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Posts by ptcscrutiny

You've completed all your work! » Post #3

Sat Nov 02, 2013 01:06 in Urdu

Moved to the Urdu forum.

Account reopening query » Post #3

Fri Nov 01, 2013 04:27 in Hindi

Exactly, why would you want to do that?
The only reason I can see is you wanting to change your sponsor. Respect and appreciate the person who introduced you to ClixSense because without him/her you wouldn't have heard of this site.
Think if all your referrals do the same thing, how would you feel?

help me indian members » Post #5

Wed Oct 30, 2013 03:51 in Hindi

Here is my average since the start of this year.

I've clicked all the ads every single day except for 3 days in April, 4 days in July and 3 days in September.

No PM system » Post #2

Sun Oct 27, 2013 05:35 in General Talk

No PMs and neither are you allowed to post email addresses, social website links and instant messenger IDs.

My 3rd Payment » Post #2

Sat Oct 26, 2013 09:39 in Payment Proofs

Blur out the transaction ID please.

Easy offers » Post #77

Sat Oct 26, 2013 08:53 in Hindi

Matomy has added 1 Click Offers. Be sure to check them out.

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #11

Thu Oct 24, 2013 22:22 in General Talk

valerie wrote: What are you using mavericks on? Phone, laptop?

Because I always have finder on my MAC. I have not looked at everything in regards to the mavericks yet.
I probably won't use the ibooks much on MAC but I do use it some what on the iPad.

I am on a laptop and those updates and twinkling stars would be found on the Lauchpad.

Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock. Or if you removed it, you will find it in the Applications Folder.

Mac Basics: Launchpad

crowd flower stop pay » Post #6

Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:55 in Hindi

This is happening to all users and also on other sites.

CrowdFlower Tasks not being credited | ClixSense Forum

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #9

Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:39 in General Talk

Noticed something new on Mavericks.
Whenever an app is automatically updated in the background, in the Launchpad you will see twinkling stars around it.

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #8

Thu Oct 24, 2013 04:32 in General Talk

I am on Mavericks now and my system is running much quicker :)

Maps is as usual disappointing. I don't use iBooks so its of no use to me. I find the Finder tabs really convenient. Makes me feel I am using a browser.

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #5

Wed Oct 23, 2013 13:04 in General Talk

I started to download mine about four and a half hours back. Right now it says 5 hours still left.
I'll leave it to download while I sleep. Hopefully, it will be done by the time I wake up.

valerie wrote: I do love Apple products but they are certainly deviant the way they go about things to suck money out of their customers.
I must agree with you. If you compare the iPad or the iPhone models, there is not much of a difference.
But everytime they launch a new model, they market it as if they have introduced something revolutionary.
And as always they tend to purposely leave out some feature for an older device (example, no AirDrop on iPhone 4/4S on iOS7) :x

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #3

Wed Oct 23, 2013 06:54 in General Talk

oberder wrote: :thumbup: Best idea to wait for Black Friday sales -- heard prices of many items drop to nearly 70-80%, and with the hype moving, that definitely makes the prices high

Who knows, there might be even more deals along the way ;)

I had a Live Chat with Parallels Support and they offered me a 10% discount (only valid for 24 hours). So I need to pay $44.99 instead of $49.99 for the upgrade.
Yes, I am aware of the Black Friday deals. Last year, they offered upgrades for $39.99 which is just $10 off the regular price.

I might give Virtual Box a try as its completely free.

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #1

Wed Oct 23, 2013 00:58 in General Talk

OS X 10.9 Mavericks is available for download through Apple's Mac App Store and is completely free for those currently using Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard.
I am surprised its free, considering Lion and Mountain Lion upgrades were $29 and $19 respectively. I am not complaining though :D

Apple - OS X Mavericks - Do even more with new apps and features.

Only thing which is keeping me from upgrading is that my Paralles Desktop v7 will not work with Mavericks. I have to upgrade to v9 and pay $49.99
I am not in a mood to pay another $50. Might wait till Black Friday for a sale and see if I can save some bucks.

Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #4

Mon Oct 21, 2013 23:54 in Your Stats

kradnevar wrote: hello can i ask something how can i get some bonuses here.

What is the Daily Checklist Bonus?

site not opening properly » Post #5

Sun Oct 20, 2013 07:46 in Hindi

jaya48 wrote: Adobe Flash Player installed on my system.
Problem still present.
May i send a support ticket now to clixsense help centre.

Check this topic and see if it solves your issue - Viewing Ads Issues | ClixSense Forum

There must be something in your system which is causing the error.

Any good movies lately? » Post #18

Sat Oct 19, 2013 08:29 in General Talk

valerie wrote: There was a lot of plus's about drive in theaters. For example, as a norm, they showed two movies
and often times, 3. That is, you only paid once to get in, then the movies were shown back to back.
You got more viewing for your money than the usual inside theaters.

Not the case here :D
They make sure everyone is out before they let in the next batch of cars for the next show.

valerie wrote: Still yet another great thing about the drive in theaters was that you could simply enjoy the summer
weather. If it was very hot, people would get out and sit on top of their cars, some would bring lawn
chairs and sit in those.
Oh yes.... I do remember seeing people bring in mattresses and chairs. And yes some even sat on top of their cars.
It used to be more like a picnic.

valerie wrote: Of course, there was always the thrill of placing friends and family in the trunk of the car so you could save on the theater ticket price. I remember once we put my two younger cousins in the trunk and
after we got inside, I wouldn't let them out of the trunk for a bit...they were screaming. :mrgreen:
Well, it was all in good fun.
Oh! You people also do such things :lol:
I thought such ideas to "save money" were exclusive to India :mrgreen:

1st Pay received successfully » Post #3

Sat Oct 19, 2013 07:23 in Payment Proofs

teradata_madhu wrote: Can some one please guide me how to get the rental referrals in Clixsense?


Please read : Does ClixSense rent or sell referrals?

direct referrals » Post #6

Sat Oct 19, 2013 04:59 in General Talk

said0624 wrote: hi! May i ask how to campaign my referral link here on clisense?

Here is how the "Campaign" feature works - Home › Affiliates › My Campaigns

Let's say you want to promote your ClixSense affiliate link on two different sites. Instead of using your regular referral link, you can set up two different campaign links to each of them. In this way, you will be able to see which site produces better results for you.

E.g. You want to promote your ClixSense affiliate link on and

Then instead of your regular affiliate link which is :
you could do this.

Link for advertising on :

Link for advertising on :

Then use each link on the sites you want to promote.
Both clicks and leads (sign-ups) will be counted for you and thus you will be able to judge which advertising campaign was better.

Any good movies lately? » Post #14

Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:45 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Can you believe I saw the Godfather at the drive in when it first came out?
I did.

Drive in theatres weren't a success in India. I have watched just one movie in a drive in - Raaz
It was quite an experience but I prefer a normal theatre to a drive in. Much more comfortable and cozy

Any good movies lately? » Post #13

Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:35 in General Talk

I love The Godfather's soundtrack. I have it on my phone and listen to it nearly every other day. The Love Theme from The Godfather is in fact my ringtone.
Then there is the Brucia la Terra song in the third part. I can hear that song all day long and still not get bored.
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