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Admin update topic locked, Comments Are Open !!!! » Post #17

Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:01 in General Talk

Not everyone is happy. ;) Took 2 weeks away this time around, and nothing has changed. Except more threads locked, a blog that "selectively" chooses whose posts will go up, and nothing honest coming from either "support" or the so called owner/admin.

I'm just curious as to exactly how long "wait a while and see what happens" should be?

Jim must truly be laughing his rear off.

BTW anyone who likes to do "sussing", might want to check out just why MP (another prodege company) is having a problem getting people paid through PayPal, too. Still wondering exactly why they went down at the same time yS did, considering they shouldn't be ever on the same servers. Or did the entire company servers go down at the same time?

Straight From The Horses Mouth » Post #2

Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:26 in General Talk

But my existing balance is NOT available.

Full balance isn't even in the equation.

Opportunities have been taken away, with no word as to when they'll be back.

In America, there is that little something called........"Truth in Advertising". ;)

Jim is laughing all the way to the bank. » Post #11

Sat Aug 31, 2019 19:42 in General Talk

Yep, you're right, DarkStar. Jim had every right to sell the program. And I'm sure he's enjoying the fruits of his labors. -_-

Unexpected BONUS...!!! » Post #5

Fri Aug 30, 2019 14:31 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: ???????????????????????

He got rewarded for posting in that Admin thread, he thinks.

I think it might be something else, but I'll keep that thought to myself. ;)

Opinion Ysense-Payments » Post #26

Fri Aug 30, 2019 14:26 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
Lunablue wrote: Skrill would be ok too. Wish they'd lower the amount requirements for paypal though. $25 is a bit ridiculous.

It's $10 here and they did announce it to be $10, I don't know why it is still showing $25 for US members though, but I agree, minimum limits should be the same for all as it was on old site.

This is one thing that lacks big time here, effective communication - they announce something that is fixed and move on to the next issue, but they seem quiet and not acknowledging complaints about the issue NOT being resolved yet, until a flood complaints show up and then eventually they address it, and sometimes it is just remaining an issue......

$25 minimum is indeed high for a GPT site, though it's not uncommon to see much higher on direct survey panels, but this is not a direct panel, so I think $10 minimum should be for ALL.

Mine does show $10 minimum.

You should remember one thing, though. ClixSense was not a typical GPT site when many of us signed on. I'm from 2007. And weathered the many (sometimes unnecessary) changes. This one, though, took the cake.

Opinion Ysense-Payments » Post #25

Fri Aug 30, 2019 14:20 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
S_Abbott wrote: PayPal---FULL BALANCE

:P That was very clever indeed, well done :D

LOL thanks. If you could have heard the words that were not put on the post.... ;)

Opinion Ysense-Payments » Post #4

Tue Aug 27, 2019 09:37 in General Talk


POLL_ Are you here for CASH or for Gift Cards ? » Post #60

Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:57 in General Talk

sp1915 wrote: Consider yourself lucky proadco. I don't do tasks or surveys either and I can't even do the coupon deal because I don't have a printer.

And since the coupon sites now have the ridiculous "text code" method, and I don't HAVE a cell phone, nor will I ever use my husband's work cell, that is also one less earning opp. So far, since August first, I have only earned 14 cents, and have only received one checklist bonus.

Have still not been able to cash out because the powers that be refuse to address the U.S. PayPal problem (among other things).

POLL_ Are you here for CASH or for Gift Cards ? » Post #59

Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:45 in General Talk

valerie wrote: @Darkstar2. The gift card denominations are approved by way of those companies.....
Walmart, Amazon, etc. They use whole numbers.

Are you being deliberately obtuse or just trying to deflect from the ACTUAL meaning of Darkstar's comment?

He is speaking about CASH METHODS; i.e., PayPal. There is no reason on THIS site to have "virtual ecards" for CASH PAYOUTS. Especially if the owners are offering actual CASH PAYOUTS on the other site. There was no real reason to make PayPal virtually unusable for THIS member base at the very moment of launch.

And what some international members keep trying to get across to you and and the owners...they CAN'T use most of the gift cards, and they are steamed about STEAM.

Just what part of any of this are you confused about? It makes no sense that you're not acknowledging any of this.

Gift cards are fine ONLY for certain areas. Online earning is still very difficult for many foreign countries. So you're really chaffing on a whole lot of members here with your arguments over gift cards vs. cash. And from the very lack of TRUE SITE ADMIN, and your poo pooing others for their complaints, it looks as if none of you give a flying flip. People have been confused here since ySense took over and did NOTHING to assuage their concerns. And you truly aren't doing your best at helping. The one thing I've always noticed is when you disagree with people and only put your "own" experiences ahead of what others are trying to get through to you, you exacerbate an issue instead of actually helping. You live in the U.S. Many of the people you've put down over the years are NOT in the U.S., and some from the U.S. do have levels of learning disabilities, or physical issues that might stop them from understanding unless someone takes the time to listen to THEIR issue. You have a nasty habit of inserting your personal experiences without taking into consideration others have a different experience. And that is why people are complaining.

POLL_ Are you here for CASH or for Gift Cards ? » Post #58

Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:24 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
S_Abbott wrote:

Believe me, in 2007 (when CS new) we were warned not to join. And the originators of CS were some of the worst scammers online back in the day.

I remember those warnings - I think you are referring to the payment processor Stormpay But regardless of original owner's skeletons, CS turned out fine.

Yep, when the originals got busted by the Feds, CS turned out much better (for a while..too many assurances and promises not met kind of turned me off).

I did NOT join ySense. That was taken out of my hands. I have money in my account from ClixSense. Stagnating. As U.S. members are constantly being blown off with bogus answers about cashouts. And people trying to guilt us into silence.

I joined cash back sites for both cash and gift cards.

This is my own personal honest answer, maybe too much so, but it should count for something. ;)

Really you mean to say U.S. members cannot cash out still ????

I've seen other U.S. members saying they cannot cashout in smaller denominations that we asked for and were assured we'd have. And I keep checking my cashout area, $25 and up are the only options. And still no SITE ADMIN answers.

As far as the guilt you into silence I know what you mean .......... :)

And I see it is still happening. But then, it's nothing new. It was practiced in that person's own sites, too. Like I said, I've been doing this crap since 1998/99. Also have a very long memory. Something that doesn't work for people who used to get called out for their own misadventures.

POLL_ Are you here for CASH or for Gift Cards ? » Post #2

Tue Aug 20, 2019 15:41 in General Talk

I joined CLIX SENSE to earn money. At one point in time, it was a necessity.

I absolutely refused to join offer/survey sites as back in the day, they were pretty scammy/scummy, and the owners of such were nasty, greedy, borish people. And that's why I got upset when Jim threw us a monkey wrench and took CS in this newer direction.

Believe me, in 2007 (when CS new) we were warned not to join. And the originators of CS were some of the worst scammers online back in the day.

I did NOT join ySense. That was taken out of my hands. I have money in my account from ClixSense. Stagnating. As U.S. members are constantly being blown off with bogus answers about cashouts. And people trying to guilt us into silence.

I joined cash back sites for both cash and gift cards.

This is my own personal honest answer, maybe too much so, but it should count for something. ;)

change email address » Post #9

Fri Aug 09, 2019 15:04 in General Talk

Have the very same problem, with the very same result.

Wrote twice. Got answer first time, with a completely nonsense reply that had absolutely nothing to do with the question. Second time, no answer.

Going to the profile page, email tab, input the change, submit, REDIRECT back to the tab. Check both email accounts, no confirmation.

So blueunicorn2 is not the only one to have this problem.

Patience is needed badly! » Post #26

Tue Aug 06, 2019 16:48 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
sp1915 wrote: I think you need to do more than sign in to keep your account active.

Quote:Inactive Accounts
Any Account that has not been logged into and points either earned or redeemed for one year or more may be deemed inactive and the Account closed. In such instances, to request Account reactivation (subject to such terms, limitations and requirements as we may impose from time to time) you may reach us by using the “Contact Us”, “Contact Member Services” or similar contact link in the footer of any of the Prodege Sites. We may modify our inactive Account rules and policies in our Rewards Programs from time to time, and if your Account becomes inactive pursuant to such then-current rules or policies, we may close your Account, without any compensation or further obligation to you.

These terms in the legal sense are moot - they seem to apply to sites which uses points - this sites uses USD currency $. So basically if someone cannot earn at least 1 cent in 1 year they would be removed from the site. Now let's calculate the odds that this happen to an active member, so this policy would not hurt anybody in the end because if in 1 year you have not earned 1 cent, then either you did not work at all or the site is not meant for you. There may be cases where someone needs to be inactive for that amount time but it's likely rare - With the video offers, tasks, offers, etc, it would be hard not to earn 1 cent in 1 year :)

"IF" they do put back some of the videos and other offers. ;)

BTW I see someone got let back on the forum after a long ban.

For everyones information. » Post #5

Fri Aug 02, 2019 16:16 in General Talk

Finally able to post on forum.

I'm taking a wait and see approach, too. So far, though, it's not looking good. I'm also probably one of the few that desperately want to talk about the elephant in the room. An owner selling out without FIRST discussing it with members of long standing. It's wrong, and should not have happened this way. I'm not fully buying the "it takes a long time to work deals out and make things right" bit. I've been doing this since 1998, have seen a lot of things. Good and bad. Have even worked for program owners. The business end of this...I am not impressed, nor am I bouncing for joy. With the never ending changes that have happened, and the "don't worry, I'm getting even bigger and better" rhetoric for years, with not much to show for it, no it isn't impressive. It's sad, because so many members here supported the previous site (and owner) for a very long time.

At the moment, there is nothing here already loaded that works for me. I stopped doing the surveys, some offers haven't credited in years, Website Explorer junked out, the videos were getting better, and had lucked into just a few decent offers. And now, my cash is being held hostage. Not enough to go to Paypal with the new limit (which is outrageous). No check option. I don't shop enough at Amazon to even care for a voucher. So I stay for now, with reservations.

Do you save change? » Post #11

Mon Jul 15, 2019 04:29 in General Talk

Most definitely. We have a sorter now, which makes it easier on the hands. We exchange $100 at a time, and keep on until we have enough for a nice weekend (or regular vacation) somewhere, use it for gas, food, and motels. We've rarely had to go into the bank account when we're on vacation. No bills missed, and we enjoy our trip so much more. Anything left over, we send to charity.

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #17

Fri Mar 29, 2019 07:25 in General Talk

I read it. Closed out and sent a support ticket. This time, I will share.

Quote:Created by you
22 Mar 2019 09:59 pm
Does this mean if you go through a sale or merger, etc. that you will not inform members BEFOREHAND?
Business Transitions
In the event ClixSense goes through a business transition, such as a merger, consolidation, restructuring, acquisition by another company, sale or assignment of rights or assets or a portion thereof, or other company change, we may transfer users’ information, including Personal Information, and other collected business data in connection with that business transition (e.g., to a subsequent owner, co-owner, or operator of ClixSense and Features, or any affiliates and trusted agents, service providers, or partners of the foregoing), including during the course of any due diligence process.
Replied by Jim
23 Mar 2019 10:16 am
Rate/review this reply
Hello Susan, no it means if we go through a sale, merger, asset buyout etc. that your information can be transferred to a new company. And, in the event this happens you would have the option to remove your data from this new company if you wish. Because of the recent GDPR regulations in Europe we had to completely rewrite our privacy and information security policies to cover all aspects of business operation. This includes the sale of the company, sale of assets, going out of business and the sharing of your personal information. Even though the US does not have strict privacy laws like Europe (yet), we expect this to happen within the next year and we believe we will be in compliance with the new regulations without having to have these policies rewritten again.

This update came from our attorneys as they said we missed this statement on the original update back in May of 2018.

Sorry for the long reply, I just wanted you to understand what this all meant.

Jim Grago

Chocolate eat , pigs way ....tasman1 » Post #7

Wed Mar 13, 2019 17:55 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: I remember as kids we would buy those chocolate cigarettes.
Can never seem to find them anymore. Never got to like the
real ones.

Old time candies. They have a LOT of our wonderful memories. LOL

Chocolate Cigarettes Candy |

Not sure if they send to Canada, but you can always just drool...or get a U.S. friend to send to you.

End is near for ..........tasman1 » Post #17

Tue Oct 09, 2018 17:28 in General Talk

Tas, is this because of people taking advantage of the niceties, and not cleaning up after themselves, trashing out places? Are they littering and loitering unnecessarily?

End is near for ..........tasman1 » Post #16

Tue Oct 09, 2018 17:26 in General Talk

The investigation was already paid for....SIX times over. And if people actually paid attention to how the Senate Judiciary Committee runs, your comment would be moot. The SJC has even greater resources and had already done the needful almost from the moment Ms. D F let the cat out of the bag.

Is America dream is dead? » Post #12

Sat Apr 28, 2018 15:04 in General Talk

David, as usual, you are so very wrong on these things.

Exactly where do you expect to get these equal wages for all? Who will pay those equal wages? What is equal about a burger flipper and an engineer, wage wise? Do we do away with higher learning and good careers, make everyone a burger flipper, and pay them $50 an hour? Does everyone get some form of transport, clothing, healthcare, childcare, grocery allowance, housing, burial allowance? How will all that be paid? By whom?

Next, there will be a demand on X number of men vs women born. Next, there will be an age limit on living. And the list goes on. We already see people being denied the right to care for their ill children, being denied the right to even take them home to die peacefully, or to accept new methods of treatment. With everyone "equal", that means none of us ultimately will have any authority over our own bodies, families, etc.

Be careful what you wish, you might just get it.
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