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Accessing clixsense on tablet or smartphones » Post #2

Thu Mar 13, 2014 09:52 in General Talk

Yes, its absolutely fine.
The only limitation is that for viewing ads, you need to have a flash enabled browser on your smartphone/tablet.

Register Avast! Free Antivirus 2014-Get 1 Year Key » Post #3

Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:25 in General Talk

@harvinderS - Please don't bump your threads by posting smilies only.
Its against forum rules to post only smilies without giving any feedback and all such comments are marked for deletion.

कुछ कहें -कुछ सुनें » Post #22

Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:23 in Hindi

planetmayank wrote: main hindi me baat karta hun..
par main samajh nahi paa raha hun ki is reply box me hindi kaise type karoon??

यह साईट यूज़ कर सकते हो |

Getting boar » Post #7

Thu Mar 06, 2014 23:22 in General Talk

Reading the topic title, I too thought of a boar :lol:

1st Payout from Clix Sense » Post #118

Thu Mar 06, 2014 00:36 in Payment Proofs

Praveenbirudu wrote: hi..

i too requested for my first payment..

can you plz tell me how many days it will come through paypal..

how it reaches to us exactly..

Everything is answered in the FAQ - ClixSense Help Center(Cashout)

need some info which id i should use 4 paypal » Post #3

Tue Mar 04, 2014 08:35 in Hindi

No, as blood_demon said its not required. Just make sure that the PayPal email is not shared with another ClixSense user.

PREMIUM (Until 11 Mar 2016) » Post #4

Mon Mar 03, 2014 23:04 in General Talk

chefkang wrote: Looks like :clixsense: is rewarding the member who will purchase 2 years at once by offering him a better price and is punishing the sponsor for an unknown (to me) reason :?:

The annual Premium upgrade is for $17 while the 2-year upgrade is for $30, thus saving the member $4 (11.76% to be precise). So the benefit is passed on the member.

serious problem in clixsense » Post #3

Mon Mar 03, 2014 06:08 in General Talk

If you find it difficult, you always have the option to get a new set of pictures by clicking the Reload button which can be found at the bottom left hand corner just below the set of pictures.

Did you know? » Post #386

Sat Mar 01, 2014 23:14 in General Talk

Myra08 wrote: how to edit my Affiliate links.thank You :)

You cannot as its automatically assigned upon registration.

help me for SupersonicAds offer » Post #17

Sat Mar 01, 2014 07:18 in Hindi

raj2233 wrote: Bhai blood demon ye reply samj me nhi aaya plz Hindi me bataoo plz.

ऑफर कन्फर्म होने पर तुरंत ही ClixSense अकाउंट में क्रेडिट हो जायेगा अगर वो कम राशि की है| अगर वो ज़यादा राशि की ऑफर है तो 60 दिन बाद पेमेंट होगा | उसका स्टेटस यहाँ देख सकते हैं - Offers-History

अगर Offers-History पेज पर ऑफर लिस्टेड नहीं है मतलब वो ऑफर कन्फर्म नहीं हुआ है | इस स्थिति में सम्बंदित offerwall से संपर्क करे |

I got paid $ 7.86 » Post #4

Sat Mar 01, 2014 01:24 in Payment Proofs

muzzleloader wrote: I have one question, how did you get paid $7.86 when you are a standard member?

Minimum balance to cashout is $6 for Premium members and $8 for Standard members.

There is a 2% fee for PayPal cashouts. So he must have requested $8.02, and received $7.86 ($0.16 deducted in fees).

help me for SupersonicAds offer » Post #15

Sat Mar 01, 2014 01:06 in Hindi

tanmoycha wrote: 60 Days Ke Andar Payment Korega Sure

blood_demon wrote: 60 days nahi..1day ke ander payment mila toh milega nahi toh kabhi nahi milega
If the offer is confirmed, then the member will be paid immediately (if the offer is a low dollar amount). It will be kept pending for 60 days if the offer is of a higher dollar amount.

If ClixSense does not get the confirmation from the offerwall provider about the offer completion, the user has to contact the respective offerwall.

I got paid $ 7.86 » Post #2

Fri Feb 28, 2014 09:47 in Payment Proofs

You image link is incorect. Please recheck.

Not Going To Renew Premium Upgrade » Post #22

Fri Feb 28, 2014 09:44 in General Talk

Instead of such huge posts describing every little cent and percentage, it would be better to simply read the disclaimer

Upgrading your account will not get you more offers or tasks and may not increase the number of ads available. The only added benefits are listed above and if you are not going to refer others or won't be able to complete the daily checklist on a regular basis, upgrading may not be for you. Please make sure you understand this before upgrading.

So in a nutshell, if you are not good at referring people or complete the checklist on a regular basis, a Premium upgrade is NOT for you. You should not upgrade just to click a few more ads daily because thats not going to help a lot.

It's SURVEY time » Post #975

Thu Feb 27, 2014 23:03 in Hindi

Ok people the me2, me3, me4 quotes are getting too long.
Friendly request not to quote so many messages ;)

No ClixGrid Win Since Jan 7, 2014 » Post #7

Wed Feb 26, 2014 08:06 in General Talk

The odds of 1 in 400 actually means that for every 400 clicks on the Grid globally, someone will win a prize.
However it does not necessarily mean that you will win on every 400th click you personally make. You may be lucky to win 2 times in a row or nothing for 2000 clicks!

It's SURVEY time » Post #930

Wed Feb 26, 2014 01:11 in Hindi

3 surveys mile, aur teeno mein disqualified :|

Aadmi ek, surveys teen. Phir bhi complete nahi kar paye, ek bhi survey..... bahut nainsaafi hai ... (Gabbar) :D :lol:

help me for SupersonicAds offer » Post #7

Wed Feb 26, 2014 01:07 in Hindi

Agar Offers-History page par pending dikha raha hai toh 60 days ke andar payment ho jayega apne ClixSense account par.

Agar SupersonicAds ke page par pending/missing dikha raha hai, to SupersonicAds ke support se contact karna padega.

ICICI Bank VISA Debit can now be used on PayPal » Post #108

Wed Feb 26, 2014 00:01 in Hindi

safwan646 wrote: Is it still working now?

I haven't tried it but I suppose it works. Read it on a couple of other forums.

What I've learned about EARNING on Clixsense... » Post #13

Tue Feb 25, 2014 00:27 in General Talk

muzzleloader wrote: "5. To win the clixgrid, pick 1 corner and stick with it. its obvious that u need to click the same squares everyday... but its easy to forget which ones u clicked. so if u just pick a corner, and do 20 clicks on that corner everyday, you'll win a couple times a week. my amount of wins shot up when i started doing this"

and just how do you manage to click the same corner 20 times in one day when each square can only be clicked ONCE every 24 hours??? :|

Amazed that no one else picked up on that! :o

It makes no difference if you click on the same boxes at the same time everyday. It won't increase/decrease you chance of winning a prize.
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