happened, but you don't ask for forgiveness and then try to justify what your son did, killing innocent people who had nothing to do with anything.

Disgusted. Now people settle their scores with guns.

What makes me even more sick are people who demand for banning guns - give me a break !!! A lot of these events came from people who had legally registered firearm, not all obviously, as apparently in America you can easily buy these things - what they need to do is either BAN or regulate crypto, because it is crypto that is keeping online crime alive and well - without crypto it would be more difficult nowadays, people would still launder money but then you go at the source where these things are sold - can't eliminate the problem - people are allowed to carry to protect themselves, you can't remove that constitutional right - if I didn't know better i'd say maybe all school faculty should carry weapons at all times. If you remove guns from people's hands, the criminals will win, because they will still buy the guns from the underground market.

Considerig it all , not bad ......tasman1 » Post #2

Yesterday, 06:41 in Success Stories

So you really are sick ? I thought you were joking in another thread - Given where you live, covid is unlikely, even flu, and unlikely monkeypox for reasons it's best not to get into :lol: Probably just a bad cold, I've had one of those 2 months ago, tested 3 times at 48h interval, and it was not COVID19. Just get tested to rule out COVID19. IF by any chance it is monkeypox, it'll heal on its own....but I would be so surprised if it were MP unless.............................................................. let'javascript:;s leave it at that :mrgreen:

$ 11.28 earned on 26 May 2022 (slow day?) :P » Post #3

Thu May 26, 2022 18:40 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote: My dear friend Darkstar, my Condolence to you for low earning here :( :(

Oh last month and this month are quite good compared to my previous months since 2020, so yeah better than $0 for sure, I've seen far worse, but I just wish it was consistent, like before - I guess I have to reduce my expectations then, let's see now from $500, to $300, to $200, to $100, so what should I set my goals to now, :P

I honestly do not believe the site will provide any better earning opportunities, will have to make with what I have here and do the rest of the surveys elsewhere........ They should REALLY consider adding BitLabs - they provide surveys in 70+ countries, it's one of the top 3 routers in many sites - BitLabs and CPX would really help here. They are stand alone routers like Peanut Labs, providing individual invites through their own dashboard based on their own internal profile, not the crummy API invites here.

Poll Are You One................tasman1 » Post #6

Thu May 26, 2022 18:33 in General Talk

We are all earning cents here, we are all in the same boat, the legion of PennyBangers :lol: I'd rather earn pennies here than deal with the c**ts I had to put up with for 4 bloody years with another company - what a shame because I liked the work and I was good at it - only rotten and incompetent people that divided the community. That's why I keep saying never shut the doors - things may not be good here for some, but it's still way better than the LOUSY, HORRIBLE support of some other places. Though I'd love to be earning more than cents here though like anyone else, but this site has turned into a VIP club where only a few privileged ones can earn well, I used to be in the VIP club, but for some reason not anymore, what, didn't I pay my membership on time ? :lol:

Nice Way to go , be ready .........tasman1 » Post #2

Thu May 26, 2022 18:29 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Russian news outlet has claimed the rising cost of living in the UK may soon tip the country into another crisis – cannibalism.

LMAO - Poor Tasman1, he totally doesn't get English humour :lol: :lol: :lol:

What's disturbing is people who actually read and believe this rubbish :mrgreen: I mean sure there will be a crisis, people will just spend less, buy cheaper food, eat less, steal more, etc, given the "size" of people (statistically) nobody is going to starve to death anytime soon - some will, it has always been, people will just have to become smart shoppers and snag good deals - a clever YouTube made videos of him eating a few meals a day on 2 pounds - OK very limited but you get the idea - a lot of people over spend and WASTE and don't get the best deals out there. Nobody is going to be eating their neighbours - maybe in Australia :P :mrgreen:

... people can live without heat or clothing or even sex, they cannot live without food. Hunger makes people eat their neighbours

Sure, if they wank, but otherwise ........ You been watching too much Zombies films :P What do people do when they are desperate ? They loot, they steal, etc, that's what will happen, civil unrest, crime, etc, long before the blokes start eating their neighbours AND their dogs :lol: cheap corner alley hot dogs, but not the actual dogs :mrgreen:

B.T.W. My future is secured , I am sick today , maybe I have covid , do not eat me :lol: :lol:

You are in Tasmania, you have better odds winning the lottery twice in one day ! It's maybe MonkeyPox, hopefully nothing serious, or maybe just a cold, or maybe you are bored sh**less :lol:

$ 11.28 earned on 26 May 2022 (slow day?) :P » Post #1

Thu May 26, 2022 18:18 in Success Stories

Surveys 10 surveys $9.72
Offers Optional $0.00
Total earned: $9.72
Addon Completed +2%
Streak Completed +2%
Congrats! The checklist is completed!
Your bonus is currently standing at: $1.56
Total Earned: $1,949.15

* 2 PureSpectrum
* 1 ySense PMR
* 6 Peanut Labs
* 1 Samplicious

This month so far: $ 90.24
Last month: $ 125.91

Unfortunately consistency here is lacking, I miss the years when it was possible to earn $150-$200 even on ySense, and $200-$400 on CS.
Few good days on rare occasions but the rest is bad.

True survey earnings for this month is actually $80.24, if I do not count a special credit :D

I just wish they would deliver better quality inventory and not junk, I keep getting surveys that are so irrelevant to my profile, why - stop sending me US surveys or surveys for the Isle of Catalona - I'm in Canada :P

6.39 on 25/05 [ Slow Day ]......tasman1 » Post #5

Thu May 26, 2022 16:14 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote:
Nilsyla wrote:
tasman1 wrote: Month $128.45
Last Month $111.46
Year $514.78
Last Year $1,281.65

Surveys 4 surveys $3.49
Offers 12 offers $2.02
Total earned: $5.51
Addon Completed +2%
Streak Completed +2%
Congrats! The checklist is completed!
Your bonus is currently standing at: $0.88

Lifetime Total $6,669.97
Pending Credits $0.00
Available Balance $5.78 Cashout
ExpandTotal Earnings (credited only)
Today $0.95
Yesterday $6.71
Month $129.00
Last Month $123.48
Year $722.69
Last Year $1,330.23

You are absolutely right to say slow day... For a survey completed, i am recalibrated by 20 others. I won well in May, but i'm fed up, fed up, fed up... it's more and more laborious and time-consuming. Very poorly paid compared to the time spent...

I did talk about that in forum few time this year , yes we can still earn ok but we must spend 3 time more time for same earning , but, do we have a choice

It depends - I've had $10, $14, $18 days on another site for less than 2 hours work. Today on ySense $10+ for less than 2.......THe bad thing about ySense is the individual router invites leading to mostly junk and irrelevant surveys. So you may have guessed it Peanut Labs is a big winner here, for some anyway, sadly, consistency is not too good here, but when it rains it pours and it's usually 90% from Peanut Labs and 10% from others.

McDonalds leaves Russia » Post #21

Thu May 26, 2022 09:32 in General Talk

Rumour has it that the Dinos will be making a comeback :mrgreen:

COVID19 & China - When Reality sets in! » Post #6

Thu May 26, 2022 09:31 in General Talk

Madison91 wrote: If you know Chinese, you can go to a Chinese knowledge forum to find the answer. :?
There are two factions in China, the Coexistence Faction and the Zero Faction, except that after the epidemics in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and now in Beijing, the vast majority of people still support Zero.
I believe that think tanks in different countries and regions will find a response that fits their own country.
I also believe that big data doesn't lie.
Also, regarding vaccines look at North Korea now, a country where no one is vaccinated.

My Mandarin is a little Rusty so I will have to rely on trusted sources. It's not only China, any other country that has seen near zero cases of COVID and seemed to brave the pandemic so far, are the ones with huge outbreaks now - which brings to light a hard reality - The vaccines was never going to be THE key to end the pandemic, because it requires at least 75-80% (original strain) and 95% or more (variant) of GLOBAL coverage - this is unrealistic, so what comes next after that ? Natural immunity through infections and re-infections. This is why you see countries with very low vaccination get the least new cases, why ? Because most of the population has been infected and re-infected so it created some sort of herd immunity and cross immunity with variants of the same lineage (Omicron). Omicron gives you cross immunity against Delta and against other sub-variants of itself, though Delta does not give you cross-immunity with Omicron. Unfortunately, the herd immunity seen in some low vaccinated countries came with a huge cost - much higher number of cases, much higher number of deaths, much higher number of hospitalisations - The Wuhan strain refers to the original virus before it mutated - This is what the vaccine was initially made for with 95%+ efficacy more or less against infections AND mortality/hospitalisation - had at least 75% of the global population received this vaccine, we would have been in a state of herd immunity, and we would have ended this pandemic - without dealing with all the other variants. This is as far as the mRNA is concerned. The vaccines from Russia China, etc, are viral vectors, they are the recognised, "old fashioned" vaccines people feel are safer - but their efficacy were much lower against infections.

China and other countries chose zero covid policy - But here is the problem with China and other countries - you CANNOT adopt zero covid policy without destroying the travel industry. Ironically we are seeing the reverse problem in China today - Why did a Wuhan outbreak become a world pandemic ? The same reason NOW China is seeing an outbreaks - Travel. Sure China has kept strict guidelines to stop infection - that's good - BUT........if you keep your borders open to incoming travel - all it takes is for ONE infected person to come to China - as it took only one infected traveller to travel out during 2019-2020. One of the biggest catalysts for boosting the pandemic world wide was Europe, the flock of travellers from Europe to North America during spring break.

Zero covid policies such as the ones in China cannot work LONG TERM, and is not a permanent solution - you cannot keep people locked up forever, otherwise China becomes a prison :mrgreen: At least your country has more zero factions - Here this country and our neighbours in America are mostly pro conspiracy theories, denying COVID, despite watching the dead bodies drop on a daily basis, many still do not believe it exists and shy away from sanitary guidelines.

But why are countries with the least vaccination and the least adherence to covid19 rules get fewer cases now - WELL.................because they had most of their population infected already and re-infected - and unfortunately too many dead bodies and hospitals that exploded with covid patients.

China with its zero policies has had virtually no exposure for a while, and a vaccine that was not highly effective to protect infections in the first place. Without global adherence to vaccination, there is no way other than the natural way, and the natural way means dead bodies, mass infections, etc. Shame on Moderna and Pfizer for not quickly updating its vaccines to the Omicron - they had enough time to do so, they didn't, they rather think $$$$$ and that we take the original vaccine which is weak against infections but still remains strong against severity, but that's clearly not enough - what about the 20-30% of post-COVID19 events become LONG COVID, even mild cases, even the ones that are like a "cold". We have been rear-ended by corrupt money hungry greedy politicians and big pharmaceuticals once again, we have been duped - An Omicron specific vaccine would have been far more effective, NOW we are stuck with a perpetual pandemic and it seems the only way to an endemic stage is for everyone to get infected, it's sad that innocent people have to die - In China when the first outbreak occurred, they should have closed all inbound and outbound travel, did contact tracing, etc, took the difficult decisions, there were cases of COVID19 as early as Nov-Dec 2019, the World Horror Organisation (WHO) has been complicit in not wanting to declare a world emergency state - we have been scammed by politicians, the WHO, pharmaceuticals, etc. BUT on the flip side, there has been a lack of solidarity globally.........the initial vaccine was effective and was the key to ending this all, INITIALLY, so yes the vaccine was good AT THE TIME - but why didn't they update it, they kept feeding us this propaganda about how mRNA allows for fast vaccine deployment - O RLY ?????? Why are stuck taking booster shots of the same original f****** vaccine ? With all the resources and skill China has, how come it did not come out with a better vaccine, treatment, etc, it's almost as if, they made it an industry, to profit from, and by they, I mean businesses, the WHO, pharmaceuticals, globally. and yes politicians :D

Poll Are You One................tasman1 » Post #3

Wed May 25, 2022 19:04 in General Talk

:lol: This poll is begging to be trolled. If we are here, we are earning cents, certainly not the others, and yes you are right Tasman1 been saying this since 2 years, people have become filthier and richer over this pandemic, not only with inflation and rising costs, but long before. Here's how. Those who are investing money in the stock market will understand. There were warning signs of a stock market crash when news came about of the first cases in Wuhan that were spreading - AND even worse cases appearing world wide - smart investors know better not to listen to shit for brains politicians who said "no worries, it is all under control, we are safe" - instead, they sold off when the stocks were at their highest, because investors look ahead of time and just FEAR causes sell-offs, so investors sold-off, then pandemic happened and was confirmed, normally this would be a disaster scenario for stocks - it was, BUT something unusual happened that caught "experts" off-guard - early re-opening of economy to save it from tanking, allowed for economy to continue booming - this was GOOD news, and investments work on good news, so what an opportunity for those who sold high to buy low and double their portfolio in a few months time and then some. That's how people make money in stocks - not leaving your money there - people follow news, sell high, buy low, then of course during the pandemic a lot of sectors were doing very well - so yeah now with inflation and war investors are still taking advantage and making money, some industries are using inflation as a g*****mned excuse to inflate the prices even though they shouldn't.

Is now a good time to invest ? NOPE, because we have not reached a bottom yet - if you look at the VIX index in 2020, it was above 80's, you could see signals of a bottoming out. NOW, the markets are so volatile, big drops, but yet vix is still low, when it should be much much higher - SO this means more sell-offs to come, no bottom yet, and now the thing to do is wait for a signal that the Fed's interest hikes has actually lowered inflation, without causing a recession, that will drive a market rally to new highs before the end of the year.

Smart investors will rely on real news, not the bullshit lies and propaganda from politicians who want to save face. Because as an investor if you base your actions entirely on what politicians say, you will go bankrupt. :D

McDonalds leaves Russia » Post #18

Wed May 25, 2022 15:58 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: McDonalds leaves Russia
Starbucks leaves Russia
Nuclear bombs leaves Russia
Humans leaves Earth

Kingdom of the Apes takes over

McDonalds leaving Russia = Big favour to everyone, there's better fast food alternatives.
Starbucks leaves Russia = Overly expensive and big hype = big favour - You can do much better coffee at home, for a fraction of the price.
These companies are not leaving because they care, they are leaving to save face in the eyes of public opinion - because really, companies leaving won't change bloody ANYTHING these companies are just punishing themselves and costing the jobs of innocent people, but it will not deter what is happening right now. I want to say more on this but can't, some people, you know who, will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if it means destroying and betraying their own people.............

Natures Mistake » Post #56

Mon May 23, 2022 18:21 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: Some people have less control power and they are the ones who enter into criminal activities.Right from childhood a person should be taught how. to control instincts then many such bad incidents can be reduced

That's essentially what I said, awareness - instead of teaching kids about santa, t he tooth fairy, and other bullshit they will eventually find out was a lie, why not teach them about reality - the world is full of sex predators and pedophiles, they should 1) Make self defence classes mandatory 2) Teach kids about social media, chat rooms and awareness, no minor should be spending time in chat rooms and on some sites, OR they should be fully aware on what to expect and learn what to do in situations. On top of that instead of WASTING tax dollars on unnecessary bullshit (hope Biden is taking notes), they should invest considerable amounts for online crime prevention - have the most commonly used chat rooms and sites frequented by minors, infiltrated and monitored by groups in order to catch MORE sex praetors and pedophiles - this will not completely eliminate them, but with the awareness I was talking about, it would considerably reduce the number of victims.

What is even more disturbing is that a lot of the times kids are acting like adults - sometimes kids make the first moves and engage in inappropriate chat or actions- there was a documentary on that which is enough to boil your blood watching it, where you see kids go on chat sites and social media and send pics or engage in dirty talk - they probably hear their parents talk like that or their friends talk like hood rats so they act the role, and they get trapped, it's very infuriating - adults who engage in such activities commit a crime - but if minors engage in such chats, they get a slap on the wrist - so more presence and monitoring of these sites and rooms - and one more thing, kids who wanna act like adults and do adult crimes, in my opinion should be tried as adults and punished as adults - enough of the petty punishments and ridiculous sentences.

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Mon May 23, 2022 18:13 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Yeah Darkstar I lost bet , my last chance is that she did not read .....Australian time . Hope she will still come 8 AM but maybe she will use time from Planet Mars

In any way forum talk is dying , we are last few who still talk , what is sad is this shit is going not just here but all around the world on all forums , blogs, etc

Are we all scared to talk or what

There are many people here who read the forum, MANY who spend time only reporting posts, and not making one ******mned contribution by posting anything - there have been many GOOD topics of current events not a single post in the topics, it's not the lack of topics - people ARE talking on social media, people are certainly not afraid to talk, it's just that some places are more strict on enforcing guidelines - there are certain things you cannot say on a forum like the killing of other people, suggesting violence directly or indirectly, even against enemies, that is a HUGE liability for any site to tolerate stuff like that, there are lines that cannot be crossed though but we still have massive headroom on freedom of expression though, why do people not want to discuss many other current events, AND instead spend their time reporting posts, many times which are not warranted is a mystery. Don't get your hopes up Tasman1, she is not coming back, if she does it will be to drop by from time to time, maybe, I dunno what happened, it's hard to believe that she left only because of posts from ySenseTeam - I mean maybe they asked her to leave, she was contributing to good topics outside the eccentric topics that were funny too - so what happened all of a sudden maybe the truth will come out one day - I do share her frustrations a little but one should cut the ySense admins here some slack, they only pass along our concerns to the departments that take decisions - the issue here is Prodege, not the administrators on forum, the issue is Prodege that has a different vision than moderators and members here I guess - her expectations are a bit too high for 2022 - the time when this was a forum of members helping members was when we had TASKS, lots of good tasks and members were helping others with that - when tasks disappeared, a large chunk of earning potential went away from here, along with members - there is only so much members can do to help others here with issues when the issue is site related or account problems.

Some people are patient and can deal with this, others not - guess it was her time and she could not take it no more.

After all she was the one who pushed Jim to add GPT elements to his PTC - Had she not done so, I wonder if Jim would have thought of that on his own - probably not. She ran sites too and she did make many constructive suggestions to ySense, many good ones, as with other moderators, but falling on deaf ears. So it was not all bad.

Hopefully she comes back in the winter to give us good movie ideas on Netflix :lol:

Or in 2024 so we can discuss the next Presidential elections and what mischief Trump will be up to next :lol:

4.56 Not Bad For Sunday......tasman1 » Post #2

Mon May 23, 2022 07:56 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote: REQUIREMENTS
Surveys 5 surveys $3.54
Offers 4 offers $0.39
Total earned: $3.93
Addon Completed +2%
Streak Completed +2%
Congrats! The checklist is completed!
Your bonus is currently standing at: $0.63

Not bad indeed, that'll buy you 1 banana and you'll have change to spare :mrgreen:

All Female , Danger , Danger , Danger.....tasman1 » Post #8

Mon May 23, 2022 07:51 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Darkstar , I do not think bloke was scammed , this two was in contact on Facebook long before , and yes she is real beauty , Slavic race like Russian girls . They did plan this together , Ukraine war and refuge did open door for her

It also opened the doors to his wallet - English people tend to be more gullible - perfect target - win win situation, she gets what she wants, and bloke gets what he wants, and you know what this is :lol:

There is more to the story than beauty - this is what guys are mostly attracted by (ok let's be honest, this applies to either gender too no more BS :mrgreen: ) so if the bloke was only seeing her "beauty" then sooner or later, but probably sooner, reality will hit hard - and I don't think he will be able to change his mind and get back to is wife, that's not how it works - often people make the big mistake of confusing lust / looks with true lasting love - the same applies with friendships too. Oh they met on Facebook before, sounds even more like a scam - of course it is typical - it's not always like that but not uncommon for it to happen, if you think about it, it is a big opportunity for her, but the fact she goes through with it, knowing the bloke already has a wife says a lot about her - this bloke has no idea what he got himself into - she has no ethics, no nothing, and if she thinks it is ok to break marriages like that, then it means she would do the same thing when she gets a chance, gets what she wants and dumps the guy for another bloke, here's how this plays out, she will want a kid with him, for obvious reasons, bloke will fall into the trap - do people even still understand what commitment and marriage means anymore, if people just want to f*ck around they should not even bother getting married let alone have kids ............................

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Mon May 23, 2022 07:13 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: People are now fearless as corona has taught how to deal with situations .So monkey pox is not a concern for many :lol:

The concern is that it was a tamed virus, that was limited to specific areas - NOW, it is spreading and infecting people who have had no close contacts - This virus is transmissible through prolonged and close contact - new cases in new countries each day - Unfortunately for people who are "too social", but fortunately enough for people who are not :P Unlike COVID. Yeah it could be a concern, we may all turn into monkeys, zombies, or who knows, maybe the monkeypox merges with Omicron and creates a new super covid variant, as if we needed that right now to add more to our boring daily lives :P

Guess now the vaccine makers will find new reason to push more needles and vaccines into our body, as if we did not have enough bloody vaccines for a year - they might as well combine the Flu, COVID and MonkeyPox vaccine into one booster shot we get every 3 months :lol:

So Tasman1 you lost your bet, it's way past 8 here and she is nowhere to be seen - I won the bet :mrgreen:
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