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I Can't Believe It » Post #1

Fri Jan 19, 2018 13:13 in Your Stats

I literally completed my checklist in like 20 25 minutes thanks Clixsense. You still # 1 in my book :clap:

Screw this crap!!! » Post #5

Thu Jan 11, 2018 16:14 in Your Stats

I will keep this website at #1 unless for some reason I have my account suspended for complaining earlier.

Screw this crap!!! » Post #4

Thu Jan 11, 2018 16:11 in Your Stats

It's not as hard as I though I just did 20 tasks and completed my list I thought you had to do everything on the list to complete it but I was wrong. So read the new rules carefully apologies to the website owner would have taken this post down but wasn't sure how.

Screw this crap!!! » Post #1

Thu Jan 11, 2018 15:40 in Your Stats

Did you read the latest rules on here to get you checklist rediculious. I won' teven try anymore it use to take me about 30 min to complete my checklist and with these new rules I've been on here for over 30 minutes and not 1 checkmark. And for that matter I can't even logon to Cloudflower I will just do surveys until I get tired of the stupid popup ads that pop up and you don't qualify and they use to pay 1 cent but that don't even happen anymore. You will be bumped to #3 on my website after this this is rediculious change. It is so hard that they even locked up the comment section on there site!

Happy New Year » Post #1

Sun Dec 31, 2017 15:05 in Your Stats

To everyone in the Clixsence community Happy New Year. You can check out my Facebook video here.

Happy Holidays » Post #1

Sat Dec 23, 2017 21:10 in General Talk

To everyone in the community including the owner of this site may you and you family have a warm and cheerful holiday season.

Patto Checklist (Record 48.45 dlls) » Post #125

Fri Nov 17, 2017 22:46 in Your Stats

Congrats wait till you get the bigger paychecks you'll be really thrilled!

Got My First Check » Post #1

Fri Nov 17, 2017 06:14 in Your Stats

I just got my first check from Clxsence for a little over $110 Thank you Clixsence :D

Pending Credit approved » Post #5

Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:28 in Your Stats

Way to go. :)

MY checklist today » Post #6

Wed Nov 08, 2017 21:22 in Your Stats

There is a much shorter way to complete you checklist click on my profile I think I posted on there somewhere. If not ask me and I will tell you.

You Can Still Find Videos On Here » Post #1

Tue Nov 07, 2017 21:14 in Your Stats

Yes you can still watch videos on here by going to the offers tab and scrool down and you might have to even go to page 2 and you will see Video Loyalty. You will see another that says Automotive Video Loyalty but I didn't have much luck with that one. You can also go to WebExploror as well. But honestly Surveys pay a lot more and of course building a downline can help you a great deal.

Patto Checklist (Record 48.45 dlls) » Post #114

Tue Nov 07, 2017 05:33 in Your Stats

Thanks for the share

YO-YO today $7.1630 yesterday $2.9526..tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Oct 25, 2017 21:09 in Success Stories

How in the world did you do that you must have a HUGE downline!!!

Today its a good day » Post #8

Wed Oct 25, 2017 05:36 in Your Stats

Yes it is it is 8:25 Oct. 25th

Thank you Clixsense » Post #22

Wed Oct 11, 2017 21:32 in Your Stats

Yeah there reall good about that I got these notifications several times. Glad to see thingws are working out for you here I like to think of everyone here as not just a community but part of a family here :)

going to complete 400 usd ..lov u clixense » Post #8

Mon Oct 09, 2017 21:02 in Your Stats

Wow congrat man good for you! :)

Wonder How Much Money I Can Make » Post #1

Mon Oct 09, 2017 06:22 in Your Stats

Womder how much money I can make before going to the doctors. I almost certain I will be able to complete my check list before then.

It's Friday » Post #1

Fri Sep 29, 2017 06:33 in Your Stats

I am so glad the weekend is here this just seemed like a really long week.

Survey Rewarded after ClixSense support » Post #2

Tue Sep 26, 2017 19:43 in Your Stats

I have trouble with surveys too sometimes it won't take me to the end either. Heck there are so many of the I don't really worry about it all that much.

Nice week » Post #9

Tue Sep 19, 2017 21:16 in Your Stats

That is a nice week!!! :)
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