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Do you need topic idea » Post #2

Yesterday, 03:33 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: What is going on here , no post in generals topic last few day

If I am not here non-stop you can still talk and have ideas what to post

I am to busy , no much time to spend here for next 6 week ,must take wife every day Radio and Chemo therapy , must wash , clean , cook , go to shop and million another things

Do not let general topic forum rust , die , vanish

No worries - I am busy too, I am mostly if not always online now during evenings or later now, out all day most days of the week, and recently did major PC upgrade so busy with that too........

There are very good topics of discussion unfortunately many of these are off limits here.

6 weeks goes by so quickly, I wish I could say "a little break from the norm does not harm" but in your case it's not so, so I hope those difficult times will come to pass quickly, do not worry about here things will resume eventually, think of your wife, and yourself first, and gather all the strength to go through this.

Not sure how much I will be here next 6 week » Post #4

Mon Sep 25, 2023 07:30 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: My wife starting chemotherapy and radiotherapy tomorrow for minimum 6 week , not sure how much I will work and be here but it will be hell for some time

I'm sorry to hear that, having known people in that situation - I hope everything will be OK in the end, wish you the best and strength for the both of you to go through these difficult times.

Did You see or do not wish to see » Post #10

Sun Sep 24, 2023 08:52 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:

It was fun , you go to buy 1 milk , you take few bags full of money and bring back 1 milk

So what'd you do, rob a bank on your way to get milk ? :lol:

Did You see or do not wish to see » Post #9

Sun Sep 24, 2023 08:50 in General Talk

valerie wrote: The shop building is all metal and with screws.

So I'm assuming it is a flat roof top and not on a slope like a house - that's even worse. Flat roofs should have proper water draining. A screw goes in a hole, it is not air tight, so requires sealing. Don't underestimate the power of water, enough water pressure can burst through concrete foundations. Some weak seals can handle low pressure, but if it rains hard enough, a weakened seal can give in. You would think they would put something on the screws threading itself to seal it, like they do in piping with thread sealing tape. There are other structures on roof that require sealing on all sides too like vents, drains. It's strange that sealant would be good for 3 years - in residential roofing, it would be good for 20+ years :D

What I hate is people that tell u they r going to do something and be there at such a time, yet never show up, never call, nothing!

Some industries overbook their appointments and underestimate job times - become overwhelmed by work, forget are disorganised, and don't show up, or some companies are not interested in "small jobs" and prioritise higher paid jobs.

It's possible that the one spot that was leaking was not sealed properly to begin with, and it takes a heavy rain (higher water pressure) to expose a weak spot.

I think if people really want to work around here, they can. This is farm territory. We feed the world. :lol:
Crops here are tobacco, corn, popcorn, soybeans, hay, chickens, and cows/cattle. For the most part, that is. The chickens ....... well, that is a really sad story to me. I hate seeing those chicken trucks. Hate it hate it hate it hate it.

Agree, this is why for most people it is better not to see how the foods they eat are made - even those plant products that are claimed to be healthier and in fact are the opposite :D

I'm not totally sure but I think I know how I damaged it so severely. Several years ago I was assembling an Oklahoma pellet smoker grill. The thing is heavy solid cast iron and price is well over a thousand bucks. It was delivered by a huge semi type truck. The guy had to bring it off the truck with one of those electric life things. It was left on my front patio part of my driveway. I almost never got it out of the frame and it was sat on a pallet. I struggled getting it upright after assembling most of it. I don't remember exactly how I finally got it up but I did. After I got it up, I managed to get it around the back of my house on the patio back there. I called my son and told him if he wanted the monster to come and get it and to BRING HELP. He brought his little wife (actually not married but same as). So all three of us heaved hoe and got it into the back of his truck.

Can't say for sure if that is what caused the herniated disc but my guess it is.

If you frequently lifted heavy objects (or people :mrgreen: ), then that has done it for sure, people who work these industries (construction, hospital, etc) mostly have back problems, I do not think one event can cause a slipped disc, unless you did the right movements to slip that disc out of its place, but usually it is the accumulation of events over time. Our body is usually resilient and takes abuse, but there are limits.

Quote:Oh Bernie......Bernie Bernie Bernie. haha!

It should be : DOLLAR'S GENERAL STORE where a dollar gets you nothing!
They need a new jingle. Who says a dollar won't buy much anymoreeeeeee......a dollar is not a dollar at the dollarS general storeeeeeee!

I LOVE IT - you are very good with slogans - "Dollar General Store where a dollar gets you nothing" - Bernie CAN. Perfect, now dollar store stocks have soared 300% :lol:

It's happened - Bob Barker has died! » Post #19

Sun Sep 24, 2023 08:29 in General Talk

Good point, sure he can do all he wants with his money, just like he did allegedly with the models of the price is right :P

Not saying animal rights is not important - I do not condone bad treatment in any way, but what I'm saying is that we need to also think of the humans too, that are abused, with mangled rights too, there are many humans that need LOTS of help - Bob Barker is a public figure, and when a public figure discloses their personal doings, it is EXPECTED that people around will be critical or have an opinion, it's his money he can donate it to whatever he wants or flush it down the toilet - though it would be shocking that a person with so much wealth would invest it all in one area. You have activists screaming off the roof tops about animal treatment - how the hell are people expected to treat animals well, when people treat one another like shit. I think there should be a lot of emphasis on human violence, bullying, inequality, discrimination - generally if an animal is treated badly by a human, there is good chance that person also treats others badly. But it's his money - I'd like to see what positive change his organisations has made to the planet, because I think that animal cruelty is on the rise - humans are abandoning their babies in dumpsters, do you expect they will treat animals any better ? All these organisations that fight for so mething, in the end it is money that goes to waste because it does not make significant change, if any to make a better world. Not saying we should ignore and drop these movements, BUT there are for sure better ways to promote animal welfare .

One thing for sure, no matter how much animal rights activists there are out there, the economy is run by public companies, in the end it is profits only and shareholders, there is no way these movements will make any changes happen in these industries - the only way there can be positive change is if the CONSUMERS themselves fight for it, because in the end those public companies rely on consumption and sales, they don't give two shits about activists say, because they are not consuming their products and do not contribute to the companies' wealth.

and to be fair, there are people who cry off the roof top for human rights - does that change anything ? NO, same shit. So it is only concrete ACTIONS that change things not just words. Build affordable housing, provide incentives for people to make these actions, since everyone works with incentives........more food programs, more control and safety in our streets, before entire cities get turned into one giant hood (oops too late for that) :P

Christmas Season! yay! » Post #16

Sun Sep 24, 2023 08:17 in General Talk

This reminds me, actually most holidays are commercialised anyway, what are supposed to be holidays with meanings and values goes straight down the toilet, and instead it is mainly money holidays, it is specific days of the year where retail sales skyrockets - and specific days where you are EXPECTED to spend a crap ton of money or be shamed and sometimes even dumped. God forbid if you are a male/female in a relationship and forgot to buy a gift on Valentine, XMAS, etc........ It's OK to abuse and treat others like shit all year round (sarcastic comment) but on xmas, you better put on your fake nceness and be spending a lot of money for gifts, you don't even need to say I love you, it's all about the value of the gift, because now MONEY shows love and appreciation now actions from the heart, nope, that does not exist anymore - we live in a world of EXPECTATIONS and FAKE.............Same for "Fathers day" and "Mothers day", do you need only 1 day of the year where you must be appreciative to your parents ? It is a commercial day as well.
So for a guy, it becomes quite expensive, let's see now,

* Birthdays
* Valentine
* Xmas
* Wedding
* Honeymoon
* Anniversary
* 50% asset (following divorce) :lol:

Nowadays LOVE is shown through MATERIAL, therefore it is not genuine, it is FAKE, the value of a person is shown through his / her wallet, objects and LOOKS............ people have stopped judging based on anything else.

LGBTQ Is it fair? » Post #39

Sun Sep 24, 2023 08:10 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Saturated Society , no reason for humans to continue to occupy this planet , time to go , vanish , get extinct ,disappear , move to Mars and let Earth to clean itself and start production better , smarter species

Forget Mars, we lived there before earth and it got destroyed in wars and conflict, but fear not, NASA detected a planet that looks like earth and is bigger than earth, it's only a few billions of light years away, no big deal, we'll get there :lol:

There's for sure another planet in this universe for us to destroy again...........

LGBTQ Is it fair? » Post #38

Sun Sep 24, 2023 08:09 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: I totally agree that such a community is a chaos spreading STD s but what to do it is the fault of creator who has made such instincts of orientations in people

Definitely an error in creation - and when an all loving creator makes something with complete and total free will - but the twist, when scriptures know in advance that the lot will be naughty and not obey :D

Was sex meant as a toy and pleasure OR strictly for procreation - the reason our creator gave us this ability to enjoy the act, is because if otherwise, sex was not enjoyable, nobody would reproduce or fewer people would and this planet would be so spacious, with a fraction of the population, but nowadays who is having sex for procreation ? but there again the creator also made contraceptives that few people use - as far as STDs (or what they now call STIs) that's because of promiscuity and the generation of "f*ck everything that moves and good looking" - we live in a very sexualised society, and people pick this up VERY young before even puberty, also we live in a world FULL of sexually deviant predators .....Initially creation was made correctly, life developed into the disgusting thing it is today because humans made that decision, not the creator - when you are given free will, this means you can make the good or bad decisions, otherwise we would all have been created as robots that takes only one decision, and we would not be humans at all!

LGBTQ Is it fair? » Post #33

Sat Sep 23, 2023 08:53 in General Talk

valerie wrote: It's very expensive to adopt a baby.

Well $5k even $10k might not seem expensive to some, but they need to remember that if they adopt they have to raise, and it's the raising part that costs the most, between shelter, food, school, doctor, etc, the $500k-$1 million was not far fetched :D

As far as the topic goes, name me ONE thing in life that is fair ? We live on a rotten piece of rock where violence, addiction, inequality, corruption and unfairness reign supreme.

poverty eradication » Post #13

Sat Sep 23, 2023 06:47 in General Talk

Only posts with truth and reality get locked because it hurts and hits hard :lol:

Now let's see there is only one solution to eradicate poverty - But there is a catch - and you won't like it !

You can never completely eradicate poverty under a democratic regime - and no I am not talking about the political party, I am talking about democracy - you cannot remove something like that when the rich have the upper hand and when some industries cause the gap between rich and poor to widen - there needs to be RADICAL changes that are often not the most popular ones - so what would you rather be poor and miserable or have all bare essentials and super super super miserable ? We are heading towards one regime, one world order and slavery - with rationing and coupons, where money is replaced by digital wallets with points - kinda like a real world version of swagbux :lol: RATIONING - on everything, on consumption. Not only do eliminate WASTE, but everyone is EQUAL - but this does not come without a cost though - you have to WORK you have to PRODUCE you have to contribute - and you don't get paid (so slavery essentially) and in return you get your ration of food, shelter and essentials. I'm pretty sure if you ask the bums and homeless people on the streets, they would trade their freedom for a place to live in and food to eat.

We can do nothing about it and watch the homeless rate skyrocket, crime going up, gangs, alcohol, drugs, guns.

Poverty is up because of the greedy corporations enriching their F****** nobody wants to play their part in helping, the world is run by mostly public companies that want MORE MORE MORE profits every year and bottom line only, the ones that do help are struggling .....

So there is no realistic solution now anymore - I do not agree with dictatorships or slavery, but I do believe we should start by reducing or eliminating WASTE first, and for that you need rationing, or measures to encourage people not to waste.

Christmas Season! yay! » Post #12

Sat Sep 23, 2023 06:36 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:

SMALL many people celebrate Xmas in UAE ? Let see only ONE race but they are many in UAE

It's not a race thing, I think you meant religion - Christmas is only celebrated by Christians, it only represents a minority of the population in UAE, It's not uncommon for people of different religions to wish their mates or others happy holidays even if they do not celebrate or recognise it, as courtesy. The same way for example a Christian can say wishes to a person of another religion, in fact we have done it many times on the forum, out of respect. Just because a person wishes something out of respect does not mean they celebrate it. I know some Christians who do not celebrate xmas, not in the true sense, for whatever reasons, because today most people are fake and do not understand the true meaning. Nowadays with inflation, debt, etc, people have changed their perspective a little - those who have children are the ones that mostly do - and the rest, religious, but who is truly religious nowadays, churches are empty (this is also mentioned in scripture :D )

LGBTQ Is it fair? » Post #31

Sat Sep 23, 2023 06:23 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I said that wrong about the $1,000 and did edit to $10,000.

Oh it costs far more - this is just the initial cost for adopting - but then there is the cost of raising, feeding, etc, until they grow old enough to leave home and pay their own, which today is around the age of 30 maybe 40 :mrgreen: So raising a child in America costs nearly a $1 million or more - gotta feed the supersized me generation :P

It's happened - Bob Barker has died! » Post #17

Wed Sep 20, 2023 10:43 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I'm rather sure Barker was no dummy. No doubt the 40 organizations, he was very familiar with and when they say he donated a lot of his estate to those charities, they are not reading the full details. In other words, Barker would have stipulations in place. He wouldn't say, here ya go, here's a million to do whatever you want. He would say something like here ya go, here is a million for neuter/spay or here's a million for pet surgery for the poor or here's a million to build the new facility etc etc etc.

A lot has changed in regards to animal rights, especially in regards to domesticated animals. There are laws in place now, at least in the USA.

Yeah but if he gave his entire money to animal rights, hat is not too smart - This planet has human beings too that need help - it's one thing to care about the safety and well being of animals, they are life too, BUT there are human beings that need all the help too - nothing wrong in diversifying instead of putting all eggs into one basket - I guess he cared more about animals not reproducing than helping humans in need. One good thing to do nowadays is investing in affordable housing - buying a house or renting now is ridiculously expensive - there are many working people who find themselves on the streets now, unable to eat even - affordable housing and essential services and goods for people in true need - instead, rich people would rather donate to charities that will only use a fraction of their proceeds to help the actual cause. As to Bob Barker, yeah he is smart in the sense he will put his money in the right place, but just saying he should probably have donated equal parts to human causes as well - like foundations to tackle poverty, youth crime, better education, health initiative for the youth, affordable housing, etc............These organisations would be far more helpful and useful - as most of what he supports falls under deaf ears anyway - Try knocking on random doors and ask people to have their pets spayed or neutered ...........

I'm not saying he should not invest in animal rights - he should, but there are lots of humans in need of help, far more humans being abused and in need than animals. It's too bad there is no similar things for humans, encouraging people to be spayed and neutered too and stop reproducing :lol:

When a guy decides to "tie the knot" it's usually after they have had their 13th child.

LGBTQ Is it fair? » Post #27

Wed Sep 20, 2023 10:31 in General Talk

valerie wrote: It's very expensive to adopt a baby.

It's expensive to have a baby, period, adaopt or not - some statistics showed that raising a baby up until they reach 18 can cost parents minimum $200k, and that does not even include college, add in college, and you are up to $500k :P

So it is not all that much more expensive to adopt, it allows couples who cannot have babies to do so, and it allows 2 people of the same gender to have children - and later try to explain the whole story to their confused kids and friends as to why they have 2 dads or 2 moms, or 2 dads AND 2 moms, for the "BI" couples :P

Christmas Season! yay! » Post #5

Wed Sep 20, 2023 10:28 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I think, ape man, that Christmas is the same day every year around the world.

Perhaps he/she just wanted to say that Christmas season will soon be upon us and telling us a happy Christmas.


"HAPPY" yeah let's see, impending wars, unrest, soaring inflation, so who's gonna have a happy one ?

Xmas is a day where people pretend to be nice with one another, pretend to care about family, friends, and go buy expensive gifts for their loved ones (a must) if they don't want a divorce or sleep in the wine cellar for a few months.
Ask any random person on the street the true meaning of xmas, for those who celebrate it, and see how many people know, even less most people can point their country on a world map.................xmas is also a holiday where some families (that normally don't see each other at all any other day) gather, get drunk as sailors and fight with one another :D

Christmas Season! yay! » Post #4

Wed Sep 20, 2023 10:24 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: christmas comes early in your country?

Xmas is not even an official holiday in the UAE, it's a working day however it's on the same date as here, Dec 25th for the maybe 5% of the population that celebrate it.

It's too early to be thinking about xmas, that other fake holiday where people pretend to be nice or give a shit and the very next day they are up to their old ways - people have forgotten the true meaning of that day anyway.

Did You see or do not wish to see » Post #6

Wed Sep 20, 2023 10:20 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Yep, it is rather weird over here to say the least.

Often there is someone sitting on a corner of the parking area at Walmart, holding a sign wanting money. Legally, people are allowed to do that in America. I don't give money to people that do that. I do see at times others driving over to that person and handed money.

It's legal in most countries - as long as you are not disturbing the peace or trespassing in a private area.
I saw documentaries reporting how some of these pan handlers are earning hundreds of $ daily, unfortunately, people who are in this situation often turn to drugs and alcohol - so whatever money you give them, they know that little money cannot pay for their expenses, but enough for them to buy a bottle of alcohol, cigs or weed, or all 3 :mrgreen: Nobody can be in their shoes - when shit hits the fan, people escape through addiction, and they need major help to get out. BUT THE PROBLEM remains - some people ask for money and are honest and really need it and they use it to eat, it's sad that the good ones have to pay the price for the scammers like anything else in life.

Walmart is usually hiring. All the fast food joints down the strip from Walmart, generally have a sign HIRING. The Goodwill has had a sign in their window HIRING for at least a month.

Yeah but they won't hire bums, alcoholics and drug addicts - and usually to get hired you need a physical address. Often people who were homeless for too long and develop mental issues. Also employers play a role in this bullshit, some companies have ridiculous interviewing practices, nowadays to get a job it's not whoever is the best fit, it is whoever answers the way the interviewer wants them - in other words the best bullshitter gets the F'n job. So people in need stand little chances when there is so much competition and people not in those situations will be hired first - these companies are just as much responsible for discrimination and profiling than any other, they are part of the problem.
THEN of course, you have people who don't want to life a bloody finger and work - let's do the math here - it's far more work spending your entire day standing up in the middle of roads bumming for cash, more stressful, BUT in that documentary, some of these pan handlers admitted that they made more money this way than any money they can make working in a fast food at minimum wage. So that alone is quite disturbing ! Once upon a time major cities in Canada were safe - today try going downtown many major cities in Canada, it is a complete shit hole - since the pandemic, these cities have become garbage dumps, infested with homeless people, drug addicts, drug lords, prostitutes, street gangs and shootings at every hour of the day and night, there used to be good neighbourhoods and bad ones, now, it's everywhere - God help you if you want to go down town or take the subway - and here the police are ridden in corruption - I hear it's no different in America though :D

I had a leak in my shop for months and I finally located a roofer that sealed it for a $100 bucks on his day off from his regular roofing job.

WOW that is a bargain - hopefully he did a good job - what was the cause of the leak ? A damaged shingle ? Damaged caulking ? That's quit ea bargain - here there i no way you can find that - Roofing, cement, fence, the whole works, landscaping, etc, most companies here are run by mobsters and organised crime - most of these companies will never come over for "small jobs", they want BIG jobs, $25k...... Try getting a small repair to roof here, $1k MINIMUM, that $100 is just to come over and diagnose the problem, then $130-$200 an hour for labour + material which they charge you 10 times the cost.

It's very difficult where I live to get good help. At my age, there are things I cannot do and things I should not do. I shouldn't be getting on roofs and I shouldn't be getting on ladders.

There are people your age still working construction - your age = the new mid 40's :lol:

It depends if you have health conditions, back problems, that does not help besides, you are never supposed to go on your roof, no matter your age, unless you are qualified to do so - it is extremely dangerous, and stupid too, if you mess up or get injured, your insurance company won't pay!

Yes it is hard to find help - unless you are willing to cough up big $$$$$ and even so a lot of companies do shitty jobs in the end - I've seen homes in town redo their steps, driveway, landscaping, and paid in excess of $30k, and the jobs were poorly done, crooked, not levelled, cracks, poor quality material, etc. if you own a home and are not a DIY kind of person, you are screwed :D

So no, you should not climb on a roof, climbing on ladders, well it depends how high, maybe a few steps to reach for that can of beans on the top shelf :lol: and definitely not lift heavy things if you have back problems unless you fancy a few herniated discs !

My point is, there is a lot of help for people in America. Social Security. Medicare. Disability. Food Stamps. Food Banks. Churches of all kinds. People in America are very generous in regards to helping people with food and care. We have a lot of programs to help people in need that want it. We just don't want to be fooled and give money to people that don't really need it, that won't get up off their butt to get a job and work. I don't know what those people think they are going to do in the not so distant future. Our present programs in this country could cease to exist at any time and there is not a dam thing anyone can do about it when it happens. These resources are certainly not going to exist forever. No doubt about that.

The only formula for that to happen is for Democrats to keep winning elections and to fully control both House and Senate :lol: now that thought alone is enough to give Bernie Sanders a couple of orgasms :P

All the while, gas prices increase, food prices increase, housing prices increase, shortage of food on the shelves, shortage of housing available, high rent prices, expensive maintenance fees, vehicle prices skyrocketing, and the 'General Dollar Stores' in America is in need to changing their name because their slogan 'a dollar is still a dollar at the dollar general store' is now bullshit.

Yeah I mentioned that in another topic or maybe this one :mrgreen: The Dollar Store where everything was $1....... Yeah it's easy all they need is an added s. Dollars store, so technically if something is $100, it still qualifies as dollars :lol:

It's more like $3-$5 but apparently some people are getting a good deal on some items. Some people are buying their meat at the dollar stores.

Did You see or do not wish to see » Post #5

Wed Sep 20, 2023 09:54 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: That poverty post is creating more problems it should be locked,real poverty here getting $0.05-$0.15 surveys complete ten still does not add up to $1

Surveys ask about how you feel about banks with no branches so that if something goes wrong you wont know what to do,I always so no,but that is the future of banking they will make it easier for you to forget your money

Inflation will go down if there is a war talk of war increases inflation

Banks with no branches are not a problem - you can still withdraw and deposit money through ATMs - if something goes wrong, these online banks offer "customer service" over the phone (yeah what a big joke :lol: ) they outsource their customer service to 3rd world countries to save on costs.

So you can't trust banks with branches either....

Did You see or do not wish to see » Post #4

Wed Sep 20, 2023 09:52 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Did you see

You may not like this future very much

Australia but it is same in every rich western country

Rich my arse - Only the politicians of these countries are the rich ones, no Western country is rich - how can you be rich when you have hundreds of trillions in debt and you keep borrowing money that you can never repay in a billion years let alone the interests - that's not being rich - when an entire country is running off of borrowed money after borrowed money, it's DEBT - and since no country's own natural resources can pay a fraction of its cost, you cannot consider that wealth - therefore who's rich then ? other than the greedy big pharmas and politicians with fat pockets.

You mention gas, well is it inflation ? NO, it's greed, oil companies purposely decided to cut production of barrels, as they saw oil prices were going to pre-pandemic levels and they were not having that - so greed sets in, lower the production considerably, whilst demand is up, and you get hefty price increases - this is staged inflation.

For housing it is the same thing - oil / energy and housing are components that are keeping inflation numbers up more than anything else, and it's staged inflation because companies keep getting greedier and increase prices no matter what, so you can raise interest rates all you want, it won't bring inflation down again, when companies are fighting back with greed.

Smaller packaging and smaller products at Coles and get nine Tim Tams instead of 11... and 30g fewer Pringles in a standard tube...

This is true, and part of the greed - only it is sneaky - because most consumers don't even bother reading the weight on the packaging - how many people can remember the weight or volume on the products they buy ? Many don't. Can consumers tell that a product has 30g less, nope. Can consumers tell that those granola bars are 1cm smaller ? Nope...... So this is called reduflation - prices are going up but companies are cutting costs and reducing quantities, size, weight in their products - that is greed for you. Smaller portions, hefty prices. The same shit is happening in restaurants - If you are one of those that eat out a lot, you will have noticed how portions have become so much smaller and prices so much higher - this is all staged inflation here. We all know COVID19 has caused this issue, the pandemic f*cked the supply chain big time, and contrary to what economists predicted, the pandemic did not cause much harm to the world economy, in fact the economy boomed and people kept spending tons of money - who wouldn't when interest rates were near this caused HUGE demand and supply could not keep up with it - then high inflation was born.
Companies took advantage of this and decided to keep prices up and raise them even as supply chains began to settle.

NOW you have Federal Reserve and banks wanting to keep raising the f****** interest rates thinking it will bring inflation back down to 2% - Boy are the lot delusional - it's not gonna happen, not when wages are going up and companies are getting greedy and fighting to keep inflation going strong.

Your views are not far fetched - The major role in this clusterf*ck of events is interest rates that were lowered to near 0% and kept at that level FOR TOO BLOODY LONG !!!! Banks (biggest ponzi scheme in existence) and Federal Reserve are the main responsible in this.

So what's happening now ? People are doing their groceries at the local dollarama stores - what's going to happen eventually, they will be overwhelmed with demand - and yes, you guessed it, prices will go up !!! Remember the days you could get something for $1 in the dollarama ? That was once labeled as the "Dollar store", well today, it's more like the $3-$4 store :lol:

SO what will the future look like ? Something has to be done, and it seems the only way out is rationing. You see, people are wasting - people are hoarders and waste. LOTS and LOTS of goods are wasted. There will come a time where digital wallets will be mandatory (no no no, not to confuse with Mark Of the Beast, this comes later :D) I am talking initially cash will be replaced with digital wallets, in most places -these will track all your purchases, and there will be rations on many items you buy - it is the only way to control supply chain and avoid waste. Do you really need to buy half a dozen tubs of bloody ice cream ? How about 1 tub for the month. Do you really need 3 bottles of Ketchup ? How about only 1 bottle per month......If you ration consumers - #1) They will spend less #2) Waste less #3) Weigh less :mrgreen:

A lot of people buy so much food, and end up throwing out most of it, that makes me so angry all the waste we have here in Western countries - whilst people are starving to death in some countries - it's not like the population of countries on this side of the pond will starve - people waste resources !!! So eat less, spend less and ration, it's a win-win-win

One of these days buying produce will be a luxury - it will be like buying caviar - even the unhealthy junk foods are costing more money -it's ridiculous - try ordering fries from a fast food restaurant. Here in a McDonald for a small fry, $5, what a RIP OFF........ Yet you can get an entire bag of frozen fries, that can feed 3-4 people, for less than that.

People should consider eating at home, growing their own as much as possible, you would be surprised on the money you save by not eating out, and you would be surprised at how much food you can do with little. In America, people have gotten accustomed to the "Super Sized Me" tradition - i.e. why have 1 burger patty in my sandwich when I can have 4 !!! why eat a traditional pizza crust when I can have cheese, bacon and all toppings inside the crust itself !!! Why have only one layer of icing in an oreo cookie when I can have triple............ Why have only one scoop of ice cream on my cone when I can have half a dozen scoops of different flavours........ WASTE WASTE wonder people are getting over weight and sick. Maybe rationing might help people get on the right track again. When you have an entire population where 2/3 are morbidly obese, there is a big problem here. In the UK, gastric bypass surgeries have skyrocketed over the years !!! NHS ends up approving and paying for many - guess where that money comes from.

So yeah dramatic outcomes to come, still time to take action before it gets worse......and it will :P

Libya , Up to 20 000 dead in 2 dam bursts » Post #3

Fri Sep 15, 2023 06:57 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: So climate change is a reality

Did people really need proof of that ? It's getting worse and worse all over the world, forest fires, floods, weather like never before seen - and what is disturbing is that this is just only the tip of the iceberg - so yeah for any country trying to do something about climate change - well it's too late - we are pay past the point of no return.

BUT climate change may have been part of "THE PLAN", perhaps as a way to control population. As always it is sad that innocent people have to die though.
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