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I am not earning much » Post #11

Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:14 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: Real money in promoting ClixSense.

I saw I was in top 50 overall week ago. Bragged to my friend he was in top 10. So now my goal for 2015 be in top 10. Already there for in past 24 hours list but I want overall.

Its not very hard my friend used service that only cost less than $1 a day and he bragged that he making $200-300 a month. Unlike most he even told me where to buy to my shock I was already buying from them so changed my ads from my own sites to ClixSense.

Day later gone from $2-3 a day to almost $10 today. I always assumed was too late to promote ClixSense well now I know better.

So why waste day earn $1 when I can spend money to make alot more than cost me?

What is this cheap advertising source? I've been finding ways to earn online for almost 1.5 years now and since then have managed to accumulate around $7,000 pure profit. A fraction of this (1/10) came from Clixsense and now that I have the money I'm thinking of advertising Clixsense on a massive scale, but I don't want to take the risk yet.

Crossed 850+ Direct refs » Post #25

Thu Nov 13, 2014 08:17 in Success Stories

Is it the same as your Clixsense name?

Crossed 850+ Direct refs » Post #23

Thu Nov 13, 2014 07:55 in Success Stories

What is your skype?

Crossed 850+ Direct refs » Post #22

Thu Nov 13, 2014 07:53 in Success Stories

What is your skype?

Crossed 850+ Direct refs » Post #10

Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:10 in Success Stories

As long as you're not promoting another program, it's fine for you to share your method(s) for getting refs. I would happily have a skyping session for some tips as my current crop of DR are drying up, so I have to start applying some new methods soon.

By the way nice stats :clap: .

$280 Payment Proof » Post #6

Wed Aug 13, 2014 06:34 in Payment Proofs

sonymatta wrote: Nice payment Willdono.

How many months did it take to cashout this amount ?

About 5 months...

$280 Payment Proof » Post #4

Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:11 in Payment Proofs


$280 Payment Proof » Post #1

Mon Aug 11, 2014 14:39 in Payment Proofs

Very happy, just got a $280 payment from Clixsense and have passed $500 in overall earnings.

WORLD CUP » Post #7

Sat Jun 21, 2014 07:13 in General Talk

minea110 wrote:
willdono wrote:
minea110 wrote: brazil all the way lets go soon 6 stars

Are you supporting France?

no iam not
i dont like this 2014 team a lot i watch the games but thats all i dont see them going far in the cup

I could see France making the semi-finals the way they played against the swiss... as long as they don't meet Germany along the way

WORLD CUP » Post #4

Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:15 in General Talk

minea110 wrote: brazil all the way lets go soon 6 stars

Are you supporting France?

Direct Referals » Post #5

Wed May 28, 2014 05:28 in General Talk

Incognito007 wrote: There is no way to predict with accuracy direct referrals acquisition cost on the long term and for all "top ptc" sites.
Real advertising results may vary (a lot!).

E-commerce selling direct referrals either provide you good/bad bots which will bring your account at risk, either make use of large scale lowcost pay per task system to brings you sign ups (who won't take any action since they just came in for the task reward).

In both option it's 100% useless. There is no "push me to get rich" button around ;)

As dukuntekno quoted, set up an advertising campaign to get real and potentially interested direct referrals. Track your results and work on way to improve your conversion rates and results over time. That's the way to go! :)

Weren't you that guy who posted an advert of yourself rapping?Something, about banners, am I right?

Almost $400 » Post #15

Fri May 23, 2014 14:07 in Your Stats

Finally passed $400

Wow 3 Referrals In One Day » Post #6

Mon May 19, 2014 23:23 in General Talk

percyapple wrote: For months I have been actively promoting my affiliate link, using banners and the new splashpages as well as the ordinary affiliate link and not one single referral.

Since I changed my settings, I got 3 referrals in ONE day!

And all three have already started clicking!


I just love this site...

What do you mean by you changed your settings?

Almost $400 » Post #9

Mon May 19, 2014 13:46 in Your Stats

Thanks for the support guys, should be there in a couple of days. Another Level 1 Referral just upgraded to premium...

Almost $400 » Post #1

Sat May 17, 2014 07:30 in Your Stats

Last time I was completing tasks,offers and clicking ads on Clixsense properly, was about 6 months ago, but somehow due to referrals I've amassed nearly 400 dollars. When I have some free time again (once exams finish) I may start collecting lots more referrals, doing surveys etc. I think if I'd stuck with it I could have had easily $1000+ by now, but oh well...for a student this is a really good site. Clixsense is becoming one of my main sources of income from the internet :) :).

my stats » Post #9

Thu Feb 27, 2014 08:30 in Your Stats

Nearly $300...

61st payout - $600.57 - Check » Post #241

Sun Feb 09, 2014 07:24 in Payment Proofs

ibn_oday wrote: is the best websiter

Nice to see my referral being active on the forum. Except, now you're not...

buldan75 - Yearly Stats » Post #17

Sun Jan 05, 2014 07:03 in Your Stats

buldan75 wrote: @willdono You have to look at my registration as well and see how I manage my account during the years.
Let say I give 60% of my profit for advertise and take 40% for my own. ;) In this way I still develop my account and have some $ aside.

On some PTC I'm looking into purchasing fixed advertisements for a day and was wondering if this is a good idea because there's no guarantee your referral link will get the hits it deserves for the price.

buldan75 - Yearly Stats » Post #15

Sun Jan 05, 2014 04:52 in Your Stats

buldan75 wrote:
Ammadd wrote: That's sweet wishing you much more ahead :thumbup:
btw you promote at PTC Sites or any other ways :P

I promote my affiliate link on another PTC programs with high traffic.

Looking at your huge downline, that must have been very expensive!!

completed yet again with pic and blurred email! » Post #3

Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:23 in Your Stats

blykie wrote: completed another checklist and waiting for my first cashout!!! weeeeeeee

happy clicking!!! more power clixsense!!

just posting my stat ;)

Congrats on your payout, but just to be a little off topic, how did you get referred to Clixsense :)
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