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clixsense toolbar review » Post #2

Mon May 13, 2013 12:03 in General Talk

a few other things i'd like to point out.

the clixsense toolbar also messed with the back button on my chrome. i have to click it often 10 times to go back.

i disabled the clixsense toolbar for a few days, and i noticed a massive difference in browsing times. massive lag when loading webpages.

since the toolbar seems to act like a new webpage to load, i have to wait for the toolbar to load before doing anything, so it often takes over my searches when googling.

there has to be something that can be done about this long list of problems when it comes to the search bar.

Today i win $0.50 » Post #4

Mon May 13, 2013 12:00 in Success Stories

congrats! hope you get more in the future!

clixsense toolbar review » Post #1

Tue Apr 23, 2013 08:36 in General Talk

i primarily use clixsense's toolbar to alert me of new ads to view. but i do have a couple complaints.

it runs a separate exe out of outside of chrome.exe, which occasionally causes lag. using 2gb ram so it isn't that much of an issue. but this is a toolbar, why should a toolbar cause me any problems?

since it's a chrome plugin it runs another chrome.exe, which causes more lag than the separate exe it already runs. this chrome.exe is always the instance that eats up memory. it sores past any tab or plugin i run.

disliking this toolbar quite much.

question about clixsense news feeds maybe? » Post #1

Thu Aug 23, 2012 04:59 in General Talk

i'm looking for the best and most efficient ways to stay updated with Clixsense happenings and news, like every detail possible. Ranging from restricting countries to, to pay rate changes, or anything at all.

So what' the best ways to go about this? I know browsing the news and updates forum and reading the weekly email letter. but is there anything else?

thanks in advance.

Do you collect anything? Hobby for example? » Post #2

Tue May 22, 2012 20:19 in General Talk

hobbies? yes. collections? no.

i've never had the patience for collecting anything, nothing really has intrigued me enough to bother starting a collection either. i've always thought collectors were an interesting type of people thoug, ever since i was younger. so i'd start collections of random, small things to try and become one of these people (rocks, bottle caps, hats, etc). never really could stick to it though...
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