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People in Copenhagen don't seem to care at all


#1 by Nikorj » Tue Mar 31, 2020 06:55

Had to collect some mail for my mom on another address today, And because of the good weather Copenhagen seems to be back at it old self.

Copenhagen certainly don't look like a city in lock down mode anymore as people flood the streets and public transport is crammed with people who seems to completely have forgotten the situation we're in.

On my first bus trip there was this guy who coughed and coughed out into the air without covering his mouth until he got thrown out of the bus by the driver, And i was sitting 2 seats behind him Hooorayyy!!!!.

On my way back while waiting for the bus there was this other man (looked like a drunkard) who decided to stand right next to me while coughing as hell (thank's a lot idiot), Ma!! city people are so weak minded when it comes a crisis like this.

So if i have Covid 19 i wouldn't be surprised at all.

And i would assume that this is because of the good weather and that our prime-minister yesterday (Almost) promised that we "Slowly" could start to reopen some thing after Easter.
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#2 by Arvind9 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 07:03

Get a test go to the hospital stay two meters from everyone cover your mouth with a mask wash your hands drink some alcohol best of luck hope to see you back here soon
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#3 by Nikorj » Tue Mar 31, 2020 07:29

Thank you!!

I'm just appalled by the lack of respect, The f...... country has not been reopened yet.

Sadly you can only be tested in Denmark if your doctor think's you have it, Otherwise you're just advised to stay home.
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#4 by sonyjmn » Tue Mar 31, 2020 07:38

Drink warm water

most important take hot water steam inhalation it works well

you will be alright after taking 3 to 4 steams

my husband was coughing a little since yesterday and some cold

he just took some steam inhalation today his health is good no more cough

Take care of your health

You will be fine soon
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