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Posts by splat44

Trump officially concedes victory to Biden! » Post #25

Thu Dec 10, 2020 20:33 in General Talk

Oj but when finding several documents across the web on that alone, it didn't appeared as a joke LOL

Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote: Don't you realize that is a joke video?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and it's not even April fool's yet :P

PineConeResearch is Racist » Post #8

Thu Dec 10, 2020 20:26 in General Talk

I am a panel member with them for years and just this year, I noted there too many supposed DQ surveys.

Strange, you wouldn't believe how many surveys I completed with them and for those high level of DQ didn't added up.

I know that router did have access to ysense too and same problem here.

Putting every thing together like standalone vs GTP, I suspected that company may have had an issue with my IP.

While, they send an email explaining many survey invites where ignore, thankfully they allow me to explain.

In response, I explained my suspicions on IP thing and I warn, should this continue then no one including GTP programs would want dealing with them. I also include my IP address for their investigation.

Guess what? Problem solved!

COVID-19 Vaccine Poll » Post #13

Thu Dec 10, 2020 09:50 in General Talk

There some rumors about vaccine be available in Canada but I am worries how province premiers will manage that fairly!

If we take Ontario for example, Toronto is still no fully opened and hope that premier would consider entire province at large than just one city!

Trump officially concedes victory to Biden! » Post #22

Thu Dec 10, 2020 09:43 in General Talk

Ok but I wasn't referring Canada at large but just "Alberta"

I suggest seeing below video by pressing "cc" on youtube

It's possible it was "Alberta" made a rash and unofficial decision to separate from Canada for Trump making mean comments on that country. Rest assure federal has been informed!

valerie wrote: @splat44 President Trump never said anything about Canada joining the USA. :lol:
If anything, it was the opposite.

corona » Post #20

Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:52 in General Talk

At least there some rumors about corona vaccine being available in Canada soon.

I am worry how Ontario will manage this fairly
That premier was first putting some unrealistic demand on federal by not re-opening Toronto

Trump officially concedes victory to Biden! » Post #20

Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:45 in General Talk


Trump did got me worry when speaking about possibility on Alberta Canada joining the US". If that were true then I assume he tried doing something even at the point that Biden couldn't change.

Personally, I wasn't crazy of him being president and I'm sure lots canadians thought the same. Even lots resident in my country were for his impeachment back then!

In fact I thought if him being some kind of gambler as there many casinos making references of Trum name years ago even before he go elected!

Alberta separated from Canada - now 51st state ! » Post #8

Tue Dec 01, 2020 10:15 in General Talk

In terms of Quebec referendums, I recalled 1980, the conservative leader Brian Mulroney asked entire country to vote and results were "no" and same with 2nd one!

It's strange you mention that you didn't like Liberals winning 2nd tern and by saying "Alberta separating from Canada would have been a disaster", doesn't hold as many leaders are for unity!

About not being up to Trum to decide, then why on hearth did He spoke on this?
Well, possibly he has some allies with conservatives or unknown ones

If the above is true, I would think investigations should be in order. Having conservatives as majority, would be the most damaging, imagine US taking over canada completely over and think of followings:

1) losing CAD
2) All monthly income support toward disables (provinces), including monthly GST credits and similar (provinces) by scrapped!

By voting for conservative, are all the outcomes You hope seeing? I sure hope not!

As for Trum dude is days are numbered in office!

Darkstar2 wrote:
splat44 wrote: Well I won't say this is fake but with newest elected president, that sure won't happen!

Yeah for sure not. Hopefully none of that happen sin Canada it would be a major disaster and plunge Canada in a major constitutional crisis and economic turmoil, even though there are at least 2 provinces that wanted to separate from Canada, the implications would be bad. Quebec almost won a referendum by half a percent, this made international news, their DRUNK and STONED leader blamed the loss on jews and immigrants, he resigned days later. This is the only referendum on sovereignty that occurred in Canada as far as I'm aware as it made international news. Luckily for Canada, the communist party of Quebec has scaled down over the years, though it's not impossible that one day maybe that flame will reignite, as far as Alberta or BC, I don't think these provinces will separate anytime soon from Canada, it's understandable that some provinces want to be autonomous in their decisions but the implications would be bad for Canada as a whole, certainly now is not a good time. Imagine Canada as a fragmented country, nope that would not work. Canada came very close in 1995, and even the Queen of England would have been unable to intervene and unfortunately Canada allows for socialist, communist and separatist parties to have seats in the House Of Commons.

Seeing Trump (dreamer) making such declaration, does he blame Canada for lost during recent US election?

Trump does not blame Canada for anything, Trump likes Canada, because he knows that all the illegal immigrants and terrorists will find a safe haven in Canada because they get rejected by Trump, and by his wall, so where do they go to, Canada, instead that welcomes them with open arms.......... The blame for Trump's loss is complex, Trump blames the pandemic and election fraud, he's right, BUT Trump shares some blame too unfortunately, he has not shown leadership AT ALL during this crisis and even less now - even if he did stuff in his 4 years that boosted economy and jobs and all, unfortunately, the pandemic took precedent on anything else, people tend to focus on his bad side more than the good that he did, mainly because he is outspoken and unconventional - I guess Americans prefer a softy, they better not complain then once the illegals come by the cruise ships full and terrorism rises again, similar to Obama's presidency. With Biden in power it seems his priority is GREEN ECONOMY, and SAFETY / SECURITY / NATIONAL SECURITY LAST or NONE !!!! Canada has nothing to do with his loss, Canadians can't vote, and if Canadians could vote, Trump would be the better choice, because Trump's agenda and actions are the least damaging to Canada's economy, even if he is outspoken and offends some people, he delivers results, this is what matters, with Biden, he could cause Canada to accelerate shift into the green economy (a big fraud) which will not only weaken the economy, but cost millions of jobs, equally in the US, and the prospects of war under Biden are quite high, which again would have negative implications on Canada, will a majority Republican Senate help limit the damage, hopefully, but I am worried that in 2022's mid terms, Democrats might regain Senate.

We know that Andrew Scheer conservative leader lost previous election against Liberal. It possible Mr Trump was hoping to allied with Sheer to give up Alberta! know Scheer is from US

I honestly cannot understand how the hell did the Liberal get a 2nd term amidst scandals - as far as Trump aligning with Sheer to take Alberta, I don't think so, it's not up to Trump or Sheer to decide, it's up to the people through a referendum - Alberta separating from Canada would have been a disaster........though other provinces could sure learn from Alberta and its unique income tax scheme.

By taking an example with Quebec referendum, those separatists was hoping to separate from Canada so that can keep french language years and it took two kind of referendums to put that province in its place

According to history Quebec had 2 referendums, one in 1980, where 60% voted against, which caused their leader to say that "I guess it will be for next time." Then in 1995 another referendum but this time the leader tried to scam with a biased question and making think Quebec would vote for a sovereignty with partnership with Canada - with this scam, they managed to get 49.5 of the votes, so I guess you could say it came quite close, luckily for Canada it didn't happen.......ever since it seems the idea went on the back burner, you don't hear much talk about separation across Canada, their communist, anarchist and separatist party has lost support over the years, so much that support even for the party itself is weak let alone sovereignty, but the problem is Quebec is plagued by one incompetent government after another, and Quebec in theory is bilingual, some of the cities inside the province which should normally be french, are mostly anglophone according to statistics, this is what fuels the movement for sovereignty I guess, there is so much hypocrisy from some provinces who constantly whine about the federal government, not realising that the federal Governments sends a lot of money back to the poorest provinces, and Quebec being one of those, imagine if a province separates from Canada, the is the respective province going to be self sufficient on infrastructure, health, and other programs that are otherwise funded by the Federal Government, it's insane, it's more based on a movement of ignorant anarchists and a troubled pot smoking youth who are ungrateful spoiled little brats. I believe this movement was fueled by a De Gaule character (that arrogant bloke who should have stayed in France instead of planting the seeds of anarchy in Canada), this is what fueled the separatist movement in Canada. I don't think any country should impose their separatist shite in Canada, and whilst it's true that the constitution is flawed in some ways and confederation is not perfect, nobody thinks a divided Canada would be any better, be it Alberta, BC, or Quebec.

Would it matter to the US if Alberta or Quebec separated, I don't know, I don't think so, I think Canada is more reliant on the US than anything else........Would the US recognise Alberta or Quebec or BC as a country, eventually yes, would other countries ? That's a big question mark....the only difference is that the sovereign province would deal under their own accord with other countries, so other countries would have to deal with both a broken Canada and the sovereign provinces, what a bloody mess that would be !!! I dunno why Canada puts up with this shite. Imagine if United States allowed for separatist parties like that and individual states threatened to separate from the country. So for example you'd have the country of Texas, California would be its own country, etc, imagine a fragmented United States where some states are their own countries - I don't think any President would put up with this, and certainly not Trump :D

Only in Canada do we put up with this whole crap, be it illegal immigrants, terrorists, separatists, Canada is a safe haven for criminals in general - the same criminals that get away easy would get death penalty or life without parole in America !

But at least in Canada you don't end up with million $ hospital bills, BUT you must be prepared to wait 96 hours in the emergency waiting room to be triaged, or 3 years to get a F****** MRI or other important tests, or 36 months to be assigned a family doctor, etc. Some claim that this is a worthy sacrifice to save millions of $ in debt.

Alberta separated from Canada - now 51st state ! » Post #4

Mon Nov 30, 2020 09:29 in General Talk

Well I won't say this is fake but with newest elected president, that sure won't happen!

Seeing Trump (dreamer) making such declaration, does he blame Canada for lost during recent US election?

We know that Andrew Scheer conservative leader lost previous election against Liberal. It possible Mr Trump was hoping to allied with Sheer to give up Alberta! know Scheer is from US

By taking an example with Quebec referendum, those separatists was hoping to separate from Canada so that can keep french language years and it took two kind of referendums to put that province in its place

Is Daily rewards ripping of members? » Post #8

Tue Nov 17, 2020 07:45 in General Talk

Ok but there few program have additional verification like login code send by email!

1) When login into account, would be ask providing code received by email (it's important making sure email server is active)

Those that don't want an actual cell number, there some free or paid virtual numbers that suppots SMS read those term before.

Are there members here that using those virtual things?
May want commenting.

valerie wrote:
dutch1898 wrote: Been a long time member of Daily Rewards and have over 20 in my account.
They keep asking for verification using mobile phone and you can not use
landlines. Like me there are still many that use not mobile phones.
I made a request to the admin and noticed there are many others with
that problem and not getting answers. Are there members here that have
that same problem?

Are you referring to InBoxDollars?

Many programs are doing verification by way of mobile phones now since that is what
most people use today. It can be a helpful way for them to weed out cheaters.

You said you did contact them so they will probably manually verify it for you.

Country That’s Never Had an Election » Post #16

Mon Nov 16, 2020 08:58 in General Talk

I question on what tasman1 said about "head of the state"

What was he referring in terms of election?
"head of the state", I hope that doesn't mean being above all authorities!

Look at the behavior Mr Trum shown towards judge rejecting his fraud claim during election, he seems not showing any respects as one the Canadian provincial premier has shown!

Good gosh golly and holly smokes! » Post #27

Fri Nov 13, 2020 07:09 in General Talk

My goodness! Thankfully they didn't carry rabies!

They are cute though!

Cuenta de PayPal » Post #4

Thu Nov 12, 2020 18:50 in Soporte General y Pagos

¿No puedes tampoco hablar con ellos por teléfono?
Si su número de teléfono está incluido en su PayPal, entonces llamar no será un problema, ¡pero pueden aplicarse llamadas de larga distancia! Es posible que solo EE. UU. y Canadá puedan usar esa ruta

Para llamarlos por teléfono, su teléfono de PayPal ya debe estar en la lista antes

Lockdown » Post #64

Sat Nov 07, 2020 10:07 in General Talk


In terms of social assistance, I was referring to What political candidates stand on "social Programs" for under privileges like?:

providing financial assistance for shelter, food, education, basic needs and ect...

In term of free education as I previously explained on post #33

Is simply those self interest courses without forcing under privileges attending long hours of lectures.

I do admit I took a photography and photoshop course twice under "Discover University" program in my country and city.
Those kind of courses are just certificate program and not full fledged degree courses.

I was a bit weary of attending those lectures but it in reality it turned out to be hand-on!

Aftermath of courses, would great for hobbies or even freelancing.

I am sure those under privileges from US would appreciate that!

Lockdown » Post #33

Fri Nov 06, 2020 08:35 in General Talk

Where does political parties stand on social assistance benefit in US for under privileges?

I know in my country and city offer free universities courses for under privileges like:

  1. Photographic/photoshop
  2. religion
  3. ect...

Those coourses are made possible due churches, individual donors and teachers

I don't know if US has that in place but think would be a good suggest to implement.

Lockdown » Post #12

Thu Nov 05, 2020 09:25 in General Talk

Totally agree!

China is the real verdict!

I applaud Canada for having a stricter rule for those entering country without some sort of form, otherwise a fine will take place!

Darkstar2 wrote:
Nikorj wrote: On the other hand we have 3 tiny islands with NO!! Corona cases, So pack your bags ;)

ahaha don't give people any ideas, this pandemic started all because of travelers, mostly from Europe, China and US :D

And you wanna know what's ironic, now China wants to block travel, since it claims it has kept this pandemic under control in the country, they want to be very careful, how ironic - They should have done this when their bat virus started in Wuhan, they should have taken measures to block travel then, and for tourists, impose a mandatory 14 days quarantine and testing before they can travel out, if China had done that, we would not be in this MISERABLE pandemic. China is responsible, this is GENOCIDE and GLOBAL MURDER - nearly 50 million infections and over 1 million death, even China's own people denounce the crooked regime within, a government that does not give a shit about their own people, many Chinese people here and in the rest of the world talk against China's regime, so the problem is China's government, not people - and the irony now is that China has this pandemic under control, in its own country where it started. As to Sweden, this is the consequence of people getting a false sense of security that there are little to no cases and that the virus is gone - so they start lowering their guards and ignoring proper measures. The virus will ALWAYS remain, it will never completely disappear, ever, until collective immunity is reached, which could take years, or maybe it won't ever be down to 0, even with a vaccine.

As far as the Minks, well there goes the fur coat industry but who cares, this will teach a lesson to man kind to stop murdering and torturing animals and leave them be. People can live without fur coats, they can wear toilet paper instead, why the hell do they need a fur coat for ? To show off their "status" ?

In Canada too we had 0 cases because we have a clueless CLOWN running things who did not shut the borders and travel, mandating compulsory testing and quarantine upon entry, our government is too afraid to take decisions that may infringe on people's freedom, freedom my arse ! Canada and USA were both negligent in taking this virus seriously, and as a result, travelers brought the virus to America. The first case in Canada is alleged to come from a traveler coming from Iran, but most of the cases in Canada come from US travelers. So what is Biden gonna do now, he better keep those borders shut tight, we don't want ANYBODY coming in this country from the US unless they are tested, traced and mandatory quarantined for 10 days. We all know how Biden likes to keep the doors wide open, what's he gonna do with that wall now, hmmmm, how many illegals voted for Biden in this election,!

Day11- $0.05 only bad day » Post #5

Sun Jul 12, 2020 09:50 in Success Stories

Earned $0.05 today too!

Does ysense hope and expects members signing up with their casino offers from Ysense offers and becoming gambling addicts?

We sure didn't see that on clixsense!

For shame for what this program became at this stage!

ySense and the Rippling Process of Culmination » Post #15

Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:30 in General Talk

I agree!

Ysense should have kept those stand alone surveys clixsense had!

Not to mention tremendous bug here!

Right on! Ysense earning is way lower and more so during outbreak

Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote: ClixSense would not have been much different than it is now.

For the last several months in CS, all members did was complain, mostly about reversals!
The surveys were going to lower rewards.

Mhm, but even if you account the reversals, we had better of everything - more surveys, more routers, more opportunity to earn, even in the months CS was declining, it was still far better than the garbage we have TODAY, 10 bloody months later on ySense.

Yeah some surveys were going to lower rewards BUT there were MORE.......

The first 3 months on this site were better than I imagined, I mean not record breakers, but still, NOW it has reached all time lows, it's crazy. Since this company operates multiple site it is obviously rationing surveys big time. CS did not have a bias with surveys, on this site, there is a huge bias, sine Prodege owns and operates multiple sites.
CS had more routers, CS had a long list of survey invites, so many you could not always go through them all in one day..YEAH there were reversals, screenouts, other issues, but earnings were better - and Jim would NEVER leave a router active if it were not paying for whatever reason - This site, silently left members in the cold by leaving Toluna active knowing they were not paying ! gambling on the notion that members will be paid eventually, it worked out, but only after members raised hell, never did the admin of this site warn members that there were issues. I hope you can see that CS and ySense are 2 different worlds and 2 different methods of operation - it's just that we were misled and lied to, that we were to expect big changes, and more earning opportunities, where all we get are puny little offer walls most of which have paid offers and long winded quizes!

It's mostly these surveys across the board that is lowering the reward amounts, not just

You said you were a volunteer right ? Because if I didn't know better I'd say you are praising the site, it is perfect, flawless, we have tons of work here we cannot sleep...... etc. I am active every single bloody day here and I keep digging and digging, the same way I did on CS, and my earnings have fallen flat, am I lazy ? What about others here who noticed the same situation I have ? Are we all just at fault ? Lowering rewards is one thing, the issue is that we have less of everything here.

Recently I noticed a small increase in the amount of survey invites, that's a good thing, unfortunately earnings remain very VERY low now, down to low 2 digits per month, never before seen, and it is here to stay. But yeah I hope to see more survey invites on the list and earnings get back to somehow normal-ish, though whatever happens here nothing will come even close to CS - in my opinion this site has destroyed CS' legacy - bad support and not having the same routers as CS did.

when are they going to remove this ATROCIOUS router specturm something, 8 cents for 30 minutes.
What about Samplicious, they removed it for some countries even though it was available on CS and the highest paid on CS.

Why do we get less SSI now, why don't I see Toluna invites where others are getting them, why why why,
What about Pollfish stand alone, in offer walls they pay 8 bloody cent, this site now is the LOWEST paid rewards site in the industry. Why not use stand alone routers instead of those in offer walls which pay a fraction!!!! On another site PF pays 39c or more, why not have the stand alone PF router here, that would be a good way to earn from quick polls. Why not offer the stand alone Theorem and stand alone TAP research instead of the puny, crummy old offer walls, so people could earn more money........ Don't forget your roots Valerie, you know very well that CS was the king of GPT, and will always be the king of GPT and this site for now, 10 months later, does not come close to CS, sadly, it is declining. Go read all the complaints about SB, how they have declined as well, so yeah I'd gladly go back in time dealing with reversals and other shortcomings, if it means 80% higher earnings.

Can I borrow your time machine ? :mrgreen:

Coronavirus Cure 100%....tasman1 » Post #24

Thu May 21, 2020 08:16 in General Talk

True COVID19 is not precursor to the end of times!
I got a bit worry when you mentioned possibly for scientist to include some chips within COVID vaccines your other comment. Those chips aren't meant as a cure!

I know in Canada there way less negative news and seem seeing light of end of tunnel.

Darkstar2 wrote:
chandramohanancc wrote: This pandemic will be with us for 2or more years even if medicines or vaccines are developed .it will undergo genetic mutation and turn dangerous than this.As most holy books have conveyed humans are at the borderline of destruction

Well there is somehow a bit of fake news and fear mongering about this virus though - Whilst it IS true this virus will remain with us for years to come possibly forever, it does not necessarily mean that we are going to remain in pandemic and the crisis itself last for years - What will last years are cases, BUT hopefully it will be contained and treatable. Finding effective treatments and temporary patches is likely and possible long before a vaccine.

Proof of concept - Influenza is with us now and remains, it kills far more people than COVID19, killing over half a million a year - despite a vaccine because even the vaccine is nowhere near 100% effective, no vaccines are, that does not include all the other recurring viruses, now the problem is that covid19 is more virulent and infectious , if they can somehow "contain" and significantly reduce spread (cases) declining the curve and keeping it low and stable, then covid19 could become just another addition to other viruses in society, and maybe it will eventually become a seasonal thing hopefully not as atrocious as what we have now, as more people become cured (most do) more monoclonal antibodies are produced - so this means that whilst the risk from covid19 will never quite disappear, much like the Flu, at least it will be treatable, temporarily, giving you a few months to a year of immunity. For COVID19 it will likely be the same, you might require seasonal vaccination eventually as permanent immunity to this is NOT possible, much like with the Flu.

COVID19 is NOT in my opinion a precursor to the end of times - we have a long way to go, and events to come that will make this pandemic look like a walk in the park. One thing for sure this virus will change life as we know it, no people are not going to stay locked up for years, but to keep deaths and spread at a low, people will have to stop being wankers and follow some proper hygiene, distancing and wear the proper protection when distancing is not possible. Look at Sweden, they did not lock up and yet they have done very well, why ?Because people there are disciplined and follow the gd rules, SIMPLE rules and respect for others - LOCKING DOWN is NOT the solution, Sweden proved it - it is proper discipline. The virus cannot continue spreading if people don't give it a channel........Remember, it is PEOPLE spreading the virus, people can easily put a stop to this shit in a matter of a month or so if they follow the gd rules - People think that just because they have no symptoms they don'T have COVID19, where now we know that majority of spreads are from asymptomatic people !!!! So everyone should pretend they are infected and RESPECT others, to avoid spreading it. SO you can either do like COMMUNIST China and hurl people into confinement in a forceful way OR do like Sweden rely on society's good manners. Unfortunately, option #2 cannot work in Western world due to the selfish, me-myself-and-I attitude !

Is Paypal working for Indians » Post #16

Thu May 14, 2020 11:02 in General Talk

Although you said just India members can reply, sorry that won't happen as you're refusing other members feedback!

Paypal still operates in your country. I sure didn't read any recent news that contradict that!

Yes, Pm might said purchase locally but how members do so without receiving from paypal?

I'm sure that most PM from various countries say the same but has no bearings towards pay processors!

I hope that clear a bit?

sonyjmn wrote: This is for Indian members

can you able to withdraw through Paypal

Yesterday PM said Go local

Paypal is an International brand so are you able to cash out

I have 21.88 balance waiting for 50 or 25 then will withdraw

please do reply Indian members only


Canada’s first COVID-19 mobile contact-tracing app » Post #41

Fri May 08, 2020 17:21 in General Talk

I know about Revelation and it was in that context I said chip being tracking that!
That have in the work for years. I read a comments that chip is small as grain.

If you read Relelation 14:9-11:
"A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.”

That Mark in that context and according many scholar, it refers to that chip

I am not saying more than that.

Darkstar2 wrote:
splat44 wrote: Obviously chips notion has to be BS as they are being uses as tracking and in finance (debit/credit cards). Certainly not as sickness cures!

I guess, however, keep in mind we have the technology and it is not the first time that leaders discuss the prospect of using implanted chips to track criminals, sex offenders and for other uses, so once a discussion about the issue is started, anything is possible. Also if you are Catholic and read the bible and follow the Revelations, and compare with what's happening now, and in the recent years, it is stunningly accurate. If you have read the section on the mark of the beast, one can interpret it as being chipped. Of course every person can interpret things their own way, there is no absolute,
BUT it's interesting nonetheless. This whole theory about injecting tracking chips with vaccine did not just come out of thin air - it appears that some big money interests have shown their interest in such technology, including Bill Gate$....

So the good news for Windows lovers, your new tracking chip will run on Windows - Sorry Linux and Mac users :P :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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