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U.S now biggest Communist State....tasman1


#21 by Arvind9 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:21

josealvesjr wrote: India is considerd the largest democracy in the world. Democracy is in my opinion the best system of government but the problem is how to ensure to 1.3 billion people that their rights are protected and respected when there are that many different cultures present in that society. Very complicated.

India has moved into a capitalist form of rule,our government is supposed by the countries industrialists for that the government has to sell all government owned businesses to them very cheaply,only 7% Indians pay taxes wonder how will the government run the country where illiteracy powerty and jobless is on the rise
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#22 by josealvesjr » Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:34

wildbillhickok wrote: What is happening here is that the last administration, the "leftist" one, was made a parameter of comparisson.

Now, for a lot of people, anything is acceptable, because the other option is that administration which in recent past became synonym of corruption.

They simplyfied the debate saying if you are not on their side you are on the other (one that is proven corrupt and even worst: "Communist" :lol:

Also, if one's don't think the last administration was that bad, because there are some who seem to ignore all corruption done in the past, the argument: Would you prefer Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea? will be used (this is last resource)

On my opinion this is not a good rhetoric, since this is basically saying: We are not good, but they are worst.

If our current president had it his way we would become like North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba these are no communist countries but have a dictatorship or a one party rule. There are no communist countries in the world.
Communism doesn´t exist it is unnatural. It is not in the human genes.
That is his aspiration, a president who wants to close the congress, and Supreme Court. Need I say more?
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#23 by tasman1 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 15:31

Democracy is a Lie

Democracy from the Greek 'demos' meaning people + 'kratia' which means rule. In other words it means rule by the people. But we do not rule do we?

We are told that we do not live in a direct democracy, instead we are told that we live in a representative democracy. In such a system we are supposed to be represented in Parliament, not by ourselves but by our representative. Do we still live in a representative democracy when our representative does not represent us?

Because that is currently the reality, politicians represent their ideology not you, nor I, nor the electorate that they are supposed to represent. We know our politicians lie, we know we are not represented, but we still play the game. We still pretend that the system works just as it is described.

In Short
We cannot represent ourselves
We are not represented by 'our' representatives

Democracy is a lie
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