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Posts by bitchy50

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #2591

Wed Jan 17, 2018 08:07 in General Talk

Dolly Dots....she's a liar

The Dolly Dots - She's a Liar - YouTube

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #2360

Sun Jul 02, 2017 18:16 in General Talk

Suggestions for You based on CS changes » Post #4

Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:41 in General Talk

Val to the rescue....

Been ill and down in the dumps :( » Post #16

Mon Jun 12, 2017 15:02 in General Talk

Get well soon girl
Hope you got your appointment (hospital)

Marcel be carefull with her please...
knowing she is not feeling well and you invite her as your sparring partner.. :?

I am in total shock today » Post #26

Fri May 05, 2017 04:39 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: rosy i think you can chat about anything privately even with your pants down :D

:silent: :silent: :silent: :lol:

Lucky With Birds » Post #5

Sun Apr 30, 2017 09:34 in General Talk

Marcel-R6 wrote: That is because you'll have a dirty mind :lol:

Excuse me?? I do not.... :roll: :lol:

Pick Your World » Post #24

Sun Apr 30, 2017 09:10 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote:
larryonly wrote: We, as people need at least a little abnormal, otherwise it becomes too boring .
:roll: :evil: :mrgreen:

i agree totally larry,everyone needs a bit of the abnormal in their life,a monotonous life,predictable from one day to the next can really drive you if anyone ever calls you stupid or or silly just smile,its them that are missing out on the good times :D

Very very wise words Pindokhan !! :clap: :silent:

hello again guys! » Post #6

Thu Apr 27, 2017 08:04 in General Talk

Marcel-R6 wrote:
charez wrote:

Shame on you charez that is not the right way to treat a woman :lol:

That's very very bad...Charez :shock:

hello again guys! » Post #2

Thu Apr 27, 2017 07:36 in General Talk

Welcome back ,

It's good to see you here again :D

leaving England tomorro » Post #11

Thu Apr 27, 2017 07:34 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: thanks alot my friends im back home :thumbup:

welcome back !!

leaving England tomorro » Post #3

Mon Apr 24, 2017 15:42 in General Talk

Have a safe trip,

Hope to see you soon back here :thumbup:

So Sad » Post #16

Fri Apr 21, 2017 02:31 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote: Where's Tasman BTW :?:

That (Crazy) Croat :lol:

He is busy reading this topic...look at the likes and you see his name :silent:

So Sad » Post #15

Fri Apr 21, 2017 02:29 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote:
Marcel-R6 wrote:
cookin2 wrote:
Marcel-R6 wrote: Finally some commom sense... and people should get their facts straight she wasn't forced to leave she made that decision herself,I got my wings clipped from The Dutch section,but I'm still here helping out other members if I can.

Wow - :lol: - the best self-serving post I've read in a long time! Actually helping out on a forum where you aren't a mod. Many people here do the same thing every day without asking for accolades or having the need to tell everyone that they've helped.

Fact - she was ganged up on and forced to leave.
Self -serving,That is the best you can come up with ? :lol:

You should learn how to read.As usual you only read and see what you want,if she was in fact so helpfull where is she now? Pipster described it perfectly.

Fact: She left herself get your facts straight she announcent it herself here and in the Moderator least I didn't run off with my tail between my legs,since that is exaclty what she did.

Can't take the heat,stay out of the kitchen.
And your just another folllower ..... do you really think that I care what you think?

well put marcel :thumbup:

I totally agree...well put Marcel :thumbup:

wow! what an Easter Weekend,phew! » Post #13

Tue Apr 18, 2017 14:29 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: :D

dnt look so so worried i aint that bad :)

Oh sorry, totally forgotten,that was my Eastern-mask.. :lol:

wow! what an Easter Weekend,phew! » Post #8

Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:47 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote:
bitchy50 wrote: I had a very good amusing Easter Weekend too :silent: :lol:

i think me and you will get along nicely gal! ;)

Oh no doubts about that !! !!! :roll:

wow! what an Easter Weekend,phew! » Post #5

Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:27 in General Talk

I had a very good amusing Easter Weekend too :silent: :lol:

Quote of the day » Post #3335

Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:00 in General Talk

That's a good one !!!!

Bye Folks - It's been Great! » Post #3

Sun Apr 16, 2017 16:22 in General Talk

Good luck,

next mission Valery for president,

because of all what you've done

Sorry for my bad english, nothing personal

Who knows? » Post #35

Sun Mar 19, 2017 08:38 in General Talk

Switzerland ???

My Letter To Santa » Post #6

Tue Nov 22, 2016 07:11 in General Talk

Marcel-R6 wrote: Dear Santa,since I'm the most relaxed guy on this forum,all I ask for is a $1.00 donation from all members :lol:

Oke you're the most relaxed guy,with the biggest earnings...
so isn't it time for you to donate to all the members with lower????
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