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My Last Payment Today » Post #1

Thu Jul 14, 2016 09:21 in Payment Proofs

Hello ClixSense Staff and Fellows.

Here the payment proof on what I've received now. Maybe my third or fourth time. On that I'm grateful to ClixSense and hope next time to be here as an upgraded fellow. Now waiting another fellow who now is my so associated Sponsor offer results.

Renewed regards.

Hello Guys » Post #3

Mon Jun 13, 2016 18:35 in Member Introduction

Improve your best as well and be happy in one of the most if not the most among the best PTC services...!

Presentation » Post #4

Tue Jun 07, 2016 19:05 in Member Introduction

Hello Teresa! Welcome! Thanks for introduction!
I'm from Brazil and working ClixSense and other online services since around 2 years. ClixSense is no doubt a highlight! Just recommended!
Kind compliments,
Tarcisio S. Salles!

Is it really easy to earn money? » Post #10

Mon May 23, 2016 19:00 in Your Stats

Easy money only by heritage or so much luck as meeting a diamond or gold mine, ok?! However, it's workable in a smart way here. From that there are some people earning good monthly incomes after some time of work!

hi » Post #6

Sun May 22, 2016 18:58 in Member Introduction

Welcome! Clixsense is just a good service where you can earn gratifying incomes! Learn and work it as well and harvest!

Regards from Kenya » Post #12

Wed Apr 20, 2016 18:55 in Member Introduction

You did a perfect step to have web incomes! You can really achieve US$3,000.00+ month here!
Learn all instructions, be regular, do the best you can and harvest the results!

Hello I'm new » Post #12

Thu Mar 31, 2016 20:00 in Member Introduction

Hello! Welcome!

If you don't have any Sponsor and is linked directly to ClixSense owners, only accept invitations to move your account to a new sponsor under promise of upgrade if you could wait time according concerning productivity evaluation parameters. Otherwise, work ClixSense as well and be happy!

Regards from Venezuela » Post #3

Wed Mar 09, 2016 17:55 in Member Introduction

Welcome from a brazilian fellow, Elia!

Clixsense is really a strong service! Success for you too!

Premium downline » Post #5

Sat Mar 05, 2016 14:14 in Your Stats


Glad to know and hoping to be one more within few days...!

Have a nice Saturday evening and a peer Sunday...!

Tarefas » Post #3658

Sun Feb 28, 2016 17:14 in Portuguese

Obrigado pelas referência, prezado Tiago! Valeu!

Forte abraço!

Tarcísio S. Salles

ClixGrid won :) » Post #2

Fri Feb 26, 2016 15:48 in Success Stories

Nice surprise! Just gratifying!

completed 900 referrals now » Post #17

Thu Feb 25, 2016 14:58 in Success Stories

Your answer on how did you achieve it is just rich!
Best wishes!

Building Premium Downline » Post #22

Mon Feb 22, 2016 15:37 in Member Introduction

Hello Yaseen! Then you're from India! I have some friends there! Some few ones only!

Well, here to do daily tasks visiting Forum as possible from my options, and now seeing your posting just good!

As you're seeing, I'm working as my best. Just considering my time and hoping in your offer! No doubt I believe we'll commemorate yours by so long time! With good harvests!

Best regards,


My Second Payout - Payment Proof » Post #1

Wed Nov 18, 2015 14:46 in Payment Proofs

Today I've received my second ClixSense payment and here is its payment proof. I hope to be upgraded just soon.

My First Payment (Payment Proof) » Post #1

Thu May 21, 2015 17:03 in Payment Proofs

Thanks to Board. Hoping to be an upgraded one soon.
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