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Too much mayo in his sub - POW ! » Post #4

Today, 06:59 in General Talk

valerie wrote:
It's kind of like shampoo. I buy a bottle of shampoo because it sounds good, may even have a fantastic aroma, but when I use it, it's awful. Do I go shoot the company that makes it? NO. I simply either give it away or throw it away and never buy it again.

Well isn't it how it's done in America now ? I mean sure there are shootings here in Canada on a daily basis, multiple times, but these are mainly street gangs settling their scores or playing "scoring" games, the incidents like the Subway shooting are rare here, here people use their mouths as weapons and fists and other objects if they are not happy with something. But it won't be long before Canadians adopt the shooting mentality, North America is just one gigantic far west waiting to happen, you are not even safe in your house anymore, there are multiple events daily in Canada of random shootings, and bullets going through windows of random homes.

Too much mayo in his sub - POW ! » Post #3

Today, 06:55 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I hope enjoys the prison food because he is going to be eating it for a very very long time.

Your best bet is not to order 'fast food' anyway. If you do and it is not made to your qualifications, it's best to simply request the manager and inform politely the issue. Better still yet, simply say nothing and never go there again.

It's kind of like shampoo. I buy a bottle of shampoo because it sounds good, may even have a fantastic aroma, but when I use it, it's awful. Do I go shoot the company that makes it? NO. I simply either give it away or throw it away and never buy it again.

Yeah but with restaurants there is a golden rule - never have food sent back for replacement - because your replacement might be spat on, licked, and other stuff I do not need to be too specific, you know what I mean :lol: It's best to just ask for a refund or credit or if you want to dare come back ask for a credit, then you can come back and order fresh, but you complain about mayo, the message will be sent to the chefs in the kitchen, then you have head chef say "Oh too much mayo eh I'll show him some mayo........" :lol:

I mean why the bloody hell do people go to Subways, how hard can it be to buy your own fresh ingredients and a sub and make your own ?

as far as prison, they probably already informed the cooks there to add extra mayo in his meals :mrgreen:

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #16

Today, 06:51 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:

Ye ye ye , my dear , very dear friend Bill was right in Now 2021 saying what is coming :o :o
Learning to swim will cost you 5 times more than last year :shock: :shock:

So save a lot of money and learn to swim on your own - like most people do. Though I recommend learning as young as possible, you don't wanna start learning how to swim in your 60s :P The younger the better, the longer you wait, the more you develop FEAR and it may be more difficult to get you swimming.

I learned it on my own, by accident as I once just let go the edge of the pool, and had that reflex to move my feet, and what do you know, I did not sink and was floating - so once that is done, you learn the movements and develop muscle memory.

Wait wait, Australians who cannot swim, that is hard to believe :lol:

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #15

Today, 06:47 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: US President Joe Biden said Americans will have to stomach high gas prices “as long as it takes”

Translate to Ape language .......Americans will have to stomach high gas prices forever, and not just gas prices

Thank goodness AMericans don't have to deal with his Presidency "as long as it takes", unlike Canada where can get stuck with the same muppet indefinitely, in America a President can only run 2 terms ..... No wonder Biden's rating has plummeted - He is right in a sense that he cannot wave a magic wand and solve the high price issue, it's caused by the war, however there's lots he could have done early to deal with inflation sooner than later - and deal with supply chain issues, instead of waiting for a disaster and deal with it later - his reliance on the Federal Reserve is a big mistake, also securing so much money during the pandemic, allowed many people to have lots of cash in hand to spend money, causing the economy to explode and supply unable to keep up with demand, due to COVID19 - then we can discuss about whether he did all he could to avoid escalation of conflict with Russia - :P but we can't discuss, so yeah now there's nothing much Biden CAN do but watch Jerome Powell do the dirty job and mess up the economy and spook markets, it's near certain he will not win a second term - nobody wants to put up with this sh** another 4 *********d years, but on the other hand it's coming to light now certain things about Trump, though Trump might secure the women voters, you know, those who use abortion as contraception and method for free for all sex :P Besides it's not even sure Trump can do much to fix what is already done.

Did Biden really say this in those words, the same Biden that said he will do everything he can to help - I mean he took measures to stop producers from being too greedy and abusing the situation to get rich LOL what a big joke :lol: will sanction producers if they do - well ok - some of his actions may help increase production and bring down the prices a LITTLE, but they still will remain too high - I mean it's like Biden saying "Hey companies, you don' have to make big profits you know, stop being greedy, make less profits", sure people will listen to Biden of all people :lol: He should stop printing unlimited money and wasting money for starters.

Looks like he's right though about gas prices, Americans will have to deal with this "as long as it takes", and not just in America, those prices reflect around the world, because of two blimey kids throwing a tantrum - we all pay the price of high gas prices and worsened inflation, whilst Putin is enriching his own pockets and watching his country's economy crumble.

As long as there is this war, you will have to indeed, deal with the high prices - and it looks like this war is not nearing an end anytime soon - it could easily take another year or more - and even when it ends, you won't see gas prices just go down again to pre-war levels - many companies are benefiting from this war, and some industries too, particularly energy, so yeah it's a war of utter stupidity but also money.

Year 2021 Post Update ........tasman1 » Post #6

Yesterday, 17:30 in General Talk

valerie wrote: To count bugs ya gotta catch them and put em in a jar. It's evil. :twisted: :lol:

Sure you can do that I'll pass :lol: Oh you forgot to mention nut shell spitting :lol:

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #12

Yesterday, 17:29 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I don't side on everything with Trump but I sure do on his build a wall and come into America legally. One can come close to accusing Biden of those 51 horrendous deaths.

that and hundreds more things since his sham of a presidency and horrendous decision to re-appoint Jerome Powell for a new term at the Federal Reserve, the very same person who has destroyed markets and economy by not increasing interest rates much sooner to avoid sky high inflation. Yeah I agree with the wall too, they cannot big walls big enough, keep illegals out and terrorists out, organised crime, gangs, etc, we (meaning here in North America) do not want to become like Europe, where people get rammed by cars and beheaded in broad day light.

You can't blame people for wanting a better way of life for themselves and their children. Also in some places in Mexico (and others) cartel is out to kill everyone not in their agreement/s.

a better way of life hahahaha yeah living the wealthy dream life in America, in peace and harmony and healthy society, sure :lol: See a country needs to have its sh** in order, enough resources to take care of people within, poverty, crime, jobs, etc, then they can focus on immigration and outside help - there are many people in America that want a better life, living in MISERY and want help - they worked all their f***ing life and paid taxes and when they are in a difficult situation they get NOTHING, why not help these people first before helping free loaders, many of which have no limitations preventing them from working but some want the lazy life paid for by the tax payers - it's OK to have controlled immigration, it cannot be out of control and unlimited, if they come and do not get the proper support / help they will resort to crime and make things worse - ideally you need people who are willing to contribute, which means work, pay taxes and not freeload off of tax payers - those who are not in a position to work, find out why, and offer courses, education - those who are disabled or unable to work for whatever reason, a different program aside to help them, but money is finite, you have to set limits. Trump not only wanted that wall but he wanted to restrict travel from high risk countries, might seem harsh but hey, this is life the good people pay the price for the bad ones, and I think Trump does not want America to be like Europe that is now stuck with terrorist groups including isis scattered within. People with disabilities and handicaps are living in misery what's done about poverty within ? Oh sure when it comes time to helping illegals and other countries, Mr. Biden has all the money in the world, same with our MUPPET here in Canada. SHAME on these clowns - They should close all doors to immigration legal or not, UNTIL they get their stuff in order - I'm sure immigrants want to come and feel welcomed and supported, not in a climate of far west, where people are shooting one another :mrgreen:

I am glad to be an American and fortunate to have been born here. It's not all sugar canes and lollipops and the world isn't fair any where. I will say I hate the Mexican government for allowing their country to become a haven for drug lords and low life bastards that shoot innocent people. Obviously, there are people in the governments and legal systems there that are on the take.

I agree, Mexico has become a shit hole, I wouldn't travel there if it was free - in fact there are travel advisories here warning against travelling there due to the high risk of crime, even in tourist areas, There are Canadians and American tourists who have been killed in Mexico in tourist resorts, pathetic - I can understand that some people genuinely want to get away from that, but there are also potential criminals too, immigration should be tightened and everyone watched closely - if you don't control things you end up like in Europe.

Besides it's not like America does not have their own drug cartels and crime, some areas can be comparable to Mexico if not worse :D In many states there are a plethora of street gangs running cities. Once upon a time these gangs were active mainly during the night - NOW it's 24/7, you are not safe even in broad day light - these ****ers come and shoot, and the ******mned police know very well who these gangs are and members, they do nothing because they know they can't - these gangs have the police in their pockets.

Too much mayo in his sub - POW ! » Post #1

Yesterday, 08:01 in General Talk

You read everyday in the news about shootings in America, and many cities in Canada, OR road rage, but violence does not discriminate - it extends to food rage as well - Like I wrote here before, people settle their disputes with guns now and people pull the trigger for the silliest of things.

Well another day in America, in Atlanta Georgia, some guy is very upset because of the amount of mayo in his sub - apparently there was allegedly too much mayo in his sub - now anybody eating mayo in a restaurant is asking for trouble anyway, because odds are it may not be mayo :lol: SO the guy got upset because of the quantity of mayo, so things escalated and he decided to shoot. It's not safe to go to school, it's not safe to work with the public, to all restaurant workers remember that - always make sure your meals are perfect, an extra squirt of mayo or a bacon strip missing half a millimetre ca be deadly :mrgreen:

Rule #1 in any restaurant never return food for a replacement, and I don't need to be specific about the reasons .....
Rule #2 Never ask for extra mayo, or just skip the mayo, because it's probably not mayo :P
Rule #3 Learn to make your own burgers, subs, etc. your life ain't worth it for eating sh** :D

Quota Full » Post #2

Wed Jun 29, 2022 08:51 in French

ah oui j'en sais de quoi, d'ailleurs j'en ai parlé très souvent ici sur ce forum des fameux "off quota", je peux comprendre qu'il est normal d'en avoir quelques fois, dans le passé j'en avais 1 ou 2 chaque quelques mois, maintenant j'en ai plusieurs en série ici en particulier et ça me fout les boules - surtout lorsqu'on complete le sondage et que c'est off quota à la fin :lol: c'est un gros problème les off quota - tu n'est pas le seul, c'est de quoi à décourager à faire des sondages ici, le problème arrive beaucoup ici à cause des invitations dynamiques - je comprends pas pourquoi les p****** de sondages hors quota ou fermés ne sont pas enrayés de la liste.

climate change at its peak » Post #46

Wed Jun 29, 2022 08:41 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: In olden days people used only natural water from springs, wells , ponds, pools etc without any sanitization. But they did not have so much of contagious or non contagious disease as of now. So I would say it is the lifestyle forgetting the nature of our body and enviornment that leads all type of ailments.

pools ? not a good idea :D whether you take showers or not, our body is crawling with bacteria, germs, fortunately we have a skin to protect us - pools have to be treated and kept that way, or it would be unsafe to swim in it, I do not think people drank water from pools though - oh speaking of that, did you know that a study has shown that the water in your toilet bowl is cleaner and safer by a large margin, over the water at your dentist's office ? You know that machine that dispenses water in a cup next to your chair so you rinse and spit out, it has a ton more bacteria and germs than in your toilet bowl - ironic isn't it ? Even a pool that just sits there with no no swimmers must be treated.

Water is finite - I mean now with all the dumping of waste into the grounds, it's contaminating even more clean water sources. Some lakes / rivers that were once considered safe to swim in, are no longer safe.

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #10

Wed Jun 29, 2022 08:34 in General Talk

DannyChiarelli wrote: I think they are willing to take risks for the chance of becoming an American citizen.
Luckily there is a legal process.

Does your country offer that? ;)

legal process my arse - it certainly does not stop all the illegals from coming in, be it Canada or US, whilst the ones who go through the "process" are waiting. and even that process has flaws - in theory one would BELIEVE a country should welcome ANY immigrant with open arms, regardless of anything - in PRACTICE, this is not optimal - there has to be a strict process - and instead of spending trillions+++ on looking for gaping holes in outer space, they should spend that money on helping people who need it, here on this earth. I've heard an argument before, by people who say "let them come in, they do the jobs nobody want to do" well - what message does it send if a country allows illegals and looks the other way - what message does it send to those who go through the long process and wait years - not good. it's either you have a process or none at all and let anybody walk in. Optimally you want people with good intentions and keep the ones with bad intentions OUT, or keep a very close watch on high risk - though resources and money is not unlimited, even under Biden - it's the new generation that will pay the hefty price, trying to pay a debt that realistically can never be paid in several lifetimes. It's going to be chaos for markets if there is a credit downrating. There are many illegals, not all get caught, but it is not fair to those who do go through the process.

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #9

Wed Jun 29, 2022 08:20 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
kanjoormadam09 wrote: world is becoming so cruel and people have taught nothing from covid 19 they have become more evil :(

Not sure we can become MORE evil . we are now 100% evil

Speak for yourself (100%), there still are people on this planet or are not evil - say perhaps under a percent :mrgreen:

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #8

Wed Jun 29, 2022 08:19 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: world is becoming so cruel and people have taught nothing from covid 19 they have become more evil :(

I think what you meant to say is that people have learned nothing ;) oh they certainly didn't alright - if people had mass vaccinated during the original outbreak before the variants, at a time when that vaccine was 95%+ effective for infections, on a global scale, the pandemic would be over or at least endemic and seasonal like the Flu, but no.....
the ONLY thing the world learned about this COVID19, is that it's here to stay and going nowhere. For now all the variants are variations of Omicron, the latest is BA5, and people are being reinfected multiple times, some 3, 4, maybe more, it looks like this virus has the ability to mutate and considerably escape our immunity - whoever engineered this virus really got it right this time - SARS_1 no go, twice is a charm innit :P The only hope is that the new variations of Omicron, whilst they would be more transmissible, will be less and less severe - eventually creating a situation where EVERYONE will get COVID at some point in time - in theory only tiny percentage will go to hospital and less than that will die - BUT because of the sheer volume of higher "infections", it will translate to very high hospitalisations and deaths by sheer volume - but still, a lottery. The one lesson people should have learned from this g******** virus is, leave wild animals the f*** alone, in the wild where they belong - wild viruses should NEVER have jumped from animal to human in the first place - only irresponsible humans allowed this mutation to happen by interfering with wild life through wet markets, which exist in many countries around the world.

Now COVID is exploding in Europe, so this is a good indication of what's to come here, the shit storm of COVID is not over, it will mean more outbreaks and peaks to come, but probably in shorter duration - the amount of dead bodies keep piling up - and who the bloody hell wants to work in a hospital now, it's enough that hospitals were always flooded, imagine now hospitals have to worry about regular patients and covid, what a blpeein' mess .....Biden will have to ask congress for more money again to build covid19 hospitals across the country - there is a price to pay for incompetence and no adherence to sanitary measures - people want to F around, party and socialise all the time with complete disregard for anything - so we'll have to learn to live with this virus (and shooters), when you wake up in the morning and go to work or leave the house, you dunno if you are gonna catch covid19 or get shot, that's the new reality of life now.

Just Another Day in America.........tasman1 » Post #2

Tue Jun 28, 2022 07:12 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: At least 46 dead bodies found inside truck in Texas

Sure, just another day, and those dead bodies don't include all the innocent people that get shot and killed on a daily basis by shooters, Once upon a time people lived the "American Dream" they would flock to America thinking they just found riches and have hope for the future - a good job, good wealth - Times have changed - Now, you have to think twice before sending your kids to school, wondering every day if you are going to see them alive or if it's their last day, then you have past Presidents who successfully tried mangling personal rights and constitution and claiming "a victory for whites" - this person is a good candidate for the leader of the one world order and white supremacy - I cannot f*****g believe that in 2022, colour and race are even issues, what a shame - and audio recordings of corruption and conspiracy, wow, what a shame when you think that this person delivered results - but at what cost, then you have a current President that would rather spend (waste) billions to help MAINLY others instead of his own first - seeing that all that help is useless anyway in the end. So yeah, and house prices going up because of the greed and corruption plaguing real estate agents, inflation, kinda makes you wonder why are their risking their lives to go from one misery to another, to they still believe in the "American Dream" bullshit ? Americans are sure gonna have a tough choice to make in 2024, between Corruption, Lies, civil unrest, White supremacy OR incompetence, crumbling economy, high debt, inflation and wars......... Tough choice :P Inciting violence, racism, cults, anarchy, getting results by any means even if it means breaking the law and constitution, etc - is this the only way to get results in 2022 - wow we can all see where this is going.........what a shame - and an even bigger shame that the other alternative won't be better, that's why, tough choice but hey as long as the person makes companies happy and stock markets happy and well lubed :mrgreen: for the rest, ethics, humanity, f*** that, :P

We now bring you back to our regularly scheduled programme :mrgreen:

Year 2021 Post Update ........tasman1 » Post #4

Mon Jun 27, 2022 08:06 in General Talk

valerie wrote:
If there is no water, there is no electricity.

With all the floods around the world, some countries could donate the water :mrgreen: If your source of electricity is water, obviously, it's not like earth is drying up anytime soon though, the ice caps are melting, and it's the opposite that is going to happen, eventually land will disappear and it's more water you will see, in fact most of earth's surface is water anyway :D If water runs out as a source for electricity, there will be other methods, not the good kinds, but methods.
the claims of power going out indefinitely is far fetched - frequent outages, longer outages, yes definitely, in some countries I believe they cut power at certain times of day, (planned outages).

Electricity won't come back if there is no water source.

They'll have to import water then or build water producing factories - Water is H2O, but it's not as easy as just mixing hydrogen and oxygen, the process itself is very delicate and risky, since it involves potential explosions, that will require a lot of exploding to get enough water created - so not an option I guess...... Creating weather machines to create conditions for rain ? Sounds like science fiction but in theory could be done, but crazy expensive.

That brings me to 'wells'. I prefer a well opposed to city water. Unfortunately I am on city water and that's why I drink bottled water. City water never taste good, no matter where I have lived. City water always has a slight odor of some sort, usually bleach or chlorine. Well water is a pure natural source. Of course, well water would probably not be safe in areas close proximity to chemical hazards. How deep the well is, matters a lot.

Yeah I hear you about city water, that chlorine smell, that's why I call it pool water :lol: There are cities in Canada with very good water treatment standards, but still city water is city water, and cannot compare with pure spring water. Isn't tap water just recycled toilet water, the same water coming out of people's toilets and into the sewer lines - it's a good reminder next time someone drinks tap water :lol: As far as well water, my only experience with well water is water with a yellowish tinge and tasting like metal - I'm assuming even the best well water must have some levels of chemicals in it, in theory safer than treated sewer water ? depends on the well I guess ....... Spring water is hard to beat though, bottled water is a big scam - because most of it is just city water bottled. That's why I only buy spring water, fortunately in Canada we have many sources of spring water - i only consume spring water, naturally filtered by nature, and the difference is amazing, the water has no after taste, is 100% clear and pure.

I'm sure a lot of people would have a difficult time trying to live in a western world atmosphere of days long gone. A cabin in a very dry area, living off shallow well water, burning candles or oil at night, going to bed at dark, planting and working a garden, protecting their dried up spot of land with a shotgun, milking the cow, drinking warm fluids, etc. The only place to get a good drink is at the whiskey saloon in town 30 miles away. Entertainment is the whiskey saloon, tossing rocks in a circle, sitting on the porch counting lightning bugs, snake shooting with pa, and telling bs stories.

I'm sure people now would master the snake shooting part, given people's skill for shooting :lol: Counting the bugs might be the more challenging part for today's generation who can barely count, read and write :P

Abortion bill and reactions - HILARIOUS ! :P » Post #4

Mon Jun 27, 2022 07:32 in General Talk

valerie wrote: You said a mouthful when you said women are using abortion as a contraceptive.

That's the way many women think. They think if they were to get pregnant, no problem, go down the street to the abortion clinic.

It's funny you would think in 2022 people's stance on sex has changed and are more careful, abortion or not, then this myth that women are generally more responsible - guess all that notion flew out the window when society became so irresponsible in general, both genders. Also when you read such atrocities like the stuff posted on Twitter about women going on strike - this is telling - the part about "We'll only have sex if we want to get pregnant", hilarious, this is what they should have been doing from the beginning - so what's the difference between serial killers and women who use abortion as contraceptive ? None :mrgreen: The fact that so many women, in 2022, would risk their health, getting one of millions viruses, sexual diseases, etc, is disturbing - but the reasoning behind this is "Hey it's my body I can do whatever I want" well this opens another huge debate - it's someone else's body too, BUT let's see now if unborn fetuses had a chance to weigh in on this, I'm pretty sure they would rather not be born than to be born unwanted, uncared for and abused, leading a miserable life - but murder is murder - in an ideal world, abortion should not be a thing at all, but sometimes there are exceptional circumstnaces, and then people have to live with their decision, it does not minimise what abortion is. How far during pregnancy should it be considered murder is another big debate - Banning abortion creates new major problems - then you have the problem of not enough foster care, which is not always optimal, not enough people who want to adopt, and more bastard children on the streets, criminalised at a young age - not a good thing. The sex strike movement is hilarious as if all women will all of a sudden stop having sex because of that - it simply will mean more babies will be abandoned in dumpsters is what it means. PATHETIC !

Now here is the financial funny thing you probably don't hear people talk about. You see many of those women getting abortions are poor. They don't have money. Well then how are they getting an abortion? Many abortion clinics are funded and those women can walk in and get an abortion free. So who is funding the abortion clinics? The answer is the states and the government. A lot of poor people are on medicaid and it will pay for abortions. So when it gets right down to it, who really is paying for abortions? The answer is ...... tax payers. So the talk about footing the bill for birthing, diapers, etc, is pretty much a senseless topic.

Well yeah everything is funded by tax dollars - all that money Biden is WASTING, is funded by yours truly, without your permission - oh wait my bad, those who decided to vote for a money wasting party of the far left, should have known this beforehand :D But anyhow, at least it's nice to see that Biden is against this new ruling, and quite ironic that once upon a time he was for, and that Trump was against - now both switched sides - can't a President overrule supreme court rulings by invoking executive privileges ? That could create other problems I guess. So yeah the fact abortion is free for lots of women makes it all the most easy to get unlimited "servings" when you need it - quite disgusting - and obviously there is no way to forbid people from having sex :lol: I wonder statistically what is the proportion of poor vs. average vs. wealthy women who use abortion as contraceptive - is it a cultural thing or just an individual decision ? I mean wealthy people are horny too, so to them it does not matter if they have the child, will they be raised with love though that is not always the case - for proof of concept look at hollywood and celebs - bad example right there :lol:

I think a better solution is education, not just for the woman but also the man. And all these tv programs and movies, shouldn't Hollywood be an advocate against crap sex. I call it crap sex. I mean when it gets down to it, the greatest movies are never about people in bed. The box office hits are so much more than that.

yeah that's like chasing a water fountain in a dry desert :P There is no way this can happen, this industry caters to a specific market - sex sells, crap sex even more, and to engage with this kind of audience they use promiscuity and free for all as lure. Hollywood is the wrong place to set by examples .....

Those people cussing, ranting and raving over their body and their choice, have a good point. Roe v Wade is much more than abortion, it's about privacy and the respect for privacy. We don't want to lose our privacy but in reality, we already have a long time ago. I have no respect for those people getting up on stage, pointing fingers, cussing people out that are against abortion, and making threats. That is not the solution and they are far from being the smart cookie. The solution is to realize there is a body inside a body that is a growing, feeding, human life and to prevent unwanted pregnancies (for the most part) is to abstain from sex, use safe birth control methods, use other sex methods instead of intercourse, and if all else fails, support the child by allowing it to breath life and give it to someone that wants it.

ahahahahaha abstain from sex, yeah that's the message that's been given for decades, that clearly is not an option today anyway, it goes in one ear and out the other - but these Twitter comments go to show you how many women are having UNPROTECTED sex and have MULTIPLE partners - which is very disturbing - I mean there are so many options for people to have sex to their heart's content, they can have sex 24 hours a day no problem, but I guess safe sex is not an option either for many, and it is a SIN in a specific religion too - so is abortion - so you end up with a population of unwanted babies and the result you get is this new generation of corrupt, shooters, drug addicts, and losers !

Yeah it's your body, but the thing is, it's more complex than that, because someone else's body will eventually be paying the HEFTY price for your incompetence and bad decisions (by your I mean women in general who use abortion as a free pass to irresponsible sex, what you call crap sex :D )

Abortion bill and reactions - HILARIOUS ! :P » Post #1

Sun Jun 26, 2022 11:53 in General Talk

Well people were complaining no serious topics here, well here's one, I'm surprised nobody thought of it. Are people following the news ? Now there is one big topic trending - especially in America - the constitutional right to get an abortion dissolved after 50 years, by the Supreme Court, that has overturned Roe v. Wade, banning abortion which triggers a ban on abortion in many states. It sure is making headlines - and what's even more funny, once upon a time Trump was Pro Choice, but then by 2019 he became anti abortion - I guess he figured that unwanted babies would most likely support Republicans later in life when they are brainwashed to waste their precious time and waste ink on some piece of paper on voting day. Biden now switches sides, he is Pro Choice........ So yeah at least Democrats are not to blame for this mess - and now Trump realises how this comes to bite him in the arse now as this might destroy any chances he has of winning, at least for the women vote but likely for the male voters too as they will have to use their right (or left) hand from now on :mrgreen:

NOW for the hilarious part you ask ? WELL.......... Comments are flying all over social media about the ruling, obviously some women are enraged about the decision, some are happy........... Here is an integral copy / paste from Twitter,
I don't have Twitter, thank goodness for that - I would have choice words :D

Someone commented:
Women, if you are having a tough time with the #sexStrike and #abstinence just picture Mitch McConnel naked.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yep for most people that'll work, especially Democrats - for the rest, they'll have to use their "Creative" imagination, there is certainly no shortage of dildos and vibrators out there :mrgreen:

BUT WAIT, it gets even funnier, on the same Twitter post you could read this:

Because SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, we cannot take the risk of an unintended pregnancy, therefore,
we will not have sex with any man - including our husbands - unless we are trying to become pregnant #SexStrike.

:lol: Now it's funny but at the same time infuriating - Because we live in an era where people f*** everything that moves, that is good looking and has money, this goes equally for both genders, male and female, and maybe the small percentage of male / female that don't go around screwing around :D When you read stuff like that on twitter you cannot help but wonder the sanity of certain people - because when you read this bullshit it's the same thing as saying "oh darn it we cannot **** around anymore, let's stop having sex altogether, we don't want no unwanted child" that's exactly what this means ! Was about bloody time, good, strike and stay on strike - that's the most common sense I have read on social media in a long time - was about g******** time, when you accept to have unprotected sex with your husband or some random stranger you also understand the risks of pregnancy, but you also understands other risks too including diseases and now monkeypox :D That's why there is an amazing invention called birth control or condoms, condoms even better, though that won't protect you against monkeypox or herpes. The infuriating part about this is that this shows a lot of ignorance and negligence - it almost comes across as saying "hey we like sex and we screw around as long as we can just get an abortion" because this is exactly what it means - as far as whether abortion is killing life, that is debatable, a long and heated debate, how far during pregnancy abortion occurs, etc, as far as the killing part, for those against abortion - just remember the foods you eat every day, thousands of animals are being tortured, mistreated and KILLED daily to be eaten - including the plants, flowers, trees being killed. The alternative would be worse, an unwanted child that gets abused, abandoned, and raised like crap - is that better ? Regardless of what abortion is, people should have the CHOICE !!! and then live with the guilt later - Ban abortion and you will see people abandon their newborn somewhere, that would be worse, it makes me LIVID - people should not use the right to abortion to screw around and get away with it - I guess people are more concerned about pregnancy risks than the risks of getting aids and other diseases - pathetic - how irresponsible can people be ? Those going on STRIKE, GOOD they are doing society a big favour, let's see how long they can strike for ...... Later on that feed someone made this comment:

That's a great idea. Any man or woman OK with aborting an innocent child should never be having sex.

WELL SAID - Even though I do believe in Pro Choice, I don't think the right to abortion should be used like that, that's disgusting - and the "not even with our husbands" part LOL !!!!! well are people waking up finally, with sex and intimacy comes major implications - if people don't want that, they must sacrifice somewhere, use a dozen layer of condoms, or just finger one another - there are many ways - this cannot be a responsible adult who wrote this garbage. It kinda makes you wonder if sex in the first place was invented for reproduction first and foremost - well yes, obviously, they added the pleasure part, so that people are encouraged to reproduce, otherwise the earth would be void of humans :D
now sex is used mainly for pleasure - random sex now is a thing.

Here is the Twitter link where you can find all the content mentioned above:

I thought abortion was a last resort measure under exceptional circumstances - NOW it is used as a contraception - is that not infuriating ? It should not be used that way at all, I hope that this tweet does not represent all women's views though.

That said, they are adding more fuel to the fire with this law - it will create another set of problems, as much as some will go on strike (maybe for 12 hours :P) some will not be bothered at all and continue, it's just that now you will see more unwanted babies put in this world, abandoned, put in foster homes, going to adoption, etc, imagine the massive amounts of those that grow up as adults or in school having to tell their peers that they don't have parents because they were unwanted. I dunno but if I was a soul I would rather the host get aborted so I can find another womb, from a human being that wants to have me, rather than being born to a shit for brains who has screwed around with thousands of men and finally hit the jackpot :P

It's your body it's your g*******d choice, it's a shame that Abortion is used as contraception, true, it shouldn't, but there are exceptional circumstances that should allow it - I mean people smoke cigarettes even though it's bad not only for them but people around them - (second hand smoke) oh and people have a right to use guns and to's your body, it's your choice - you live with the consequences and guilt. It's not up to the Supreme Court to mangle with people's constitutional right - Women should NOT use abortion as an escape to promiscuity and sex frenzy - perhaps law should have been less strict, instead of banning it, it would be limited in a way to deter repeat offenders .

To all of those wanting to go on strike, I say, they are doing the whole world a gigantic favour, and to that I say, STAY on strike, nobody wants mass murdering to be used as a TOOL for irresponsible and unsafe SEX !!!

Here's a topic for you, better than war :D
This might actually cost Trump's his presidency in 2024 :D

Sun Gone Mad ........tasman1 » Post #9

Sun Jun 26, 2022 08:01 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: Sun is the most powerful celestial body. Without sun this world will die. So people used to worship sun as God in the ancient era. They were more wise than modern people as they knew the importance of nature to sustain life on Earth

By the time the sun dies we'll all be long eaten by the worms in the ground and our crypts rendered into powder scattered in ruins.........the sun is probably viable for another few millions years :P

Sun Gone Mad ........tasman1 » Post #8

Sun Jun 26, 2022 07:59 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote: It's the end of the world.

For what, some mole growing on the sun ? :P Not even close, however, when it will be 3 days of complete darkness and no daylight, then we will all have to worry - this and other parts of the scripture have yet to pass.

My opinion .... Think Sun have some virus , Sun is not vaccinated , Bill will invent vaccine for Sun this year , shot every week and we will be safe again

Mystery solved, that growing black spot on the sun was just a piece that got sucked in a nearby black hole, no problem, the flames will repopulate the missing sun piece in no time :mrgreen:

climate change at its peak » Post #44

Sun Jun 26, 2022 07:56 in General Talk

kanjoormadam09 wrote: Tap water :lol: :lol: :lol: the worst source of water filled with poisons like excess chloride , Calcium and other harmful minerals like lead , chromium, iron ...... Better to use boiled water from natural sources like well . springs etc

Fortunately, some countries / states have potable water - In Canada many provinces have cities with top quality city water, treated and perfectly safe. There is safe potable water here, the treated city water here is probably safer than the air we breath :lol: Of course spring water is better, it's naturally filtered and tastes better - there are cities here where drinking water tastes like pool water :lol:

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Sun Jun 26, 2022 07:53 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
The Austrian Armed Forces have been correct in their latest predictions of national security risks, including a global pandemic, the Vienna terrorist attack and cyberattacks.

In the kind of world we live in, if you follow news every single day, you can see patterns, with that information you can make these kind of predictions with amazing accuracy, it's nothing shocking - it's like me making a prediction right now that there will be a recession, there will be more crime and shootings, and unrest, these predictions are easy to make.
As far as predicting a pandemic that was easy too - there are pandemics every centuries, we were due, and besides people eating bats, cats, dogs, snakes and smuggling wild life around, it was bound to happen one day that wild animal viruses mutate to human transmission - wet markets have existed for a long time and warnings were issued many times about the risks - but people never listen to reason.

Now military experts have warned of a major power outage indefinitely.

And what the bloody hell is "power outage indefinitely" exactly ? When power goes out, it comes back. In Canada, one of the provinces many many many years ago was struck with a province wide complete blackout, no electricity for the entire population of an entire province - I have to dig up news, but think it lasted days - then a hail storm that left people without power for weeks - etc. Then I do remember in 1999 the whole Y2K bug scare, where they predicted that at precisely midnight on year 2000 the y2k bug would manifest and all computers would stop working - every single day for years we had to live with this y2k bug propaganda and bullshit. What goes down goes back up - if power goes out, it comes back - now the question is what is the CAUSE ? Of course a major EMP would naturally wipe the grid - people will have to live with generators for a while, and more gas into the air - great, just what Climate Change needs :lol: and eventually power would go back up - if there is going to be a major power outage indefinitely, it only means incompetence - in theory we should all have plan Bs, and maybe plan Cs and Ds to deal with these disasters !!!

The question is not whether there will be a big blackout, but when, conservative Austrian Defense Minister Claudia Tanner assured.

when the sun stops shining for 3 consecutive days, that's when :P Some people here will understand the reference I am making :D

What to do when nothing works?.........Nothing , most will be gone , very fast

Austrians can move to America then - there's lot of fuel, electricity and free money for the asking, at least until 2024 :D

and no problem the Democrats have you covered - in a few years all Americans will have solar powered homes and fully electric cars or just anything they ask for - except for freedom to decide whether to have an unwanted child or not :P
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