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Posts by saddsoul

payment received :) » Post #13

Mon Apr 11, 2016 04:53 in Payment Proofs

misho6000 wrote: good
thank you

payment received :) » Post #11

Fri Apr 08, 2016 08:56 in Payment Proofs

indrabiltu wrote: Very good work there mate. Congratulations! :thumbup:

mkaya01 wrote: Congratulations!

hockey10 wrote: congrats :D

doctor2 wrote: congrats :clap:

adersh2009 wrote: Congratulations!

thanks guys :thumbup:
happy clicking

payment received :) » Post #5

Thu Apr 07, 2016 23:26 in Payment Proofs

xaelunited wrote: :thumbup: Happy earning... :clap:

happy earning :thumbup:

payment received :) » Post #3

Thu Apr 07, 2016 22:33 in Payment Proofs

DarkUnbreakable wrote: Congratulations! :thumbup:
thank u

payment received :) » Post #1

Wed Apr 06, 2016 13:12 in Payment Proofs

got paid within a week :thumbup: :clixsense:
thank you and long live :clixsense:

2$ signup commission » Post #21

Wed Mar 23, 2016 06:50 in Your Stats

juniorrevenge wrote: Congrats! the job of all referals is very important.
exactly :thumbup:
and thanks

2$ signup commission » Post #18

Wed Mar 23, 2016 03:20 in Your Stats

soussou82 wrote: good

korpsavath wrote: :clap:
:thumbup: thank you

2$ signup commission » Post #16

Tue Mar 22, 2016 23:25 in Your Stats

tripleciiq90 wrote: GREAT! I am still looking for my first one!!
advertise your affiliate link more for refferals :thumbup:

2$ signup commission » Post #14

Mon Mar 21, 2016 23:16 in Your Stats

appy19882002 wrote: Very Very nice :)

aidar277 wrote: Very Nice. :thumbup:

janaaroma wrote: Great job. Congratulations! :)

lotus_dragon wrote: :clap:good stuff keep it up :clap: :clixsense:

TutFREAK wrote: That's cool, nice one :)

adersh2009 wrote: CONGRATULATIONS! :clap:

nfs2 wrote: Congratulations :clap: :clap:

djjrex wrote: awesome

thank you everyone :)
happy clicking :clap: :clixsense:

2$ signup commission » Post #5

Thu Mar 17, 2016 00:32 in Your Stats

kumar7862 wrote: very Good

lakhihs47 wrote: Very Nice. :D :clap:

saumitra wrote: Congrats..

thanks guys :D

2$ signup commission » Post #1

Wed Mar 16, 2016 03:12 in Your Stats

one of my referral earned his first 5$.
and here's the commission credited in my account

thanks :clixsense: :clap:

Successfully Earned $500 in clixsense » Post #16

Thu Feb 18, 2016 20:13 in Success Stories


Successfully Earned $500 in clixsense » Post #6

Thu Feb 18, 2016 06:10 in Success Stories

tami9191 wrote: It took almost one year :cry: to earn my first $500 in clixsense with over 1340 referrals (781 active). But, I think this is truly a success story :D isn't it?

Looking forward to earn more :$ on clixsense!

This program is the best compared to any other paid to click or get paid to programs in the world, from my experience!


Have a good day! :clap:

congrates :clap:
that's great dude
can i see your blog?
i have one too but never got a referral from blog. :?:

i won » Post #8

Thu Feb 11, 2016 03:26 in Success Stories

Arshadkumbla wrote: but me always completing 30 clixgrid.. no winnings... saad

keep clicking and you will win one day for sure..
keep :D :D

i won » Post #5

Wed Feb 10, 2016 07:54 in Success Stories

shamanthg wrote: :D :clap: :thumbup: good for you

thank you

i won » Post #3

Wed Feb 10, 2016 03:24 in Success Stories

nimish33 wrote: Hello
Congrats for win, wish you get more ahead.......... :P :clap:

thanks man, good luck for u too

i won » Post #1

Wed Feb 10, 2016 01:00 in Success Stories


stats 4 today » Post #1

Tue Oct 20, 2015 13:11 in Your Stats

View PTC Ads 40 clicks $0.089
ClixGrid Game 60 clicks $0.00
Complete Tasks 16 tasks $0.33
Complete Offers Optional $0.00
Visit the Forum 18 views
Total earned: $0.419
EXTRA BONUSES (Complete the checklist to unlock)
ClixAddon Bonus Completed +2.0%
Activity Bonus 2 days more +2.0%
14.0%Congrats! The checklist is completed!
$0.0587Your bonus is currently standing at:

40 ptc ads ,that was highest i clicked till now

My first payment in Clixsense! :) » Post #15

Sat Oct 17, 2015 09:57 in Your Stats

curro33 wrote: My first payment: 12,25$

Thanks Clixsense :)

your balance $-1.14 how's that possible
congrates anyway :clap:

Lock it » Post #2

Fri May 29, 2015 22:30 in General Talk

n/a in india :oops:
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