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One of my biggest cashouts » Post #1

Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:56 in Payment Proofs

Thanks clixsense and my loyal hardworking referrals.

ClixGrid » Post #676

Wed Feb 22, 2017 14:02 in Success Stories


$10 a day » Post #199

Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:08 in Your Stats

jasrypangulayan wrote: hi. how can i answer some surveys. if everytime i click on them. the say that i cannot answers this surveys. thankyou

try other once.. May be you aren't eligible for that particular survey

$10 a day » Post #195

Mon Aug 08, 2016 04:24 in Your Stats

sharmeen123 wrote: wow!!! congratulations what a great job keep it up :clap: :clap: :clap:


$10 a day » Post #191

Tue Jul 26, 2016 00:44 in Your Stats

alvitab wrote: Good Job Congrats :clap:


$10 a day » Post #185

Wed Jul 20, 2016 18:10 in Your Stats

shortyblsd wrote: Congrats :idea: How do you do it? I have posted my referral link and not getting anywhere really with it.

Oh I wrote an article about how to get referrals.
you can contact me in personal..
You know where to find me :)


$10 a day » Post #184

Wed Jul 20, 2016 18:09 in Your Stats

kankitumar wrote: hello sir,
I am Ankit Kumar. You are my sponsor, my username is "kankitumar" and I was joined in "clixsense" in November 2015. So, please upgrade my account. Because of low earning (avg of month is 1.5$). Very very low earning please sir. You are my sponsor, please sir. I am working hard. please upgrade my account to premium.

Thank You

Sorry i can't do that since you aren't my referral..

Premium downline » Post #66

Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:34 in Your Stats

tavitooo wrote: Hello clickpakcom I am your member for a few days, but until today I dont be a member vip!. :(

sorry, there are many people waiting before you.. can't make you premium right away..

$10 a day » Post #169

Thu Jul 14, 2016 05:47 in Your Stats

munish082 wrote:
MARISWARI wrote: participate in forums and automatically you will get referrals.

wish you all the best

Is it possible? If i will participate in forums and automatically i will get referrals....

This isn't true.. You won't get any referrals from clixsense..

$10 a day » Post #162

Mon Jul 11, 2016 18:05 in Your Stats

christian83 wrote: I'm getting ten referrals a day

Its good.. Keep getting referrals... Upgrade the once which are from USA (super active)

Premium downline » Post #64

Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:38 in Your Stats

tavitooo wrote: Hello clickpakcom I am your member for a few days, but until today I dont be a member vip!. :(

Hello dear friend
I have made more than 70 premium members from my end.
Please be patient, i'll make you premium in the next few weeks.

Please post here after 2 weeks.


$10 a day » Post #153

Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:36 in Your Stats

richarduk99 wrote: well done, that's great figures
you'll soon be earning enough to retire!!


$10 a day » Post #148

Mon Jul 04, 2016 01:42 in Your Stats

judechichi wrote: :clap:

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

$10 a day » Post #144

Sun Jul 03, 2016 02:12 in Your Stats

Devenderraghav wrote: congrats :) :)

Thanks devender

$10 a day » Post #142

Wed Jun 29, 2016 17:21 in Your Stats

charan0912 wrote: Congratulation :clap: :clap:

thanks mate

$10 a day » Post #138

Tue Jun 28, 2016 16:48 in Your Stats

Johnn5 wrote: That is really great

Thanks Dude...

$10 a day » Post #133

Thu Jun 23, 2016 14:21 in Your Stats

naja411 wrote: Congrats...

Good jobs


$10 a day » Post #130

Tue Jun 21, 2016 15:49 in Your Stats

skarri7 wrote:

hi clickpak, i have registered you as my sponsper. I am not confident about that decision. Can you please remove me from your list??

Hello, its been only 3 days. I don't have any control over removing you from my referral list. Please contact clixsense.


$10 a day » Post #121

Sun Jun 19, 2016 02:32 in Your Stats

mrfive wrote: hello buddy iam sumesh could u tell me how to increase referals

I wrote a complete article on how to get referrals.. Get in touch with me..

$10 a day » Post #117

Sat Jun 18, 2016 04:18 in Your Stats

adinkle wrote:
clickpakcom wrote: $10 a day avg for the last 15 days

That is a prize ////

You can also do it. Since you are from USA, i see many people from USA making around 6-10$ a day..
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