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Posts by kittenclaus1

ClixSense needs your input » Post #153

Sat Apr 01, 2017 23:11 in General Talk

I was only saying what you had said above and that I didn't agree with it,

ClixSense needs your input » Post #83

Sat Apr 01, 2017 00:12 in General Talk

Please do NOT stop the ptc ads!! I know marcel said they don't add up but with those and a few offers I cash out at least once a month. I was upset that we lost paypal but I got over it. I've been a member here for years but if you take away the ptc's then I guess I'll go with them.

Won 1.00 on Clixgrid, most I've ever won » Post #3

Fri Feb 17, 2017 23:13 in Success Stories

Thank you

Won 1.00 on Clixgrid, most I've ever won » Post #1

Fri Feb 17, 2017 21:49 in Success Stories

I had to look twice, lol and yes I had won 1.00!! Thanks clixsense!!

Have you ever spoke with a famous person? » Post #10

Fri Jan 06, 2017 07:03 in General Talk

Back in my wilder days, I went backstage with Judas Priest, Quiet Riot and Motely Crew. BUT the best one was a couple of years ago. My true love has since I was 12 years old been Paul Stanley of Kiss!! He did a book signing tour in nashville and I drove the 6 hour trip to fianally meet my dream man. He is one the the sweetest, nicest guys I've ever met. We even had a flirty moment!!! I just changed my profile pic on here so you guys could see my picture with Paul!!

Thanks Clixsense » Post #1

Mon Jan 02, 2017 02:31 in Success Stories

I wanted to say thank you, not only for the .10 I just now won on clixgrid but also for the Wonderful and Generous bonus you guys did during Christmas! That 28% was awesome, I rocked it this week! Thanks again

Won .25 on clixgrid » Post #1

Tue Dec 13, 2016 08:11 in Success Stories

Thank you so much for the win!! LOVE you guys!

Won .10 » Post #1

Fri Nov 18, 2016 01:06 in Success Stories

Just won .10 on clixgrid and wanted to say Thank You clixsense!

I Got the 5.00 Task Bonus » Post #7

Fri Aug 05, 2016 04:51 in Success Stories

thank you everyone!!

I Got the 5.00 Task Bonus » Post #1

Thu Aug 04, 2016 07:07 in Success Stories

I am so excited! I had just cashed out and went to do some tasks. I got done, went back onto my account page and to my surprise saw there was an extra 5.00 showing up. I'd never even thought about that 5.00 task bonus for completeing 50.00 in tasks. Thank You Sooo much clixsense!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Won .25 » Post #3

Fri Apr 08, 2016 05:42 in Success Stories

thanks and good luck to you!

I Won .25 » Post #1

Fri Apr 08, 2016 05:34 in Success Stories

Had just clicked a couple of ads when that beautiful post came up! Congrats you have won .25, now THAT is the way to start my day!

I Won .25 » Post #1

Sat Apr 02, 2016 06:26 in Success Stories

I just won .25 on clixgrid! Thank you!!

Hurrahhhhh! » Post #2

Wed Mar 23, 2016 07:36 in Success Stories

I went premium a few weeks ago and am loving it. You do know that it doesn't mean you get more ads or higher pay for the ads, right? You will be a higher % for doing your check list everyday and if you have referrals you earn more from them by going premium. I've been averaging around at least 1.50 a day but most days more. Good luck!!

won $0.50 » Post #5

Tue Mar 22, 2016 09:13 in Success Stories

I did, I was so excited, you should have seen my face, I had to look twice and pinch myself lol

won $0.50 » Post #1

Mon Mar 21, 2016 06:52 in Success Stories

I'm so excited, I just won .50 on clixgrid!!

United States kittenclaus1
2016-03-21 09:47:37

Best Day Yet On Clixsense » Post #1

Sat Mar 19, 2016 02:53 in Success Stories

I had the most awesome earning morning on here. I did a copy and paste, check it out

View PTC Ads 167 clicks $0.832
ClixGrid Game 21 clicks $0.00
Complete Tasks Optional $0.00
Complete Offers 106 offers $2.19
Visit the Forum 3 views
Total earned: $3.022
EXTRA BONUSES (Complete the checklist to unlock)
ClixAddon Bonus Completed +2.0%
Activity Bonus Completed +2.0%
16.0%Congrats! The checklist is completed!
$0.4835Your bonus is currently standing at: .4835
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