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Truth about referrals on Ysense - RECAP 2019 » Post #15

Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:27 in Your Stats

I already explained in details most of what i wanted to tell you so i won't repeat you can go and read... but i read here that you brag about knowing what you are doing and such. I am sorry but your stats shows you don't. You know how to convince someone to click your link... but you most likely target people from countries that are poor thinking they will want to work while the companies listed here are not targeting poor countries, it's not cost effective. Also do you advertise with an ad or liner that promise great rewards and such? I don't know i am just looking at what you say and your stats and what you think you are vs what you really is really 2 complete different world. You find tons of useless referrals. People that quit right away because they were mislead here with false promises or from areas where it's useless to be here. Obviously you lack judgement and you have a serious issue with understanding reality. Following other post... instead of trying to figure what you do wrong, you instead pretend to be soooo good and know everything and that instead it's ysense cheating you.

Ever heard of the a something called "narcissistic personality disorder"? Because i know a lot about that disorder and so far you are spot on. You target weak people, you probably promise things that are wrong... you never doubt yourself, never reconsider what you are doing, instead it's other's fault. You are not doing it right and since you can't admit you are not perfect and never look back you keep repeating the same mistakes and it gives 10500 referrals that provide you money i make with 1. Seriously i honestly tried to help and such from other post but i read here that people try to help you and you just dismiss them saying you are mister-know-it-all referral king. Obviously you are not. You know how to lure people but in such a way that they are mislead and can't/won't work.

So let me ask you a question... Is it possible that you tought you'd spam places where people from very poor countries are promising them lots of USD easily thinking they are weak poor targets that would all come work for you in mass? Never thinking that companies are not going to pay people that can't afford their product? Many surveys here are not to gather data but simply make the person read about their product for half an hour. The real goal isn't data.. it's advertisement. Instead of paying for ad on tv... they pay a little more per person but each of them are pre-selected by the system to be exactly the target customer they want and then they can talk about their brand, product and make a potential customer learn abotu them which is again a case of quality over quantity.

If you target people that live in a country with very very low income... companies will not pay that much for a person that can't afford their product, at all. Have you tought about that? I doubt it. You tought you were perfect, flawless... and went ahead with your amazing plan.. your genius idea.. and failed miserably. Now in front of the situation, the complete failure of your masterplan you still refuse to accept that maybe you did it wrong... nope ysense is cheating you! Right!

p.s.: to other readers/viewers i suggest ignoring his claims about ysense. I clearly know his kind, they are all the same it becomes too easy to figure out once you know. He failed and did a poor campaign that either target people from countries that companies don't target or advertised promising easy money.... you know these ads "earn 500$ in a day! online!" that are everywhere? It's people like him that post them. I make way more than him with more than 1000x less referrals... ysense never cheated me, never hide or tweaked numbers and always paid so i suggest you just try to learn from his mistakes (what he won't do) and plan your strategy to gather active worthy referrals accordingly. Quality beats quantity :). Target people from rich countries, don't promise something impossible... tell the truth.. you will not get as many referrals but that's people that wouldnt have been active anyway. If the referral is prepared for what it really is and click/register knowing exactly what to expect, it's because he wants to do it for what it is... meaning it's a very good referral with big potential. Lying, false promises and targeting poor people thinking that since they are poor they will do anything for a dollar is just hilariously wrong.

At first when i started trying to get referrals.. i did it the wrong way. I reconsidered my ways, learned from my mistakes.. changed my strategy. I made $125.67 in comission last month and i didn't post ads and links all over the place. I don't spend lots of time trying. I just stream on twitch meet lots of people and wait for someone i know could potentially be a good referral. I don't bother with people in rich countries that are able to work because after a day here they'll be sending their c.v. all over the place lol. I look for people in rich countries unable to work in a certain situation where they have no other option to earn money they badly need. Since they are in countries targeted by companies here and these people i get have no other way to make money... they are active and stay active. People from poor regions are not good, companies don't target them and people from rich countries that have at least 1 other option to get an income or that dont really need money all that much are also not worth it, they will move on to next option or just quit because they won't need the money enough for the efforts it takes. You need to find someone that really badly needs it and can't do anything else to earn money... they are the perfect targets and they need it so bad that they will not quit, they won't be able to afford to stop once they got used to have some food in the fridge because of ysense. You don't need 10k referrals when you target that kind of person.. you need.. 1.. if you have 2-3 then you are set. I made that $125.67 with 2 actives referrals only. 2 people that fit all the requirements i mentioned above. They work, they are from rich countries, and they can't afford to stop. 2= $125.67 in a month vs this guy here 10500 referrals for 40-50$... then you can compare and figure out for yourself which plan is the best. Good luck and may you guys make a killing here in 2020.

Truth about referrals - January 2020 » Post #11

Sun Feb 02, 2020 09:59 in Your Stats

Oh and for january i earned $125.67 in comission. You have more than 1000x more referrals than me. If you had 10k referrals like mine you'd make 100k a month? hahahha that would be something to brag about lmao.

Truth about referrals - January 2020 » Post #10

Sun Feb 02, 2020 09:42 in Your Stats

Well let me explain this easily.. so many referrals and so few income. 1- making money on ysense is extremely difficult and long.. hours for few bucks very often. People from rich countries will get lots of offers/surveys but the money they make will be so ridiculously low vs any job that they will give up and just do something else. 2- People that come from countries where the income is very low could then use these few bucks everyday but the companies are not targeting them so they don't get offers so can't earn much at all. The only way to make good money is to target people from rich countries that are unable to work, are on disability etc. People that need money but can't work at all. These people will, if lucky, take the time and persist because they just need it. Even then i tried to recruit people but they would all give up after the first 10 surveys denied hehe. But one day someone came to me asking what was it about the survey site he heard me talk about. He told me he is disabled and can't go out and have nothing to eat.. he was willing to do anything needed. So i helped him get started and he started earning, not much but something.

Then... one day i look at my stats and i see alot of sudden income from referrals... what is happening? I had always wondered what was the purpose of tasks, not only 1 cent was really funny but on top i was wondering who was paying people to do these tasks that were completly useless in my opinion. But my friend, out of survey offers decided to try them. He kept doing them, saw that it was getting better as his accuracy score increased. Then he "leveled up" and suddenly had new tasks that paid more so he kept doing them and he worked hard and is/was very good at it and he kept going and going till he got hired in a special task team obviously because he was one of the best in here and he figured out for me what was the purpose of the tasks... the penny ones are nothing more than a test to find who is good for the job and who isn't. Once you completed your "test" then if you are good enough the real tasks start to pop up. At the end of the task ladder are companies that make people do their work from here instead of hiring people full time to do them for many different obvious reasons... Usually would be something bad as they do to not guarantee min wage and give benefits and such. But when it comes to my friend, it's exactly what he needed. He couldn't work for them even if they were next door, he can't go out.. so that was the only way for him to work so that kind of option was perfectly fit for him.

So far the best he did was 100$ usd in a single day. There arent always special tasks/offers for him so he cant just make 100$ everyday but when there are enough he can. He will usually do around 25-35$ + daily bonus. He made almost 1k in january. I get 3$-20$ referral money from him alone every days he have tasks offers. In fact, i earn more with the referral income from him than what i ever earned doing surveys myself haha. Let me tell you that everything is always on target. Once in a while he come to me, ask me if i still get my referral comission. If i say yes he is happy and continue, if one day i tell him i don't get the comission anymore he got offers elsewhere for the same thing but paid more but since i helped him out and he is thankful i found him that site that he wants me to have the comission. He knows im disabled at home too and need it just as much as him. So far ysense never cheated me, never hide or do anything wrong. Numbers match and all is on target. They always paid me and i never had any kind of issue and im obviously (even more my friend) on top of the earners list it seems so if they wanted to screw people then we would be on top of their list. Still we are both getting everything fair and square. So when it comes to your post... i don't see what is wrong. You just have a ton of 1 visit referrals that will never return.. others give up or barely do any because they find it too hard while most are probably from regions where they got very few offers, very low paying surveys or 1 cent tasks. So yeah your numbers are bad vs the number of referrals but the difference is the "quality" of the referrals. If you put an advertisement or link on a internet page or whatever with claims that they will make lots of money easy, you'll definitly get 10k referrals but they won't do nothing.

I go another way... i stream on twitch and talk to people, get to know them and when i see one that is in a condition like me or my friend, that looks or says that he can't work but would really need a side income i will simply whisper him and talk to him about what ysense is. Tell the complete truth about how hard it is and what kind of work it requires. So the people that would just come and never return don't sign up so i don't get tons of empty referrals. I got only a few... but i make more referral income than most. Quality over quantity my friend. I gathered a new one recently, he's doing surveys everyday but he is from New-Zealand and apparently dont get many offers but do every one that shows up. He's like me and the other friend.. disabled without possibility to work. I went to him, explained as i do with the others and when he signed up and started he knew what to expect and wasn't disappointed to become a quitter like most. I am always available for them if they have questions or issues. I teach them/explain the site, the offers, the tasks... the payout options, the delays etc. I show them my stats to see that what i tell them is real and not a joke... when they see it, they get motivated because they see it's real even if it isn't millions hehe. So just for these two, i got to them, knew they were potential people that would really want to do it, i spend a few days explaining them and get them started and i keep contact with them as they became my online friends as i dont have a spaceship to go from canada to usa to new-zealand haha but they are friends. Creates loyalty and make them want to continue just like my friend that make a lot on tasks... he works hard and long hours to make money for himself but when he's tired and want to stop... he thinks that he is also helping me out really badly so he gets back to the work. That's how you get referrals that will make you money and for a long period of time. Spamming ads all over the place with false claims get a person 10k--100k referrals but 50$ referral income while i make more with one referral alone.

That's how i did and i'm doing. I don't get tons of useless referrals.. it's pointless. I try to find good solid ones only. Of course it's rare and long process but.. one by one they add up and since they are here to work for a long time as disability doesnt disappear by magic.. that means i dont lose active referrals so over time i will get another, and another and my income will build while providing ysense with good members that want to work hard and spend the time needed while living in a country targeted by companies. If a person is interested but tell me he's from a place i know here get 0 survey or offers except 1 cent tasks.. i'll just tell him that's it's not for him and save him, me and ysense the hassle of dealing with another inactive account. And by doing it that way, i get referrals that stick to ysense from loyalty to me for helping out and spending time to help them... which is kind of a security also (even if it was never needed yet) as if their top tasks members go work elsewhere if i lose my comission it very unlikely that they purposely try to do that. Of course, could always happen but then my friend would just go make more money elsewhere as he would then have no reason to stay here earn less and stay for a company he knows screwed me hehe.

Overall my experience so far is that they are fair and square. They respect everything they promise and so far never tried anything shady. I made 1193.53$ and they paid.. always. They never tried anything and for as long as it stays like that, my friends will keep working hard while i slowly try to find new potential targets that would be just like them. Again, quality over quantity. Inactive referrals are like no referrals. So hope it helped explain that if they were fair and square with me in the position i am then i really don't understand why they would try to do you shady stuff.

Ultra rich » Post #2

Fri Nov 08, 2019 23:40 in General Talk

because they can.

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #15

Fri May 03, 2019 00:26 in General Talk

Back in the days you would buy a tv and keep it 20 years... we just had to change ours.. 65'' 4k tv.. 16 months old... dead. It's utter nonsense. The companies and their greed are ruining everyone as we work work work to buy back things that we shouldn't have to. We all running in circles like crazy for the sake of a few trillionaires that could build a dozen burj dubai in their backyard with their money but will still ruin and destroy lives to try to had a 0 to their bank account. Heh

Fabulous start of MAY 2018 » Post #2

Thu May 02, 2019 06:06 in Success Stories

grats i did 6.50 + bonus myself good day :D

$1.76 + 0.28 bonus, nice start for May » Post #9

Thu May 02, 2019 06:06 in Success Stories

started doing surveys again today and made 7$ so far :)

received payment 2018 » Post #4

Thu Jan 25, 2018 18:03 in Payment Proofs

GWBSI the checks are sent on the 10th and i usually receive them around the 20th.

My STATS ---> 11/14/2017 » Post #4

Tue Nov 14, 2017 23:55 in Your Stats

How much time did you spend to do all these tasks? I did over 10$ today doing 16 surveys that took me a good 3 hours. And what kind of tasks are you doing?
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