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Posts by Arvind9

Brazilian Way , if you are over 65 » Post #4

Mon May 01, 2023 01:08 in General Talk

Yesterday I was watching a video on YouTube by the Swedish heavy metal rock band Ghost- MARY ON THE CROSS which has won them a grammy award,the lyrics were given below words HOLY MARY ON THE CROSS

Brazilian Way , if you are over 65 » Post #3

Mon May 01, 2023 01:00 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Shock twist after 65-year-old millionaire marries 16-year-old schoolgirl

Hissam Hussein Dehaini raised eyebrows when he married Kauane Rode Camargo - a former child beauty queen - earlier this month. But now the wealthy Brazilian businessman has resigned from his party amid backlash following the wedding.
The wedding - on April 12th - came after two of his bride's closest relatives were given top jobs on his staff. Ms Camargo's 36-year-old mother was made the new Municipal Secretary of Culture and Tourism, while her aunt was appointed Secretary General Director.

Dahaini is serving his second term as mayor with 68.49 per cent of the vote. In his 2016 election campaign, he boasted that his family would never be a burden on the public purse because they were all successful in business. But within weeks, he had appointed his daughters and his then wife to prominent positions on the public payroll.

The new First Lady of Araucaria is still at school and has to juggle her duties as mayoress with classes. Dahaini said of his third bride: We are happy. She does me good and I do her good and together we are not doing anyone any harm.

In Brazil, marriage at 16 is legal with parental permission and the country is reportedly the fifth biggest in the world for underage marriages.

Now if you are 65-105 you know that your only destination is Brazil

Humans can do anything nothing wrong in it,I still wonder why you stopped liking 18 year olds

Process ....Monkey >Human >Monkey » Post #7

Tue Apr 25, 2023 08:12 in General Talk

But that is what is going to rule in the future if humans fail the whole world starts blaming you cannot blame AI one can say ERROR no one is answerable

The wedding !!! » Post #6

Tue Apr 25, 2023 08:05 in General Talk

It depends on your culture how people respond to each other maybe an American way will land you in trouble its difficult depends how people in Turkey understand relationships in many countries women still prefer a man to meet her family meaning a relationship should be a family affair

Some Brazilian wants 10 wives :P » Post #2

Tue Apr 25, 2023 07:58 in General Talk

Desperation creeping into both men and women many people failed in life so it drives Desperation, :D I dont know something drastic has changed about Tasman from his 18 year olds fantasy he has become ?,
There are new phrases young women leftovers women cannot find a man,men can find any number of them it is natural if relationships breakup people find that they need to prove something what
I may have failed with one I can still get 10 ANIMALS

Process ....Monkey >Human >Monkey » Post #5

Mon Apr 24, 2023 20:24 in General Talk

Just to understand whats happening are you hearing in the news that people are dying to severe heat wave in in some countries including India because its fine here where I stay no unusual weather its summer as it should be

Process ....Monkey >Human >Monkey » Post #4

Mon Apr 24, 2023 19:06 in General Talk

AI shows everything irrespective of weather you exist or not

Process ....Monkey >Human >Monkey » Post #2

Mon Apr 24, 2023 13:20 in General Talk

Human evolution is not yet complete thousands of years ago humans could not have imagined what we will look like today but today it can be imagined to some degree of accuracy what humans will look like thousands of years in the future using AI in the same way if humans dont become extinct a million years in the future humans will look like alien not a ape or monkey
WHY DO YOU WANT TO SEE AN ALIEN imagine your own race 1 million years in the future you will see aliens not monkeys or apes

UFO , Alien , Satellites , Or... ? » Post #13

Sat Apr 22, 2023 19:43 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Arvind9 wrote: Anyone can now go to Mars many African countries have become capable of launching satellites
South Africa has launched 11 satellites
Egypt 10
Algeria 6
Nigeria 6
Morocco 3
Tunisia Sudan Rwanda Kenya Mauritius Ghana Angola have launched 1 each

Maybe all Chinese technology

Yep every country in the world can now launch satellites but no country in the world can bring it back safely to Earth
It will be nice firework once they all start falling back to Earth,

You are right thats why if humans are sent to Mars it will be only a one way trip because there is no technology to lift anything back a lunar lander could lift back from the moon because the moons gravity is not very strong it does not have a magnatic field but Mars has no magnatic field but a strong gravity so one would have to launch a rocket from Mars to lift people now if something goes wrong on the planet the consequences would be grave life's would be lost a trip to Mars is not feasible unless there is no value for human life

UFO , Alien , Satellites , Or... ? » Post #12

Sat Apr 22, 2023 19:19 in General Talk

I love rock & Roll rock you babe do it slowly

UFO , Alien , Satellites , Or... ? » Post #10

Sat Apr 22, 2023 18:06 in General Talk

Anyone can now go to Mars many African countries have become capable of launching satellites
South Africa has launched 11 satellites
Egypt 10
Algeria 6
Nigeria 6
Morocco 3
Tunisia Sudan Rwanda Kenya Mauritius Ghana Angola have launched 1 each

Maybe all Chinese technology

UFO , Alien , Satellites , Or... ? » Post #8

Fri Apr 21, 2023 11:39 in General Talk

He is just commercializing everything to make people believe in what he is doing

Everyone loves movies watch
Last Stand/Sci-Fi short film made with Artificial Intelligence
This is the title of the video on YouTube
It shows why the message sent on the Voyager space probe was a mistake not that aliens will come seeing it but its about how humans could think even if aliens came countries would still face the situation as different power blocks not as one civilization to face an external force
MAHEM that is what earth would face

In the short video aliens call themselves the Guardians of the universe

UFO , Alien , Satellites , Or... ? » Post #5

Thu Apr 20, 2023 19:49 in General Talk

ELON MUSK is a habitual crasher three divorces 9 kids he cannot get a woman you think he can get anything to Mars fantasy boy loves crashing

UFO , Alien , Satellites , Or... ? » Post #3

Thu Apr 20, 2023 09:02 in General Talk

Its very interesting no one wants to see god,aliens are rousing more curiosity its like why are they not here there is nothing to see in the universe other than us we have some problem humans have been seeing UFO'S since ancient times nothing has changed in thousands of years meaning level of intelligence has not gone up very much we still like illusions not reality,everday one hears stories about humans being abducted by aliens and still the question why are they not here
Better things to worry what you get in the market where can you migrate or world war 3 everyone loves that

Are people really living Longer? SS wants to ^ Age » Post #21

Tue Apr 18, 2023 15:50 in General Talk

Many Americans are migrating mostly to South east Asian countries Laos Vietnam Thailand Philippines because cost of living is much lower except for Thailand these countries make it easier to get citizenship many Americans dont mind migrating to even China but it depends does China allow migration to everyone many Indian women have married Chinese national to be able to live there but do they still get citizenship or they can just stay in China if they are married to a Chinese national,I saw even an American who stays in China but he is married to a Chinese woman and has a child with her

Banks losing $ » Post #8

Sun Apr 16, 2023 14:08 in General Talk

Its meaningless to keep money in a Bank in devleoped countries in underdeveloped or developing countries Bank gives lot of benefits,intrest rate on you money could be above 8% depending on the period you keep it for so that intrest rate will go up if inflation goes up economic growth is gowing down main reason for keeping your money in a instrument that pays intrest is saving taxes

I have a credit card debit card from my bank that has high credit limit and no transaction charges only annual card charges that are nominal it has wider exceptance worldwide so there are benefits it counts especially when economic factors are down

Are people really living Longer? SS wants to ^ Age » Post #20

Sat Apr 15, 2023 20:37 in General Talk

Amazing Easter today in Russia I asked Russian lady why Easter today she said Orthodox Easter

Russian supermarkets loaded with Easter goodies the lady explained to me US products still available everywhere with Russian wrapper inside American

Some kind of Red meat in wrapper I could see $10 for 1Kg 10 different kinds of Tomatoes lot of potatoes maybe Tasman1 can import from Russia if not available in his city

Are people really living Longer? SS wants to ^ Age » Post #19

Sat Apr 15, 2023 19:41 in General Talk

Portugal is a beautiful country and seems to be a free country I dont mean dont need money they take anyone not me its easy to get citizenship there not for me

Many Christians from the State of Goa in India have migrated to Portugal they get housing job and option to study anywhere they are all with Portuguese background 500 years ago the Portuguese landed in Goa they were there till the last century so many Christians from Goa can speak Portuguese language and they reflect Portuguese culture,two years ago some of my childhood friends from Goa migrated to Portugal because they were offered whole lot of benifits

Game Offers » Post #5

Sat Apr 15, 2023 04:56 in Filipino

zsunaJ03 wrote: Hello! Totoo po ba ung game offers? yung pinapadownload yung game then let you play till your Level 21 or something.
how do they know na maabot mo na yung ganong level? if totoo po may kailangan po ba gawin? or just play it till your level 21.

Thank you!

Play till Level 21 automatically Ysence will know after 7 day pending period it will credit dont remove the game till it credits because the link with you Ysence account will break

Ohhhh , no no no , I am not » Post #6

Fri Apr 14, 2023 16:17 in General Talk

Not what it was it is
Lets not name any country but women from a particular country scam men on dating sites working as bar maids they could be anywhere other than in China but they tell men they are working in a bar in China they put up pictures of themselves which are no real they get thousands of dollars from you and you cannot find them anywhere the site is not responsible for anything,are men stupid enough to fall for pictures shown ?

If I name the country I will get kicked on my ass did you get the country I am talking about?
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