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it's not clixsense! its ysense now. » Post #28

Thu Aug 01, 2019 06:03 in General Talk

Really bad!!! If they are taking out skrill from payment option

nigerians » Post #52

Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:09 in General Talk

FavourB wrote: i just thaought about this, i really dont know how if it will just a hint @eddyabasiada1 and @ tuyoees i think you guys should compete weekly since there is not much gap in you guys earning..i think competition on who earns more will make sense..the competition is not to bring beef oo or cause trouble, is just a friendly contest in which you receive the reward through your earnings...i wont lie it worked for me, it was contest with another clixsense worker that got me more might work for both of you too :D :D
Nice one favour
My earning for yesterday and today....
This is to encourage you all

There is money to be made here

Today $6.2360 Yesterday $5.6164

nigerians » Post #17

Mon Aug 06, 2018 16:35 in General Talk

Tuoyees wrote: Another major issue I have is, I click to do a task on figure 8 which is 60mins or 40 mins given, even if I finish 5 or 10mins later, they still say my accuracy is low. Why?
Read instruction, make sure you understand it before doing any is better you DO NOT do the task than getting expelled...... So, you did not do the task right that is why you got the expelled notification.

favorite to win the world cup Russia 2018 » Post #29

Fri Jun 15, 2018 04:38 in General Talk

WaRDFrA wrote:
tasman1 wrote: Heck ,did you all forget my Croatia ?

No way ---> Croatia has a very good team and I'd say that in their group they could even take the first place from Argentina. In Argentina they are really worried about Modric, Rakitic and company.


With your statement, you count Nigeria out of the race right....
I will remember you when Nigeria beat Croatia and qualify from the group...
Nigeria the underdog!!!

OK in reality....tasman1 » Post #2

Wed May 23, 2018 23:42 in General Talk

Wow! The money has really gone down... I wish I could earn that much 450$ per month that's much....why don't you motivate ur self by raising money for the needy...
I also need money in case you want to help out!!!
And be care full with all the Blondie

To come back or what ....tasman1 » Post #4

Thu May 03, 2018 00:33 in General Talk

What happened then is you have a reason why you work had and now you have accomplished what you want. I believe if you set a gaol that you want get some amount for a particular thing, you will start working at ur pick again. But for now you are just doing it for fun.

Success story or sad..skrill » Post #1

Tue May 01, 2018 15:52 in Success Stories

I got my first payment from clixsense today.
But I don't know if I should called it success or sad

Your account has just been credited with USD 319.01 by ClixSense.

Message: Thank you for participating in our program, enjoy your reward!
Amount: USD 319.01
Skrill Transaction ID:

The payment came in through skrill and I cash out immediately to my bank account which I was charge $6.6 as charge from skrills.
BEFORE 20 minutes I got my money inside my bank account. But the shocking part of it is that the exchange rate was a damn ripoff on their site it says they will use mid market point which was suppose to be 360 to a dollar but to my surprise I got 294 to a sad and I feel cheated by skrill.

Skrill horror fee in Australia...tasman1 » Post #22

Thu Apr 26, 2018 05:12 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Just to finish this topic


fee ....................................high [ will try cash out above 200.00 next time ]
open acc .............................2 min ........................very good and simple
verify acc ............................2 min ........................very good and simple
withdraw to bank acc...............not sure , but think it was instant .... very good , like that

Final opinion ........ very good if you do not cash out small money , for me I normaly do cash out at 200-300.00 , only this cash out was smaller [ 70.00] just for start to see how it is going

Thanks tasman1 for the break down. I already open an account with skrill and I already verified it which seems good.
I will be doing my first cash out to see how things goes.

Skrill horror fee in Australia...tasman1 » Post #8

Sat Apr 21, 2018 02:07 in General Talk

is there any hope of transfer wise accepting clixsens? Is there anything we as member can do to help transfer wise be on this platform? Admin and all major stake holder let us know and work together so that we can be free from all this ridiculous charges, or is there any alternative processor like transfer wise which can be introduce...please come to our help so this place will be a happy community.

Time to go , sorry folks.... tasman1 » Post #7

Sat Apr 14, 2018 16:38 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Arvind9 wrote:
tasman1 wrote: TransferWise bad news , PP gone , Payza gone.... Out of option for me

Time to go

ClixSense , Thanks you for all this years , good luck in the future

To all here I wish you all the best in future , It was nice knowing you

Will not close acc here , will come from time to time here to see what is new

But will not be here every day

Have over 60.00 here , will try to cash out with tango and transfer it to PayPal if possible

If that is ok will come back
I just mentioned you as an example,that although you are retired and get pension you do well with surveys it was is context with some retired members who think they dont qualify because they are retired,dont prove me wrong.

No problem with surveys, can do 3 times more here [ I do under 30% of surveys here ]

Problem is procesorss , will not open another one again , no way

And why open new one ????

Have few GPT site that I do surveys and they paying me with PayPal , will do all surveys there

Still , some surveys I can find only here , so I am not sure what to do

@ tasman1 am in the same situation just like you. But you should hold on a little because I believe the admin and the entire team of clixsense are working something out for us.... I know they care about us.

Best ever achievement March '18 » Post #2

Sat Mar 31, 2018 07:20 in Your Stats

Congratulation man... march is really great indeed I made more than I have ever made before. April will be better than march...A BIG THANKS TO CLIXSENSE for this great platform.

Decided to Retire from Here » Post #18

Tue Mar 20, 2018 23:20 in General Talk

WoW!!! with little I have experienced on this site, I know Americans have more opportunity to earn more. I even wish I can have such opportunity....well if there is anything clix can do to make this place better for everyone I'll be happy.

What a good day » Post #3

Sat Mar 10, 2018 03:29 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote: cool , nice one , congrats
Thanks man

What a good day » Post #1

Fri Mar 09, 2018 18:34 in Success Stories

Tasks 152 tasks $4.68
Surveys Optional $0.00
Offers Optional $0.00
Total earned: $4.68
EXTRA BONUSES (complete the requirements to unlock)
ClixAddon Completed +2.0%
Activity Completed +2.0%
16.0%Congrats! The checklist is completed!
$0.7488Your bonus is currently standing at:

Thanks clix

fund exchange advice » Post #4

Fri Mar 09, 2018 01:51 in General Talk

ZorroOfficiel wrote: ˙ou ǝsɹnoɔ ɟo uǝɥʇ ǝsuǝsxıןϽ ƃuısn osןɐ sı ɹǝɥʇoɹq ɹnoʎ ɟı ʇnq

Upside down bro!!! So you mean I can use his payoneer account?

fund exchange advice » Post #1

Thu Mar 08, 2018 14:10 in General Talk

I just want to know if i can use my brother payoneer to cash out some of my fund from clixsense?
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