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Posts by besar10

My first 1$ » Post #1

Sun Apr 10, 2016 03:00 in Success Stories

Yeah i reach the 1$ , i will work hard to win more moneys

about sponsors » Post #1

Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:39 in Member Introduction

Hi to all i want u to ask about Sponsors , for what is using sponsor anyone want to tell me , im just clicking ads to win money idk what to do

Hello I'm new » Post #14

Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:37 in Member Introduction

and how much $ do u win , since 23 Jan 2009 ?

MY #1 PAYMENT » Post #2

Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:33 in Payment Proofs

u are here from 2014 and u earned just 26$ ? o.O

I want to ask u about Referrals? » Post #1

Fri Mar 25, 2016 06:14 in Member Introduction

If i suggest my friends to sign up in My Affiliate Link, did clixsense pay for it ? Please tell me im new ! im 2weeks working for Clixsense and i have just 0.5$ :( i want to make big money

Hi to all i have one question? » Post #1

Fri Mar 18, 2016 08:13 in Member Introduction

I have a week when i started to work with Clixsense, and i have just 0.2270$ , i play tasks clixgrid.
The question is when i will start to earn good moneys , when i will start to work with referrals ? PLEASE help me :( :(

New Member » Post #8

Fri Mar 18, 2016 05:25 in Member Introduction

bro for 1month u win just 2$ ? :(

My 147th Payment » Post #2

Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:08 in Payment Proofs

Cong! u have win great moneys bro ! i wish u all the best

My #1 pyment » Post #10

Wed Mar 16, 2016 07:21 in Payment Proofs

Hello i want to ask u ?
How much days u wait and what u do to make these moneys bcz im new in Clixsense and i want to have succes in this , i click ads every day , i play clixgrid everything :) I have 4 days working with Clixsense and i make just 10cent :( Can u advice me :) ?

Hello im new i need Advices? » Post #1

Wed Mar 16, 2016 07:19 in Member Introduction

Hello to all members of Clixsense , im new in this great PTC site , one friend told me to create here a account and to win Money.
I want to ask u all why in 4days just 10cent it payd me , i click every moment ADS , i dont have offers i dont know what to do to win more moneys. And how much long will take this to start with referals or other links to win more moneys ( this i read in forum of Clixsense about referals)
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