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ClixSense needs your input


Please read the post below before making your choice.

Poll ended Sun Apr 02, 2017 07:39  »  Voted by 996 members  »  Single-choice

#161 by UlaRzesz » Sun Apr 02, 2017 03:10

Removed this isn't about Neobux.
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#162 by shermanlelane02 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 03:15

Listen my dear friends.

Paypal is not the Alfa & Omega of payment processors.

They are just throwing their weight around to stir the internet system.

Look at the bottom of this page..... you have a choice of six (6) processors.

If Clixsense decides to add Bitcoin as well.............. then I would be in heaven.........................................

Just to add my voice......................................

Thank you so very much.

Have a great day

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#163 by golodg » Sun Apr 02, 2017 04:01

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#164 by pororo99 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 05:09

how about bitcoin i think it will be much better :thumbup:
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#165 by pindokhan123 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 05:15

well its hard to decide because i think every member has a different opinion,personally i would like to see paypal back wioth the addition of more earning opportunities whether that means removing ads and clixgrid,as these 2 are not necessarily beneficial to everyone.

its good to know that jim has asked his members for their opinion as its for their benefit that he is looking out for and the interests of his company.
At the end of the day i would choose an option that benefits both company and members even if it means removing some things like ads and the grid,i am sure jim can replace these with much more and better earning opportunities.
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#166 by asfaroat » Sun Apr 02, 2017 06:06

it is not necessary to get paypal back ,clixsense is good with or without paypal ..
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#167 by Sukam » Sun Apr 02, 2017 06:09

This decision of whether to remove PTC and clixgrid should be based on the data not on the personal opinion of the user . This can just be a feedback of what user thinks about this thing but this should not be made the basis of decision . I have been here for almost 4+ years but i don't think removing ptc ads and clixgrid will have a huge impact on the business of clixsense .

I also think a revamp of business model clixsense and bring upon more opportunities here so that both earn bigger amount rather than collecting pennies .

There are many work provider who need contributors and they are in need of companies which can provide them work force . I work on couple of other platforms and they are working smoothly and doing a great job .

Clixsense should also consider other work provider which targets special type work force .

Also changing the business model totally depend upon the owner of the clixsense whether they really want to make major impact or they are happy with the current model :thumbup:
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#168 by pindokhan123 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 06:09

yes you are right infact its caused so much hassle that most members have managed without it including myself and i am pretty i am going to go with the flow,whatever everyone decides or is in favour of i am in :thumbup:
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#169 by Detshin » Sun Apr 02, 2017 06:18

bitcoin is also a good option :thumbup: .
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#170 by apernambucana » Sun Apr 02, 2017 06:24

I prefer paypal back because to be more suitable to make bank transfers, since with paypal the minimum cashout for withdrawal was $ 8 and practically even using other processors like the ones that are now, in the case of Payonner, the cashout Was very high for withdrawal, for users of the Brazilian cashout minimum of $ 50 and this was practically complicated for us. Payza, we can only make a bank transfer to Brazil, so we have the option of bitcoin, but the process is a little complicated, since only from $ 20 we can send to a payment provider, but it has a high rate, that is , Sincerely I prefer paypal back, less complicated, more used at least by me for purchases and also withdrawals. This be my humble opinion!

=========== PAYPAL BACK ==================== :thumbup:
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#171 by pindokhan123 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 06:36

you see everyone has different opinions,i think clixsense should work in a way that suits everyone but i think that's going to be a long haul,,,,not everyone can be pleased as we are all scattered around the world, so what i suggest and its just an opinion,is for jim to come up with a solution that is liked by everyone or at least is beneficial to us all.ok some of us don't have access to all the earning opportunities here,that must be taken into consideration,in fact its not an easy tasks and i support jim 1000% in whatever he and his team decide,this is the only site where i have noticed that the owner asks his members for feedback and works in their interest ,so we should all support jim and whatever he decides,of course we give our own opinion and suggestions and overall jim has to make the big decision.I f this was my site ,i would have every payment processor under the sun so everyone can choose their best method of cashout,i would add extra work opportunities and everything else that would sustain and enrich the business for its owner and for its members because at the end of the day every business need customers and members and this is what keeps the cycle going and payments being made wordwide.
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#172 by valerie » Sun Apr 02, 2017 06:50

Ok I am going to make one last comment in this topic. I think. :mrgreen:

I hope I make myself clear enough. ALL online payment processors suck. All of them. There is a lot of
stuff in business that sucks. It is a dog eat dog world and online, there is only so far you can go and so
much you can do.

I am strongly stressing to go with PayPal because it is a BUSINESS decision, NOT a PERSONAL decision.
I'm in the USA. I cash out by check. I have no problems cashing out by check. I have cashed out by
check half the time I have been here, if not more.

WHY EXACTLY PayPal cut off ClixSense, I can only guess but my guesses are not unfounded totally.

1. PayPal Quota: Every year or every quarter it seems PayPal staff need to meet a shut off quota.

2. Unlike Google that won't tell you anything at all, PayPal does often throw hints. PayPal does need
to abide by their own policies. Allowing even big players to seep thru the cracks is not good for PayPal

3. So when PayPal tells CS to remove the PTC end, that is a mighty big hint to say the least. For starters
the ClixGrid is too much like a lottery. What you have done Jim in this regard is tell members if they
upgrade, they'll get more chances to play. It's a double whammy. In PayPal's eyes, it's gambling.

4. ClixSense stresses the PTC model. PayPal obviously does not like this and here again, it is not a
personal thing, it is a business thing and PayPal needs to abide as closely as they can by their own

Bottomline, change how advertising operates here. PayPal will take you back. Everyone will earn
as usual, and everyone will be happy.
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#173 by sabyasachi008 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 07:31

Respected Mr. Jim ,

You have got the enough data to calculate what should be your business policy and I think as a businessman , you are great and successful .. The data you have got the number of votes and we can also see that but we all do not know how much business you are getting from the voter who have selected " Keep ClixSense as it is with PTC and Clixgrid without Paypal " or "Remove PTC and ClixGrid and bring Paypal back" .. that is your task to find out what the policy should be taken and you are the best judge here ..
Paypal is very reliable and one of the biggest institute in the arena of financial sector and if your company again ties with them , that will be treated as attachment of "Precious Stone" and why not are you trying to shine your "Crown" more ??

Best Regards ,
Sabyasachi Gupta
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#174 by emgeeem » Sun Apr 02, 2017 07:33

i only earn from Clixsense using the PTCs. It is the quickest way to earn. have been denied and have not done surverys being an expat and do not understand Arabic. the tasks and offers take too much time. i just need a quick 5-10mins or lesser break to check and i am done with PTC having ClixAddOn running. It was really sad to have known that Paypal is out in the payment processors as it is the only one i have that i can withdraw from as i have been verified prior to cutting all of my credcard that needs to be linked. I guess i have to accumulate more in my Payza account in order to benefit from online exchangers. but please do not remove PTC.
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#175 by blueunicorn2 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 07:35

Again this discussion isn't about neobux geez.
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