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Clixsense News (New Menu) » Post #8

Tue Jan 03, 2012 23:15 in Urdu

First of all I would like to thank you for all your feedback regarding the new captcha as announced here New Picture CAPTCHA .

We listened and made some changes to the captcha accordingly:
1. The extra click that was introduced before has been eliminated;
2. Reduced the number of pictures from 6 to 5;
3. The website loads at the same time while you are solving the captcha, just as the old system.

This is how it works
First you click on the advert which will open it on a new window. On this new window you will see the advert at the bottom and the captcha at the top.

If you click on the wrong picture you will get a message with a link to try again.

After clicking on the correct picture the timer will start.

After the timer reaches zero you will get the final message just as before.

Thanks again for all your feedback and happy clicking!

In 42 days 153 referrals, 150 active ,Total 451 » Post #3

Tue Jan 03, 2012 07:58 in Success Stories

nice job :thumbup:

Post your Success Stories with clixsense Here. » Post #15

Tue Jan 03, 2012 05:50 in Urdu

Ammadd wrote:
doller2euro wrote: hello ,
my stats on right side :D

You have some good stats would you tell me where you advertise !!
neobux or adhitz or anywhere else?

I also earned 70$ so far
I only advertised on buxhost /Vinci script sites .

shahsunashfaq wrote:
doller2euro wrote: hello ,
my stats on right side :D

May you earn more and more :thumbup:

thank you :thumbup:

The Report button. » Post #3

Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:10 in General Talk

+1 :thumbup:

Wellcome Pakistani Members :) » Post #42

Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:46 in Urdu

haider55 wrote:
dollar2euro wrote: very warm welcome to all of pakitani members :thumbup:

lets work together to achieve success

Best Regards

Thanks dollar2euro!
Greetings and best wishes for a happy new year to URDU community. :D

Happy New Year :)

Best Wishes

Wellcome Pakistani Members :) » Post #40

Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:46 in Urdu

nasimch wrote: Asalam o Alikam to all

W salam . Welcome to forum & Happy New Year :thumbup:

Best Regards

324 direct referrals since my registration » Post #9

Fri Dec 30, 2011 06:36 in Success Stories

bestptcpaying wrote: I just want to share with all clixsense members ,that since my registration I have got 121 direct referrals and I hope this number increase day by day ,thank you for read my post . :clixsense: :clap:

nice job :)

Hope you Get more Refs

Clixsense News (New Menu) » Post #7

Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:31 in Urdu

Quote:ClixGrid Optimizations and Bonus Clicks

We have been busy optimizing ClixGrid on the last couple days and have also introduced a new type of prize when you click on a winning box, that we are sure you will like.

Click here to follow this on the forum.

1. There is a new link at the bottom of the picture: Refresh. Click this link to refresh all the information on the page without having to refresh the whole page as you would do by hitting F5 on your keyboard, or clicking on the refresh button on your browser. This produces a much faster page refresh. *

2. The same refresh function is also used when you finish viewing an advert. So now a page refresh is much faster up to 10 times in some cases! You will now have to wait a little bit less between ad views.

3. Moving your mouse over the boxes "Recent Winners" and "Last $5.00 Winners" now expands these boxes to the full height of the game area for better visibility.

4. Many behind-the-scenes optimizations have also been done to make the whole game faster and more efficient. You may not notice a difference but this was done to support the growth ClixGrid has been experiencing.

5. And last but not least you now have the chance to win 5 extra chances when clicking on a winning box. For example, as a standard member you have the normal 25 daily chances and if you are lucky to win this bonus your chances for the day are increased by 5 each time you win this. With that said there is no limit on how many times you may win this on a day, as there is no limit on how many times you may win cash prizes. The bonus chances need to be played on the same day they were won, they won't carry over to the next day.

* Locking the picture makes the refresh even faster if you don't already have all the pictures on your browser's cache. To lock the picture click on Lock Picture found at the bottom of the picture, or click Unlock Picture to disable this.

Watch the server time that is displayed under the picture. Clicks are reset a midnight EST, so please keep that in mind.

Happy clicking!

How to get refferals? » Post #4

Wed Dec 28, 2011 08:54 in Urdu

Awais_31 wrote: Kuch Samjh nai ayii yaar ??? i know i have a referral link but whom do i send that link. and how to send .. and how can this help me to make money??

Link app mail ker sakta ho apna id sa apna friends ko or PTC sites pa advertise ker sakta ho or Use this option


Clixsense News (New Menu) » Post #6

Tue Dec 27, 2011 23:50 in Urdu

Quote:Just a quick note to let you know that the Source column on your My Referrals page now contains the full link where your referrals are coming from.

Improved Source Column on Referral Stats

Happy Clicking!

How to get refferals? » Post #2

Tue Dec 27, 2011 23:43 in Urdu

Awais_31 wrote: Salam everyone!! yaar mai clixsense pe naya hoon .. Koi mujhe bataya ga ye refferals ka kya scene hota hai aur ye kesa attey hai .. Mujhe kuch samjh nai aa rahi .. Mujhe 1 hafta ho gaya hai .. lekin kuch samjh nai ayi.. Help me Kindly :)

What Is Referral ?

A referrals is a person that joins a SITE through your referral link.

A direct referral is the person that joins the ptc site through your referral link, from another website, blog, forum or wherever they found your link.

How do I refer new users to ClixSense?

Log into your account. On your main screen once logged in, you will find your own personal referral link listed. Send your referral link to potential referrals. If a new customer is brought to through your personal referral link, you are credited with that person as a personal referral. You are then paid a percentage of any advertising that referral does on the Advertising system.

For more : ClixSense Affiliate Program - Refer Others And Multiply Your Earnings!

closed » Post #2

Mon Dec 26, 2011 09:20 in Urdu

Good Work :thumbup:

Keep Doing Good Job

Clixsense News (New Menu) » Post #5

Sat Dec 24, 2011 07:46 in Urdu

Quote:We would like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays.

For the next 3 days (December 24th to December 26th) ClixSense has doubled your chances to play ClixGrid. Free members you are allowed to click 50 times per day and Premium members you can play 100 times a day.

But, that's not all. Not only did we double your chances to play, we more than doubled your chances to win too because we've added even more cash prizes!

Happy Clicking!

The ClixSense Team
[Wealthenginex] [Monster Cycler]

Post your ClixGrid status here » Post #49

Sat Dec 24, 2011 04:44 in Urdu

stq_172 wrote: I win .25$ :D , My biggest prize yet .............................

Congrats :)

Lucky or Strange? » Post #12

Thu Dec 22, 2011 13:14 in Success Stories

i got one extended ad today

How many Upgraded members u Have at Level 1? » Post #58

Thu Dec 22, 2011 08:48 in Your Stats

rheydickson wrote: Wow.. it is nice to see downlines meeting their sponsors because of the forum..

This is first time that downline/upline can interact each other :) its great :clap:

Firefox 9.0 » Post #6

Thu Dec 22, 2011 08:40 in General Talk

i was using 3.6.25 version but i just upgraded to 9.0 And its great . fast ,Beautiful , Smooth :thumbup:

Problems & Doubt Section » Post #10

Wed Dec 21, 2011 00:23 in Urdu

Kirnay wrote: how can we get more referrals ?

The more you advertise ,the more refs you get .

Kirnay wrote: ager membership laini hoto kia fee hogi pakistani rupee main

89*14.95 = 1330 rupees banti ha

Best Regards

Got 3 extended ads in a row » Post #12

Tue Dec 20, 2011 01:12 in Success Stories

Congrats Bro :)

keep doing good job :thumbup:

Clixsense News (New Menu) » Post #4

Tue Dec 20, 2011 01:06 in Urdu

View Members Posts Now Available

Quote:You can now view all posts made by a specific member by clicking on the posts count under the avatar.

There is also a new button "View My Posts" on the main forum page that lists all your posts.
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