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The slow death of » Post #27

Thu Aug 22, 2019 07:41 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: YSense paying much faster than ClixSense. I was paid in 2 days. Payout lowered from $10 to $3 so I be able to request twice a week if not three times a week if wish. So for me things just got better.

I got paid within 3 business days via Paypal so no complaints there.

I am completing Surveys and not getting Paid? » Post #3

Wed Aug 21, 2019 20:56 in General Talk

I've had this happen at least twice and unfortunately, one was for a higher paying survey. I did not report it because I wondered if, like Clixsense, these higher paying ones take longer to credit. I'm not really sure because Clixsense had the red flags on the surveys that pay later and they also showed a pending amount. I don't see the flags or pending drop box on Ysense.

Your Surveys » Post #8

Mon Aug 19, 2019 14:48 in General Talk

Darkstar2, very helpful info.

Your Surveys » Post #5

Fri Aug 16, 2019 18:07 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Last I heard from them I was in a coma.


Your Surveys » Post #2

Fri Aug 16, 2019 16:27 in General Talk

Celica, English translation?

Your Surveys » Post #1

Fri Aug 16, 2019 16:01 in General Talk

UPDATE: Within an hour of posting this, my score went right back up to where it had been plus about 10 points were added - and I hadn't done any additional surveys with YS. I am clueless on their process but at least it was corrected quickly.

I just saw a notice that my quality score for Your Surveys was slashed in half and that I wouldn't have access to as many of their surveys due to quality issues. I've been answering those surveys in the same manner I've been answering them over the last three years. Always honestly. Nothing has changed. It would be nice if some specifics were provided. Very aggravating. I think I'll stick to the other surveys for awhile. Has anyone else had problems with Your Surveys?

Change your passwords - Why weren't we alerted? » Post #1

Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:40 in General Talk

Excerpt:“As a result of ClixSense’s data security failures, the hackers downloaded a document from ClixSense that contained clear text information regarding 6.6 million consumers, including some 500,000 U.S. consumers. The hackers then published and offered for sale, on a website known for posting security exploits, personal information pertaining to approximately 2.7 million consumers, including full names and physical addresses, dates of birth, gender, answers to security questions, email addresses and passwords, as well as hundreds of Social Security numbers.”

ClixSense and Settle with FTC - Bill Hartzer

For everyones information. » Post #7

Fri Aug 02, 2019 17:30 in General Talk

At this time, I have more survey options than I did before. However, I'm missing many of the routers and only see two to use. I'm delighted to have Paypal back. It's much more convenient than checks which I had to drive ten miles to my bank. So far I'm pleased with the changes. Sounds like your location plays a large part in how well everything works or if it's even offered.

I would like to see the daily stats back on the account summary page. It was nice to immediately see yesterday's earnings compared to today's, and it helped me with goals.

Old Actors » Post #9

Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:08 in General Talk

My father lived until he was 92. He had a heart attack and thought it was just acid reflux! Throughout his life, he lived on a diet that would have killed most people within a year. He was sort of a walking miracle. Tough old man!

Scared to dead .......tasman1 » Post #7

Mon Jul 30, 2018 20:40 in General Talk

There are some decisions that must be left to the family. Strangers who try to interject their own personal beliefs based on religious beliefs must be prevented from interfering. If you want to let your loved ones die horrible deaths and they're all for it, that's your family's decision.

Having watched two loved ones die of cancer, suffering terribly, I know that painkillers have their limitations. In one case, the physician wisely administered medication that put the patient into a merciful coma state. Everyone has the right to die with dignity. And this does not concern strangers.

Email from ClixSense » Post #7

Tue Jun 26, 2018 07:44 in General Talk

It takes a tremendous amount of persistence but you can make a little money here. You just have to accept the fact that probably 90% of the surveys you click on will disqualify you. But why would you care if you get the 10%? Those are the only ones that matter.

One thing I'd love to see changed is that so many of the surveys I click on say disqualified because I've apparently already clicked on them so the same ones seem to get recycled over and over. If there was a way to get the surveys we've already clicked on to disappear from our thread, that would certainly save a lot of time. They do disappear initially once we click on them and then they seem to pop up again immediately.

Windows 10 UPDATE-DO NOT DO yet. » Post #16

Mon Jun 11, 2018 17:33 in General Talk

I installed it and within two days received one of those weirdo messages where there is lots of beeping and an ominous voice told me I had to call a number for tech support or I'd be reported to the feds. Nice try. I fixed that one myself but I thought you were supposed to have more security with Windows 10.

Free Doritos Locos Tacos June 12 2018 2-6PM » Post #4

Sun Jun 10, 2018 18:27 in General Talk

I will be certain to get my free taco! (without the meat) Thanks for the heads up.

To come back or what ....tasman1 » Post #12

Sun May 06, 2018 13:47 in General Talk

You need to set another goal. If you don't need the money for cost of living, follow the investment advice of Warren Buffet. See how much you can make on investments!

Dwolla Processing Time » Post #1

Fri Apr 20, 2018 07:51 in General Talk

Payment was requested about 2 days ago and funds are deposited this morning.

That is remarkable turnaround time.

Dwolla » Post #20

Fri Mar 30, 2018 07:53 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: GoDaddy moving AWS. One my main affs did first thing they did dump few billion ips and only keep for 90 days so stopped getting new customers. I only promoted them as lifetime IPs went from three million under me to none. Removed all advertising as not worth it. Bulk in same industry do a year if they done that but slowly I of been ok with it.

Godaddy was the same group running Webanswers which, without warning, stopped paying its contributors and just died. I'd never use Godaddy for anything.

Dwolla » Post #19

Fri Mar 30, 2018 07:48 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: It did not ask me for password but then again I joined before requesting pay.

Just received second amount from them. This one not even pending a day.

Yes, I got my transfer within 24 hours. Pretty fast.

Dwolla » Post #5

Thu Mar 29, 2018 18:02 in General Talk

loveminions wrote: I agree with tasman1 I don't think that is normal...never had to provide that for any account anywhere. I was thinking about joining too but after coming across a lot of negative reviews I think I need more time now after reading this I may never join lol. A few people here have actually already received their payouts with no issues ....I wonder if they had to also give out that info.....

I have a Payza account too and all I gave them was my account# and routing# can't remember ever giving them any password....

They offered two options. The option that was the quickest asked for a bank password. Their second option would have taken far longer for the transfer. They claimed they would not be storing that bank password and only needed it one time to confirm the account existed.

We'll see how this goes. I may go back to the check payment and change my bank password.

Dwolla » Post #1

Thu Mar 29, 2018 17:30 in General Talk

Dwolla asked for my bank account number and bank password. I've never been asked for this info from other companies I've dealt with. Has anyone else ever dealt with this company?

Very bad news and big blow to the PTC industry » Post #13

Wed Mar 21, 2018 18:01 in General Talk

Does Dwolla have anything in common with Payza? Wondering if I should stay with checks?
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