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Received my 1st payment now on 12/12/2017. » Post #2

Fri Dec 15, 2017 06:38 in Your Stats

Hopefully many more to come.. :thumbup: :clixsense:

moderate earning day » Post #3

Fri Aug 25, 2017 20:17 in Success Stories

Complete Tasks Optional $0.00
Complete Offers 67 offers $2.34
Visit the Forum 3 views
Total earned: $2.340
EXTRA BONUSES (Complete the checklist to unlock)
ClixAddon Bonus Completed +2.0%
Activity Bonus Completed +2.0%
Congrats! The checklist is completed!

Congrats on your earnings, mine today!

35th Payment » Post #1

Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:16 in Payment Proofs

Faster than usual payment.. Thanks :clixsense:

Reference ID:
Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 0.734994 GBP
Amount received: 48.44 USD
Sender's email:

New look » Post #4

Thu Jul 20, 2017 06:06 in General Talk

Seems like a cheaper version to me! :thumbdown:

ClixSense Cash Back $$ » Post #9

Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:28 in General Talk

got mine today, $17, only upgraded again this month, can't say this is good for the stability of the site, hope Jim has his sums right..


Tue Jul 18, 2017 09:43 in Member Introduction

Not from India but hello all the same.. :thumbup:

Switch OFF recomended by tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Jul 05, 2017 01:39 in General Talk

MLivePro wrote: Sheep being worry free, no more depression, no care for anything, no cry, no sad day??

Are you kidding?? - Roast Lamb for Sunday lunch has to come from somewhere!!! :D

Lamb doesn't come from sheep mate, mutton does which is tough as old boot laces, sheep eat when they want, get their hair cut for free once or twice a year and get to hang out with their mates whenever, pretty cool if you ask me lol!

$105 in 1 MONTH » Post #246

Sun Jun 18, 2017 07:08 in Your Stats

Nice work, keep it up.. :clap:

Hello from Lake Charles, LA » Post #8

Wed May 24, 2017 07:49 in Member Introduction

Hey hey welcome aboard.. :thumbup:

Got Skrill, help ...tasman1 » Post #6

Fri Feb 10, 2017 06:06 in General Talk

I used to have a Moneybookers account which changed to a Skrill acount a while back, they are slow and cumbersome with high fees but they are secure and easy to use, make sure you get a verified account if you plan to use them a lot, anyone have experience with the Tangocard option???

Hello from Japan! » Post #13

Wed Feb 08, 2017 01:33 in Member Introduction

Hi reallythebest welcome to :clixsense: It can be a steep learning curve for most here but you seem to have grasped the concept quickly, happy earnings for the future.. :thumbup:

Hello Everyone » Post #7

Fri Jan 27, 2017 05:02 in Member Introduction

Welcome back mika4576, you can make a good second income here if you apply yourself and try to be methodical, as for new friends count me in.. :thumbup:

Hi, I´m a new member!!! » Post #10

Wed Jan 18, 2017 05:31 in Member Introduction

Hi enzomatrix welcome to :clixsense: browse the site and attempt as many avenues as you can, go through all offers and click all Ads, try to complete you checklist bonus everyday.
Take your time to get a real feel for the site, don't be dismayed when you don't qualify for a survey/task/offer, there are always many more available, good luck in your quest and happy earnings for the future.. :thumbup:

Hello » Post #7

Mon Jan 16, 2017 03:01 in Member Introduction

Hi yirga welcome to :clixsense: Happy earnings for the future.. :thumbup:

Hello » Post #5

Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:11 in Member Introduction

Welcome back mate, makes good sense to visit/work here everyday, if i had more time i think i could easily hit $5 a day which is an additional $150 a month as it is i am still happy with $30 to $50 i earn at the moment, it bought the PC and Tablet that i use now and it will help to by me a new saxophone in the future!

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #2057

Tue Jan 10, 2017 08:44 in General Talk

Hello Every one. Newbie entered the CS Family » Post #11

Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:59 in Member Introduction

Hi Chopsy welcome to :clixsense: Happy earnings for the future.. :xthumbup:

Have you ever spoke with a famous person? » Post #7

Wed Jan 04, 2017 23:59 in General Talk

Met & spoke to Margaret Thatcher before being deployed by the Royal Marines also spoke to Prince Charles when he visited our base, on a lighter note i once jumped up on stage with UB40 and Ali Campbell let me sing the chorus of Kingston Town before being wrestled of stage by security and ejected. I also shared digs with David Gahan of Depeche Mode for a month or so just before they became famous, never talked to him since though haha, there have been quite a few more but these are my 15mins of fame lol! :thumbup:

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #44

Tue Dec 27, 2016 05:35 in General Talk

Love the thought of Santa, it brings back my childhood and all happy memories, my kids are older now but there is still a bit of magic in our home at Christmas so I'd like to believe but...

Introduction » Post #4

Mon Dec 19, 2016 00:07 in Member Introduction

Hi sk_22 enjoy your stay here and have fun.. :thumbup:
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