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Lifetime Total $135,342.09 » Post #5

Sat Nov 14, 2020 05:57 in Your Stats

How many referrals do you have?
Check if I'm your referal :lol:

September Month » Post #2

Tue Sep 29, 2020 23:22 in Your Stats

Last Month

Achieved a Milestone » Post #4

Tue Sep 22, 2020 07:25 in Success Stories

Very good achievement

up 30 % » Post #4

Mon Aug 31, 2020 23:35 in Your Stats

Last Month

problem addon » Post #14

Mon Aug 31, 2020 01:36 in General Talk

Looks like I've to download older version apk file for Firefox

problem addon » Post #13

Mon Aug 31, 2020 01:35 in General Talk

App doesn't provide addon bonus aswell :?

problem addon » Post #11

Sun Aug 30, 2020 20:06 in General Talk

No links available for mobile

problem addon » Post #9

Sun Aug 30, 2020 06:29 in General Talk

What to do now? There are only MAC, Linux, Windows versions

problem addon » Post #7

Sat Aug 29, 2020 23:02 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Addon stopped working on Firefox after update;so I replaced the update with the older version from the Firefox site it works now

How did you download old version from Firefox website, Can you give me link

problem addon » Post #4

Fri Aug 28, 2020 21:56 in General Talk

I have always used smartphone, Addon was working fine till july, I installed Addon on Mozilla Firefox, But some days ago I updated mozilla and now mozilla is not accepting Addons,
I can download apk files but they are risky
So any solution

How is August so far? » Post #7

Thu Aug 27, 2020 08:21 in Hindi

Teek he

How is August so far? » Post #4

Wed Aug 26, 2020 17:47 in Hindi


How is August so far? » Post #3

Wed Aug 26, 2020 17:44 in Hindi

Most of the days no surveys at all, no tasks at all. I can understand sundays and Saturdays but Im not able to earn atleast checklist bonus during weekdays which is very frustrating

This month has been the worst month ever

Not earning much from referrals aswell

I use smartphone, I had mozilla through which I completed addon in the earliar days in this month, But I was so stupid, I shouldn't have updated mozilla, now mozilla doesn't accept addons, Im not able to earn 2% addon aswell, Things are becoming irritating now

How is August so far? » Post #1

Wed Aug 26, 2020 17:35 in Hindi

For me it's the worst month ever, I used to earn 40$+ every month, this month i haven't even reached 20$ yet, Is every Indians facing low earnings or Is it just ME?

The jelly bean challenge..... » Post #10

Mon Aug 17, 2020 21:52 in General Talk

Jar is broken, so 0

The jelly bean challenge..... » Post #2

Mon Aug 17, 2020 20:18 in General Talk

1 or 5 or 7

referral commission » Post #12

Sun Aug 02, 2020 08:10 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote:
• For every approved Survey, Offer and Task your referrals complete you earn a whopping 20% commission of what they earn.

Is the survey / offer / task commission applied instantly or at cron ?

Look at these screenshots,This referal joined ySense on 3July and I recieved the commission on the same day

Toluna » Post #8

Tue Jul 28, 2020 22:16 in Your Stats

No survey since Saturday

Toluna » Post #6

Tue Jul 28, 2020 22:13 in Your Stats

0 toluna survey here

Mobile version » Post #4

Tue Jul 28, 2020 22:08 in General Talk

I never used PC
I always used mobile for surveys/offers/tasks
And works perfectly

There are some tasks which can be done only by PC like self driving cars related task
Annotation(both text and image) tasks are very very hard to do on mobile as Mobile screen isn't big as pc and hard to annotate using the mobile with fingers
Other than annotation tasks, every tasks can be done with mobile

bill of lading number task, this task is bit hard to do as there would be 4 JPG and 1 pdf file
And there would be problems while viewing jpg images
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