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Lets Learn a New Language - Hello » Post #9

Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:17 in General Talk

Poland : cześć

TANGO CARD w (BTC) - Wypłata » Post #14

Sun Mar 12, 2017 22:15 in Polish

cjhouse wrote: Witam

Ja to tego bardzo nie ogarniam,wyplacalem na pp,czyli jak na ten TANGO CARD wyplace to moge np te btc zainwestowac w inny program z bitcoinami jak np NEWAGE BANK?

To jest bardzo proste wystarczy zrobic jeden czy dwa przelewy i bedziesz wiedzial o co chodzi.

Tak mozesz przelac te bitcoiny na inny portfel czyli zainwestowac w inny program ktory akceptuje bitcoiny lub na gielde kryptowalut taka jak Poloniex, wymienic na zlotowki i przelac do banku. Oczywiscie wszedzie trzeba pozakladac konta. Ale to tez jest proste bo zazwyczaj nie trzeba podawac danych a jezeli juz to tylko email i telefon. Bo Bitcoin to przede wszystkim anonimowosc.

Polecalbym zrobic pierwsza wyplate w Bitcoinach z :clixsense: w wysokosci 10$.

Spokojnie przelac na Snapcard, potem na Poloniex lub inna gielde i do banku. Lub otworzyc sobie jakis portfel i zbierac bo cena rosnie caly czas.

Przy wyplacie 10$ nie ma takiego cisnienia ze stracisz te pieniadze bo zrobisz cos zle.

Do we still need flash and java? » Post #4

Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:15 in General Talk

I have updated Firefox yesterday and my flash add on was switched off. Today I found message on FF to dowload Firefox ESR a special edition which supports java, flash, etc. untill 2018 but still no java if you have windows 64- bit and I have 64 bit.

From what I now all survey pages advise to have java and flash installed and updated.
Is this still true today? I think they now about this updates.

From yesterday I use updated Firefox and I see pop up when starting YourSurveys survey about updating flash. So they still use it and I see ad on first :clixsense: page to download Adobe Flash. So they use it too I think.

But do we still need it?

Because I will be happy if flash is gone. This add on uses 70% CPU when used. Same with Java I will be happy not to have it because is like doors for hackers when used as add on in browsers.

Do we still need flash and java? » Post #1

Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:45 in General Talk

Do we still need flash and java to make money on :clixsense: :?:

With the latest browser updates Java, Flash, Silverlight is not supported anymore in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge browsers. I have seen messages on all survey pages and offer walls, that we need flash and java to be installed on computer. 2 days ago I was credited for offer by TrialPay support and in reply to my ticket they advise me to check my flash and java updates.

I am thinking about missed surveys and rejected offers caused due to the lack of these applications in browsers.

I am using chrome and firefox and maybe I am rejected from surveys and offers sometimes because of this problem.

From today when using Firefox I see an advertising on main :clixsense: page to download Adobe Flash. When I am using google chrome I see sometimes 2 second pop up window about flash when starting making YourSurvey surveys.

What you think :?: :?: :?:

Payza has transfer partners » Post #14

Sat Mar 04, 2017 08:56 in General Talk

removed:Not Allowed!

And this:
Quote:We have to speak first how much will you pay for this. If you are interested or somebody else just let me now.

What's the point since he still would have to pay extra....and this isn't a exchange forum Thanks.

9PM .........tasman1 » Post #13

Wed Mar 01, 2017 22:42 in General Talk

Tasman1 Do you still have problem withdraw funds from Payza ? If yes, maybe I can help.

Sorry for off topic.

Nowa forma płatnosci Skrill » Post #77

Mon Feb 27, 2017 21:53 in Polish

Jezeli robisz oferte po raz pierwszy i robisz screeny tak jak mowil Tony26 nie powinno byc problemu. :thumbup:

Skrill ma mase zlych opinii a ja uzywam go od lat bez problemow. Ale tak samo bylo z Paypalem uzywalem go od prawie dekady i 2 miesiace temu zamkneli mi konto bez podania przyczyn wczesniej zamrazajac wszystkie srodki na pol roku. Takie dzialanie moze polozyc mala firme lub budzet domowy. Musze dodac ze nie mialem nigdy zadnego problemu, zwrotu czy skargi od jakiegos klienta. :clap: :oops:

Sad Day for tasman1 » Post #17

Wed Feb 08, 2017 15:14 in General Talk

I think Bitcoin is a very good idea especially in this situation. I think it shuld be no brainer for :clixsense: owner.

Had emergency surgery and just got home » Post #33

Wed Feb 08, 2017 14:38 in General Talk

I wish you fast recovery :thumbup:

I didn't get paid » Post #6

Fri Jun 10, 2016 09:10 in General Talk

:clixsense: :clap:


:clixsense: :thumbup:


What it cost You » Post #13

Wed Apr 13, 2016 01:57 in General Talk

Insufficient email ink error message. :mrgreen:

Ways to make money » Post #5

Mon Apr 11, 2016 17:25 in General Talk

Great post Valerie,

straight to the point guide how to start making money online. :clap:

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #163

Thu Apr 07, 2016 15:00 in General Talk

:thumbdown: NO

Lawmakers demand dealth penalty for all gay people » Post #36

Thu Apr 07, 2016 14:55 in General Talk

I have one word for this SICK :oops:

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #1125

Sun Apr 03, 2016 09:36 in General Talk

Rage Against The Machine: Bombtrack

Rage Against The Machine: Bombtrack - YouTube

:mrgreen: :ugeek: :twisted:

things are quiet » Post #7

Sun Apr 03, 2016 09:32 in General Talk

valerie wrote: My Zucchini in the window is beginning to fall is saying:



more reversals » Post #13

Sat Apr 02, 2016 19:39 in General Talk

Same here I had 1 reversal in 2 years and now 4 in 2 months. All from Samplicio and most for 4$.

I made survey for 4$ waited 30 days and got paid few days ago and yesterday after 2 weeks they reversed that money.

I don't understand why they paid at all. They have 30 days to check answers and not to pay.

If they paid after 30 days why they reverse that now?

:clixsense: says :

" Hello unfortunately this sort of thing happens all the time. When they review the results of your survey and they feel it did not meet their criteria they have the right to reverse the payment, which they've done."

But if they have paid after 30 days they already checked this survey for quality reasons and that is why they paid at all don't you think?

Are you going watch wrestling mania 32? » Post #9

Sat Apr 02, 2016 19:20 in General Talk

No not for me. :thumbdown:

Murder Or Suicide?? » Post #40

Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:58 in General Talk

This is a suicide.

He was sitting face to window and writing a suicide letter.
After he finished the letter he takes a smoke to left hand and gun to the right, turned on the chair that he was sitting back to the window and shoot himself in the head.

What do you think about new cashout policy ??? » Post #25

Fri Jan 15, 2016 04:30 in General Talk

In my first post you can see that I couldn't add any more money to my panding payout just after request.

Yesterday I have contacted support and today all works fine.

I hope they hear us and make some changes in this new cashout policy.

I have no problem with weekly payments or even longer.

But I want to now when I will get paid.
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