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Posts by claxyclicks584

The end of ClixSense? » Post #208

Sun Jul 09, 2017 19:19 in General Talk

Angry-as-hell wrote:
boyle44 wrote: **ModEdit**Removed External website**

I don't recommend ipoll because they have a bad reputation, i was there a few years ago and their service has gotten more crapier over time, they used to own two other sites besides ipoll but i forgot what they where called, but anyway all three sites have a really negative reputation and in my opinion they are not worth the time. Believe me cause i'm speaking out of experience. What ever you do avoid ipoll like the plague. Payments are in 6 months according to their terms last time i checked but members there have been complaining all over the internet that payments come far later if at all. Do you really want to wait 8-12 months to get a payment after requesting ?

iPoll is SSI, or OpinionWorld.

I am a member of SSI via a different site, and in terms of pay it depends on the survey. The direct panel has variable payments while CS is flat rate, so some surveys pay more, and some surveys pay less.

And yes, SSI panels have terrible reputations. Just a few weeks ago I saw numerous complaints about members being banned and balances taken away.

Site Changes / Surveys » Post #12

Fri Jul 07, 2017 18:10 in General Talk

larryonly wrote: Toluna is not any better-- I had a problem where the 'profile' page wants the " Region " I am in , but no drop down and won't let me type anything there .
So, I contacted their support and got this Idiotic reply "" While the survey may have been created in partnership with Toluna, it belongs to the Clixsense website which will be able to help you with any technical issues regarding this survey. Unfortunately, Toluna can only offer support for Toluna members and for surveys taken from a Toluna invitation or directly from the Toluna support center. The issue that you are referring to can only be resolved by the Clixsense customer support team.

Thank you for understanding and have a beautiful day!

Best regards,

Aria Johnson

The Toluna Team ""

I'm having this issue to, I sent in a ticket to Clixsense 3 weeks ago. Took Toluna two weeks to claim that they "fixed it", but they still haven't fixed it yet.

I'm a direct panelist with Toluna too (FYI, don't join them, they pay on average $0.40 per survey), and they don't even have this broken profiler, so I can't use that method to complain.

PLEASE delete this now thank you » Post #7

Fri Jul 07, 2017 16:16 in General Talk


Please don't discontinue PTC ads » Post #5

Tue Jul 04, 2017 19:42 in General Talk

US PTC ads are 99% from one client, and I'm sure that Clixsense will likely transform that client into an offer.

So don't worry, those earnings will likely stay.

The end of ClixSense? » Post #72

Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:44 in General Talk

This change will affect third world users the most. They don't really have surveys or offers, and unless they already have Crowdflower badges their only method of earning is the ads. So they will likely leave.

It won't be as bad for first world though. With the exception of the US, where they may have that one guy who posts hundreds of 15 sec ads (and it may be likely that Clixsense will work out a special deal to make a similar solution for them as an offer, like some other site with their feature that starts with nCra), offers are the best source of earning.

Americans think choco milk comes from brown cows » Post #7

Tue Jun 20, 2017 16:17 in General Talk

If you notice that the source is from a "nationally representative online survey", it means that used the same kind of survey we answer for money to get the results. So there probably was at least one Clixsense member who answered "Yes" to "Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?", AND they got paid for that! :o

SURVEYS - Could we get an incentive for our time? » Post #5

Sun May 28, 2017 11:32 in General Talk

As Clixsense don't really vet their surveys (they trust the providers to do that for you, it gives more surveys, but it's riskier), it's not really possible. Too many duplicates and other issues.

Other sites manually vet their surveys, so they can trust that x% will qualify, so they can afford to pay the DQ pay.

There's also the fact that DQ pay makes the survey pay lower for everyone. There are two sites I am a member with that pay $0.05 per DQ, but their pay is terrible (one pays $0.66 for 30 minute survey, and the other pays less than Clixsense even though it is literally the Sample Cube direct panel!)

No checklist bonus today !! So sad » Post #14

Fri May 19, 2017 20:56 in General Talk

For me the checklist bonus takes around 10 minutes to complete.
1. Open up Engageme.TV
2. In a new window (keep engageme open behind new window), do 4 standard, and 2 fixed.
3. Then, complete Clixgrid.
4. By the time you complete Clixgrid, Engageme would have returned 2 credits
5. Done!

Ransomware attack » Post #7

Sat May 13, 2017 20:07 in General Talk

This exploited a bug patched back in March, so if you were updated (you should be), you were fine.

Though the virus has been stopped now, some researcher found it connected to a unregistered domain, registered it, then found out that if the virus found the domain was registered it didn't encrypt anything :lol:

Im boycotting survey and questionnaires » Post #8

Tue Apr 25, 2017 16:08 in General Talk

You can just x out of the surveys if they pay too low. If the survey does not get enough respondents they will increase the pay. I did an Ipsos survey for $1.48, and then over the last 2 days, I've seen it been given back to me (leading to insta duplicate DQ) at $2.20, and now $4.41.

(and if you're wondering, while this survey's pay was being increased here, on Ipsos direct panel, the pay was at a constant $0.33!!!)

ClixSense needs your input » Post #18

Fri Mar 31, 2017 09:08 in General Talk

Are Paypal firm with the minimum action being remove PTC/ClixGrid? Maybe they would be happy with something lesser, like just not allowing PTC purchases, or just removing something like ClixGrid (maybe they consider it gambling)

My 2 cents regarding Paypal » Post #10

Thu Feb 09, 2017 20:20 in General Talk

I do think that Paypal removed Clixsense because of that multi-level upgrade commissions. In their eyes, it's an MLM, and that's all it takes for Paypal to block Clixsense. It doesn't matter if everyone else thinks it's not MLM, Paypal's word is final in this case.

Paypal removal isn't really a huge dealbreaker for US/Canada members, because they've all been forced to use Check at least once, but the ones from 3rd world countries will be hurt the most. For them, Paypal may be their only viable cash out option, and this might cause them to lose their balances.

Also, unless Clixsense adds Stripe or something like that for ad purchases, there won't be as many ads on the platform, because most purchases are via Paypal. Maybe Jim could add this feature in AdHitz (that sites PP seems OK right now)

If Jim can figure out what part of Clixsense business violates their policy, and if removing it wouldn't be too hard (ex. the multi-level upgrade commission), I would prefer that the violating features be removed than lose Paypal.

What sort of survey is this? » Post #3

Thu Jan 12, 2017 19:30 in General Talk

My guess that this company would want you to install their application, and that they would pay you $X/week in exchange for your browsing history.

It's something I would DEFINITELY not do, but some people will still take it.

Mind disclosing the first 1-2 letters of the survey company?

Anyone know anything about Chrome/OP Systems? » Post #5

Wed Nov 16, 2016 19:27 in General Talk

If you are logged in via your Google Account you'll be fine. (you can check if you are logged in by going here: and looking for your passwords)
Just install Chrome on the new PC, login to Google, and all your data will transfer over.

First time grocery shopping in 2 months » Post #8

Thu Sep 29, 2016 20:33 in General Talk

Where the heck do you live where Hellmann's cost $5.49?
I just quickly googled mayo prices and Hellmann's cost $3.99 at my local supermarkets! And that's Canadian Dollars, so about $3.19 USD.

Warning Hacker add . » Post #34

Thu Aug 25, 2016 15:19 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: It's a windows script file, but it's broken up into functions of obfuscated (and rearranged) arrays. At the end, the obfuscated arrays are then concatenated into a string and called as a command. It's definitely either a virus or some kind of malicious exploit. Hyldig might be right about the missing piece, or it might just be something missing in the *nix environment - since it's quite specifically a Windows script.

But yeah, it's definitely dodgy.

Also, since there's now a .jar file in there, there are probably several different malicious files doing different things anyway. I only looked at the 10$ ClixSense Bonus.wsf file.

I decompiled the source (at least for the 10$ ClixSense Bonus.wsf file), it's just a downloader for some .exe that I can't get to work. It pretends to be a "calculator", and it's been scanned on Virustotal for months. No antivirus detects it as a virus though.

Still don't open the file though. It might be on a timer, or the .exe might be detecting that it was being opened on a VM and didn't do anything.

cringeworthy » Post #15

Fri Jul 22, 2016 20:09 in General Talk

I did this survey a few days ago, I'll just let the picture do the talking:

Premium Membership message. » Post #2

Fri Jul 22, 2016 20:00 in General Talk

no, it is not. you should send a support ticket
if you want, you can use fake details to try and get this guy's referral link, so they can ban him

PTC ads unlimited! » Post #2

Thu Jul 07, 2016 19:35 in General Talk

You can check if an ad is targeted to upgraded only by checking for the yellow star in the ad box.
But other than that, yeah those ads are US only on Clixsense (well, at least I don't get them :()

Time to Ban some members » Post #8

Wed Jun 15, 2016 15:29 in General Talk

A possible solution would to move political threads to a new subforum dedicated to those topics, so General wouldn't be clogged up with these types of threads, and that so only people who want to see political stuff would see it.
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