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Posts by LamboChopz99

Scheduled Maintenance Part 2....tasman1 » Post #7

Wed Jul 31, 2019 20:58 in General Talk

This is it everybody...

ClixSense needs your input » Post #152

Sat Apr 01, 2017 22:58 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Meh, PayPal sucks anyway. Good riddance to rubbish.
valerie wrote: I think having PayPal IS important.
valerie wrote: One additional point I want to make, no one has mentioned.
Many say they can do ok without PayPal.
PayPal is the most reliable.
valerie wrote: I just wanted to bring that to everyone's attention. PayPal is the most reliable and if they say do away
with the PTC and ClixGrid end, I say do away with it.
Do keep that in mind because those of you saying you are fine cashing out by some of these other
options, realize those options may not be there in the future.
:?: :?: :?:

You win $10.00 » Post #17

Wed Mar 01, 2017 17:59 in Success Stories


Decreasing Balance » Post #16

Sun Jun 26, 2016 20:19 in General Talk

I just lost about $30.00..... :( :o :shock:

WOW! How Many Ads have you viewed today? » Post #35

Fri Feb 05, 2016 21:34 in General Talk

Seems that on the daily checklist it doesn't show past 255 clicks, but the amount earned from them is correct.

Gotta look at my ptc clicks statistics page if you go over 255. So whoops I actually clicked 263 ads worth a total of $1.212 on the 4th and not 255 ads worth a total of $1.212.

Stats for Feb 5th
I clicked 293 PTC ads for a total of $1.327.

Looking at the statistics page my highest within the last 30 days was on Jan 25th where I viewed 317 ads worth a total of $1.471

WOW! How Many Ads have you viewed today? » Post #30

Thu Feb 04, 2016 20:58 in General Talk

Ads I clicked today.

View PTC Ads 255 clicks $1.212

Today I won 5 Chances & 5 Chances & $0.10 » Post #1

Wed Jan 27, 2016 16:54 in Success Stories

Triple wins today!

27 Jan 2016 18:47:29 = 5 Chances

27 Jan 2016 18:48:04 = 5 Chances

27 Jan 2016 19:22:39 = $0.10

Thank you :clixsense:

I won $5.00 on ClixGrid! » Post #1

Mon Nov 30, 2015 16:36 in Success Stories

Wow, I won a nice $5.00 prize from ClixGrid! :D

Previous highest prize amount I ever won was the $0.50.

Nice surprise, thank you very much :clixsense:

Won $0.25 & $0.10 - 4 minutes apart •CLIXGRID• » Post #1

Tue Mar 10, 2015 22:44 in Success Stories

Today while clicking on Clixgrid I won $0.25, then 4 minutes later I won $0.10

Thank you :clixsense:
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