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Old Shark Movie - Red Water » Post #9

Tue Oct 26, 2021 07:15 in General Talk

Darkstar2, 4 out of 5 on Prime.

It really is one of the better shark movies because it focus more on the plot and has Lou in it.

It's about a guy experienced in oil rigs and he quit when there was an explosion that killed some of his crew.
He instead has a fishing boat, divorced, and in debt. There's some gangsters that recently got out of prison,
after a sunken chest full of money. Meanwhile, there is a shark eating people. :lol:

Other than the Jaws movies, Red Water is a decent movie due to the cast and plot.

China Kiss Australia.....tasman1 » Post #62

Mon Oct 25, 2021 06:49 in General Talk

Darkstar2 you said no one could win against China.

:lol: I laughed out loud as I envisioned Chinese air craft flying above with cheap propellers
falling off, engines falling into the ocean, batteries with acid oozing from them floating in the
clouds, and small bobbing head toys leering at the enemy.

China Kiss Australia.....tasman1 » Post #60

Sun Oct 24, 2021 21:21 in General Talk

I used the shampoo that morning before I had my hair cut that same day. :oops:

Old Shark Movie - Red Water » Post #3

Sun Oct 24, 2021 21:15 in General Talk

A 4 rating is good.

China Kiss Australia.....tasman1 » Post #57

Sun Oct 24, 2021 07:19 in General Talk

Finesse is two s
Nexxus is two x

I have never used Finesse and it no longer exists anyway.

My point is, I forgot the name of the shampoo that I have used for years that has the sound of two s.

Say it aloud. Finesse and then say Nexxus.

See how my brain played a trick on me?

I had not thought of the shampoo I never used 'Finesse' in years if ever but there it was out of my
brain because it had two s and was prominent in the s. Whereas Nexxus has two x but is also prominent in the s.

That incident is actually a very cool and real analogy of how our brain works when
we get older and attempt to think of something we can't recall.

Hilarious! » Post #3

Sun Oct 24, 2021 06:57 in General Talk

Hollywood Squares was very popular and so much so that it came on at night too.

He was a very funny guy and no cussing or vulgarity. He could make jokes on the fly every time.

3 jabs today » Post #25

Sat Oct 23, 2021 06:18 in General Talk

Yes, and here in the USA the age to retire is increasing.

For many years full retirement was age 62 but that is no longer true. I retired at age 62
but for me, full retirement was age 65. Also, if I had waited even longer after age 65, my
funds would have increased even more.

I don't agree with how they do social security by age in the USA but that is the way it works.

I imagine it would be long and people will not have the opportunity to retire at age 62.

It's not just about age but also about money. The longer they can get people to wait for
retirement, the more money goes into the system instead of out of the system. Also,
people do die before they reach retirement age so that would be another extinction that
would put more money into the system.

We see more and more, people in their 60's and beyond working at big box stores, fast
food joints, etc.

3 jabs today » Post #23

Fri Oct 22, 2021 17:57 in General Talk

There's a lot that goes into life-age expectancy stats.

In the early centuries, people were very lucky if they lived to be 20 years old. One of the main
reasons for this is childhood death. In other words, what I mean by reasons is, they take that
into account. Many children never made it to adulthood due to disease, plagues, birth defects,
and death at birth. This isn't to say that people did not live older than 20. It's to say they take
all into account.

As time progressed, life expectancy increased to people living well into their 30's. The same
goes forward into people living into their 50's, and so on.

No matter what, people do in fact live longer today than ever before. The reason why they
live longer is not due to homeopathic reasons or anything other than medical science. We
can look in poor countries and areas of the world that do not have medical access and see
the death rate is much higher overall. This is why countries like the USA, UK, etc, send doctors
and vaccines, free of charge to help people in those areas.

Science has almost eradicated most diseases that were so common years ago such as the mumps,
measles, polio, syphilis, and countless others. Drugs such as penicillin has saved millions of

I'm not exactly sure why there are people that refuse to take the covid-vaccine. I guess some
people are afraid it will hurt them in some way. Maybe some people think it will kill them. I
am sure there are those that think there is some sort of conspiracy to it all and want to stand
their ground. Some seem to think it an affliction to freedom. There are those that may
think it has something to do with Satan. But I am telling you, if you do your research, you will
find that people all thru history have suffered from plagues and disease and many died within
the hundreds of thousands UNTIL science developed vaccines to aid in prevention. Some may
feel these covid vaccines were developed too quickly. I thank God and the science that vaccines
were in fact developed quickly. This isn't 666. This isn't a lack of freedom. This IS about
our freedom to live and protect each other. Some are not willing to do that.

Hilarious! » Post #1

Fri Oct 22, 2021 14:24 in General Talk

3 jabs today » Post #14

Fri Oct 22, 2021 08:01 in General Talk

Arvind9, not sure where you are getting your medical information but that is not true,
in regards to never needing a doctor if you are living an active healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately people die every day that live an active and healthy life style. People of
all ages. Our DNA has a lot to do with out health.

By the way, people in this day and time live longer than ever before in history. This
is due to advances in the medical fields.

China Kiss Australia.....tasman1 » Post #50

Fri Oct 22, 2021 07:53 in General Talk

@Darkstar2 I believe that people in the USA need to get away from the racial game.
In other words, Obama was voted in because he was half black. Absolutely no other
reason why he won. He won based on his color. No one had even heard of the guy
before he ran.

Same goes with this candidacy. Well what has Kamal done? Rarely does she even
make an appearance and when she does, it is speaking a sentence or two and rushing
off to get her nails done.

Biden is so old in his body and brain, it's a wonder he knows where he is at. I don't
like to down grade anyone based on age but lets face it, this guy has displayed time
and time again, that he has severe brain fog issues and that is to say the least.

I had my hair cut a couple of days ago and the lady cutting my hair ask what shampoo
I used. I've primarily been using Nexxus shampoo for several years. I could not
remember the name. I told her, I have drawn a blank.....seems like it is something
like 'Finesse' something with two s's. She said yep because they don't make 'Finesse'
any more. I said well it is a little expensive but it lasts me a long time and they do
sell it at Walmart now. She said she had to go into Walmart after work and she would
look at the shampoos with two s's. After I got home, the first thing I did was go to
the bathroom to look at the name of the shampoo. It's two x's. lol. The thing is, there
is no way that I should have not been able to remember the name of the shampoo.

Age does play a strong factor in the brain and body, no matter what anyone says, it does.

Biden is not a dumb guy but he is appearing more and more feeble and he certainly
has brain fog.

3 jabs today » Post #12

Fri Oct 22, 2021 07:33 in General Talk

If I needed to get a vaccine every month in order to prevent getting sick
or possibly dying, I would.

There are many people that must have medical attention very frequently.

Kidney dialysis for example. Many of these people must go monthly and
it takes much longer than a jab for them.

I have a friend that goes weekly for iron infusion therapy.

I could sit here and type type type about the numerous people that live
their life going to doctors and medical attention on a weekly and more
frequent basis.

Old Shark Movie - Red Water » Post #1

Thu Oct 21, 2021 16:18 in General Talk

It's actually one of the better shark movies because it has a good plot and more
action besides sharks. I watched it years ago but had forgot it. It's on Prime so
I watched it again the other night. Lou Diamond Phillips.....I always get a kick out
of watching him act.

3 jabs today » Post #10

Thu Oct 21, 2021 16:12 in General Talk

Yes, I got all 3 at the same time. It doesn't make any difference to get them all at the same time
so I did. No they don't poke you in the exact same spot. :lol:

I felt a little chilly and a bit elevated temp, at times for about two days, along with sore shoulders.
That is all. I feel fine.

I truly don't understand why people don't want to get vaccinated. I have heard some say the dumbest
reasons. Then there is political reasons which is really dumb. Some are scared because they feel like it
wasn't tested long enough, well by now they should know it is ok. Also, this isn't 1950 any more, and
they had a lot of science working to develop and test as fast as possible. So what!

Anyway, I don't care what people choose to do. I know what my choices are and I think I am educated
enough to make wise decisions for myself.

Also, I have no problems staying home if that was a mandate here. I am fine and dandy in my little
abode. It wouldn't hurt me one bit to stay home. It's Fall here and soon Winter will be arriving. I
will stay nice and cozy on the sofa in fluffy pj's and fuzzy socks whilst sipping hot coffee or hot cocoa,
watching Prime or Roku or something else, munching on Cheetos puffs or some other unhealthy food,
and reading the Bible and coloring in the Bible and other books, and hoping for a good snow to build a
snowman, plus taking walks with my little dog around my area, and I might even do some surveys
whilst I shoot the breeze with the goofballs and apes at ySense.

Unconditional love - is it possible or rubbish? » Post #8

Tue Oct 19, 2021 19:20 in General Talk

I think u r confusing 'condition' with 'unconditional love'.

The first is one word and the second is two words.

It's two different things entirely.

I love my dog unconditionally, period. It has nothing to do with condition.

If I had a mean dog, I might love him unconditionally too. It has nothing to do with condition, it
has everything to do with unconditional love.

3 jabs today » Post #1

Mon Oct 18, 2021 13:02 in General Talk

3 jabs today.

Flu vac, left shoulder,
covid pfizer booster vac, left shoulder,
pneumonia vac, right shoulder.

Left shoulder a bit sore. Feeling a bit tired and sleepy.

Unconditional love - is it possible or rubbish? » Post #3

Mon Oct 18, 2021 13:00 in General Talk

Yes I believe in unconditional love in the sense it was made.

My little dog, I love him unconditionally. Not because he is my dog, but because I love him.
He can do anything good or bad, my love will be the same for him.

You might say, the reason I love him is because he is my dog. That would not be true. I
could own a dog that I do not like, do not love.

The same goes with my children. You might say I love my children unconditionally because
they are my children. Here again, that would not be true.

What you may be doing is confusing the condition of love. There is all kinds of love and all
kinds of degrees of love.

When you love unconditionally, there is no reason other than that.

A person may beat you up, be cruel to you, but you can still love them unconditionally. You
may not like what they do to you but your love for that person does not falter.

China Kiss Australia.....tasman1 » Post #33

Sun Oct 17, 2021 06:26 in General Talk

The Noahs Twin Carrier is not real. It's a concept that has the possibility of being
real some day. It does in fact carry aircraft and has an air strip. The golf course
will flip upside down to reveal the airstrip.

I think the purpose is partially a disguise to appear to be a yacht or cruise ship at sea.
When in reality it is an aircraft carrier. Anyone flying over and anyone at sea, would
think it was simply a cruise ship or yacht. When needed however, they can flip the switch
that flips the golf course down and the aircraft/strip up.

Redcon-1 » Post #5

Fri Oct 15, 2021 19:21 in General Talk

You have to guess.

Redcon-1 » Post #3

Fri Oct 15, 2021 09:38 in General Talk

It's a movie.

Don't forget the dash.
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