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Later... » Post #3

Wed Jan 10, 2024 23:19 in General Talk

Submit photo ID.
Phone verify.

Don't wish to do either... Not for ySense.

I don't earn from ySense. So no loss there,

I have been transferring earnings from HideOutTV and LootTV to ySense for weeks not knowing I was giving it away.

Or submit....

Now I transfer somewhere else...

I just logged in to do a last cash out and close my account before New Years, that's when I found out.

First it was a failed phone verification.

Later... » Post #1

Wed Jan 10, 2024 22:32 in General Talk

Member Since August 4, 2016
Lifetime Total $1,767.88

Available Balance $29.10

Cannot cash out...
Not submitting photo ID so I can earn pennies a month.

None of my earnings come from ySense anyway. All third party. (Loot, Hideout, etc.)

No mention of policy changes. No email. No messages on ySense.

Last payment and account closure requested.

Be Good tasman1.

Poll ........Your 2024 Earning target » Post #6

Thu Dec 14, 2023 19:41 in General Talk

.01c Survey Daily Poll.

$3.65 for the year.

Unless I complete the verification process and rescue the $28.83 of my supposed available balance.

Then $32.48 here at ySense.

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #5

Tue Jun 28, 2022 21:37 in General Talk

I think they are willing to take risks for the chance of becoming an American citizen.
Luckily there is a legal process.

Does your country offer that? ;)

It's been fun, sort of » Post #20

Thu May 19, 2022 18:11 in General Talk

All is good. Still adding up all my pennies...

I see your stats are going strong.

Do good stuff.

ySense Referral Link - Page Failed Check » Post #6

Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:05 in General Talk

Buy a domain and forward it...

Log out of ySense then submit...

ClixSense would not open in an iFrame either. (since the "Change")

Had to use the stock splash pages/banners or make your own.

Ever notice you don't see CS home page in Traffic Exchanges?

it's not clixsense! its ysense now. » Post #17

Thu Aug 01, 2019 04:06 in General Talk

Look for the Cash out link in the navigation. (On select pages)

Welcome to ySense....tasman1 » Post #11

Thu Aug 01, 2019 03:29 in General Talk

As a member of the Prodege, LLC family...

making $2000 money pile for next 14 months » Post #3

Sat Jun 29, 2019 14:33 in Success Stories

$2,810 depending on your tax rate.

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #14

Thu Mar 28, 2019 15:59 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Did not read it

Reason ........ What is Privacy Policy ?????? Never seen that in real life , every time I do do a survey , and I do many . I have huge numbers of calls and e-mails

Any respected survey company?
:lol: :lol: :lol: ha ha ha ha ha :lol: :lol: :lol: , thanks for nice joke :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ha

I've been lucky... No phone calls or emails.
2 or 3 emails from ClixSense Reasearch.
2 or 3 emails from Amazon, because of recent purchase.

Few When I get credited at another GPT/Survey site. Keep 'em coming :D
Few "Your check is on it's way"

Policy Page,
We reserve the right to change our policy at any time. (I.e PayPal, eBay - when convenient I suppose)

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #12

Thu Mar 28, 2019 13:02 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote: Yes read it, and it's still there for reading for those who did not read it. I do not know why there is much fuss over it, could it be people are misunderstanding it ? Your information is already being shared all over the internet. Just the fact you use tasks, offers and surveys, your data is already being shared and monetized, how do you think those networks exist, they do not just make money on survey completes. As far as ClixSense, I trust the site and owner. It would not be any different if you used any other GPT site or crowd sourcing site. In fact by using social media, facebook, e-mail, anything online, your data is being collected, used and shared, for the most part there is nothing to fear, most of the sites collect aggregated data, but sites where you expose your information like your legal name, address, date of birth, that's the problem, but there again some GPT sites require this information to protect against fraud, though I have never provided real DOB info to e-mail and social media, just different by subtle digits, nothing big, :D people who put their whole life story online and on social media should not complain about privacy, there is no privacy online.

As far as the transition clause, it does say IN THE EVENT, it does not specifically state there is a transition, but somehow I wonder if all of this and the timing is related to the sudden and abrupt rate drops across the offers and surveys, it would be nice to have some answers from CS, as these drops will have a huge impact on earnings, particularly for those who are more active and earn more, it's all about volume, even subtle drops can translate to 2-3 figures less monthly.

So I accepted, I mean I already get disturbed by telemarketers on a regular basis and get spam by e-mail, none of which is coming from this site I am sure, so no big deal here, privacy is a myth, and as long as you are using the internet, and worse, using e-mail, social media, free services online, that notion of privacy goes out the window. Any company can write they will not disclose your info or keep it confidential, then 5 years later you hear about company x was hacked and millions of account were stolen....... Banks, credit cards, government agencies, millions of private, confidential information were stolen, so yeah privacy my arse, soon we will have to use microchip implanted in our skin, refer to the mark of the beast, revelations :D

I haven't noticed any rate drops, if anything, an increase.

Sub-Ten Minute Surveys - 2056838 - English 3 min 27m 16s ago $1.68
PureSpectrum 2050405 - English 3 min 1d 1h 20m ago $4.50 2057156 - English 5 min 27m 8s ago $0.31
Sample Cube 2057238 - English 5 min 27m 8s ago $0.32
OpinionWorld 730405 5 min 1d 21h 28m ago $0.60
YourSurveys 15802530 5 min 1h ago $0.62 2057033 - English 5 min 27m 17s ago $0.96
OpinioNetwork 127715 5 min 7h 15m ago $11.70
CINT 380780 6 min 1d 1h 43m ago $0.48
Sample Cube 2057272 - English 6 min 27m 16s ago $1.02 2057343 - English 7 min 24m 31s ago $0.36
CINT 376325 7 min 2d 29m ago $1.04
YourSurveys 15794568 7 min 2h 18m ago $1.39
OpinioNetwork 127472 7 min 7h 15m ago $7.50

Of course qualifying is a different matter.
* Just completed - 505,193,029 Completed 28 Mar 2019 16:20 EDT 3m 28s Pollfish Router $0.18

Tasks, Not here thanks.

The only offer I do here are Video Offers.

Is ClixSense taking a bigger cut? (Do To Reversals)

Not sure what that would have to do with the Policy addition.
I sense a looming Event...
Timing? Offline family business, should be about to explode.

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #11

Thu Mar 28, 2019 13:00 in General Talk

wildbillhickok wrote: I superficially read it...
But companies gather so much information about us nowadays that I didn't give too much attetion to it.
Each time we take a survey we give our information away, There is always a "policy privacy terms" there. In my opinion, they just gather general information without individualizing the person.
My way of dealing with privacy issues is controlling my input of personal information.

Not the part I found of interest.

There was an addition.

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #7

Tue Mar 26, 2019 14:30 in General Talk

Losses add up too...

Couple of beers or $6 a month. (Usage way down)


I was more curious about the timing of the Policy update.
The quality of site owners specific to this industry.
If/When enacted, would it be a site I am already a member of?

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #4

Tue Mar 26, 2019 14:11 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote:
DannyChiarelli wrote: I Recently got a notice about an update to the ClixSense Privacy Policy.

I read the new addition, Mandatory "Accept or Decline", As with any reputable site.

I tried to decline.

Surprised no one commented about it.

Thoughts and Poll.

I read it,you say you tried to decline,but accepted it to continue using your account on clixsene.

Accept Or forfeit any earnings due.

I do not wish any transfer of my user information - Unless and until I know parties involved.

(I know it is standard practice, still don't like it)

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #1

Tue Mar 26, 2019 13:43 in General Talk

I Recently got a notice about an update to the ClixSense Privacy Policy.

I read the new addition, Mandatory "Accept or Decline", As with any reputable site.

I tried to decline.

Surprised no one commented about it.

Thoughts and Poll.

India Blogger Make $4,232 from ClixSense » Post #10

Thu Mar 21, 2019 09:48 in Success Stories

This is a great story...

Good for you - :thumbup:

P.s. - I would have been fine with a link to your blog. Especially if it was hosted on your own domain.

I see it is - Nice work "GUY" ;)

Technology or Craptology ??...tasman1 » Post #9

Sun Feb 24, 2019 22:06 in General Talk

Come to think of it,

One more point that makes more sense then one would assume,

Windows Update time.

My machine has two moods during the month,

As fast as I expect from an old PC, but usable...

Sluggish for two or three days,
then back to usable.

One day Microsoft will do updates right...

Technology or Craptology ??...tasman1 » Post #7

Sun Feb 24, 2019 20:44 in General Talk

Debloat all the retail(ware)

Retail PC's come with a bunch of extra apps and programs installed.

Research carefully which apps you will never use and delete.

I am still on a 12 year old desktop PC (came with Vista), hard drive formatted several times and still kicking.
Replaced monitor 7 years ago.

Added ram to 3gig.

Fresh Windows 10 PRO install from Microsoft.

people are always unhappy » Post #27

Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:52 in General Talk

I think the ClixSense pre-screen system needs updating...

...And it just takes too long to sift through surveys, adding to the frustration of being disqualified.

As to reversals,
I got a few. Maybe three or four out of thousands of survey completes.

I got a few bonuses to, an extra payment months after the survey complete.

One reversal was reversed...

CLARIFICATION.....tasman1 » Post #8

Mon Feb 11, 2019 14:35 in General Talk


I got a forum warning for saying ClixSense is not "A FREE way to earn money".

Like many,
It cost me almost $600 in one way or another, from all GPT's last year just to get the money I can actually use.

Some of which is still tied up until a dominant payment processor comes up...
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