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Nice times coming back......tasman1


#1 by tasman1 » Wed Aug 25, 2021 23:01

Worker shortage: Supermarkets warning amid new COVID-19 rules

Aussies may be facing the same issues as the UK as supermarkets have flagged concerns over potential worker shortages.

This, along with truck driver strikes Tonight at Midnight, may be a receipt for disaster as locked down Aussies rely more on food and goods delivery.

And supply chain issues are not just happening in Australia............ cool , justice same for all :twisted: :twisted:
The United Kingdom has seen major retailers’ face the lowest stock levels since 1983 due to worker shortages and COVID-19-induced transport disruptions.

McDonalds has run out of milkshakes and delivery services like Amazon and DHL have been offering sign up bonuses to attract more workers.

Meanwhile, South Korean delivery drivers are striking after 21 drivers lost their lives due to being overworked during the pandemic.

So , what is good news :twisted: ....... COVID will be not biggest killer :twisted: it kills only few million :twisted:
Food shortages and non delivery of food will kill billions people , no health care will destroy another billion

Lockdown , no delivery of food =end is not far
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#2 by Darkstar2 » Thu Aug 26, 2021 07:11

Meanwhile in China, they still deny ANY and ALL responsibility for this pandemic, they claim that they do not have to justify or prove anything that it is up tot he accusers to PROVE wrong doing. In a way that's how it works, BUT they ARE responsible for negligence in not locking down all travel outbound when they were having outbreaks and downplaying this situation, this negligence led to infections spreading outside the zone of origin - that's proof enough of negligence, that's all the world needs, we don't need proof of some labs or virus escape labs shit. Everything you describe in your post is somewhat tied to COVID19, lockdowns, shortages, etc, the pandemic has caused total madness, politicians are taking shitty decisions altogether, so yes, it is all tied to COVID19 and now the bloody variants, why lock down on few cases you say ? WELL unlike the original strain, these ******ned variants are far more infectious and spread more easily, do the math - and remember it took 1 traveller to spark the pandemic. because that 1 case will cause dozens of asymptomatic cases, and each other will do the same, think of it as COVID19 being like terrorist sleeper cells, so next time you wake up in the morning and you go Krikey I'm out of Vegemite spread, oi I'm out of bread, oi I'm out of knickers - Go back to late 2019 for your answers - everything has a reason, and in society the good people pay the price for the c**ts ! well you know what I mean :D

That's part of society, a small percentage f*cks up, and the whole world pays the price.

Just remember next time you waste your time and vote for some ringpiece bandit in office, basically when you vote, you are giving a blank check to a bandit ! Remember that, and this pandemic is far from over, now it is the war of the variants, because the vaccine ended up being an EPIC fail - the plan was for 75-80% to be vaccinated, and stop the spread and variants, some sort of herd immunity, it did not happen, and that is not the fault of vaccine makers, it flopped MISERABLY and the vaccines are now a monstrous FAIL - the pandemic won't be over anytime soon, not with current vaccines protecting you 39% and 60% respectively against this f'ing virus.

There may be a shortage of stuff, but there sures'ain't no shortage of nuts anytime soon :lol:
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#3 by Arvind9 » Thu Aug 26, 2021 12:59

Actually the world is in a lockdown,its a lockdown in a different sence what you are talking about cannot continue for long a country's economy will collapse,now guidelines are being set in a way that you will find it very difficult to travel to another country you could get into a lot of unnecessary trouble if you tried it because you will be told that you dont have the necessary Covid19 requirements to enter what follows will be very painful its an indirect way to close down the world without a lockdown that we understand so that normal economic activity can continue,even here people go for short vacations which could be a 6-7 hour drive its still very difficult here to contain people by road,but how far can one go again guidelines will stop you,most five star hotels are still closed because they dont get enough visitors,airlines are operating at 25% less than normal service because they cannot run without minimum passengers even the government is not functioning normally all this is despite lockdown being lifted for over a month,tourism and hospitality industry is dead wonder how they will survive but its necessary to prevent people from crossing boundaries to prevent new variants from spreading to other countries this is the new normal of life

A lady in my office was telling me I got the Sputnik V shot it requires only one dose,I laughed at her and said the world is talking about three doses do you think the Sputnik can protect you with one as it is the Sputnik wont protect against the Delta variant
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#4 by Darkstar2 » Thu Aug 26, 2021 22:39

Russians may be ahead in terms of space exploration and cargo planes, but the whole Sputnik vaccine is questionable. They initially did not release much data on it, which raised skepticism. However, allegedly, it showed 92% in late stage trials, of course against the original strain, based on COVID19 data in Russia between vaccinated and non vaccinated, it showed a 97%+ efficacy. It is probably similar to other adenoviral type vaccines - It is said to be effective against variants too including Delta, although likely at a reduced efficacy like other vaccines. It is around 83% efficacy against Delta, this is likely for severe cases, and not infection itself, so Sputnik-V on paper seems to offer better protection than Pfizer and Moderna, though one has to wonder who to believe - number of doses is irrelevant - Some vaccine makers played it safe and saw that 2 doses was better because the 1st dose gives a chance for your body to learn and the 2nd dose boosts your antibody count - Moderna is 60%+ effective against INFECTIONS from Delta, compared to 39% Pfizer, however, Moderna packs more RNA per dose than Pfizer. Point being, all vaccines are weakened by these f-ing variants, BUT so far, and probably not for long, still offer very good efficacy against severe cases - but much weaker efficacy against getting the infection in the first place, and spreading it - which is bad, because it will mean a lot of new cases, and relative to that, hospitalisations will go up, which is bad, even though the proportion of those ending up in the hospital will be very low compared to those who have received their full dose(s) of vaccine. The RNA vaccines are probably the safest and lower risks - here in Canada, you don't choose your vaccine, but you have a right to refuse and reschedule an appointment for another type of vaccine. I got the Pfizer vaccine thinking it was the best, only to find out now the shit weak 39% protection I have from even getting sick, whilst Moderna is still above 60% effective against infections - BUT both vaccines are still very effective against getting severe forms that send you to the hospital ICU.
People should not shy away from vaccines, get the ******ned vaccines - you still get high efficacy against hospitalisation and mortality, and people will likely have to take shots for the rest of their bloody lives much like the Flu only wrose, more shots more needles, more craziness.
and officially the investigation on the origins of this wank virus is over, so nobody accepts responsibility, nobody is accountable, nothing, As far as Russia being the first to find a vaccine, I do believe they were helped by China !!! China knew that if it had been the first to release a vaccine, the whole world would be suspicious, rightfully so.........
so they helped their fellow Russian allies to score the big V :mrgreen:
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