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Countries suspend AstraZeneca....tasman1 » Post #12

Mon Mar 22, 2021 08:55 in General Talk

Infact my Brothers who have taken Pfizer(Dubai) and Sinopharm(back then Abu Dhabi only had SinoPharm) in the UAE are healthy and fine(No fever and side effect except a mild pain in the arm for an hour which is normal and common). Majority of my Cousins and relatives have opted for Pfizer and SinoPharm

So here there are few choices- Sinopharm, Pfizer-​BioNTech, Sputnik V, and AstraZeneca(included recently). Moderna will be introduced soon.

Countries suspend AstraZeneca....tasman1 » Post #11

Mon Mar 22, 2021 08:41 in General Talk

suraraj wrote: Indian government is only using two vaccines that is the one produced by Serum institute of India and the other by Bharat Biotech which is a indigenous manufactured in India. The Vaccine by Serum Institute is the same that Astra is giving to many countries. Both are controversial. Covaxin was approved without the third Clinical trial. Only now that the third clinical trial data is released by Covaxin. But no reports of Clots in India after Astra Vaccine is given to many Indians. :roll:

There is, but either concealed or hesitant to open-up.

If you remember, few who had taken AstraZeneca earlier had some serious paralysis and neuro damage during vaccine trial. The person did raise this, and what happened? Serum Institute of India(so called world's largest vaccine manufacturer) - which manufactures AstraZeneca had filed a Rs.100crore(rougly 14.3million$) defamation suit against the same volunteer, rather than helping him out. Now under such circumstances, do you think people would raise the issue?

Hard to believe that there was no death or major side effect in India due to Vaccine.

I would think twice before vaccinating(from AstraZeneca). Or the least I could do is take a Vaccine Insurance(imaginary Insurance) that would pay the amount should I end up sick and getting a defamation suit from Serum Institute.

In fact, the nurses in many Hospitals have fallen sick but are stopped from reporting. When my relative was admitted, the same nurses advised not to pursue with the Vaccine, atleast for now.

Here it's more about Pride(that we are donating to other Countries) than efficacy.

And not to forget, the efficacy, which keeps changing like Stock market.

111.03 Earn in February .......tasman1 » Post #4

Mon Mar 01, 2021 00:21 in Success Stories

January: 3.03$

February: 3.42$ (0.39$ upwards)

March : 3.75$ (Approx estimation)

Year : 6.45$

India » Post #28

Wed Dec 30, 2020 14:21 in Hindi

parvindersingh01 wrote: I am not getting any surveys after I moved to canada please help me out. I am willing to create a new account if someone is ready to help in doing surveys. Thank you

Hi, would you mind sharing the procedure to change the Country? This needs to be changed before traveling or after reaching the respective Country?

Happy Christmas and holiday season to all » Post #5

Sun Dec 20, 2020 16:19 in General Talk

Generally don't need anything; but would like Santa to get me Surveys. Lots and lots of Surveys, especially Samplicio.

Happy Festive season everyone.

why delay paypal payment » Post #53

Wed Dec 09, 2020 09:28 in General Talk

As Darkstar2 said, may not be case of suspension, but more to do with internal error. It seems that many are facing with similar issues. Unlikely that we all get banned at the same time.

why delay paypal payment » Post #51

Wed Dec 09, 2020 09:12 in General Talk

I just did. I hope they respond positively or at least report.

why delay paypal payment » Post #49

Wed Dec 09, 2020 08:48 in General Talk

I did raise a Ticket on Dec 1st, and received a response the next day(not as a template, i guess, since the response took over a day). It says,

"Thank you for writing in and we do apologize for the experience you had with this feature. We have passed it along to the team for review to ensure all errors are resolved. Thank you again for your patience and understanding."

I'll try asking them for an update. Let's see.

why delay paypal payment » Post #47

Wed Dec 09, 2020 08:13 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
satakas wrote: Congrats Arvind..Huge Congrats

My earnings have drastically reduced since it is confirm that Samplicious has disabled my ID for accessing any survey attempts. Though i did not get any help from ysense admin or moderators regarding my query but it is confirmed.

How do you know for sure it is confirmed that you are blocked ? Who confirmed it ? If you were blocked by Samplicious, then how come you are still receiving invites ? Many people in India are having issues with the router, I don't think all are banned - an instant redirect does not necessarily mean a ban, it could very well be an issue, unfortunately here, a router may work for one country and not for others, that's the problem, though I don't blame you for assuming you are blocked, because a lot of companies are sneaky, they won't give you the "you are banned" message, they will show you a blank page or do other tricks - there is no reason for Samplicious to ban you unless you violated their TOS, use VPN, proxy, multi account, etc, the worse that can happen is that you could be blocked by individual publishers on the platform which can redirect you back through a QualityTerm, some routers do ban directly in severe cases, but mostly it's up to publishers - especially on Samplicious.

There are days where I get junk Samplicious invites, mostly instant redirects to ScreenOut or Off Quota, and some days I manage to complete multiple ones without problems. I know that Samplicious in general is high on the screen outs, it's been like that on CS even. Maybe for India and other countries it is even harder to qualify for a survey so you will get more screenouts - Try to persist and get some answers from SUPPORT or an ADMIN , so they can check your account and determine any issues with your Samplicious clicks, if you are being QualityTermed and why - what's concerning is that you are not the only person facing the issue, so maybe it is an issue for some countries, and if so it needs to be addressed - I don't think all members of India were suddenly blocked by Samplicious, something is wrong somewhere - but yeah it's very hard to get help around here outside the forum, you must keep trying to get help or die trying................. (well ok not exactly, but you know what I mean). For Canada, I remember for 8 months it was misery, virtually no invites, and no samplicious, completely gone and removed, it took a lot of persistence to get some answers, and finally it was determined that they had issues with the router - it's a shame it took so many months.

Are you a member of other survey / GPT sites? Are you doing surveys on another site ? Samplicious on another site ?

(How do you know for sure it is confirmed that you are blocked ? Who confirmed it ? If you were blocked by Samplicious, then how come you are still receiving invites ?)

Thanks Darkstar2 for the statement. This brings hope. Even I was wondering, if I am indeed banned, I shouldn't be getting any Samplicio Surveys. But I do like before and plenty. Most of them instant disqualification and some as Quota Full.

I even raised this a couple of times here, but since nobody answered or showed interest, I chose to remain silent. Hope :roll:

why delay paypal payment » Post #44

Wed Dec 09, 2020 03:32 in General Talk

Just checked, the last Samplicio Survey I completed was on 23rd. It's been 16 days, still struggling. I get Instant disqualification and sometimes Agree Page(the first page that always appears on Samplicio). I guess, am restricted too. Not sure for how long and whether this is permanent or whether there's an actual issue.

I experienced this once before, but not this long.

why delay paypal payment » Post #42

Wed Dec 09, 2020 02:23 in General Talk

satakas wrote: Congrats Arvind..Huge Congrats

My earnings have drastically reduced since it is confirm that Samplicious has disabled my ID for accessing any survey attempts. Though i did not get any help from ysense admin or moderators regarding my query but it is confirmed.

I am only left out with Peanutlabs or Toluna which i hardly receives. Not active in forum as well as no work.

Even I face a similar issue. How do you find out whether Samplicio has disabled an ID? Do you get Samplicio Surveys but do not qualify or you don't get any?

Unable to participate in any Samplicio Surveys since Nov 20th. I do get Samplicio Surveys(like before)but with instant disqualification(redirect back to Dashboard).
Somehow I did complete 3-4 Samplicio Surveys since Nov 20th, unlike before, where I could complete 2-3 Samplicio Surveys per day.

Doe this mean even my ID is disabled by

Is Daily rewards ripping of members? » Post #4

Mon Nov 16, 2020 23:45 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote: What the bloody hell is Daily Rewards ?

Even I'm curious.. What is it?

Quality score -35 » Post #17

Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:06 in General Talk

Looks like I'm the only one who's facing this problem. Ysense Router<SampleCube new YourSurveys Profile Page(other than my old existing one where my Points are high).

So back to < clear cache/History/Cookies every time I come across this new YourSurveys Page.

09-10-2020: $ 11.25 earned! » Post #8

Sun Oct 11, 2020 07:36 in Success Stories

Off Topic - Just completed 2 years on Clix/Ysense - Success Story? Oh Yes!

Quality score -35 » Post #15

Wed Sep 23, 2020 23:43 in General Talk

Thanks Darkstar2 for your prompt response.
Well I do not browse in Private; as far as cookie blockers, I 'll check settings individually and correct if necessary.
But I still wonder that it worked fine till a week ago, wonder what went wrong. Oh yeah I closed the Tab without accepting anything.
Now the issue is I cannot be certain whether all Surveys from PMR are YourSurveys(at least majority of them for the moment) and I end up losing other Surveys(few under PMR may not be YourSurveys) since I cannot keep on deleting cache and cookies every time I click PMR.
When I wanted more PMR Surveys, I hardly had any, now when I do not need it, there's plenty. Though crave, but helpless.

Quality score -35 » Post #11

Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:38 in General Talk

I like Ysense Router and occasionally get 1 or 2 everyday, & majority of the time Successful.

But from past week I'm getting a bunch of Surveys from Ysense Router everyday, which looks good, but there's a catch.

Now all these Ysense Router Surveys directs to YourSurveys Panel(so far, looks good), now a new YourSurveys Page opens up which ask us to fill in the details(mainly to Select all conditions, etc), exactly like how we register/activate our Profile with YourSurveys for the first time. Before clicking/accepting anything, I happen to see the Quality Score, and was shocked to note it was 100. I clicked on the Score & there were no details(no + 1 or - points); clicked support & again blank(no raised tickets).
Without doing anything, I just closed the Tab and cleared Cache/cookie/Browser history.

Fortunately I got a Survey directly from YourSurveys Router and when clicked I could see my old Quality Score back which is way higher than 100 and could also see the Tickets I raised and replies that I received under Support.

Now again I get a Survey from YSense Router which takes me directly to YourSurveys, VOILA! again Quality Score back to 100, no raised tickets under Support and asks me to select the conditions. Now Ysense Router thinks am new to YourSurveys which asks me to register.

Again I closed the Tab without accepting anything, deleting everything from browser; get a Survey from YourSurveys directly in a day and things get back to my normal Score. Now this happened more than 4-5 times.

Finally I decided not to click on YSense Router anymore, but irony, I get too many Surveys from Ysense Router these days and I'm just helpless.

Earlier Ysense Router used to direct Via SampleCube to some other Router. Now it directs only to YourSurveys which creates a new Profile.

Is something wrong or anyone else facing this?

Note: Previously no matter what router I take YourSurveys Survey, I used to have the same Profile(same Points everywhere including under YourSurveys main Router and Ysense Router). Not sure why it wants to create a new user Profile.

Facebook to FORCE new look on users = C R A P ! » Post #2

Fri Aug 21, 2020 00:51 in General Talk

No kidding! Last night, Facebook's new design layout rolled out to my account. It assured me that I could switch back if I didn't like it, so I immediately tried it out. I just as immediately switched it off and never looked back.

Unfortunately, I would be forced to accommodate the new Layout down my throat from September(This is what they said, but hope we do have a choice to roll-back to Classic). Regardless, I could use the Classic version at least for the next 9 days.

I remember when Gmail rolled-up new features, it was slightly difficult and had a hard time getting used-to.

This new feature on Facebook is Ugly and wasted with bunch of Large Texts, features Zoomed-In and blasted with Colors. The worst, no matter how large is your Screen, only one post or a message on the screen at a time.

This is where Monopoly comes into Picture. We are used to, and can be easily manipulated every time. With hardly any option or competition, one can do nothing but get used to, eventually.

Lastly, If you like landscape browsing on a smartphone, you’ll like the new Facebook, end of Story.

This year will be very bad » Post #6

Sun Aug 16, 2020 15:33 in General Talk

Dear God,

I’m quirky I know. I don’t always do things in a traditional way. But I know what’s right. I know how to stand my ground for what I believe to be true. Still, I need Your help dear God. You planted the seed. You nourish me. Shelter me now from the elements that stand in my way.
Dear Good God, I would pray you Dearly, would never steal nor lie, help thy neighbor, treat everyone equal, volunteer, feed the hungry.. Please Lord, send me good amount of Surveys for the remaining year. Help me grow :cry:

Dark Menu , Order Now ....tasman1 » Post #4

Tue Aug 11, 2020 17:03 in General Talk

This reminds me of my College days(Masters) at AUT in Auckland. Was there for 3 years. Beautiful Country and very pleasant people who really care about each other, especially International students(including me) and Tourists alike. I happened to ask many the reason for being so humble; and the reply surprised me. They said International students bring enough Funds(Positive Impact on Economy) and so does Tourism, & that it's their responsibility to Host us, look after our concerns and needs. Now that's beautiful. No crime, no corruption, transparency in Business, quality of life, education, protection of civil liberties, government transparency, economic freedom. etc. You name it, they have it.

Happy to see NZ overcome COVID 19 significantly. They had a rather aggressive approach towards containing COVID19 putting the entire Country into home quarantine in the initial Stage. This may have worked in NZs case but may differ from other Large Countries who have adopted a rather different strategy to contain the Virus transmission.
Being isolated(Geographical Location) from Rest of the World is no doubt, an advantage. Rather a Boon.

30-7-2020 : $10.70 earned! » Post #5

Fri Jul 31, 2020 00:50 in Success Stories

Cool Darskstar2 :thumbup:

I have had a small respite myself(Earned 3.85$ yesterday). Have been accumulating Min 2$+ from past 4 days which did impact my Overall this Month's Total. 2$ looks small, but would suffice, for now. Something is better than nothing.

If YourSurveys did pay promptly(it does, after a Month) I would have earned at least 12-14$ extra from YourSurveys; and at least 7$ from Toluna(7-8 Surveys which were successful but not paid).
This was the worst Month until 4 days ago, steadily improving, fortunately.

If we include YourSurveys and lost Toluna rewards, it would have been a good Month.

There's a catch; if YourSurveys indeed credits after a Month, this would have a positive impact on the coming Month's overall Total(well, if they feel like crediting :? ).

So far, 40 odd $.
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