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Posts by annabelmer

ySense Addon is available » Post #7

Sun Aug 04, 2019 20:27 in General Talk

debbiebuelow wrote: hideout is there

Where? Nothing showing up here. Maybe it is "hidden". :D

from the blog » Post #8

Sun Aug 04, 2019 15:37 in General Talk

blueunicorn2 wrote: is a SCAM! See Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of and Redirecting...

In place of, bring back acewall

Also bring back Jung Videos they are called Sponsored Videos on swagbucks.

Thanks for effort but still I don't need who-knows-who's review to tell me what is something in front of my own eyes. I used them and still use them and never had a problem.

from the blog » Post #5

Sun Aug 04, 2019 15:25 in General Talk

Bring back Hideout TV. It was a part of Adscend rewards but separated for some reason.

Sorry will not work for free.....tasman1 » Post #10

Sat Aug 03, 2019 19:07 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: No panic , just will not work at this stage , not sure will be paid
will come and work if I see that I can be paid , for now have another few site

Me too.

Can we please get some answers ? Valerie / Staff » Post #37

Thu Aug 01, 2019 20:13 in General Talk

Yes, in Australia no payment processor at all. Just Amazon, Steam, Starbucks cards and similar.

Can we please get some answers ? Valerie / Staff » Post #28

Thu Aug 01, 2019 19:57 in General Talk

Thanks dreday77 for your update. It would be nice to bring back HideoutTV and update us with which countries can cashout with Paypal, because it is not listed for Australia at the moment.

it's not clixsense! its ysense now. » Post #14

Thu Aug 01, 2019 04:04 in General Talk

tasman1, no Paypal for me too. I hope Australians will have that option.

Adscend Videos » Post #2

Fri Sep 02, 2016 00:23 in General Talk

Thanks for the info.

Where You From ? » Post #6

Tue Jul 19, 2016 19:12 in General Talk

I am Croatian, as well.

Actors you CanNOT stand to watch » Post #7

Sat Jul 09, 2016 00:29 in General Talk

- Kevin Hart
- Dwayne Johnson
- Seth Rogen
- Ben Affleck
- Nick Swardson

What's Your Favorite OLD TV Series ? » Post #37

Fri Jul 08, 2016 04:47 in General Talk

- 'Allo, 'Allo
- Married ...with children
- Blackadder
- Fawlty Towers
- Mr Bean
- Bottom
- Only fools and horses
- Benny Hill Show
- Dave Allen Show
- Monty Pythons Flying Circus
- On the buses
- You rang, milord?

How many dollars did you earn last month? » Post #7

Thu Jun 30, 2016 23:53 in General Talk

162.93 $

Hello from a Crowdflower Employee! » Post #22

Sat Feb 14, 2015 04:52 in Member Introduction

The biggest reason of all problems is that CrowdFlower allows 'taskauthors' to make their own test questions and those test questions nobody checks before going live. That is the reason of those 800-900 tickets a day. That is a magical circle - contributors are scared to even touch those jobs worried about flags, losing badges, accuracy etc. and avoid them, and CrowdFlower is flooded with tickets and uses copy/paste answers that does not look good in contributor eyes.

CrowdFlower has a lot of tools and groups quite ready and trained to clean problems with test questions but in 2014 the use of those groups and tools was almost 0. Instead of implementing a few answer review elite groups they stopped it. They decided that this is much better solution so let's be honest that this situation is a result of CrowdFlowers business plan and idea. They decided that this is better than other solutions they planned.

Obama Vs Romney? Who is going to win? » Post #20

Thu Nov 08, 2012 14:03 in General Talk

Imagine how good it would be for American people those billions they spent just on campaign.

who you are ? » Post #6

Sat Aug 04, 2012 06:54 in Member Introduction

I thought you forgot to introduce yourself. :-) My nick and my flag tells all the story required.

Hello to all, after 5 years. » Post #4

Wed May 23, 2012 13:25 in Member Introduction

Welcome back. My case is the same as yours - I became active last february and I earned 100$ so far without any referral.

I earned my 5$ BONUS for reaching 50$ in tasks » Post #7

Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:52 in Your Stats

Not too much time, few hour daily. I usually do better paying tasks.

I earned my 5$ BONUS for reaching 50$ in tasks » Post #3

Thu Apr 19, 2012 02:02 in Your Stats

zeric7x wrote: That is nice. I hope to make $50 in tasks eventually.

Thank you.

I earned my 5$ BONUS for reaching 50$ in tasks » Post #1

Wed Apr 18, 2012 15:43 in Your Stats

I am happy and excited and want to share it with you. I earned my first 5$ bonus for reaching 50$ in completing tasks. So far, I completed 671 tasks worth $50.27 in less than 2 months.

Big thanks to Clixsense admin and stuff for giving me this great opportunity. :)

PS: See you when reaching 100$ milestone.

I won a voice over contest! Yippee, it was fun! » Post #7

Fri Apr 13, 2012 16:57 in General Talk

What was the prize?
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