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1 billion in lockdown now.....tasman1


#1 by tasman1 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 22:15

1 BILLION now in lockdown , hope once all 7 billion are in lockdown number of dead will not go to billion a day
Ask God for help no matter how you call him

Nearly one billion people around the world were confined to their homes on Sunday, as the coronavirus death toll crossed 13,000 and factories were shut in worst-hit Italy after another single-day fatalities record.

The raging pandemic has forced lockdowns in 35 countries across the globe, disrupting lives, travel and businesses as governments scramble to shut borders and unleash hundreds of billions in emergency measures to avoid a widespread virus-fuelled economic meltdown.

More than 300,000 infections have been confirmed worldwide, with the situation increasingly grim in Italy where the death toll spiked to more than 4,800 -- over a third of the global total.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced a closure of all non-essential factories in a late-night TV address on Saturday.

The Mediterranean nation of 60 million is now the epicentre of the disease, which first emerged in central China late last year before marching out to the rest of the world.

Italy has now reported more deaths than mainland China and third-placed Iran combined, and it has a death rate of 8.6 percent among confirmed COVID-19 infections -- significantly higher than in most other countries.

Across the Atlantic, more than a third of Americans were adjusting to life in various phases of lockdown, including in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles -- the three biggest US cities. Other parts of the United States are expected to ramp up restrictions as well.
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#2 by Arvind9 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 01:39

What can GOD do ?,illiteracy and ignorance is the problem,people even in Australia ignore the seriousness until the famous BONDI beach had to be closed down,in California young people ignoring all norms they say its their time,the governor there was worried his words reflected peoples behavior which left no option but to close down the beach,even I enjoyed the view there BABES trying to look hot and looking at themselves in small mirrors :D :D ,if we humans cannot help it what will GOD do just sit and watch
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#3 by Darkstar2 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:00

I agree, there is nothing God can do, God gave humanity something precious called FREE WILL. What is happening around the world is not God's fault, it's human greed, ignorance and negligence. I mean sure people can be upset at God and ask how can a loving God allow this to happen - Well you cannot have free will and control at the same time, otherwise we would have absolutely no control of what we do. God did not create the illegal wet markets where wild animals are snatched from their wild habitat and put into cages together crammed with other animals and then sold to humans for human consumption. Nothing God can do now, whatever disasters and mistakes humans make, they can fix.

The Spanish Flu killed millions before it eventually disappeared. This virus is likely to make a comeback in WAVES before disappearing - for that to happen you need a vaccine and at least 50-60% infected - I would not expect the virus to DISAPPEAR before at least 3 years - since it takes 12 to 18 months for a vaccine, and then you need production phase and supply, administering etc which could take a lot of time. It's very likely covid19 could become a seasonal strain like Influenza. Meanwhile the number of cases and deaths will likely slow down in a matter of months, which will be encouraging news, things will eventually become stable and under control - BUT the virus will never completely disappear, people will have to continue applying hygiene and changing their way of life for a while.
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#4 by Nikorj » Sun Mar 22, 2020 14:33

Raging pandemic?????, You have seen nothing yet (It just started).

But don't worry about me, 2 or even 3 more months is nothing when you have a sufficient supply of toilet-paper.

It really hurts watching Italy at the moment, But it will be worse when Spain, France, Germany and not least the US and UK enters the competition for real.

I really hope that Sweden will be the ones laughing at us all when the storm has taken off, But i fear that their way of handling this crisis will smack them really really hard. Everything is still open in Sweden (Which has around 1700 registered cases) They have not really made any restrictions beside banning gatherings of over 500 people and told the public to adhere to some guide-lines on how to avoid infection.

Here in Denmark numbers are still quite good (Hospitals have no problems at all YET!!!), But we are wandering in the dark and have no idea on the real!! number of infections because they only test the sick and people showing symptoms of it (So far 1300 is registered, 239 is hospitalized, 48 is on intensive care, 32 is in need of a respirator and 13 are dead).
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#5 by valerie » Sun Mar 22, 2020 16:44

I don't wish this on anyone, any where. I feel sorry for those that have lost love ones,
no matter what country they are in. I sure don't see this as a country competition.
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#6 by Nikorj » Sun Mar 22, 2020 17:09

valerie wrote: I don't wish this on anyone, any where. I feel sorry for those that have lost love ones,
no matter what country they are in. I sure don't see this as a country competition.

With competition i just mean the inevitable.

No one in their right mind would have wanted this to happen.
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