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Posts by chrystalia

Just When I Thought I couldn't get more Embarassed » Post #1

Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:25 in General Talk

So, I made the mistake of looking at the local source of propaganda in my home city of Tucson AZ, and discover that a pack of Idiots had attempted to bribe Amazon to locate their second headquarters here--



1.Saguaros are a protected species, as they grow only here in the southern part of Arizona and the northern part of Mexico. It takes a huge pile of permits to move a young one from one side of a yard to the other.

2. Where were the Departments Of Agriculture for AZ, the same for Washington State, and the feds? Washington State has highly restrictive laws about importing non native plants, and for good reason--as do we. And Saguaros have developed some sort of virus in the last few decades.

3. Saguaros grow only an inch to an inch and a half EVERY TEN YEARS. That means this particular specimen was likely a new sprout WHEN OUR FOUNDERS WERE STILL ALIVE. I live here, up to my eyeballs in the danged things, and if ANYONE in the "real" world even breathes on one of the oldest ones, it's a pile of fines. To try and move one brings down a mob of screaming tree huggers--yet not this time, despite the fact they had (somehow) procured not only an extremely valuable specimen, they somehow got the permits to carry it across multiple state lines, to a place where it would die. SO WHERE THE HECK ARE THE TREE HUGGERS WHEN YOU NEED THEM?

4. IF Amazon had been insane enough to accept this "gift", it could only have been planted inside in an totally controlled environment (an expensive one), and it would have cost them a passel of money to keep it alive were it possible to do so.

Wow, what an amazing idea--convince a company to relocate to your city by sending them a very valuable "gift" that will cost them a ton of money and aggravation, flouting and bypassing a mountain of environmental and agricultural regulations, and possibly transporting exotic plant diseases out of your state and into theirs--one that will then likely die by inches no matter how much money they throw art it.

Now THAT is an excellent metaphor for what happens to businesses that move to Tucson/Pima County: The permitting costs a ton of money and aggravation. IF you throw enough money at the permitting process--or the lunatic government likes you--mountains of regulations and restrictions get conveniently ignored, for a time at least. OR--they don't. Depends on who and what you are. And with the steadily increasing theft by regulation and taxation we have here, your business will die by inches.....


Fortunately, saner heads prevailed in Seattle at Amazon Headquarters, and they "regifted" the saguaro to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the local museum/zoo dedicated to all things in the Sonora Desert--along with many others far older. There are saguaros there that were alive when COLUMBUS arrived in the "New World".

But a warning to Amazon--the fun ain't over yet. The Tucson group of idiots is plotting another attempt, and Phoenix/maricopa county is plotting as well (and they are even more idiotic than their associates HERE are).

But at least we might get rid of Flake next election, and with any luck Mc Cain will retire or something, or get voted out.

The end of the world is sept 23,2017 » Post #11

Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:00 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: If Nibiru hit us on 23/09 it will be hit on South Pole

Tasmania is very close to North Pole

That will be ......adios tasman1 , you are history , please finish all my surveys and share my acc balance here to all members
I will drink coffee with St Peter and wait for you to come , so We can finish all CixSense projects

I could have sworn Tasmania was by the SOUTH Pole... how odd ;-). I am hoping for an eternity of Diet Coke to go with my Clixsense Projects....

But meanwhile I am looking forward to seeing the news on September 24th. The only thing more entertaining than archiving end of the world causes and conspiracy/end times theories is archiving the excuses when none of them happen *chuckle*. Perhaps i should commission a survey on end times theories and post it as an offer, see who is betting on what!

Just Curious about Payza » Post #16

Tue Sep 19, 2017 21:44 in General Talk

At the moment I have payza marked, but I am really not liking them, and check isn't a good option for me (as I just lost yet another bank account to doxxing, third doxxing in 2 years *sigh*).

The tango is sounding like the best option, especially if I can get a physical card. Glad to see people in here recommending it.

New clixsense. » Post #12

Tue Sep 19, 2017 21:40 in General Talk

from an advertising point of view I miss the clixgrid--it has really been useful over the years. From every other view--I had to take a few months off due to crises offline. I come back, find this--and so far, I like this new format. I had already been doing the PTCs and grid just to fulfill the checklist and to see and track new trends in programs, but heading to the offers for the earnings.

But dang, all of the data I gathered through the years tracking product trends and figuring out what the next hot income opp would be by ad count will be missed. I hate having to find other ways to choose new income opps to concentrate on (SIGH). Used to be nice to be able to start research on a new ebook weeks or months before the subject became "hot", so when a client came running wanting a product to match the new fad the work was already done. The days of over delivering well before due dates are OVER.

Crud. Now I might have to actually work at research....

The end of the world is sept 23,2017 » Post #9

Tue Sep 19, 2017 21:30 in General Talk

So how many wingtoshi are in 1 stpeterscoin? and do they have a faucet where I can earn some?

I swear, I love my friends, but if I have to deal with one more frantic inquiry about the latest disaster due next week

(Kim Jung Un is going to Nuke Mt Ranier to cause the Cascadia Subduction zone and the entire ring of fire to go off at once, and the radiation will of course be spread over the entire world--from one warhead. I didn't even know where to begin explaining the problems with that plan, so sent the guy to Reddit), I may well stay offline entirely until the 24th or 25th.

With Mexico City racked with earthquakes, a whole string of hurricanes tracking in the wake of the last ones, and everything else going on, I believe we already have more than enough actual worries.


Besides, if the world really does end the 23rd, at least I won't have to fight with the internet company over a credit for the almost 10 days my service was inaccessible this month due to the city...

Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #12

Tue Sep 19, 2017 20:24 in General Talk


For those interested in the science re quakes, here it goes: . Picture a water bed. Now, picture what happens if you slap one part of the water bed. RIPPLES.

NOW--Picture taking a group of those big foam puzzle pieces that kids have, the kind of puzzle that is floor sized. NOW, out a group of them together, and place in the center of the waterbed, and SQUEEZE the mattress, then release.

THAT IS PLANET EARTH. A liquid sphere, solid core, jointed solid surface rotating at 1200+ mile per hour at the equator-- and when that happens, the Earth "breathes", it expands and contracts by a few feet. The liquid itself sloshes around and has a tidal effect, the moon also has a tidal effect on the liquid under the crust in addition to the oceans, which we see of course. All kinds of stuff pulls on the earth, and on those tectonic plates. If you take two puzzle pieces of any kind in your hands, and push them against each other, you can see them twist and then bend under the pressure. Earth gets alot more than that.. And this causes millions of tiny quakes a day--the breathing. The Big ones come because the stretch and shrinking causes those puzzle pieces to shift and move under and over each other, or slide along each other, and sometimes--the pressure snaps like a bursting balloon, there's a BIG stress release...and there you have it.

And that quake is the BIG SLAP on the top of the mattress, which sends ripples around the ring of fire that edges the entire pacific. Which can cause a chain of smaller quakes, or suboceanic quakes, or volcanic activity. Or it might cause another area under severe stress to snap.

With any luck, these big ones don't set off other big ones. I certainly do feel sorry for anyone caught in a big one. I think part of the reason the hurricanes get more attention is because instead of hitting one megalopolis and causing 100 deaths, they are tearing up entire islands and states, and impacting millions. Look at St Martin, it's hell on earth there right now....

Ever since all this absolutely natural weather and the quakes started, my facebook has been overloaded with frantic people scaring other people with inaccurate, or utterly false BS. Now the world may indeed be ending next week. If that is the case, there is likely nothing we can do about it--so I live every day as though it is my last anyway.

And as it happens, I have already added Mexico to my personal donation list for the week. Beyond that there isn't much I can do, unfortunately. But in the end, there are tins of things that happen every day that NEVER make the news. Bear in mind last year, when Gatlinberg burned 2 weeks before Christmas, that fire had already been going 2 WEEKS and eaten 85,000 acres of the southeast... Which never made the big news....

Hi all! » Post #2

Mon Jun 19, 2017 13:41 in Member Introduction

Hi, and Welcome!

This is the best site of its type, and I'm sure you'll find it very rewarding :-). USA, Arizona, Tucson here. I've been a member for as long as I can remember LOL.

Enjoy, and happy clicking!

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #43

Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:45 in General Talk

valerie wrote: @chrystalia I have a lot of yarn but not a huge amount. I have several tote bags full. I made several orders, to say the least, back a few years ago. My intent was to make granny squares in various colors and make 3 bed cover throws for each of my children. I need to get back to that. I had told myself if I make just one granny square a day, which would only take a few minutes, that in 30 days, I would have 30 granny squares. Guess how many granny squares I have?

I will tell you. One. I have only made one.

LOL--I have several tote bags full of completed granny squares, actually--when I get to the end of a skein of yarn I use the last to make a square. I do the same with any tiny balls of scrap yarn that I get in thrift shop/yard sale purchases. The thrift shops in my area often get donations of partial skeins of yarn, and they'll bag yp a pound or two of yarn in plastic bags and sell it that way. Sometimes there are tiny balls of leftovers in those.

I just never get around to joining my squares into anything...HMMMM. Maybe I should drag those bags out, and start joining squares while doing the Websites Explorer under clixoffers.

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #35

Tue Oct 18, 2016 02:55 in General Talk

Yarn. Well--other craft supplies too...and odd shaped bottles... But mostly Yarn. At the moment I have an entire floor to ceiling bookshelf (custom built by the other half)--1 foot deep, 6 ft wide, 8 ft tall, full of yarn of all kinds. Plus 2 stacks of the 72 Qt sterlite/rubbermaid containers.

And that's just inside. Out in the shed another 6 or 8 sterlite/rubbermaids....

Oh, and I also have about 150 dried gourds, all ready to be cleaned and decorated.

And probably a 1/2 a cord of dried seasoned mesquite waiting to be carved.

And then there is last year's 4 point buck skull, cleaned and ready to be scrimshawed, inlaid with semi-precious stones, and the horns leafed....

But I'll get to that when it speaks to me. I have to wait for the mesquite, gourds and skulls to speak to me--otherwise they get messed up. That's the way it is with stone also--anything organic, so to speak. I leave it around, and contemplate it occasionally.

And then one day--POOOF! I see what is waiting inside to come out, and HOW it wants to be expressed. Then it's just a matter of "tracing" (sort of, but not quite) what I see.

Thank goodness it happens like that, because without that special "vision", for lack of a better word, I can barely draw stick figures LOL.

The same thing happens with dried fungi--those flat ones like large plates that grow out of pine trees. When dried and wood burned, they can be really cool.

But I promised my other half NO MORE YARN until I used some up. SO--I made a bathroom set-- a copy of one I saw online that was hand crocheted in some village somewhere--fair trade, organic cotton, etc.--that cost over 350.00! for a crocheted cotton bathroom set--tank cover, lid cover, and bathmat. Not even curtains to match--so I designed my own curtains, and am finishing them up now :-).

I am also crocheting a set of curtains for my office window, and then will start on curtains/throw pillows.etc. for the living room.....

Hoping to get referrals » Post #12

Fri Oct 14, 2016 07:56 in General Talk

I get referrals locally by putting flyers on grocery store bulletin boards LOL.

Tell your friend this:

1. Clixsense does not offer rental referrals. ANY site that offers rental refs is not legitimate, PERIOD--it's a math thing.

2. A lone clicker--someone with no refs--can make enough in 3 months to buy the one type of upgrade. This is the litmus test for a legitimate site that doesn't give free advertising or random referrals with upgrades--another math thing.

3. Other than any cash out fees, there are NO fees associated with earning or anything else, unlike the sites that charge you for renting refs, dropping rented refs, recycling rented refs, multi-level upgrades where you have to upgrade more to have more rental refs.

4. Clixsense does NOT limit your referrals at all. Sites that limit your referrals are NOT legitimate sites, PERIOD.

Given these facts, there is literally no valid reason why your friend shouldn't join, as it costs them nothing to do so. Heck, only ONE of my active refs is upgraded, yet many earn more than me month after month, because they like the crowdflower and other tasks that I don't do LOL.

nothing to do here... » Post #6

Wed Oct 05, 2016 04:31 in General Talk

You guys must be an alternate universe. I'm here in the USA and have more than enough, daily, without going near the surveys. Heck, the last several days I clicked 200+ ads per day along with a bunch of the websites explorer.

Oh, well--back to clicking and earning with Valerie and everyone else who's doing so at the moment :-)

Very Good Day » Post #2

Thu Jun 23, 2016 13:26 in Success Stories


I am at 5.02 so far for today--having amazing luck on the surveys and the website explorer today ;-)

This is the best website anywhere for earning :-)

Amazing run of Luck on Peanut Lab Surveys! » Post #1

Thu Jun 23, 2016 09:21 in Success Stories

I'm in shock--completed 3 in a row on peanut labs, got a total of 2.33!

For some reason, I have been getting really lucky with the peanut labs surveys, but none of the others lately. go figure


Tue Dec 22, 2015 14:22 in Success Stories

Wow--what a day!

Won 10 cents and 5 extra chances on the click grid

completed FIVE--yes, FIVE surveys!!!!!! WOOHOO!

Granted, 3 were peanut labs--but I am the luckiest with them for some reason. Got a lot of commerical rating surveys the last week or so, which is cool with me.

Many thanks to our admin for the great Christmas gift--I am going to be really rockin Clixsense the next week LOL.


Chipotle Cheesy Pull Apart Bread :-) » Post #10

Sat Dec 12, 2015 21:05 in General Talk

I don't know if you get them either--but about 3 times a year I'll end up doing one that gets cat food or cat littler. Once early this year I got some cat toys to test--weird sort of "mice" made of sheep fleece, that you open up and fill with loose catnip.

My cats were not impressed LOL--they prefer an old sock filled with catnip, with a knot tied in it. We get a lot of surveys here in the USA, and I manage to complete a few each week--though I have more luck with some survey companies than others.

Chipotle Cheesy Pull Apart Bread :-) » Post #8

Sat Dec 12, 2015 02:01 in General Talk

Hey, the cats are happy, I'm happy LOL. I got a big box of the fresh step extreme when it first came out, and it works so danged well it's all I use now--and thanks to the fresh step rewards program, I get coupons for it all the time.

I have started making a habit of sharing the recipe videos and other interesting ads on my Facebook page, and tweeting them--and I have bought products from a few websites I found here, and when I do that, I make it a point to contact them and tell them I found them here.

I figure the more we do like that--the more ads they'll buy.

Chipotle Cheesy Pull Apart Bread :-) » Post #6

Fri Dec 11, 2015 21:00 in General Talk

I manage to score a sample product to try about once a month or month and a half--the last one was for cat food (canned). My cats were happy :-).

The last one for me was some really amazing hair treatment serum--smelled fantastic, left my hair so soft and shiny!

Chipotle Cheesy Pull Apart Bread :-) » Post #1

Fri Dec 11, 2015 01:38 in General Talk

After clicking on this ad who knows how many times in the last week--I finally decided to try it. I didn't eat any (can't eat chipotle) but my family did, and they loved it.

So, I got to thinking--how many of us end up trying the recipes, decorating tips, exercises or whatever we see in these ads? I know I have more than once, just wondered how many others do. At the very least I usually share the ones that look cool on my Facebook.

How about it, Clixsense community? How have you supported our advertisers?

hello » Post #3

Fri Nov 06, 2015 21:27 in Member Introduction

Hello, and Welcome!

Finaly! i won ClixGrid » Post #7

Thu Jul 02, 2015 02:26 in Success Stories


I just won a quarter--Overall, I have won about 2.00 after clicking about 7,000 times *sigh*.

Here's hoping we both get lucky again soon!
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