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Posts by mukande

Valerie & Tasman1 - Shortages » Post #18

Wed Jan 12, 2022 13:43 in General Talk

Even here it is happening in Canada...and starting on Monday..I think truckers will not be able to cross the border unless vaccinated...

Times to come - do you need more proof ? » Post #5

Wed Dec 15, 2021 15:06 in General Talk

Yes..just watched a video....cases in US...will be 1- million a about 2- 3 weeks..I guess matter how hard they won' t stop...8 times more contagious..and many are aymptomatic...many essential workers..will get store workers..etc will be chaos for a while...and he said we will need patience with so many at home..and some in hospital.....but he did say it would create immunity...and numbers wpuld soar..quickly for a couple of months..then start to come we are seeing in Africa.....

Just so you know, I am alive » Post #15

Sat Dec 11, 2021 16:00 in General Talk

I read about all of the damage..and deaths...You were very happy you are ok...What will people do for food..??

Vaccines are they reliable? » Post #9

Mon Nov 01, 2021 12:27 in General Talk

The vaccines do not prevent Covid...In Ontario Canada, 53 percent of the cases were , ut seems like after 6 months, the efficacy wanes...and immune system too..One whole hockey team( seniors and double vaxxed)..14 of them caught it from another team member from another team..And more and more double vaccinated are ending up in hospital.... habits...stress level...makes a the severity ...Many of the vaccinated will have the sniffles only..not a fever..and it will get spread as they do not wear a mask in restaurants and bars...and now they say if they vaccinate the 5- 11 year- olds..things will go back to normal..I do not think flu season is upon will be a big mess...and people have cold this year...not last..because..less hand washing..less mask wearing...etc etc...will it mutate...probably..I do not think we got the true figures of how many have been harmed or died from the vaccine..The elderly are on their third long will it protect them......

Covid 19 Picture of India » Post #11

Mon Apr 19, 2021 05:20 in General Talk

The situation has become disastrous..with looting going on...there must be so many suffering from hunger..and homeless...

Alarm , Brazil First , rest will follow..tasman1 » Post #2

Mon Mar 15, 2021 07:20 in General Talk

I have seen all the grocery products up by 50 cents or more...Already people are struggling...

Covid19 Vaccine? » Post #22

Sat Feb 27, 2021 01:01 in General Talk

They started this week for 85 and above...My turn will be at the end of June..They are using Pfizer..but I have allergies...Will be watching how people react...My sisters nurse said the second one has more side pain..fatigue....

yoursurveys » Post #2

Tue Feb 23, 2021 18:11 in French

Oui...depuis Vendredi...ils essaient de régler les problèmes

Another great day with ySense » Post #12

Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:13 in Your Stats

Wow..Super bonus!!

Best day ever! » Post #2

Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:12 in Success Stories

That is fantastic!!.. Hope you get more..

Another great day with ySense » Post #7

Thu Feb 11, 2021 06:25 in Your Stats

Fantastic! checklist earnings??

I'm Back » Post #4

Tue Feb 09, 2021 07:35 in Member Introduction

Hope you do well..

HO HO HO Me Time , Ho Ho Ho ...tasman1 » Post #5

Sun Feb 07, 2021 08:48 in General Talk

Fantastic!.. .May the luck continue

my highest earning in a day $8.29 » Post #10

Thu Feb 04, 2021 14:34 in Your Stats

I hope so..with no more tasks available..maybe they are doing their best to get more surveys available..

my highest earning in a day $8.29 » Post #8

Thu Feb 04, 2021 11:02 in Your Stats

Today is a good day....I usually make $30.00 a month...hopefully $40.00 this month

my highest earning in a day $8.29 » Post #6

Thu Feb 04, 2021 07:21 in Your Stats

Excellent...! You completed some high paying surveys..! Lucky yiu

Over 83.00 ySense saved January..tasman1 » Post #12

Sat Jan 30, 2021 06:42 in Success Stories

That is great!! Starting to pick up...!..My goal this year is $50.00 a month...or more..!!

6.60 on 27/07 NOT BAD ...tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Jan 28, 2021 07:18 in Success Stories


Today $4.30 Yesterday $6.44....tasman1 » Post #3

Sun Jan 24, 2021 08:06 in Success Stories

The last 2 days have been a bit better...

Two for Valerie ...tasman1 » Post #7

Tue Jan 05, 2021 06:14 in General Talk

I saw the Musical in the seventies!!..Jesus Christ Superstar...
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