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how to rent referrals and direct referrals » Post #4

Mon Dec 08, 2014 13:03 in General Talk

There are many ways to promote your affiliate link for Clixsense, if you click the Affiliate tabs you will find banners, splash pages etc to use to get referrals.

Advertise your link on Traffic Exchanges, PTC sites, blogs, social networks, free advertising, classified ads.

I Am Not Promoting Any More » Post #1

Sat Oct 25, 2014 05:43 in General Talk

I have come to the point where I have realized that promoting Clixsense is a total waste of money.

I have set up and spent tonnes of money promoting Clixsense on other PTC sites and haven't got one single referral!!!

So either someone else is getting my referrals, or advertising on PTC sites is a total waste of money

Either way, once my ads runs out, that's it, I quit

So at least if I don't get any referrals, no one else will from the fruits of my advertising!

There is obviously a 'redirect' program that if someone signs up under my link it goes into someone elses downline

So sorry no one is going to benefit from my hard work!

Get another meal ticket!

Another clix grid win » Post #2

Fri Oct 24, 2014 08:33 in Success Stories

Well done!

've won $ 0.50 - thanks admin » Post #3

Mon Oct 06, 2014 09:39 in Success Stories

Well done!

Grid » Post #4

Sun Oct 05, 2014 06:17 in Success Stories

You only have to read some of the success stories about people winning on the grid to know without a shadow of a doubt that the grid is NOT a scam.

It's luck, pure and simple...

Winning is NOT guaranteed!

Won My First Ever $10 » Post #1

Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:50 in Success Stories

The most I have ever won is $1, but today...

I Gave My Referral Premium Upgrade » Post #5

Tue Sep 09, 2014 06:43 in General Talk

I believe in rewarding my downline if they work hard for me earn me good money, then that shouldn't got unnoticed.

In the past it did work, I have managed to upgrade 6 of my downline and all of them have continued to be active, that is why I find this particular referral strange because they stopped.

Valerie you are right, when I checked this particular referral has no email beside them, but I took gamble, I mean active every single day for a year, that's gotta be worth something... surely?

Oh well, we have to take gambles in this life, otherwise there are no rewards.

But I will definitely take into account what you have said.

I have already got enough in my account to upgrade my next active member, but I shall see if they have an email to contact.

Or failing that I could put it in my welcome message? Whether people read them or not that if they are active please be patient I will upgrade them.

I Gave My Referral Premium Upgrade » Post #1

Sun Sep 07, 2014 14:21 in General Talk

I am slightly bemused at this, ok

I have had a referral since August 2013, active, clicking every day, so I decided to reward them, buy upgrading them, I did this FIVE weeks ago, since I made them premium they have stopped clicking and vanished.

Would you find this strange?

If I was given free 1 year premium I would make full use of it, I wouldn't waste it.

I was trying to reward all my downline with FREE premium as a big thank you for being active.

But it looks like I shouldn't bother now :roll:

Anyone else give away free 1 year premium and find it a mistake to do this?

How can i get more referrals please help » Post #18

Thu Aug 14, 2014 05:59 in General Talk

Personally I find Easyhits4u the worst place to advertise! When you surf you will find the site flooded with Clixsense affiliate pages!!!! The chances are probably the same as winning the lottery!

I am also wondering whether or not to buy PTC ads or purchase clixgrid to promote Clixsense.

Referral Booster » Post #1

Tue Jun 03, 2014 05:58 in General Talk

I have just seen Referral Booster being advertised here on Clixsense and have signed up to it but want to know first if anyone has signed up and whether they have had much success with it?


can somebody please explain how to get referrals?? » Post #9

Thu May 22, 2014 07:34 in General Talk

Renting referrals on other sites is also a waste of time and money, most are actually 'bots' which you rent, which you have to recycle and that costs even more money! You actually end up spending more money than you earn!

I bought 25 referrals on one site and within a few days they stopped clicking... Lesson learnt!

How do you know what goes on. Not all sites are honest and genuine like Clixsense is!

And don't trust the testimonials or reports from other members about earning good money renting referrals because how do you know they are factual? Most likely they are done by the site owners themselves to boost their ratings and sales!

Wow 3 Referrals In One Day » Post #1

Sat May 17, 2014 04:59 in General Talk

For months I have been actively promoting my affiliate link, using banners and the new splashpages as well as the ordinary affiliate link and not one single referral.

Since I changed my settings, I got 3 referrals in ONE day!

And all three have already started clicking!


I just love this site...

Testing My Clixsense Account » Post #3

Wed Apr 16, 2014 16:07 in General Talk

dukuntekno wrote: maybe because i took the others :D
Quote:but it covers my bills (electricity, water and internet w/ taxes ofc), food, my caffeine & nicotine needs, and other stuff

Glad to know you making money from the others then :lol:

Thanks for making me smile!

As the saying goes 'why work for for yourself, when you can sit back and let others do it for you!' :clap:

I am a business owner » Post #3

Wed Apr 16, 2014 16:04 in General Talk

dukuntekno wrote: i suppose my earning is not as high as others (in general).
but it covers my bills (electricity, water and internet w/ taxes ofc), food, my caffeine & nicotine needs, and other stuff (domain and advertisment, even bonus for my DRs). :D

2 by dukuntekno » Today, 17:18

Quote:maybe because i took the others :D

Glad to see you benefitting from the others then :lol:

Testing My Clixsense Account » Post #1

Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:46 in General Talk

I am going to do an experiment to test if my Clixsense account has been compromised.

On average I was getting 1 referral a day, that was until 10 days ago, and I haven't got a single referral since then!

I have changed my details, changed my passwords, done different campaigns, done blogs, paid for ads at other PTCs, NOTHING! Even switched from using Mac computer to laptop.

So I am going to change my details at the library, and not log in to Clixsense for a WHOLE week. And by the end of the week I will check if I have got any referrals

If I have then I know my account has been compromised or my computer has been hacked or my ISP is not secure and someone else is getting my Clixsense referrals.

I understand that referrals can't be stolen or redirected into someone elses downline. But there is definitely a problem somewhere.

ClixGrid » Post #11

Mon Apr 14, 2014 06:11 in General Talk

Never call yourself a failure!

You are NOT a failure...

You tried, you gave it your best shot, you couldn't have done more.

Clixgrid is a game of CHANCE, not too dissimilar from the lotteries!

Failure should never be measured by your taking part or trying. Failure is giving up without even trying in the first place!

You tried, you lost, but there's always tomorrow....

No one ever got anything by giving in. It takes patience, perseverance and persistence.

Keep trying and you will win!

2nd $0.10 today from ClixGrid » Post #4

Mon Mar 24, 2014 06:49 in Success Stories

Way to Go! Let's hope your third win is a big one! (third time lucky and all that...!) :D

Spot The Mistake » Post #1

Sat Mar 22, 2014 13:25 in General Talk

It often makes me chuckle when I see what looks like professional websites, or even home-made run-of-the-mill home pages that have glaring typos!

Doesn't come across professional does it? And it always looks so amateurish, and straight away puts me off wanting to sign up.

I have just viewed an ad, here on Clixsense and straight away I spot a typo

This Allows you to simulate taboacco smoking

Can you?

Now consider the advertising is centred around 'smoking' you'd think they'd take the time and trouble to either spell check their site or find errors that stick out like the proverbial sore thumb

If you want business, you want to look professional right, and typos like this don't go down well.

What do you think?

to all user » Post #5

Tue Mar 18, 2014 07:59 in General Talk

freemoneylinks wrote:
Advertise your referral link on other PTC sites GPT and traffic exchange sites work well to.

Most Traffic Exchanges are totally flooded with Clixsense affiliate links so your chances are minimal to non-existant!

Blogs work well as do social contact forums, where you can interact with people and tell them about Clixsense and how it works.

You will find that a great deal of people who sign up think Clixsense is a quick get rich program and are sadly disappointed and you won't see them again!

That is why by taking the time at the onset to explain the program, you will have a better response. Which you can do so more with blogs and social networking sites that the run-of-the-mill affiliate page can't.

Remember also that Traffic Exchanges have timers, and most don't bother to take the time to read what you have on the lengthy affiliate link! So you need to grab people's attention in less than 3 seconds! Surfers on traffic exchanges are more interested in clocking up 1000s of pages to get their sites seen, so they are not really interested in what you have to offer! Only to rack up credits or be the top surfer of the day! These traffic exchanges should be avoided.

Remember 'quality NOT quantity'

Join clicksense team is it real? » Post #7

Mon Mar 17, 2014 16:17 in General Talk

The owners of these sites, just want people to do all the donkey work to get referrals for them. They are lazy and have no interest in helping those that join them. They bleed them dry of referrals and rub their hands with the money they are getting for not doing NOTHING!

These systems should be banned, sadly this is not possible as the internet is not policed well enough...

I totally agree with AlienMommy they are leeches (great word!) sad but very very true....
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